Flappy Bird creator releases Swing Copters on Android and iOS


  • Sweetness!

    • Deathdearth

      not really

    • Can’t please everyone.

    • Ulysses Grant

      It will be a best seller. Developers imitated his Flappy Bird version after it became successful. Expect to happen on this.

    • JujuVoo

      Anything with the amount of advertising Flappy Bird got will be a best seller. Heck look at the kardashian game for another example of a kind of lackluster game that sold extremely well due to advertising.

  • Abdi Mohamed

    I don’t want see users destroy mobile devices on que over a game that has the odds against you 5 to 1 on YouTube videos.

    Haven’t we learned anything from flappy bird experience ?

    RIP fallen smartphones of 2014 lol


  • Bustarargs

    You could of given me credit for pointing out the incorrect link!