Welcome to MobileSyrup 3.0!

“It takes a village.”

One often hears the phrase associated with humanitarian endeavours, but it also applies to homegrown businesses like ours. In six years, MobileSyrup has grown from a small blog run by one person into Canada’s most popular source for mobile news and reviews. With a team of three permanent staff and a fantastic crew of part-time contributors, the site has expanded from a blog into a portal.

But the design hasn’t kept up with our massive scope. We’ve been trying to squeeze various types of articles into a single format, and have found that some pieces — wonderful, thoughtful editorials to important pieces of news — get lost in the sheer volume of content. With MobileSyrup 3.0, we have tried to address all of those concerns.

What’s New

Screenshot 2014-08-13 07.22.47

Search & Categories

First, the MobileSyrup you know and love is not going anywhere. We’re still going to be the best place for Canadians to consume news and reviews, but we’ve made it easier to find the content you want and avoid the stuff you don’t.

To that end, we’ve done two important things: beefed up our search capabilities; and overhauled the Category system. The former makes it easier to find older articles that contain certain keywords, phrases or titles. While this sounds fairly straightforward, anyone who’s used our search feature before understands that it wasn’t just bad, it was practically unusable.

The new Category system makes it far more intuitive to find all the articles for a certain manufacturer, carrier or platform. We understand that some of you come to MobileSyrup for specific reasons, whether it’s to catch up on the latest Samsung news or Rogers price plans, so we’ve made it easier to follow just those channels.

Screenshot 2014-08-13 07.23.18

Simple Syrup

Here’s where things get interesting. We know that you guys love to stay up to date on the latest happenings across every facet of the mobile cycle, be in cross-platform app updates, slight changes to phone plans, or minor device releases in other parts of the world. Because we’re a small team, we can’t always report every piece of news we’d like to; our WordPress-based CMS is just too limiting in that sense.

Enter Simple Syrup. With it, we’ll be able to deliver more updates, more quickly, without disrupting the flow of the homepage. We will push the content to our social feeds like any other post, but the home page will show each update as a snippet, sort of like an ongoing ticker.

In terms of volume, we’re still working on that. We’re going to gauge reader response to see if the number of updates are overwhelming, and use feedback to pare back or increase Simple Syrup output.

Screenshot 2014-08-13 07.25.33


We now have dedicated sections for the SyrupCast, the best mobile podcast for Canadians. New episodes will be added, as usual, through a dedicated post, but there is also a front page dropdown menu with the latest episodes close at hand. We know that users have been struggling to find the latest podcast, so this dedicated space should give the content the constant exposure it deserves.

New home page and sections

The most obvious change to MobileSyrup is the new home page layout. Gone is the blog-like photo-title-text monotony of the current layout, replaced with a dynamic view that morphs with each published article. We’re still going to feature our best work, like Tête-à-Tête, editorials and featured interviews, on the top of the home page, but other content will be easier to find.

We’ve worked really hard to make searching for content a better experience, but we also know that readers want to get to certain sections more easily. We’re going to have dedicated pages devoted to content from CES, Mobile World Congress, IFA and others, so it will be much easier to draw down on certain subject matters.

We also knew that our sections needed a bit of work, so we’ve made it easier to find product news and reviews across various categories: smartphones, tablets, wearables, accessories, games, apps and automotive.

Our Buyers’ Guides have also been revamped, and we are committed to keeping them updated more regularly than before.

Finally, we’ve launched a how-to section called Ask MobileSyrup that offers easy-to-follow guides on how to accomplish tasks on your smartphone or tablet. Look out for more of these as we move into the new product season. Keep a look out for those and more soon.

Screenshot 2014-08-13 07.24.31


Our reviews are now ad-free, and contain special formatting to make them easier and more pleasant to read. We’ve overhauled the site’s font for optimal readability on both desktop and mobile devices, and you’ll notice that in addition to full-width images throughout, we now support multiple galleries and an improved score section.

What’s Next

MobileSyrup 3.0 is more than just a site redesign. In the past few months, our team has grown from two to four writers, and we’re constantly looking for new ways to bring you excellent content. To that end, we plan to relaunch our forums with a renewed focus on covering the various handset manufacturers, carriers and products that you love to chat about.

And in our quest to be a portal for Canadian mobile users, we’re going to be launching a number of features, like outage and coverage maps for every carrier, with real-time updates.

We’re also laser-focused on bringing you higher-quality longform content. We’ve implemented a new editorial structure to ensure that we’re constantly updating the site even as our writers are working on longer pieces like reviews, editorials and interviews.

Also stay tuned for Syrup Shop, a place to buy all the smartphone accessories that we love talking about on the site.

