Carphone Warehouse dishes the stainless steel dirt on the BlackBerry Passport (video)


  • JB

    2 things I noticed from the video is: 1) It doesn’t look that big in her tiny girl hands(surprising me) 2) this phone is looking cooler by the week, and the build quality looks really high end.

    While this may not be a huge seller on the scale of an Iphone or Galaxy…..I still think this phone will be a success in its own way. Very boss device imho.

    • Deathdearth

      Still a brick house …..not the girl of course.

    • JB

      You know what I thought the same thing at first. But the more I see it the more I like it…..I think the design was a little ahead of its time. It looks like a mini laptop in your hands, thats actually very innovative imho.

  • Michael Allen

    Wowww BlackBerry is only 2 years behind now instead of 5. Great progress guys!

    • Yeria

      Ok, I’m no fan of BB myself either, but that touch keyboard is pretty cool and innovative I must say.

      Just because it is considered uncool or not widely accepted by the mass, that doesn’t mean BB sucks in everything it does… besides, their biggest problem right now isn’t the technology they’re using but their brand image and app ecosystem.

    • Syaz

      You hit the nail on the head. There’s a phrase I like: Popularity does not imply capability.

    • EllSee

      In fact, the keyboard on the passport is probably the most innovative thing to come to a cell phone in years. What passes for innovation these days is more and better specs.
      People generally get the idea that it’s not just the megapixels that matter on a camera, when are they gonna get it’s not all about the processor speed either? but I guess that’s a topic for another discussion.

    • I agree. Nice to see inovation again..

    • Michael Allen

      Actually the best innovation would be smarter keyboard software and water-resistance. Swiftkey is the highest rated keyboard on Androids store, and Apple is changing their software to accommodate 3rd party keyboards. The entire smartphone industry has gone full touch screen, and BB is dragging along behind with their physical keyboards, that most people don’t want. I worked in a phone store for 2 years and BB’s mass marketed Q10 launch was a fail. We sold 1 phone and shipped the rest back.

    • The TARDIS Team

      You seem to of have forgotten BlackBerry actually made use of Swiftkey, through their API, even before Apple on their touchscreen devices, so your point when you look at it on the whole seems rather silly. You’re complimenting Apple on their third party keyboard offering when BlackBerry was making use of it for a few years now. Of all things you could dinged BlackBerry on, you kinda picked the worst one lol.

    • anon654

      That so called feature has been on android keyboards like the one from Samsung and minuum for quite a while now. The only difference is its not on a physical clicker. Not exactly an amazing achievement.

    • bainer04

      It is an achievement as there are tons of people that still want a physical keyboard and with the ability to have a physical clicker that protrudes then you have a winner for them. Does is make blackberry passport a hit…No, but if they can clean up their OS a bit then they have a chance.

    • Michael Allen

      I didn’t say they suck in everything they do. I said they’re 2 years behind, which they are. I’m a Canadian and it hurts me to see the company struggling. I live 45 minutes from their Waterloo office. BB needs to stop trying to make the physical keyboard come back, because it’s not necessary. The only people still buying physical keyboard phones are resistant to change. I was a carrier rep/repair tech at a phone store for 2 years. Most people laughed when they walked past the BB display. The Q10 launch, we sold 1 phone. The rest were sent back after 3 months. Look at a phone stores display. Only the BB have physical keyboards (and flip phones lol).

    • See you are saying something because it pertains to you, you don’t like physical keyboards so you assume everyone also hates them. This is actually BlackBerry’s bread and butter, no one does it better and everyone else is afraid to try. Why do you think they made a keyboard exactly like the BlackBerry one for the iPhone and so many people wanted it? because its the best and people do want keyboards. I am Canadian and I live 5 minutes away from their offices.. I agree you are entitle to an opinion but again it does not change fact that BlackBerry is innovative is all Just people ignore the innovations because they were not huge successes.

