Intel announces new Internet of Things platform to unify connectivity and security

As wearables, smart cars, and smart appliances become more prevalent, the need for companies to ensure connectivity between various connected devices becomes more apparent. After all, what good is a network of connected devices if they can’t talk to each other?

This network of connected devices is known as the Internet of Things. The idea is that these devices can offer us more if they work as a team and communicate with each other. The problem is getting all of these different gadgets to work towards one goal. You have to ensure connectivity between all of them, and Intel things the best way to do that is one over-arching platform to facilitate gate, connectivity and security components.

The imaginatively named Intel IoT Platform is supposed to act as a foundation for devices communicating with the cloud and draws from partnerships with the likes of Accenture, Dell, SAP, and Wipro to deliver an entire IoT ecosystem. Other companies can then use Intel’s platform to develop and deploy connected devices more quickly.

Intel’s platform incorporates device configuration, file transfer, and data capture via cloud connectivity and the Wind River Edge Management System. There’s also rapid deployment, provision, and management of gateways; big data analytics via newly expanded IoT Developer Kits; and enhanced security for Intel IoT Gateways thanks to McAfee.

Tuesday’s announcement comes roughly one year after the company created its dedicated Internet of Things business unit.