We’ve also got a bunch of other great real-world stuff up our sleeves, including the first in what we hope to be a series of MobileSyrup meetup events. We can’t say more at the moment, but it’s going to be fantastic!

Our Commitment

Without making this sound like a sales pitch, let us assure you one thing: MobileSyrup may be changing, but we’re staying the same in the ways that matter. We’re still going to cover Canadian mobile content better than anyone else, and our scope is both wider than our local competitors and narrower than the US-based sites that focus on devices and plans we’ll never seen.

Expect more Android app reviews, more SyrupCasts, more video reviews more…everything.

And thanks for reading: this site wouldn’t be what it is without your support!


  • dont like it

    So did mobilesyrup get bought out by engadget? Pretty much the same look and layout except the news feed on the main page is gone and harder to find…. change it back.

    • Stephen_81

      It looks more like the Verge. which I don’t visit because of how terrible the front page is. Engadget is not nearly as messy looking.

      because Mobilesyrup is Canadian I’ll keep coming, but I will probably start looking/hoping for another Canadian based tech blog that isn’t so hard to use.

    • mastjaso

      They should provide settings, the same way Arstechnica does. Let you switch to list view instead of the crazy grid, and let you switch to night mode with a dark background.

    • Craig Cooper

      I agree 100%. I stopped reading the Verge completely because of the site re-design when they did it. I just want a very simple list of all the new articles I can skim through and see which ones I haven’t read yet without all the clutter of big moving pictures that seem to have no order or reason as to why they are where they are. As other’s have suggested a new “All” tab would be fine for us that prefer a different approach to the redesign.

    • Claude Gohier

      I never use the front page of those sites, only the RSS feeds.

    • d a

      These guys get bored and we have to suffer, great.

    • kcus kcid

      Working with devs as a non dev, i can confidently say that many of them are sadistic

    • KiwiBri

      was thinking something simialr.. except Engadget merged with another portal for their reviews and advertisements..

    • Dan Pellicciotti

      Gotta agree. These “tiled” layouts are awful in general and I’m not fond of the new one here. Tiled layouts worked well for Microsoft, right? 😛

    • alamarco

      Agreed completely. I’m not a fan at all of tiled layouts. They aren’t organized and are just an in your face look. I like an organized view. There was nothing wrong with the site the way it was.

    • Philosoraptor

      I also quite dislike it. I’m now only brought to MS via FB and Twitter feeds. The new homepage is quite a mess.

  • Stephen_81

    Glad you’re redesigning, Sad that the site looks more boring and flat…

    I have the joy of utilizing 1/3rd of my desktop to view the content created…

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      I agree. Its also a bit more complicating to navigate. I find that you start with two squares, then go to three squares wide, then some of them have comments or social media tags… I hope they allow us to switch to the old style at some point because this new layout is driving me insane.

  • Delphus

    Awesome changes gang, thanks!

    One small note Simple Syrup, naming it SS is… touchy for obvious reasons. Although WWII is more than 70 years old, it’s still a powerful memory. Maybe 2S, DoubleS or something else??

    Cheer and keep up the good work 🙂

    • Aidolon

      I guess Chevrolet never got that memo, as they’ve been using an “SS” tag on cars equipped with the SuperSport performance package for the past fifty-three years.

      It’s a non-issue.

    • SiSy? heheh

    • John doe

      wow seriously?

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Great work on new design MobileSyrup , the new additions are worth the wait!

    I cant wait to check out Forum.


    • d a

      Ya, I don’t believe you.

    • Abdi Mohamed

      Hi d a !

      I just like the overall design of the website,
      it looks tablet friendly.


    • Dave

      Maybe, but there are more users than only tablet users, you know that, right?

    • Abdi Mohamed

      Hi Dave!
      I know that there is a diverse group of different platforms to view Mobile Syrup website lol ,
      Imo I just getting a tablet soon because my smartphone screen to small
      To view the website in mobile mode ( I like the simple syrup feature on the site tho )

      All it is personal preference Dave.


  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Love the new design, will retry that search again to see if it works as promised.


  • I love your content, your writers, and your podcast. I do not love this web site design. These graphic heavy designs are pretty but they spread the information too far apart. I want to see a stream of your content and pick those topics that are of interest to me for a full read. I guess the RSS feed fits that requirement but that will be my portal to your content going forward and not the home page. Sorry to be negative but just my opinion.

    • Delphus

      True, in the news pages the images make for a lot of scrolling…

      But I’m torn because I like the “visual reminder” aspect of them…

      Maybe make them smaller? Would mean less scrolling and more stories / page

    • Evan Hindra

      I don’t mind the more visual approach; as long as they update the photos and not recycling them. I do wish to see a more structure visual hierarchy from font sizes. Everything seems to be nearly the same size of text. Kinda hard to skim through. I love that wordy coffee table we see all the time!!