      But lets agree to disagree 🙂 were both smart people I’m sure there is room for people that like everything in this world. Hi fives for having an opinion at least..

    • igs terious

      How would another slab with rounded edged help them to differentiate?

    • anon654

      In the words of another Canadian… Lay back, it’s all been done before… Chill out, whatcha fighting for… This of course is in reference to this keyboard you guys find so fascinating for some odd reason.

    • When has this been done before?

    • Can you at list give an example or are you just saying random stuff to prove a point with out backing up your statement with facts?

    • anon654

      I did already. Not my fault you cannot read.

    • So where is the example that you said where a physical keyboard that has touch sensitivity…. Umm no where you just chanted some song

    • Oh you mean the fact that you think swiftkey ( software) is the same as a physical keyboard… again another person relating 2 thing completely different. You do understand the difference between physical and virtual right? Gezz NM again I thought I was arguing with logic again not just random BlackBerry hatters

    • anon654

      Yawn. Exactly how old are you? Rhetorical question…

    • …. so we have moved from discussion to name calling? Is that not the kettle calling the pot black? A question was asked and you have no answer so you name call. Wow if you would like to answer the question I will continue to discuss how software is not hardware and why we are excited about its innovation, if not please feel free to go to another post with your negativity.

    • anon654

      You need help man. You’re going on with these delusions of grandeur as though they’re fact. You don’t even make any sense, as your remarks do not match the conversation at hand in any shape or form. Wow. Do not reply as you will be ignored moving forward.

    • Yet you still refuse to answer the question of proof that it has been done before… to even prove 1 point you made. 0 proof just a lot of talk as usual from BlackBerry hatters..

    • I will argue with anyone that just wants to enter a post to throw mud. This is a post about BlackBerry if you don’t like there are BlackBerry lovers here you are welcome to leave, you came in here we didn’t ask you. If you would like to have a fact based discussion you are more then welcome to have it. I will not argue opinions as they are opinions they can’t be wrong, but if you start stating untrue opinions as facts we will set them straight ……. microphone drop!!!!

    • this coming from a guy that is either using an iPhone which refuses to change looks the same as iPhone 1 or Android where you have no idea if it will be supported even 1 minute after buying it…

    • Michael Allen

      I was a sales rep/repair tech in a phone store for 2 years. I’ve owned all the brands, and I currently have a Samsung Mega 6.3. You have no idea what you’re talking about, you’re just butthurt because I took a jab at BB that carries a lot of truth. I was there for the unsuccessful Q10 launch where we only sold 1 unit. 1. Take a look at their stock history if you don’t believe me.

    • Again its your opinion that they are 2 years behind the curve was the point. I am saying these phones are all equal in a way.. tell me, there are not many differences from one phone to another nowadays. The OS is what is different is all, they are all the same. they all have the same specs, hardware, this that, they all check off the same boxes on the “what do we have list”. sure there are all minor difference like finger print reader on iPhone, facial recognition on Android or Samsung, Touch sensitive keyboard on the BlackBerry..

      If you take what I just said tell me which one of those is innovative, and which ones are old technology that was just reinvented for the mobile phone? Fingerprinting has been around for ages so nothing new just never been on a phone not saying its not awesome and needed just that its not innovative. Facial recognition again been around for ages just reinvented for the phone again just reinvented not innovative. humm a touch sensitive keyboard… never been done before so there for fits the definition of innovative.

      Innovative has a definition “featuring new methods; advanced and original”, just because people like something like touch ID does not mean its innovative it needs to actually need to be original. so by that definition they are in front of the curve and always have been.

      Apple with App Store… that was innovative and smart, android with Open source OS was innovative but since then they have not really been that innovative where as BlackBerry keeps trying new things like a screen that actually gives feedback (piezoelectric screen) different form factors instead of pain old candy bar. But again people will so those are a flop so there for not innovative.. BlackBerry is actually putting them self out there and trying new stuff and of course they will get pie on their face once in a while because they are putting them self out there. Its easy to hide in the shadows and make fun of others that are willing to take a risk.

