Samsung shows off flexible, rollable battery technology

When LG released the LG G Flex, the company talked a lot about how making the device flexible required a flexible battery as well as a flexible display. However, it looks like LG isn’t the only company looking at innovative battery technology.

According to the latest reports, Samsung is dabbling in flexible batteries that can be rolled into a tube. G for Games cites Tizen Indonesia in reporting that Samsung has announced a new flexible type of battery that is operational even it is rolled up.

The announcement was made at a battery conference currently taking place in South Korea and Samsung has apparently patented the technology. Though the batteries are still not reliable enough for mainstream applications, Samsung is hoping to have units ready for commercial sale in the next three years.

This new breed of battery is supposedly designed for wearables running Tizen. The hope is that Samsung can improve battery life, though this will likely have an impact on form factor, too. If there’s no need to keep certain parts of the device rigid and square in order to house the battery cell, it will help smartwatches and wristbands along the road to lower profile and less clunky designs. It could also be hugely helpful in wearable clothing, where unsightly battery packs can be hard to hide.

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