    • Aidolon

      I feel the same way. The sub-sites, for instance:


      Are perfectly useable, but the front page is a cluttered mess of content. As it stands, my options are to either (a) click through three bookmarks instead of one (News, Reviews, Features), or to choose only one category of articles to read, as I’ll likely never see the other categories since I have no intentions of using the new front page.

      Would MobileSyrup please consider adding a layout-toggle button on the front page, similar to Ars Technica’s, such that we can choose between the tiled design or a more conventional linear layout? Or, failing that, simply add an /all/ category similar to the news category I posted above?

      Thanks for taking the time to read.

    • Agreed. Good suggestions. Hopefully they implement something like this.

    • Stephen_81

      I plan to just use MobileSyrup twitter now. Removing MobileSyrup from my Bookmarks and replacing it with their twitter feed.

      What infuriates me is how much screen space is wasted now. The site is very much designed for the portrait viewing on mobile, and not for landscape desktop viewing.

    • Craig Cooper

      I would very much like an “All” feature as well. I really liked opening up the main page previously and scrolling down through the new articles until I saw a post I had already read and knowing i was done. I can sort of do the same on each of the tabs, but it’s annoying having to go to 3 different pages to get what would be done with the All tab, or a toggle for a non-visual view as recommended above.

    • ScooterinAB

      Agreed. While the new layout is great for categorization after the fact, it’s rubbish for a news feed today. I have to click through a dozen category headers to get what was displayed in the previous layout’s news feed. Not exactly user friendly or ideal.

    • Dave

      It seems like they want you to waste your entire life looking for articles.

  • Khalil J

    Good job! Looks great

  • anon654

    One word to describe the new layout: crap

  • Lukeiphone

    Good update. Thanks.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    I guess I will take back my previous comment, the new site looks great, but the endless scrolling of news needs to be rethink I guess. I went from a news from the 13th to the 8th. I liked the other system better, when you got the last one there was no way to keep going forward, now you click the forward arrow and you get old news. TBH not the best idea IMHO

  • skullan

    The size of the images on the left (which hold the section), distracts from the actual title of the article (for news feed).

  • mobilesyrup

    We are making a list… Keep the feedback coming! — Ian

    • Dave

      I didn’t like the new site from the first second, but I was waiting to see what others have to say about it, I’m surfing online to read and I like informative sites, and I don’t mind to read articles that actually advertisement, but the new design don’t improve the informative part, just the messy part.

      The new design seems like a casino – you know how to get in but you can’t find anything inside it.

      So thanks, but no thanks.

  • mxmgodin

    I love the new articles layout and the general design/colours. But not a fan of the home page at all. With all these squares, everything gets lost and mixed together (articles, ads, etc.).

    • Would love to see a guest post section where readers can blog on your blog (With your editorial approval before public viewing) This would be a great way to share new voices and farm team content writers for your site. I have been a daily driver of your blog for years I am pretty sure you know.

  • J.

    The previous home page layout was much more user friendly…could read part of the story to see if I would like to continue reading…could scroll through in under a minute to catch new stories…now eyes are all over the place. As this site is Canadian it has always been my go to site and would check it out on a daily basis…now I will return weekly instead of daily…just way to busy…the 2.0 layout was much easier to read.

    • rogue17

      + 1

      Would like a bit if the article too and if it interests me then I click on more and read the comments that come with it.

  • I have always supported and read MobileSyrup, but the design of the website has always been very wrong; this new look is no better. I don’t understand the font choices, nor the colour palette. The home page on mobile squishes images into squares where it should crop. The font sizes aren’t logical, and browsing now is so busy. For the longest time I never click on the article link, I just save it to Pocket to avoid the busy and confused look. I mean no disrespect to those who designed it, but I just don’t understand what they are trying to evoke. For such great content, the design lacks.

  • stevedion

    Congrats Guys! Love the site. You are my favourite site for Canadian mobile/tech news.

  • Like the new design

  • gwydionjhr

    For some reason, this article isn’t justified properly in Modern IE11, the last word of each sentence is cut in half.

  • Z A

    It’s hard to follow the order of the news on the front page. Your eyes go left and right, a bit annoying. but it looks fresh

  • mobilesyrup

    So far, a general consensus is that you’d like a dedicated spot on the homepage that shows the latest articles, based on the published time — Ian

    • Craig Cooper

      This would be a good start I think. Something similar to Simple Syrup but it seems those are only small snippets, not the full articles? Could you implement it there and make it a bit bigger?

      I would love either that, or a separate page with an “All” list of all the different categories put together in one feed. Or even just a toggle to a “List view” instead of the grid on the main page.

