CCTS says Canadians complained over 12,000 times in the past year about telecom contracts and billing issues

CCTS commissioner Howard Maker recently told the CBC that it received 12,000 complaints over the past 12 months regarding contracts and billing, which is actually a reduction from last year’s 13,692 complaints. Going back even further, 2012 saw 10,838 complaints about billing errors, up from 8,007 people in 2011.

“I think weak service providers can always do better. We see many complaints in which confusion, misinformation about the terms of the arrangement between the service provider and the customer result in the complaint. Clearly, there’s more work to be done on that front,” Howard Maker told the CBC.

While specific numbers will be unveiled next week, the CCTS will report the following complaint percentages by carrier:

1. Bell Canada: 32.20%
2. Rogers: 20.98%
3. Fido: 7.98%
4. Virgin Mobile: 7.19%
5. TELUS: 5.76%
6. WIND Mobile: 4.50%

Compare the above to last years complaint list:

1. Bell with 3,912 complaints (28.56%)
2. Rogers with 3,803 complaints (27.78%)
3. Fido with 998 complaints (7.29%)
4. TELUS with 883 complaints (6.45%)
5. Virgin Mobile with 776 complaints (5.67%)
6. Wind Mobile with 635 complaints (4.64%)