Samsung debuts its metal saviour, the Galaxy Alpha


  • expos9439

    Too little too late.

  • JB

    “The Alpha is not what you would call a high-end device in today’s market, and it’s clear that Samsung is testing the waters with its pre-IFA debut. Sporting a 4.7-inch 1280×720 pixel Super AMOLED display, an updated octo-core Exynos 5430 SoC, a 12MP rear camera, Android 4.4.4 and an 1860mAh battery, the Alpha’s advantage is on the outside.”

    Still better specs than a IPhone 5S. Which you review and call a “high end” device.

    So when the IPhone 6 launches in Sept with a 720p screen we can expect you to call it a non high end as well?…..if not than clearly there is a double standard which is an obvious bias.

    • jay

      Specs? Iphone runs smoothly and fine because the hardware is made for the OS. I have a one plus and runs good. But with more power. I also have a raspberry pi and the specs are low and runs still good. Everybody compare hardware with a different OS is on the wrong way

    • M-Len


    • “Still better specs than a IPhone 5S. Which you review and call a “high end” device.”

      No, it has higher numbers on paper. That doesn’t make it a better phone.

      The iPhone’s screen is more dense, has better colours, is much brighter and easier to see in sunlight thanks to its 600 nit screen (most competition maxes out at 400), has more accurate colour, and has much better an much more accurate touch sensitivity. The iPhone’s processor is still faster than almost every other device on the market in benchmarks despite still being dual-core and half the clock speed and less than half the RAM of the competition. The iPhone’s 8 megapixel camera is still better than most 12, 13, 16, even 20 megapixel camera on the market because Apple focuses on image quality instead of pixel count. The iPhone battery is physically smaller than the competition but iOS is very battery efficient and can still manage over 40 hours of music playback or over 10 hours of video playback on one of the smallest batteries on the market.

      The iPhone kicks the competition’s a*s. Get your head out of your a*s and stop pretending numbers on a page are the most important part of a device.

    • JB

      LMFAO your blind slurping for apple products are blinding you from the point im trying to make here.

      You ask me to get my head out of my posterior, but anyone who isn’t a blind apple fanboy would in fact think someone here has their head up their rear…..but it isnt me. 🙂

    • FlamesFan89

      Agreed JB. The point is not “OMG this phone is a BAUS!” or “Apple is the greatest, iPhone’s 4 Life!”

      The point is, Daniel said “The Alpha is not what you would call a high-end device in today’s market” while quoting specs to try and prove his point. However, those specs are at the very least comparable to, if not better than (even if just on paper), other “high end” smartphones on the market, for example, the iPhone 5s.

      So, it gives rise to the question, if the iPhone 6 launches with a display that is only 720p, will it be deemed equally below high end before it has even been tested in any way shape or form?

      For the record, the display on the Alpha could end up being the worst display ever, and the phone could be utter rubbish, but it doesn’t matter. The fact is, Daniel is knocking the phone, based purely on the specs on paper, when in fact, on paper, the specs on paper aren’t actually that bad compared to another “high end” phone, namely the iPhone.

    • JB

      Cheers mate. You nailed it.

    • It’s Me

      Because, comparing it to other Samsung’s, it’s not a high end device. From one Samsung to another, all you really can go on is the specs for the most part. So saying it isn’t high end is completely reasonable.

      Now, whether an iPhone with comparable specs should be called high end or not is a completely different comparison. Specs without context in that case makes a paper specs comparison almost worthless. This thing might have an octa-core CPU but the dualcore A7 outperforms it. It would be like back in the AMD vs Intel pentium4 days, that some people thought P4’s were faster based solely on the mhz. Without context, specs mean little.

    • FlamesFan89

      Scroll down a little. I think TP summed it up nicely.

    • It’s Me

      And he does a good job at getting his point across. But he misses the fact that it isn’t based purely on specs and that context matters.

      Highend, is a relative term. Relative to other Samsungs or Android models, with literally almost all else being equal, the Alpha is not a high end device. Relative to other Samsung’s or other Androids, with many distinguishing factors that would have to be taken into account, the iPhone is a high end device.

      Again, just looking at specs without context, would mean you might look at a P4 at 3.5Ghz and think it was highend compared to a Intel Core i7-4550U clocked at 3Ghz. The context of the more modern part being better designed plays a huge role in which is actually high end. Now, compare than same P4 at 3Ghz to a P4 at 2.8Ghz and it’s obvious which one is highend because they are otherwise comparable.