    • Stephen_81

      VERY much so.

      I want to see a blurb about the content I am going to read, I like to start with what ever is newest, then I scan looking for other content I would like to read. What catches my eye isn’t usually category based. If the blurb is well written I click to read more often.
      Looking at the front page today, there is 1 box I would click using my usual method for visiting a website, after that I would leave looking for my news elsewhere.

      While I am not much of a Facebook user, ONE thing I do always set and reset in my News Feed is to show most recent stories first. NOT what is deemed by some software or user popularity as the things they want me to read first. I like the same from my news sites.

      I’m glad you guys are being so involved in this thread about your redesign I look forward to MobileSyrup 3.1

    • Sequoia46.2

      Yes, please give us an alternate home page like the old one with all the latest stories in one spot, so we don’t miss stories. Such as mobilesyrup.com/blog_view

    • Evan Hindra

      Polygon’s got a really good structure for the ‘spot’ you speak of. They’re also very easy to skim through. I don’t feel forced to read a blurb, and I can just scan for headlines. The images do help, as they’re more like an anchoring point to the article itself (in a listview format). Their style of “gradually disappearing” text, as an invitation to the readers to read more is also done very tastefully.

      I say, make reading really easy. Spend a bit more time making text more legible. Right now, I’m seeing text aliasing issues on OS X, Chrome Version 36.0.1985.125. Some fonts don’t render right. That can be improved through CSS.

    • Stephen_81

      Ok now having been using the site for the day I am hating the text width on the desktop. I have 1920px width and I am only permitted to view 700px wide of text content? seriously seeing broken sentences and broken words is infuriating, the content quality feels more amateurish which is a shame.

      I’m making an effort all day reading posts a couple of times, visiting the site trying to get the content and find ways to adapt but the more time I spend using MS3.0 the more I want to find another source of news and information.

    • Philosoraptor

      Yes. When one goes to your homepage, the latest articles should be the most accessible.

    • alamarco

      I think another consensus is to get rid of the tiles. When a site goes with a tiled interface it loses users, quickly. Just look at the Verge for a prime example.

      We need an interface like the previous one… the one that had nothing wrong with it. The main page should be a page that lists the content from latest to oldest in a user friendly and easily readable view.

  • StormMagnus

    The new format is n
    ot my problem at al
    l it is the format of t
    he text. Why is it so di
    fficult and splits eve
    n small words in the mo
    st ridiculous way.

    • satdan

      This is my beef too…English 101

    • Hey StormMagnus, are you seeing this particularly on mobile or mobile and desktop? thanks!

    • StormMagnus

      Internet Explorer (work… you know) ver 11. Desktop

    • StormMagnus

      It works fine in Chrome, Firefox and even Opera. Explorer however evenly justifies the text and cuts it off no matter where it is in the text and moves it to next line. #testALLbrowsers

  • Phil

    HI Have stop visiting all web site built this way. Horrible view and hard to read

  • KiwiBri

    I’ve become a fan of Mobilesyrup for the past year. Remember the content is important for us. Theres been other Canadian/North American centric mobile site (Hofo for example) that reach their peak and IMHO are now falling.

    I hope you can keep this going well. Good Luck.

  • Deathdearth

    guess I’ll stick to the mobile version .Alot cleaner

  • WhoCares1000

    It’s a bad mix of the The Verge and B G R. Really badly done. Too hard to find the latest news articles which is why I come here, for the latest Canadian mobile news.

    • Charles

      I am really wondering who thought making the landing page more busy would be a good idea on any site. Our days are busy and confusing enough without our fav websites contributing to the anxiety!

    • WhoCares1000

      That’s exactly it, it’s too busy.

  • Andrew Brough

    I have to say, as pretty as the new front page is I find it much harder to skim from headline to headline. It’s a fair bit more difficult to read than the old site… I don’t usually post about things like this but as I really value the content on this site, I thought it would be worth mentioning.

    I might just be complaining about the home page though, since I’m used to having the news on the front page. Now that news feed is on another page. I’m glad that news feed is still there, and it’s probably going to be the first page I navigate to from now on.

    • 5Gs

      Totally agree. It’s becoming more like advertisement first then you go through what you wish to choose.

  • Nick

    Mobilesyrup changes to the horrible grid view.. such a bad way to organize information for a tech news site. TheVerge doesn’t always get it right, grid view on homepage is one of those things. Mobilesyrup was alot more easier to read before. This will just force me to only look at RSS feed.

    • Charles

      I agree. Simplicity is beautiful. This looks like s**t thrown against a wall.

  • Cooking in HD

    Don’t listen to the Luddites – the evolution of the site looks great! People hate change and will complain no matter what.

