TAG Heuer rumoured to launch Intel-powered smartwatch at CES

Intel has its own smartwatch line thanks to its acquisition of Basis earlier this year. However, over the last few months, the company has taken a special interest in wearable technology as it relates to fashion.

Last month we were introduced to the MICA. Developed in collaboration with Opening Ceremony, the MICA is a smart bracelet that marries fashion and technology. Now we’re hearing about another partnership Intel has supposedly been keeping on the down low.

According to Business Insider, TAG Heuer will be at CES next month to introduce its first crack at the smartwatch market. BI cites sources that say this device will be based on an Intel processor and will be similar to the Withings Activite watch, which tracks activity, steps and sleep but looks just like a regular watch.

A cursory glance at the CES 2015 exhibitor list reveals no hint of a TAG Heuer presence at the conference. However, given TAG Heuer isn’t a major electronics company, it makes sense for the company to piggy back off of Intel’s CES plans rather than make its own. The cost of exhibiting at CES (even if you’re not planning on being on the show floor) is extremely high. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich will host the keynote session on January 6th and his company always has a massive booth on the show floor to spotlight products based on Intel technology. We hope that the countless computers, TVs, and internet connected devices at Intel’s booth this year will be joined by some attractive wearables.

Intel announced a partnership with the world’s biggest eyeglass manufacturer, Luxottica, earlier this week. Luxottica designs, produces, and sells about 80% of the world’s high-end glasses and its partnership with Intel is a multi-year deal that will see the company produce high-end, fashionable smartglasses based on Intel technology. The first of these is expected next year, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that we’ll get a peek at what they’re working on at CES.

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