Logitech announces keyboard dock for your smartphone, tablet, and PC

Amidst all the new phones announced at IFA this week, Logitech debuted a little something of its own. Dubbed the Logitech K480, this device is a companion for not only your tablet, but also your smartphone.

We’re used to seeing keyboard docks designed to help us turn our tablets into productivity machines, but a hardware keyboard that lets you tap out your text messages before flipping back to email on your tablet at the flick of a switch? That’s pretty original. Logitech’s K480 does just that.

It’s a full-size keyboard that connects via Bluetooth, works with both iPhone and Android, and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Chrome OS. It can also connect to three devices at once, so you can pair it to your computer, as well as your phone and tablet, and switch between all three.

The downside is that it’s not exactly pretty. It’s made of plastic and has bubble-like keys and a big dial for switching between smartphone, tablet, and PC. Still, looks aren’t everything. The K480 will be available later this month in both the US and Europe for $50. No word on a Canadian launch just yet.