    • Michael Allen

      Note 1 – first phone with a pen
      S4 – Infared & air view
      Xperia z – water resistant
      iPhone 5s – Color changing LED for better photos
      Galaxy Mega 6.3 – 6”+ screen
      Android – NFC
      IOS – ibeacon
      Note 3 – usb 3.0

      There’s probably a lot more I haven’t thought of.

      But no, Blackberry is obviously leading the industry. Their current stock price shows that.

    • Stock price does not translate to innovation just so you know the two are not even connected.. Do you buy food based on stock price? no you buy it based on what you like. Stocks are for investors not an opinion of weather you should buy something. If stock price what connected every shelf would have the price of the stock beside the price.

    • Michael Allen

      Any comments on the others points I made? Lol.

    • disqus1

      If you consider the 6″+ screen on the Galaxy Mega 6.3 as innovative, then the 4.5″ square screen with full HD class resolution on the BlackBerry Passport should also be considered innovative. It offers a similar viewing space to a 5″ phone but offers an even better viewing experience because of the screen’s width.

    • anon654

      Yes, those massive bands above and below my widescreen video in either portrait or landscape on this phone are fabulous…

    • igs terious

      and still the video is almost of the size as on an iPhone, what is your point? 🙂

    • igs terious

      erm, QHD

    • iBeacon – Just bluetooth
      USB3 – created by The USB Promoter Group
      Android- not invented by Android

      Note 1 – you mean a stylist?
      S4 – already existed
      Galaxy Mega – your saying screen size is innovative?
      Xperia – water resistant is innovative?

      My point proven exactly, these are all things that existed before but were just put in a mobile device. This is not innovation at all. Now this is something others cant do of course but every phone will have little one off things that differentiate them but they are not the reason some one would switch phones

    • Michael Allen

      Lol, you’re too butthurt over me saying it like it is, to be taken seriously. Think whatever you want. Ive learned to stop arguing with i****s. The market has spoken with their wallets, whether you like it or not.

    • But you are missing the point, stock price has nothing to do with innovation?? Are you really keeping the 2 in relation? One has nothing to do with the other. If i invented a cell phone that could charge from thin air but my stock was only worth $7 your saying because I am only worth $7 I’m not innovative? because that is what your saying about BlackBerry they are not innovative because their stock is not worth much?

      I think your logic is flawed..

      And we can agree to disagree but this is a BlackBerry post if you don’t like it you are more then welcome to leave 🙂 You are the one that put your self out there by commenting if you don’t like that people will set you straight with facts not opinions then don’t comment. simple 🙂 post on iPhone post where other people share your ideals

    • Michael Allen

      My logic is flawed? You tried to justify my points as not being innovative. You’re ignorant due to your bias.

      Everything that keyboard can do, software already has done.

      Just because it’s a different form, doesn’t make it better.

      If bb makes such a good product, then why isn’t it selling?

    • Look up the word innovative it does note mean repackaging someone else’s ideas as you own… all those you mentioned already existed just redesigned for a phone, that is not innovative.

      No one has ever mad a touch sensitive keyboard no one!! That’s the point one is innovative the other is not and popularity does not decided if something is innovative sorry but it’s not..

    • Michael Allen

      Because its not needed. The gestures it can do have already been done by SwiftKey. SwiftKey innovated it.

      So who’s the innovator now? Bb repackaged SwiftKeys idea.

    • Your point is proven nothing more needs to be said. Your logic speaks for itself

    • Omeed

      LMAO over your BS comments. @disqus_UbY5KD29Ji:disqus dude stop embarrassing urself. you have no F clue what innovation means. I’m looking at your dumb comments over here.How the hell there is a relation between relation and stock price ?