    One minor rendering issue I’ve spotted is that when viewing the mobile version of the site on a mobile device (SGS3) the aspect ratio of the pictures is off and the photos appear compressed horizontally.

    • Aaron Hoyland

      Agreed. Same on my Nexus 5 (Chrome browser). Also, the MobileSyrup logo at the top seems a bit low-res. Hopefully an easy fix?

  • thomas nguyen

    i want the old mobile syrup back!
    this is less intuitive! you are not able to get the latest news on the front page

  • chris

    I actually really like the design, I’m all about pretty. However, my biggest thing is that I like to know everything, and I want to know that I’ve seen every article that’s been posted. I don’t want to miss something because I wasn’t in the right category. To me, that’s what stood out with the old design, and that was great. Buuut the old design was also a lot more ugly.

  • Dave Evans

    I think you guys have done a lot of great things with this site over the years, unfortunately this design change wasn’t one of them.

  • ShadowFist23

    Oh dear. The homepage is a confusing, unreadable mess – there’s very little separation between things, which results in odd blocks of text and images and I can’t tell what’s going on at all.

  • Sequoia46.2

    If we aren’t given a section that shows every new article in chronological order like the old layout, I will start reading mobilesyrup though an RSS reader instead of coming directly here while on a desktop.

  • bubbles mcfee

    New layout looks like a cat ate a bag of gummy bears and barfed on my jeans. I’m guessing…DO NOT LIKE.

  • terrible layout

    Homepage is confusing and terrible. I want to see a news article with the intro paragraph, not an ambiguous picture and 5 words.

  • Garrett Cooper

    Do not like, the home page looks so cluttered it’s annoying.

  • Lt_Dan

    Meh, I’m not a huge fan of the new main page. Its far to busy to be able to easily check what is new on the site. The news page is a more readable design, but still very narrow. Considering most people have widescreen monitors, its frustrating when webpages restrict their content to a small portion of the centre of the page.

    My daily routine for a while now has been checking this site for new news and updates. With this layout, I fear that may change…. Its just too hard to quickly check for new information.

  • mobilesyrup

    Quick solution for those wanting a list format of some of the latest news. The link below gives a view of articles based on published time, along with a short description:


    Compiling all your feedback. Keep it coming. — Ian

    • rogue17

      This one is better but I still like the old Mobilesyrup a whole lot more.

      The site now uses alot of DATA. I usually check the site several times a day on my mobile device and it doesn’t use much DATA.

      Now it uses a lot of DATA. I don’t have unlimited mobile DATA so will not be coming here often.

      Is it the pictures or what is using all that DATA?

      is it just me?

      Has anyone noticed this on their mobile phones?

    • Sequoia46.2

      Try gReader – it’s an RSS reader and it will use less data on your phone.

    • rogue17

      Thanks Sequoia,
      I will try that. Usually I visit MS a lot during the day reading articles and a couple other sites and use about 70mb. Yesterday I was on MS just 3-4 times and the same other sites and came close to 200mb.

  • ruaman

    Sorry Mobilesyrup, it looks horrendous on a mobile device!

  • HoodedDemon

    this sucks!

  • Aaron Hoyland

    I’m no Web developer, so I have no idea how hard it is to implement adaptive layouts. However, I will echo some of the points raised below, namely that the content seems to fill only the middle 50% of the screen on my widescreen 21″ monitor.

    That being said, I still think the update is a definite improvement. The previous design was very blog-esque, whereas this design better reflects MobileSyrup’s evolution to a full-fledged mobile news hub.

  • fruvous

    Is it really necessary to make a outage map for each sub-brand? The big 3 plus the regional guys should be enough.

  • sahmed001

    This is crap. The old format was so much more userfriendly with a steady stream of news.

  • Anthony

    I love the mobile site, but the desktop version is…confusing.

    Also, you mentioned that you were going to post real-time outage maps for carriers. Where are you going to source the data from? All the sites that currently do it are horribly inaccurate.

  • yae

    very bad design to say the least

  • rogue17

    Does 3.0 use more data? Just went on MS 3.0 and it used more data for me. Not complaining just asking.

  • jroc

    MS became almost unusable with this new layout. Definitely not digging this.

  • beyond

    I agree with some of the other comments, the layout is a bit confusing on the main page. Focus has been lost and it just feels hard to find what i am looking for – mainly the news articles. The design is nice, but I think the layout and organization of content can be improved.

  • Scott

    Great design, but why add a store? It’s like your owned by Mobile Nations now. If you start plugging all your products, you’ll ruin the great content.

  • Quantos

    I see numerous issues with this design. I’ve taken a few screenshots and described what I think is faulty: http://imgur.com/a/Vt9Ow

  • bembol

    How do I uninstall 3.0?

