Humble Bundle and Crescent Moon partner for a fantastic Android gaming offer

Crescent Moon Games and Humble Bundle have partnered to deliver yet another excellent mobile gaming bundle for Android.

This time, we see titles like the excellent Ravensword: Shadowlands, Shadow Blade and Mines of Mars next to debuts for 2-Bit Cowboy, The Deer God, Exiles: Far Colony (both in alpha) and Space Chicks.

Crescent Moon Games is known for publishing some weird, fascinating and immensely enjoyable games. Shadow Blade has been widely lauded as one of the best action platformers on mobile, and 2-Bit Cowboy, which launched on iOS in May, combines Gameboy-like graphics with touch-friendly controls.

Perhaps most interesting is The Deer God, which is currently in alpha. While playing it on my Galaxy S5 it was immediately apparent that bugs are rampant, but backers of the Humble Bundle will receive the full game when it’s released next year. The game, about reincarnation and life itself, is more exploratory than typical platformers, but its pixel-art style and curious backstory are worth exploring.

Also in alpha is Crescent Moon’s Exiles: Far Colony, an action RPG optimized for mobile devices.

More games will be added in the next week, too.

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