Razer’s Nabu shipping to North America December 2nd

Every year we see countless devices at CES that never make it to market. For a while we were worried that the Razer Nabu was going to be one of them, but it looks like the company is finally ready to launch its first fitness band, almost a full year after it was awarded a best of CES award.

Razer has been quietly prepping for the Nabu’s launch for a while. A couple of weeks ago, companion mobile applications were released for device setup and tracking of stats, so we figured an official announcement couldn’t be too far away. Today, Razer announced that North American shipments would kick off December 2nd, which is next Tuesday. Razer didn’t specify launch details for markets outside of North America except to say that other regions would be “following later.”

The Nabu looks like a regular fitness band but it’s capable of much more. It can track your fitness data and activities like steps and sleep, but it can also help you find your friends nearby. Meet someone new? Your Nabu and their Nabu can communicate with each other and let you know if you guys share common interests. A simple handshake will allow you to share contact information.

The Nabu is available in Small/Medium and Medium/Large sizes and will be priced at $99 when it ships next week. It’ll hit the RazerStore first and then select third party retailers.