    • FlamesFan89

      I disagree. I would say that it isn’t a flagship phone, nor is it on par with Samsung’s other flagships (the S5 or the latest in the Note series), but the quick spec scan, the type that would be marketed to the average consumer reveals an octa-core SoC, a 12 MP camera, 2 GB of RAM… without getting too far into the details of the exact SoC used, and doing camera tests, etc, those specs, even with the 720p screen, are at the, hmm, how to put this, low end of the high end.

      At the very least, they are better specs on paper than what most would consider to be middle ground or low budget phones. It’s better (on paper) than the “mini” variants out there. It’s better (on paper) than many or most of the phones considered one step down from that OEM’s flagship device. Perhaps not on par with last year’s flagship, but better than the model down.

      So it becomes a question of what you define as “high end”. If you limit that term to ONLY the flagships, then you are right, it isn’t high end, but if you mean it is above the middle ground offerings, then you would likely have to consider it to be high end.

      So there are:
      “feature phones”
      Budget smartphones
      middle ground smartphones (includes mini variants)

      Maybe we need a new category of “Lower Flagships”

      *for completeness, let’s not forget the super-oversized-ridiculous-phablet-weirdo-phones. I think they are on a list of their own.

    • It’s Me

      Simply put, it’s not high end for a samsung.

    • FlamesFan89

      I’d say, simply put, it’s not a flagship for Samsung.

      Poh-tay-toes, poh-tah-toes.

    • guilty_conscious

      This phone is supposedly not high end because of the screen resolution mostly. Same goes for the iPhone. If the iPhone gets away with it then so can this.

    • Feel free to ignore the facts to fit this story into your own narrative, but the truth is that the iPhone is still the highest-end device on the market.

    • JB

      Whatever you say Tim Cook.

    • You prefer Thorsten Heins? Stephen Elop? Maybe Steve Balmer?

      I prefer the guy making the world’s best devices.

    • FlamesFan89

      Elon Musk it is.

    • Anon

      If you add in “in your opinion” it will give you better credibility. As Both market share, and world wide shipment numbers disagree with you. Fact verses opinion.

    • By your metric a Chevy Silverado is better than a Bentley because it had more sales.

      We all know the Bentley is better, and it has nothing to do with the brand, marketing, or price.

    • FlamesFan89

      I’m sorry, but the standard rebuttal for sales numbers being meaningless is to compare Beiber to Classical music. Geepers. Can’t we all agree on how we are going to argue?


    • Sales numbers *are* meaningless when you’re discussing the quality of a product.

    • FlamesFan89

      I wasn’t disputing that.

      I was making a joke Mr. Pissy Pants.

    • TP

      Brad, I am not saying iPhone is not one of the best phones in the world, but JB has a point. MobileSyrup has two different standards for high-end specs. One one side iPhone is called high-end, and on the other side they are clearly calling out this phone’s specs to prove that this is not high-end. So, what’s MobileSyrup’s definition of ‘high-end’? Is it all about numbers on paper? Then sure, this is not high-end, but neither is iPhone. Is it anything about user experience, app ecosystem, support, or many things other than those spec numbers? Then why does MobileSyrup call out specs and say ‘the advantage is on the outside?’ They would rather have to tell us why those things (user experience, app ecosystem, support, etc) make this non-high-end. At least we are clear that ‘outside (probably build quality, material, design)’ does not make a phone high-end, according to MobileSyrup.
      I won’t argue if iPhone is a high-end smartphone or not. TBH I think it is one of high-end phones currently available in the world. My question, and hopefully JB’s question as well, is to MobileSyrup: What is your definition of ‘high-end’?

    • The definition is usually price, which is usually based on a mix of the bill of materials and manufacturing, shipping and logistics, research & development, etc.

      Price doesn’t exactly scale linearly with GHz, GBs, number of cores, screen size, etc. For example, it’s cheaper to produce a 6″ 720p screen than a 5″ 1080p screen because there’s less pixels per inch, or cheaper to keep producing a 2.2 GHz quad-core chip that originally came out in 2011 than to produce a new 1.5 GHz dual-core chip with a new instruction set that only came out 10 months ago.

    • TP

      Understood and I partially agree, but that is not Mobilesyrup’s definition according to this article. They never mention price.

    • Goran Mihajlović

      Incorrect analogy. Phone flagships have a much smaller price disparity, whether by % difference, or by hard numbers, than cars. Unless you take the analogy all the way, in which case, a Bentley would be like a Porsche phone, or a Vertu.

    • Anaron

      As much as I respect Apple for making great hardware, that doesn’t mean squat to me as an end user. What I care about is the best product I can buy while spending the least amount of money. Right now, that product is the OnePlus One. For $480 CAD (after tax, shipping and custom fees), I got a Snapdragon 801 device with 3GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. It has 20 hours of talk time and over 60 hours of audio playback thanks to a 3,100 mAh battery.

