Study: 3% of Canadians already own a smartwatch


  • Yeria

    Not sure how the question was posed for the survey, but I’m not going to buy a smartwatch to tell the time. I mean, I need to be able to do that as well, but if that was the most important factor out of the list, I would have just bought an ordinary and cheaper watch. You buy a smartwatch for notifications and coolness factor.

    • Ridge

      Agreed. Also, I love being able to customize the watch, so definitely a factor when I decided to buy a smartwatch.

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      Most “ordinary” watches that are worth owning cost more than smartwatches.

      Just sayin’. 😉

    • ShaBi

      Not sure what “ordinary” is to you, but you can get G-Shock, Fossil, Nixon, Citizen, Seiko, and such for under $200.

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      My point is that some people (many who are into smartwatches, in particular), think “ordinary” watches are inferior and are cheaper than smartwatches.

      This is not the case. And yes, there are some entry level watches from the mainstream brands you named that sells for under $200, but most of their lineup are well above that.

    • ShaBi

      I see what you’re saying, but ordinary watches ARE inferior and cheaper than smartwatches, technically speaking. Most of them has just basic functions which tells time and date only. That’s what an ordinary watch is.

      The “ordinary” watches I think you’re implying are more mid-range, with more functions like chronographs and perpetual calendars, but most mainstream brands like the ones I mentioned sells for $300-$400. Still on par with smartwatches.

      Just sayin’.

  • Thomas Ramsay

    i already own a kickstarter pebble, pebble steel and LG G Watch

  • framing god

    I own a original gear s. I’ll sell for 75$. I live in calgary.

  • Bri Bru

    I’ve never seen any smartwatch user and I don’t plan on using one any time soon. Smartwatch seems to me that it is still for early adaptors and far from becoming a daily driven mobile device.

    • It’s Me

      I know only one, with a Pebble.

    • ShaBi

      My best friend got a Pebble when it came out but he never wears it. I didn’t even know he had one until recently. He also has like 7 other watches though, but just goes to show smartwatches are nowhere close to replacing anything for regular people.

      I have 5 watches myself and I love tech. But even for me, I have no desire for a smartwatch at all.

    • Omis

      I could see some value in a smart watch. I could leave my phone charging and not have to run to the phone when someone calls. Also I usually have the ringer off because people like to phone when the baby is asleep. Most of the time I forget to turn it back on and I never feel it vibrate in my pocket. So having the watch vibrate might save me from missing calls. But that’s not enough for me to want to get one.

  • Garrett Cooper

    That number seems high. I know 1 person who has one.

  • Omis

    Why on earth would you want to play games on your watch? Pull out your phone and play it on a bigger screen.