    There was nothing wrong with it.


  • ineptone

    This has the exact same terrible, scattered, incomprehensible home page layout as The Verge and the white/grey colour scheme makes is impossible to focus on anything. What the hell were you guys thinking?

  • Olerius

    I’m a fan of (most of) the website changes, especially the overhauled tabs at the top for News, Reviews, etc. Good to see MobileSyrup trying to improve their capabilities. That said though, good God, the home page is a mess! I shouldn’t have to LOOK for a “news feed” button! (Heck, even look to the ads in the top row -esp. InsideTimmies- for better landing page ideas. Also, the type spacing needs to be addressed in the articles. Running margin to margin is fine, but words shouldn’t be cut off in the middle of the word.

  • RR

    Wow! The front page is a mess and not very readable. Too much detail on
    there and It is definitely not easier to read.

  • Horrible job on the new layout. Plus your logo on the top of the page looks like it’s from a jpeg from 2000.

  • Hungrier

    The new design sure makes me glad I use RSS.

  • Howard Chu

    So cool, Thank you!

  • i.am.canadian

    I don’t like the design at all. The previous one was much better, the articles were more organized and I had the opportunity the read the article (the first paragraph) without having to click it. PLEASE, PLEASE return to the old style, or at least have a button were you can use the old or new style.

  • Lamar

    i like simplicity.. I had no problem with the original look

  • Varroa

    Get rid of the giant first article banner, you can’t see anything below it and lower res screens so you have no idea if the page has been updated or not recently.

  • Dave Grant

    like the style, hate the layout.

    my eyes used to know where to look on the homepage for the latest articles, Now they’re totally confused.

  • Mark Loney

    This is a terrible design…what was wrong with what you had before?

    If it aint broke…

  • deltatux

    this is so busy and confusing. Can we have the simpler interface of the past?

  • bika

    this is wayyyyy confusing mobilesyrup should have kept it simple

  • 5Gs

    Yuck! what have you guys done? Seriously ? Copying engadget or wired ? Yuck.

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    Are we getting a new app 3.0 (Android) to go along with new website? 95% of my viewing is done via mobile platform so just curious as to the big picture.

  • Richie_Peterson

    Ok it looks all pretty but I am not a fan of the layout.

    I may be in the minority here but the main reading I do on this site is while I’m at the office. Its been a great collection of Canadian Mobile news to keep me informed and up to date with whats been going on in the industry. It was easy to read and simple to find the things I have missed right of the bat. It read like a simple blog which is what I was looking for.

    With the new update to the site, the layout confused me. It was hard to find the new items that I wanted to read. It wasnt easy, very confusing and it felt like my ADHD was on overdrive! I just couldnt spend the time looking for anything. Its all over the place. Suffice it to say I will be looking for a new Canadian wireless blog to read. I applaud you on your efforts but this site isn’t for me anymore.

  • Canadaboy

    I’ve been a reader for year, but this is terrible. The front is just a wash of images, colour and snippets of text. What do you want me to look at. It is now unreadable. Terrible decision.

  • rogue17

    This new mobilesyrup 3.0 is bad.

    Also it is a DATA HOG.

    If anyone know of any Canadian wireless blog please let me know.

  • canadarm

    This is awful! What were you thinking? Why don’t you do a poll to get your users’ feedback?

  • Croc Ography

    Oh my, what havoc have you brought forth?

    This is not a good graphical website update at all. And it is even worse when you look at it through Windows and Explorer.

    Your website is about content not images, and yet you guys decided to be late to a trendy “graphical” look popularized by other sites. (which if they are mainly content sites are also difficult to get through, VERGE comes to mind)

    Please put your website back the way it was but find a way to ad the new functionality.

    BTW, I love change, but only if it is for the better… in this case it is not.

    CD for over 25 years in NY and Toronto

  • Faisal

    I don’t like the new layout. I would have liked to see improvements on the old layout (i.e. new top banner, smaller pictures etc). My favorite layout by far is Feedly’s which I think is simple, elegant and displays all important information.

    Also the mobile site photos are stretched (on Nexus 4 with Chrome).

  • Owen Oiffer

    Why! If it ain’t broken don’t fix it. From something simple and strait forward all you want in 1 place to……. Tiles, it didn’t work for Microsoft

    • d a

      Lets hope mobilesyrup is smarter than ms and dumps this stupidity quickly.

  • Troll

    All of a sudden I’m 6 years old and I got lost in a maze of aisles of the local supermarket, waves of panic and isolation overcome me as I cry out for my mom ==> the feeling I have when I navigate to the homepage of the new Mobile Syrup 🙂

  • AGoodM8

    I liked the previous layout just fine. Sure, there’s always room for improvement, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. MS should have stuck with iterative improvements as opposed to an overhaul..