    • guilty_conscious

      The iPhone’s screen is not better in sunlight visibility, it does not have better colors nor more accurate colors than the competition.

      The soc although excellent gets easily beat by some of the newer SOCs on the magnet especially the rumored note 4 exynos soc which topped the charts in antutu. Nor does the iPhone compete with the tegra k1 in gfxbench either.

      The camera, again while great, does not compete with the competition. It gets bested in low light by HTC one m8, s5 in daylight as well as the z2 in detail.

      The battery doesn’t last as long as a near last Gen device: the note 3–forget current Gen.

      Perhaps you should get your head on straight and stop making yourself look like a bigger chump by defending the iPhone relentlessly.

  • Striker67

    1280×720 you have got to be kidding me. Why does a company that could easily put a fantastic screen on every device they produce stick with resolutions from 2-3 years ago. The battery life could be improved more quickly as well if the demand was there by higher screens resolutions and their power consumption. . This one is not even on the radar as far as I am concerned.

  • Andrew

    Looks nice, but I’d wait until those design elements show up in their next flagship phone.

  • M-Len

    So if I understand this correctly if an iphone comes with a non HD screen, dual core, 1gb of Ram its high end because of its build quality. And if a non apple company releases a phone with a nice metal build quality but slightly below flagship specs its not high end because of the specs.

    Where’s the credibility as tech reporters? This is embarrassing.

    • Valentino

      The IPhone isn’t premium in my eyes, people just consider it premium because it’s a popular product with a cult following, great build quality and an established ecosystem. Compared with other flagships though, it’s simply mid-tier.

    • “Whaaa! The numbers on this one are bigger than the iPhone but the iPhone is still better! I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY! WHAAA!”

      Here, let me help you understand:

      The iPhone comes with the best screen on the market, as thousands of reviews, comparisons, and comprehensive tests have confirmed. Its resolution is at 1136×640, but it’s only 4″ which means it’s got 326 pixels per inch, versus the Alpha’s 1280×720 at 4.7″ which means 312 pixels per inch. The iPhone screen is sharper. Independent tests have shown it also has among the best colour calibration/accuracy, the best brightness and visibility in sunlight, not to mention it’s one of the most power-efficient screens on the market.

      The iPhone is dual-core, only runs at 1.4 GHz, and only has 1 GB of RAM, but it still performs better than devices running a 2.5 GHz quad-core (or even octo-core) Snapdragon 800-something with 2 or 3 GB of RAM because the number of cores, clock speed, and amount of RAM alone are largely useless in determining performance.

      The iPhone is high-end because it’s the fastest device on the market with the best screen, best cameras, best call quality, best antennas, best software, best apps, best media store, best ecosystem, best customer service and support, best accessories, and best experience.

    • M-Len

      Your last paragraph is the most delusional nonsense i’ve ever read. Seek help bud.

    • Prove me wrong.

    • Jonathan Leduc

      That’s fairly easy to do.

      The screen on the iPhone is made with Gorilla Glass which is the same as everyone.

      The resolution and color scheme are all up to the user. While it is true that they have made the highest resolution possible for the screen ratio, it is not for nothing they are coming out with a larger iPhone this time around. They’ve been proved wrong when it comes to the amount of pixels the eye can see.

      Also, EVERYTHING that was added by upgrading to iOS 7 was straight out of the Android OS.

      The reason the iPhone is fast is because, yes, Apple optimizes the OS to run with the hardware. But, my wife owns the iPhone 5 and she’s having a loads of issues. The office response by Apple? Well, it’s an older device so the new OS is a bit too much for it which causes issues.

      The camera is a basic 8 mega pixel cam. How did they make it better again? Right… bigger pixel.. I was pretty sure I heard that before.. oh wait.. HTC did it a year before and THEN Apple followed….

      Apple releases the phones underspeced so when the OS upgrades, you HAVE to buy a new device.

      But hey, it’s ok, they’ll probably tell us the 4.7 inch screen is a revolution and 2 go of ram if legendary and never been done before at the next keynote.. We can come back here and you can try to argue that everything they released was not copied from Android.

      And for the record, I had all the iPhones until the 5. I sold the 5 to get the HTC One m7 while being scared of changing… today, I would’nt go back to Apple even if they paid me.

    • “The resolution and color scheme are all up to the user.”

      Wow. That’s a level of troll I’ve never seen before, but next time try “colour gamut” instead of “colour scheme” when trolling about hardware.

    • Jonathan Leduc

      I’m not trolling. I’m telling you, you may prefer the iPhone screen and I won’t. It’s like warm color vs cool. I hate a screen with warm color. I had the HTC One m7 with a cooler “gamut” of colors and when I got it replaced, they gave me warm and I hated it.

