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1Password proves that iOS 8, Touch ID and Extensions are the perfect authentication combo

AgileBits, the Toronto-based credential storage developer behind 1Password, has revealed how it intends to use Touch ID and iOS 8’s Extensions system to create the perfect authentication system for third-party apps.

The company wrote a blog post detailing its new 1Password App Extension, available on GitHub, so developers can easily “let 1Password fill Logins without the user ever leaving the app.”

Seeing the demo above shows the remarkable potential of biometrics for unlocking credential data within apps, and because Extensions maintain the sandbox between open processes, the active software never actually sees the data 1Password makes available.

We’ll know more about the process when iOS 8 is made available to the public, but for now 1Password, which is available on iOS, Android, Windows and OS X, has shown what could be the slickest implementation of Apple’s expanded Touch ID functionality to date.