    • disqus1

      Fyi, the Note 1 was NOT the first phone with a pen. The Palm Tungsten W introduced in Feb 2003, included a pen/stylus that was housed in the body of the phone just like the Samsung Note series. The Tungsten W was succeeded by the Treo 600 in Oct 2004 after Palm merged with Handspring.

    • anon654

      Not the same thing. The pens on notes aren’t just a stick of dead plastic fantastic. They are active, have a button, are charged wirelessly from the actual screen of the phone, have varying levels of pressure sensitivity, etc. Definately some innovation there.

    • igs terious

      Please elaborate.

  • Syaz

    Apparently this video is not of the actual device, but a developer device. I could be very wrong, but apparently there are a few minor tweaks to the real thing.

    Either way, I’m looking forward.

    • JB

      Yeah I think may have noticed that as well. Good eye.

  • Looks awesome, I want one!

  • Michel Plante

    It seem like a nice device for those who like keyboards.

  • southerndinner

    Maybe they can catch up to Windows Phone’s 2.5 percent market share with this LOL

    • What is funny is people said the same thing about Apple when they were down and all of a sudden they turned around and everyone and their brother jumped on the band wagon as they got cool. It’s always fun to pick on the smaller company when you are a bigger one. Or you could stop being a troll and just enjoy when your company of choice does good and not need to beat those that chose a different brand. I don’t understand why people feel the need to be little others just because they enjoy something that works perfectly fine for them…I think they call you people bullies…

    • southerndinner

      Apple was never down and out like BlackBerry

    • Umm go do your research, if your going to run around shooting your mouth off you might want to arm it with facts not just troll breath. Apple in 2002 was doing just as bad.. for almost 2 years they struggled. Apple was ready to close their doors. Steve Jobs turned it around. And what is the point going around just to beat on people that do like BlackBerry. Why does it bother you so much? Why can’t you just be happy with what you have, why do you have to put others down to feel better about your device choice?

    • Dimitri

      I wouldn’t bother with him. He won’t change.

      Email Ian or Daniel about the user. I have and so many others have. That’s why most trolls before are banned or have been talked too.

    • Ahhh they are entitled to their opinion. Just wish they would actually add to the conversation. If your going to make comments just expect to get them back. I still don’t understand this dumb my phone is better then yours argument. They are all the same they can all do the same thing, there is nothing one phone can do that another can’t do. It’s all small little differences which if good are mimicked by every manufacturer. Just enjoy your phone, Support your phone of choice with out putting others down for theirs.. sad is all

    • Dimitri

      No i understand they are but trolling takes it to a new level and he doesn’t want to stop so maybe if we are tired of seeing it from him, we should speak up like some of us did with the other users that were trolling.

      Exactly support the device u have and don’t put others down because they have another device or like a device which the don’t.

    • Vote the comment down then everyone it will fade away.

    • southerndinner

      I’m no Apple apologist or fan but they were in a better situation than BBRY is. BBRY is done dude, get over it already.

    • From the mouth of Steve Jobs, “We were 90 days away from bankruptcy” this is from Steve Jobs own mouth, they were worth a total of 150 million dollars.. BlackBerry BBM is worth 4 Billion dollars alone. Yes you can argue the value of the dollar is different then back in 1998 but not that much that 150 million is 6 billion now (actual worth of BlackBerry)

      So Apple was in way worse position then BlackBerry has even been in was, the facts proves that… you can’t just ignore fact to make a point…

      In the words of Neil deGrasse Tyson “You can say what you want because we live in a free country, but understand… it does not mean that it is correct” I deal with fact not opinions, if you would like to argue opinion then no one can be right..

    • Dimitri

      This man knows his s**t. Some people like Chickendinner don’t know anything and open their mouths without knowledge.

    • igs terious

      Any actual source for BBRY being done?