      It’s up to you to decide what you prefer.

      Also, thanks for proving I’m right by only talking about the one word I got wrong instead of the whole thing I got right.

    • I’m not telling you I prefer the iPhone screen, I’m telling you scientists in a lab pointed some super high-quality cameras at lots of phone screens and, using results from their tests, determined that the iPhone has the best screen.

      Even if I win this argument it’ll be like winning at chess even though the opponent is a monkey who just shoved the King in his mouth.

    • FlamesFan89

      Didn’t other scientists in another lab point some super high-quality cameras at the Galaxy S5 screen and call it something like the best screen ever or something.

      It’s not really relevant as it has no baring on this phones screen, but I’m just playing devil’s advocate that perhaps the iPhone screen, while exceptionally good, isn’t necessarily the best.

      The screens on the flagships from all the major OEMs are now so good, it’s like people trying to say that “my car is faster because it goes 0 to 60 in 4.615 seconds and yours takes 4.618 seconds, looooooser!”

      even if you do notice a difference between the screens of the major manufacturers flagships, and I don’t doubt that people do, the point is more, they are all phenomenal, even if they can be technically ranked, you are deluding yourself if you think looking at an S5 screen is a poor experience.

    • Jonathan Leduc

      You sir, are right. Thank you.

    • Jonathan Leduc

      Rule of a debate, if you start to insult the person you are debating with personally, you lose.

      Second, if this was an actual debate, you’d need to prove what you are saying because “a bunch of scientist” does not add credibility to what you say.

      I will repeat one last time. Maybe the iPhone screen is the best ever. I don’t care because we all have the power of choice. I prefer my QHD screen on the Lg g3. That’s me. I don’t give a flying f**k if you agree or not. To me, it’s the best.

      This is the last reply I’ll give to you because I’m not interested in debating with someone who insults me for no reason. Go learn the meaning of the word maturity. Apple won’t give you money for calling people monkeys so you won’t win anything here.

    • Anon

      Sure –
      LCD – an awesome tech in the 80s, Try amoled, its kinda a big deal.
      The processor – non native apps always run better with S5/HTC one due to raw power.
      Size – Most of us have man hands, not tiny kid hands, 4 inchs maybe fine for your little hands, not mine.
      Pixel density- who the hell cares

    • It’s Me

      “The processor – non native apps always run better with S5/HTC one due to raw power.

      Dude, just stop. Trying to minimize the slowness of VMs by throwing more cores and mhz at the problem is not good design. Besides, the A7 still beats them in many benchmarks, so native and faster CPU. Win, Win.

      Also, amoled with pentile sucks donkey a*s. At least with SAMLOED they are finally trying to get away from pentile.

    • guilty_conscious

      At Full HD and QHD the pentile layout is no longer an issue.

    • LCD tech is still better than OLED, especially when it comes to longevity, visibility in sunlight, and colour accuracy.

      Non-native apps aren’t really an issue on iOS since most developers still write for iOS first and later port to Android which means most apps (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Angry Birds, Need For Speed, etc) will perform better on iOS. Even the OS itself is faster: Scrolling lists is still smoother on an iPhone 4 than an HTC One M8, LG G3, or Samsung Galaxy S5.

      “Most of us have man hands, not tiny kid hands.” Wow, that’s incredibly sexist and arrogantly ignorant.

      Who cares? Every person who has ever favourably commented on a story on this or any other website about a new device with a higher-resolution screen than an Apple device, which is at least 75% of the people who comment on this site.

    • monsterduc1000

      “best antennas”… only if you hold it a certain way :), and then it’s still not apples fault…

      “best screen”… S5’s SAmoled screen under independent reviews has surpassed the retina display in every single way and it has adjustable screen modes to enjoy whatever colour gamut you prefer.

      “best cameras”… you really need to look at camera shoot-outs on several sites. Stop being so blind 🙂

      “best accessories”… yeah if you like paying a hundred bucks for an extra apple charging cable.

  • grantdude

    Wait, the faux leather back isn’t premium already?

    • It’s Me

      if it ain’t pleather, it ain’t worth it.

  • Gohy

    wow. samsung does not get it. You can’t call a phone metal or premium when 90% of the phone is plastic. All they did was slap some metal around the edges. I get it they wanted to have a removable back. Look at the HTC One Max. HTC could figure out how to do a nice removable backs so it matches the phone.

  • FlamesFan89

    The chamfered edges looking “iPhone-ish” I will give you, but the speaker holes do NOT resemble those of the iPhone 5s. I’m not sure if you have managed to have a look at the Nexus 5 yet, I mean, it’s only been on the market for what, nearly a year now, but it has three rows of holes, with the middle row extending beyond the length of the other two rows, which the Alpha appears to also have. The iPhone 5s on the other hand has two rows of identical length.