    At least give us the option to view it using the old layout rather than phase it out completely.

  • gerhardy

    blackberry and MS both suck lol

  • mwahahahaha

    WTF is everyone complaining about???
    Relax and get a grip…on THIS! –> (__|__)

  • Handheld Addict

    My initial feeling is it looks pretty good overall. But I’m a bit confused by the difference between the “simple syrup” and “news” sections.

  • Steven Rodriguez

    This new interface, look & feel is terrible – Revert.

  • guarino

    Not going to lie… I’m not a fan of the new site at all.. It’s all over the place. Previous design was much more simple and straight forward. Not impressed.

  • JimTil

    Don’t do the same crap as Facebook did and make your site overcomplicated….the old format was WAY better and more user friendly than this current mess. Either revert back to the old format or give us the option to click a button to change the layout to the old look!

  • Hey guys, thanks again for posting your feedback. Appreciate the honestly and (mostly) constructive criticism.

    Just to be clear, tho: more cowbell?

    • d a

      “Just to be clear, tho: more cowbell?
      ya, that’s clear

    • Stephen_81

      If Cowbell = Text on Screen then I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is MORE cowbell

  • killrazor

    Ugh,, this is terrible. Horrible to read. So long Mobilesyrup, time to find another site that I can actually read and understand what the hell is going on.

  • Anaron

    I like the new look but the layout will take some getting used to.

  • janis

    this new design sucks

  • janis

    this is a very, very poor design to the webpage. whomever designed this page should be ashamed and embarrassed.

  • HeyYoWL

    I appreciate a fresh change, and while I like the layout at the top (newest four stories, sections for navigation), everything past that is confusing. I like when news stories are chronologically sorted, but the way it is now below that, and not even all aligned, is very hard to follow.

    This is especially true when there’s 2 squares for ads on the right hand side as well. It would be better if you left the top as is, and then chronological news below it, nice and simple and clean.

    I don’t need redundant links on the bottom and links for navigation at the top. It reminds me of Chrome’s more awful recent decisions, where there’s the Omnibar at the top, but also when you open a new tab there’s a Google search bar in the middle of your screen.. why??

  • KiwiBri

    Okay. Only 1 day in and I dont really like this new look. Takes a while to mentally filter out the ads from the articles… so ads are more noticeable as they look like articles.. (I guess I’m Going to install AdBlocker at work now.. ) and the headlines are hard to skim read when only a picture is used. Need to hover mouse to read the headline…

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Definetely the new navigation arrows are not working for me. went from a news from yesterday to one on Tuesday. Now I risk of missing one, I like the other system when there was no way to go forward cause you reached the last news of the day.

    Now it is a continous loop that really irritates me, the rest is ok.

  • Steven Rodriguez

    So, with all the negative feedback on the new site, are you going to listen to us and revert it back?

  • Michael Licht

    I can’t tell where the new news are.. everything looks like pictures to me.
    Random pictures.

  • KiwiBri

    What is with those HUGE arrows on the side of the screen?
    Also, I see where you guys got this “tabloid” look from – your insidetimmies website eh?

    Reminds me of the clunky website that was the original PhotoBucket.

    I think its time to look for an online RSS reader.

  • pcasmiro

    I love your content but this new layout is just painful. I’ve dropped in a few times since the change and find myself clicking off your site simply out of frustration.

  • Jimmy Peña

    i dont know what Im doing here because I’m from Venezuela but since I discovered MobileSyrup I’ve loved it.

  • hyperhyper

    I’m going to be honest and say that I’m not a huge fan of the redesign because it’s hard to tell what is an ad, what is an article, what is new and what is what really. I like the RSS feed idea someone mentioned.

  • Peter

    the new site will take some getting used to and I’m sure you are working out the glitches. One thing I noticed is that the when reading the text a lot of words are cut off at the end of the line and resume on the next line, either format it in a way where the words aren’t split up like that or start using hyphens. As it is right now it makes it hard to read. those are my 2 cents

  • Just A Thought

    The tile layout might work on a “subscriber” home page, but I seriously don’t want to have to look to see what I want. looking tis hard for info doesn’t peek my interest. please revert back, she change the layout but don’t make the content harder to access.

  • Dave

    The new website design reminds me a casino – you know how to get in but you can’t find anything inside.

    The older design was great, you don’t replace a winning horse.
    I’ll visit the new site a lot less than before.

  • Chris G

    Add me to the list of people that not high on this redesign. Looks nice, but I am someone that want just the list of all your stories. the separate categories are good for when I’m digging for something older. even if your latest news label was a clickable link to a bigger list, i would be fine with that.

