Apple turns on two-step verification for iCloud, will enforce app-specific passwords for third-party iCloud logins

In the wake of Apple’s rather public privacy snafu, the company has enabled two-factor authentication for all of its Cloud services, including those on smartphones, tablets, Mac, Windows and the web.

When two-factor authentication is turned on, users will be required to authenticate using a second piece of information, either as a one-time code sent via SMS, or authorization from a device, like an iPhone or iPad, registered to the Apple ID.

For apps, like third-party mail apps, that support iCloud logins and don’t have access to the two-factor API, app-specific passwords will need to be generated. Google and Microsoft have been using app passwords for a while now, so it’s great to see Apple taking similar measures to ensure account safety. These passwords will be required beginning October 1st, so apps with regular iCloud credentials will begin prompting for new passwords on that day.

For more information on how to turn on two-factor authentication (and why you so badly need it), check out our extensive guide.