    But let’s not let facts get in the way of a good iPhone plug right?

    • It’s Me

      And it says Samsung and not Apple in the case. Clearly not a knockoff.

    • FlamesFan89

      I’m sorry, are you passive aggressively trying to suggest that three lines lines of unequal length are the same as two lines of equal length?

      Not sure if trolling…

      or just stupid…

    • Jonathan Leduc

      Seriously dude…

      You’ve seen the olympic logo right?

      If my logo is exactly like that but instead, the 3 cicles are at the bottom and the top as 2… it’s not the same amount placed at the same position.. is it the same logo? Of course it is…

      The damn holes on the thing are made exactly like an iPhone. I hate iPhones, but this phone is just an attemps by Samsung to get iPhone users to their sides.

    • FlamesFan89

      No, the holes are exactly like a Nexus 5, not an iPhone 5s.

      If I took the Audi logo and put it beside the Olympic logo, would you say that they are the same thing? Or that one is a rip-off of the other?

      On top of that, we are talking about freaking speaker holes! There are only so many ways to arrange a series of holes that allow sound through them. Were they supposed to use a completely random pattern and have it be unique on every device that comes off the assembly line? Give me a break.

      Pop quiz for testing basic intelligence:
      The iPhone 5s has two lines of equal length. The Nexus 5 and the Galaxy Alpha both have three lines of unequal length. Name the two phones which have the same pattern. Go!

    • It’s Me

      No one argued with you that the speakers resemble the Nexus 5 more than the iPhone. But the over all phone looks more like an iPhone and the speaker certainly looks more like the ones on an iPhone than on the Galaxy S5. Perhaps even more similar to the N5, but still closer to the iPhone than the S5.

      It’s hilarious how small a detail you guys try to massage in order to defend beloved Samsung.

    • FlamesFan89

      This has nothing to do with Samsung. Wow…

      This has to do with journalism.

      Oh, and who the heck brought up the S5????

    • Jonathan Leduc

      I’m sorry. Where in my reply did I insult you as person or stated you were stupid? No where. Learn respect.

    • FlamesFan89

      Fair enough, I will rephrase.

      Answer me this:
      The iPhone 5s has two lines of equal length. The Nexus 5 and the Galaxy Alpha both have three lines of unequal length. Name the two phones which have the same pattern.

      Clearly the answer is the Nexus 5 and the Alpha, and not the iPhone, so why, when it was demonstrated in my previous post that this is the correct answer, do you insist that “The damn holes on the thing are made exactly like an iPhone” when it is demonstrably not true? Unless I am misunderstanding your intent with the use of the word “exactly”.

    • Jonathan Leduc

      You are right about the holes. Sorry I argumented on that point. I still get an iPhone vibe when I look at the overall phone.

    • It’s Me

      No, I was just agreeing with your statement that trivial design details really distinguish the otherwise obvious influence of the iPhone and point more closely to the Nexus.

      I mean, you were serious about trying to assert that some unnoticeable minutia makes it look more like a Nexus than an iPhone, right? If making such a dumb comment was meant to be a joke or sarcasm, then job well done. Otherwise, just pathetic really.

    • FlamesFan89

      No, I was saying exactly what I was saying.

      The chamfered edges look like that of an iPhone. Yes. True statement.

      However, it is silly, and incorrect, for Daniel to say that “Even the speaker holes on the bottom resemble that of the iPhone 5 and 5s” as they do not. They resemble the Nexus 5.

      If he wanted to make the point of it being an iPhone 5s ripoff, that was accomplished. He actually detracted from his point by bringing up the speaker holes. He did not strengthen his point.

      I once had this concept summed up perfectly for me by a colleague using a metaphor that most parents will understand completely. He said, “you want to know how to get good artwork from a child? Know when to take the crayons away”. The point being, writers need to know how to self edit, and Daniel should have done that here. Instead, he simply weakened his strong point with one that is weak, if not completely incorrect.

    • It’s Me

      It was a perfectly valid point of comparison, especially in light of how much the overall design was “inspired” by the iPhone.

      The speakers can resemble both the Nexus 5 and iPhone. The fact is, while the speakers might most closely resemble the Nexus 5 design, it is also undeniable that it is closer in design to the iPhone than previous Samsungs. Therefore his statement was 100% true and an accurate reflection of the overall design having a close resemblance to the iPhone.

      Piddling over such small statements in an article is truly one of the most anal things about you.

    • FlamesFan89

      tee hee hee, I got you to say anal. 🙂

    • It’s Me

      try eharmony.

