Google Devices and Activity dash shows you every device logged into your account

Between work, home, your phone, and maybe a tablet, you likely have multiple devices signed into your Google account at the same time. This can sometimes make your account activity a little difficult to decipher. All those connections and all those IP addresses. It can be hard to figure out if there’s be unauthorized access or not. And what about when you access your account from a public machine and then can’t remember if you signed out?

Google now has an answer for the above situations. Called Devices and Activity dash, it’s geared towards IT managers and their staff but it works just fine for individuals, too. The dash gives users a list of all the devices that are currently signed into their account. It also lists those that have been active for the last 28 days. You’ll be able to see which devices connected and when they were last online. Pretty handy.

There’s also a new account checkup tool that will allow you to quickly run through all the security settings you currently have in place without having to dig around and find each one in account settings. It’ll verify your phone number for two-step authentication as well as your recovery email address. It will also show you a list of recent connections and sign-ins and a list of apps and devices with access.

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