    • Subliminal7X

      Well said. You forgot to mention that not only was Apple in just as bad a shape or worse off than Blackberry, but Microsoft helped out by investing in Apple ! Steve Jobs returned and started a change in direction with the introduction of the iMac after cancelling the Mac Clone licensing program. Seems that some folk just jump on the iCool bandwagon without knowing the history of the company then can make comments about another company going through a similar period. I’ve been a Mac User since before Apple’s hard period, and still love their products, but I am all for individuality and am very happy with my BB Z30. It works very well with my Mac… too bad people can’t do the same and respect others’ choices. How interesting would the world be if we all drove beige 1988 Toyota Corollas ?

    • anon654

      Hey. At least unlike yourself, people aren’t driving an 80’s yugo, and somehow believing it’s a souped up lambo. Hehe. Sorry, you primed yourself for that.

    • LOL are you now comparing Apple and Android to a lambo and BlackBerry to a 80’s car? Wow

    • igs terious

      Yeah, and Neil Armstrong was doing selfies with an iPhone while on the Moon 😀

  • Plazmic Flame

    Good for BlackBerry, getting people hyped. Personally, I just think it’s too wide for my liking but I’d definitely like to hold one in the hand. I am leaning towards the Classic more if I go back to BlackBerry.

  • John Miguel Lopes Vieira

    I think I had the same reaction as everyone else when I first saw it “wtf is that?” but the more I read about it, and the more I see of it, it’s growing on me, and I really wanna pick one up now.

    It’s different. And while it may not be the next revolution in smartphones, it’s unusual shaped, it’s something new. And new and different doesn’t have to be bad or scary.

    If it’s not for you, I understand, it’s a very strange departure from the current standard. But if it raises a few eyebrows, and gets people looking at Blackberry again, then mission accomplished.

    (also, the specs on it are really damn good, so it’s a very high quality piece of hardware)

    • I completely agree when I first saw it. I had no idea why they would chose the device. The more I have looked at it the more I actually like it. The more I saw the resolution of the screen the more I liked it. Since the Z30 that much screen real estate is hard to give up.. I think it’s a good compromise to have both keyboard and screen

  • lobster

    Manly yes, but the girl likes it to, like the irish spring ad of yesterday.

    • anon654

      She is cute, I’ll give you that. Not very bright though.

  • anon654

    Wow, the bb cheerleaders are out in full force on this article. I’m beginning to wonder if they’re actually bb employees as opposed to actual fans of the product, because we all know no one cares about what this company is doing. Certainly seems suspect, especially with the added ignorance levels of the commentary. Hmm.

    • Actually we do care, again why is it so important for you to put people down that do like BlackBerry.. why is it so important for you to beat us down. Just let us be, we like BlackBerry and always will the same as you like what ever phone you like. Wow people just love being bullies, wonder if they are like that with people in their real life.

    • anon654

      Do they pay you to troll even on Sundays? FYI, I was only responding to the blatant fanboy idiocies as opposed to outright targeting any one person or comment. Maybe you should read what you and the other cheerleaders have actually written and see where all the attacks are truely coming from. It seems as though no one else is entitled to an opinion or allowed to make a statement, no matter how relevant or tru it may be.

      Wow. Where does one signup for this gig, or at least review the material for it?

    • The troll calling someone a troll, I love it. Everything, everything I have stated in here is fact or has been marked as opinion. I have never once in my life gone to an Android or Apple post and made fun of the fact that they got touch ID owned at Black Hat or Black Phone is as secure as android after stating it’s the most secure device ever, Never once… why because there is nothing constructive about it. What would it do other then prove I’m a jersey and like to kick people when they are down. That is a troll, people that just wonder around and like to kick up the dirt because they know it’s emotionally charged comments. I don’t surround or associate with people like that because they don’t add to society they bring it down. Maybe you should just be happy with your choices and not need to pick on others for there’s? Just curious why it makes you so happy to kick others when they are down? Does it make you feel better about yourself? Just curious why you think this is okay to you?

    • igs terious

      Is it really that hard to accept that BB is coming with a device that created actuall media buzz and people´s desire to get it?