    • FlamesFan89

      Try to lighten up a little. 😉

    • It’s Me

      That was a light hearted statement. I don’t think you’re here looking for anal for real.

    • FlamesFan89

      phew, I was worried for a minute.

      Tough to guage the tone of a statement sometimes.

    • It’s Me

      Were you worried or checking out eharmony?

    • FlamesFan89

      Worried that you didn’t get that I was just joking around trying to lighten up the conversation. I’m happily married. I found my love the old fashioned way, by meeting in person. No technology needed.

    • It’s Me

      Dude, again, I was kidding. No need to explain.

      Now who needs to lighten up 🙂

    • FlamesFan89

      I know. I’m light.. 🙂 I’m not explaining, I’m sharing.

      Now let’s all hold hands around the campfire and sing kumbaya 🙂

    • FlamesFan89

      The thing is, maybe if you saw someone holding this device as you drove by at 50 km/h you might mistake it for an iPhone, but anyone, with functioning eyes, if they saw these two devices side by side, or even not side by side, and just looked at it for a second or two, is not going to confuse the two.

      Yeah, the chamfered edges look like that of the iPhone 5s. There is no doubt about it. But beyond that, the two phones don’t look alike, other than they, well, both look like modern smartphones.

    • It’s Me

      All of which seems to be well covered by the statement

      At first glance, it resembles — what else — an iPhone, with chamfered edges and a clean aluminum machining. Even the speaker holes on the bottom resemble that of the iPhone 5 and 5s. The device does maintain its Galaxy-like familiarity, with a removable back cover and and hardware home button. The backing, however, appears to be plastic, which leaves just the frame as aluminum.

      The statement was that it resembles, at a glance, the iPhone and then goes into further detail about how it most obviously differs. So, then why the knee jerk over reaction to a statement which seems almost identical to what you just wrote?

    • FlamesFan89

      I guess I’m looking for more journalistic integrity. A less douchy way to write it could have been:

      At first glance the chamfered edges and clean aluminum machining of the aluminum frame resemble those of the iPhone 5s, however the device does maintain its Galaxy-like familiarity, with a removable back cover and and hardware home button. The backing, however, appears to be plastic, which leaves just the frame as aluminum.

    • It’s Me

      I guess that’s where we disagree. I’m not willing to question the integrity of a writer nor insult him just because he included a factually accurate, yet brief, description.

    • FlamesFan89

      Except that I have proven that it isn’t even accurate, and to read it the way it is written, and not see bias is bias in itself.

      But hey, feel free to keep those blinders on, they seem to have served you well so far.

      Edit: you will notice that Daniel has even (ever so slightly) edited his text, in order to, I assume, sound less douchy. If you compare the current article to your quote above you will see he originally wrote:
      “At first glance, it resembles — what else — an iPhone…”
      and has changed it to:
      “At first glance, it looks like an iPhone…”

      It’s a small change, but it proves my point perfectly. The first version read as blatantly biased, where as the second version reads far more impartial.

    • It’s Me

      Except that you didn’t prove that. All you demonstrated was that you would have preferred additional comparisons to another phone that had one element that had a closer resemblance. That the speaker might more closely resemble the N5 doesn’t mean it doesn’t also resemble the iPhone.

      The small portion of the article that included the comparison to the iPhone was accurate. Just because it doesn’t fit with your view that the phone doesn’t resemble an iPhone doesn’t change that fact. That’s the funny thing about facts. Your personal bias doesn’t change them.

    • FlamesFan89

      No, I am not displaying any bias at all, I am factually pointing out that the statement of the holes resembling those of the iPhone 5s is incorrect. Additionally I am pointing out that the original wording of the article read with obvious bias.

      You can claim that it was accurate all you want, but your personal bias on that doesn’t make it true.

      You haven’t presented facts, you have expressed opinion. I have used facts to back up my opinion.

      That’s the funny thing about facts, they are facts. The idea that having speaker holes in any configuration whatsoever on the bottom of a phone means it resembles an iPhone 5s is opinion. The fact that three lines of unequal length is different from two lines of equal length is, well, fact.

      Fact: Daniel listed two things that he claims makes it resemble an iPhone, the chamfered edges and clean aluminum machining of the aluminum frame, and the speaker holes.

      Fact: the speaker holes do not resemble those of an iPhone, but rather those of a Nexus 5.
      Fact: 2 – 1 = 1

    • It’s Me

      Fact: they do resemble the holes on the iPhone.

      Additional fact for the anally inclined:They even more resemble the holes on the N5, but since the overall appearance is much closer to the N5, it would simply be a waste of space to include such additional minutia except for those with a clear bias.

