Google no longer offer red or white Nexus 5 models on Play Store

Not that you can buy any of the colours, but Google is officially saying goodbye to the red and white variants of the Nexus 5 on the Play Store.

The company, which briefly restocked the Nexus 6 yesterday, took that time to remove the less ‘vanilla’ versions of the Nexus 5, leaving only the black variant for sale. That is, of course, if there were any available to purchase.


The Nexus 5 has been criminally understocked since the Nexus 6 was announced way back in November; it’s been practically impossible to buy one from the Play Store, and carriers are also running low on inventory. While Google promised to continue selling the popular model, which begins at $349 CAD, indefinitely, it appears that the device isn’t being manufactured in great enough quantities to fill demand.

Still, with Lollipop rolling out and the Nexus 5 undercutting much of the competition relative to its price/performance ratio, it’s a good buy — if you can find it.

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