  • Kyouya

    The front page is way too cluttered. You are jamming everything as if you were throwing the kitchen sink at us. It may look organized, but it’s not. Don’t start being like Amazon and shoving recommendations down our throats. We know what we want and will look for it.

  • John

    Please ignore the negative i****s. 3.0 changes long overdue. Press on with your great plans. Love your fresh new look. Kudos.

    • KiwiBri

      negative “i****s”? Just because we have a view, or an opinion, or criticism, there’s no need to start name calling. This is how the comments then become less useful.

    • John

      My apology to you and other dissenters. You are right and I stand corrected. My emotions got the better of me. Will strive for more maturity for the future. Cheers.

  • Jesse

    I don’t like the new layout. I agree with many other posts that the tiles are distracting. i like having the option to customize my feed, but surfing through all of the stories was half the fun.

  • marks

    overall, it’s cleaner and fairly pleasant to the eye. i have one HUGE problem though. the main page is a mess and hard to follow. i find myself coming to your homepage less now. please take the homepage back to a ‘blog view’ like imore.com or 9to5mac or techcrunch. it would even be fine to do a sort of hybrid blog view and category view like theverge.com but just please make it easier to read and follow your homepage.

  • Francois Roy

    It’s a mess!!! The articles look like the ads on the right, and the ..other things in the bottom.
    Not an improvement by ANY means.
    Change it back.

  • mobilesyrup

    Hi – We’ll be making a post tomorrow, but based on your feedback we wanted to let you know that we’ll be making some changes to the redesign.

    Keep the feedback coming — Ian

    • KiwiBri

      hey, thanks for the update!

    • Stephen_81

      So if I visit MobileSyrup from my Phone it isn’t AS terrible as it is from my desktop. The lack of oceans of whitespace on mobile doesn’t bother my eyes as much when reading sentences broken up by narrow formatting. But scrolling through to find a topic I want to read about is still a pain. The images are large. But I don’t buy a book for it’s cover, I read the first page to see if it is compelling enough to make me want it. The assumption made by the little blurbs and photo’s of the main page on both Mobile and desktop is that I want to read everything you write. And I’m sorry to say but I don’t. I would read every front page blurb for every article and click those that in that first blurb seemed compelling, but in the current form a very select few headlines are enough for me to want to click and read more.

      Even News Papers give us blurbs to make us dig deeper into the paper. If you want to have the “modern” image banner at the top fine, I think it is a horrible UI paradigm, but it is the trendy one, So put on your black rim glasses and go with it. But the meat of the site should still be focused on giving me a reason to click, make me want to know more. and make it easy for me to want to know more, give me a compelling reason to want to support the site by buying my mobile accessories here when the shop comes. I’d like to see a hybrid of your new look and the old look. I was mostly happy with the old look, on desktop, it needed mobile work, but Desktop was good. Now its OK on mobile but desktop is almost unbearable to use.

      I’m happy you guys are taking feedback and not just saying put up and shut up.

  • JammerMan79

    Yuck… just yuck…
    Impossible to surf
    Please change if back

  • Keep up the good work!

  • David Reynolds


  • Marc Ray

    I don’t see anything wrong with the new redesign its quite nice, just gotta get used to it

  • monsterduc1000

    Terrible re-design. How the hell did this get approved? It’s a complete mess to navigate.

  • JD

    Where can I find the news?!?!?!….. really…

  • Me

    Too bad you designed something that was great into something which is mess. I hope you click on ‘Undo’ button.

    • Me

      Or at least make the default look as it was before. For those who decided on the new design make possible to customize it according to their liking. Golden rule: Don’t change what works and worked so well.

  • Croc Ography

    Please, please fix your new site, the home page is impossible to read on the Windows platform using IE! It is just a mess! Wish I could give you some screen grabs, if all you are looking at are MACs for design and coding then you are not doing a proper job.

  • Kenneth Greene

    Looks good guys. Love the podcast. Keep up the good work.

  • DK

    Ugly. The reason Windows 8 is dead is because they changed tile Layout. Windows 8 will die a slow death as will Mobilesyrup. Bad move.

  • Skyscudder

    Oh. You had a terrifically simple site and you’ve gone and went berserk. Take two aspirin and revert back.

    Especially the band of dead space atop the page! I want to read, not look at a banner! The more space for information the faster I can finish an article and move onto the next. By diminishing MY screen real estate you irritate me and make me wish not to return.

    Look at the now hideous Ottawa Citizen and the kool aid inspired stinkeroo they came up with. You guys drinking from the same glass?

  • avow

    I miss the blog like feed.

  • Liquid Snake

    Goodbye MobileSyrup.