    • FlamesFan89

      If by “resemble the holes on the iPhone” you mean that both devices have small circular openings, then yes, perhaps you are correct. If by “resemble” you are speaking about the design and style of the hole pattern, then no, that is not a fact, that is distinctly an opinion.

    • FlamesFan89

      So what you are saying is that as long as a portion of a statement is accurate, the whole thing is accurate.

      So if I wrote an article about circles and said that “the radius of a circle is half the length of it’s diameter, and a circle also resembles a square”, you would say that this is an accurate statement? I mean the part of the circle resembling a square was just a portion of the article. 😉

    • It’s Me

      Nope. What I am saying is that as long as the whole statement is accurate, the whole thing is accurate.

      There are those that might prefer even more detail and further comparisons, but sometimes, when writing, you don’t want to waste time with such pointless diversions just to satisfy the agenda of a few. I’m sure he could have gone into an even more exhaustive and exhausting list of products that it may or may not resemble, but since it was being compared to the iPhone that it most obviously resembles over all, that exhaustive list would be stupid. If one is comparing A to B, there is little reason to bring in C, D, E ad F.

    • FlamesFan89

      If he wanted less detail, he could have done as I suggested earlier and self-edited and left it at point out the similarity of the frame, and not mentioned the markedly dissimilar speaker holes. There was no reason to make the statement whatsoever, and it did not support his point.

      Again, your opinion that it is accurate does not make it so. 😉

    • It’s Me

      The holes resemble the iPhone. Fact.

    • FlamesFan89

      Only if you have a loose definition of “resemble”.

      I love how you have ignored the fact that I pointed out that even Daniel himself has reworded the article to remove at least some of the bias.

    • It’s Me

      Actually, only if you use the common definition of the word and especially if you go so far as to qualify the whole with with “at a glance”.

      I am not surprised Daniel reworded it. If enough of the anal militia are vocal enough, their lobbying should be successful. Congratz. Job done. You’ve bullied the writer into submission. Be proud.

    • FlamesFan89

      Nice appeal to emotions by implying that I bullied the writer.

      Daniel was not bullied. If my statements caused him to change his article, then it is only due to his errors being brought to light. Perhaps, upon it being pointed out that it read as biased, he reflected and chose willingly to improve his work.

      If I receive criticism on my work in my job, I do not consider it bullying. I consider it an opportunity to improve my work, and avoid the mistake in the future. But hey, if you consider one person pointing out an obvious error an “anal militia” then congratz, you, um, win 100 internets. Job well done. Be proud. You were able to throw out an insult to someone pointing out an obvious error. 😉

      Have a nice day.

    • It’s Me

      We’ve established there was no error. There was additional info you wanted added or removed to make you feel better. You questioned his integrity, implied he was a douche and called is factual accurate statements inaccurate. Maybe in your job your integrity is regularly questioned. Maybe your co-workers call you a douche. In the rest of the world, that’s bullying.

      The bullies win. Don’t try to hide behind “an appeal to emotion” when the obvious is pointed out. It’s not like it isn’t your normal MO. Own it.

      Way to go. Nice life.

    • FlamesFan89

      BZZZZZZZZZZZ, wrong, and on all counts too. That’s impressive in itself.

      -We’ve established that there was an error. You choose to ignore it, but that’s your error.

      -I questioned the integrity of the paragraph/article/writing as the paragraph in question was written with a biased tone, and, as previously stated, included an error which only increased the bias, as opposed to supporting the point. This is proven by the actual course of events, i.e. the article was edited to alleviate the amount of bias/douchiness in the paragraph in question.

      -I’ve never had my integrity questioned at work, nor do I or my co-workers engage in bullying. Your appeal to emotions though is plain to see. You can attempt to throw out all the insults you want, but you are failing, which is why you are resorting to logical fallacies. It’s a shame, because for a while there, you were actually trying to make a point, now you appear to have thrown in the towel.

    • It’s Me

      Keep trying to dig.

    • FlamesFan89

      right back at ya. 😉

    • It’s Me

      Tell me more.

    • FlamesFan89

      Tell me more, tell me more…

      Summer loving had me a blast
      Summer loving happened so fast
      I met a girl crazy for me
      ´Met a boy cute as can be
      Summer days drifting away to oh oh the summer nights

    • FlamesFan89

      To be honest, really don’t think this phone resembles the iPhone much at all.

      I have already conceded that the chamfered edges do look like the 5s, but beyond that, almost every other aspect of the phone is very much in line with Samsung’s other designs. The ear piece placement, size and shape, and the nearby sensors, the back cover, the camera placement and shape, the shape of the home button, the side button placement, it’s all right in line with their other phones, and different from the iPhone. My guess is that the speaker was moved to the bottom from the back as in previous galaxy phones in an attempt to thin the device. Once it was moved to the bottom, there are only so many ways to open holes in the metal, and they went with a design that resembles the Nexus 5. There are Nokia phones that also have similar speaker holes on their bottom, with 3 rows of unequal length.

      Point being, there is one design element that is very clearly “inspired by” *cough* stolen *cough* the iPhone 5s, but that’s where the comparison really should end.

  • Pigs Can Fly

    Haha at these comments… The iPhone 5s/c are a phenomenal phone and I’m not even an Apple user. And I’m not a fan of Samsung devices due to how flimsy they feel and sometimes looks too much like Apple knockoffs.

  • jclgan

    Behold! The Samsung Galaxy Apple. iPhone-inspired design and iPhone-like specs. Except, the pitfalls of Touchwiz and its bloatware will likely still hamper the device and thus won’t run nearly as efficiently. I think it’s a poor move to sacrifice battery life for aesthetics (i.e. the slim profile). I don’t understand the middle ground between the Mini and S-flagship.

    OTOH “it’s about time” Samsung adopted some metal into its design, though I wish it was more than just beveled sides to give it that “signature premium look”. HTC and Sony still win for build quality; heck, even the Moto X looks more distinctive. The Alpha looks like it was specifically designed to confuse laymen with an iPhone.

    That being said, this pretty much confirms the Galaxy Note 4 leaks from a few days ago – it’ll have the same designed sides with a pleather back (but thank goodness no more gaudy faux-stitching). Hopefully my next if its specs hold up.

  • Tyrone_83

    If this is suppose to be a flagship type phone why does it have 1860mah battery? Isn’t like the standard battery in phones around 2100-2300mah??

  • Jakob

    When will people realize that companies aren’t necessarily interested in releasing completely maxed out phone for every single model? So many people here get all snippy when they read the specs sheet. For so many techies on this site, it’s all about specs. For the rest of the population, it’s about customer experience with a device. Some people don’t care for the difference between a dual and quad core or 1GB or 2GB of memory. At one point, the Samsung Galaxy Ace was the highest selling phone globally because it dominated the mid-range market. A shocker for Canadians because they want to get their hands on the latest and greatest tech all the time and wouldn’t settle for anything but the best. Apple is an example of a company that puts customer experience before specs and people line up around the block for it. American express is also a fantastic example.

    Personally, I like the device.

  • tdobranski

    I am on these sites all the time reading all the reviews about all the phones trying to be as un-biased as I can. I have Android, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Phone Mobile 8, and Apple products in my home. I try not to get involved in spats between trolls and the “apple” and “Android” Boys, but I can’t help myself here.

    Apple was once the benchmark. They were the original touch screen wonder in a world full of HTC sliders,Blackberries and the Moto Q, all of which I owned. It was new, it was exciting, it was crazy what you could suddenly do with a phone. The last revolutionary Iphone was the 4. Steve jobs found a way to make the front camera (not a new idea) new again, and the design was just Wow for it’s time, once again stepping up the bar in build quality.

    Since then, it’s just more of the same with a tunnel vision attitude. Nothing has been revolutionary. Apple has run out of ways to re-invent the wheel and though their sales are still increasing on the phones, the ipad, Iphone, and Ipod continue to lose market share to their rivals because they have been surpassed by better technology and by listening to what their customers want, not what Steve Jobs says you should have. You can’t make one phone for everyone. I’m sorry.

    However, even if Apple phones are s$%T in a box with a warranty (which I found out by owning one myself as well), people like our good friend Brad here will always buy one. Steve Jobs was a marketing genius, but treated everyone like garbage and really was a horrible person. Even so, because he’s become an icon, little Iphone worshipers will be standing in lineups everywhere to experience a new sapphire display and everything else the same. Apple fans like Apple, and no matter what anyone says, nothing is as good as an Apple phone.

    I’m rocking a Nexus 5, have had ZERO issues, don’t have a touchwiz skin slowing me down and have never been happier.

    • GuyM

      i run my old gnote 1 with 4.4.4 without touchwizzzz and it’s working great. 😉

  • Thorsten Garbe

    Well i hate to say it , but i have to stop reading comments on this one.

    To much crapple vs crabdroid . there all have pro and cons

    Long live my lg g3.

    • monsterduc1000

      Crappy screen, crappy battery life and underpowered processor for the resolution. Not very smart of LG to release a weak product like this after such an amazing phone like the G2. By the way, I’m an Android lover 🙂

  • Garrett Cooper

    Well they got the screen size right, I’ll give them that.

  • Interesing phone… Be interesting to see what it does for Samsung as time goes on.