iTunes Pass arrives in Canada, lets you refill at an Apple Store

Apple users across North America can now add money to an iTunes account at a local Apple Store. iTunes Pass is now available in the United States, Canada, and Australia following a Japanese launch earlier this week.

iTunes Pass is basically for those that don’t want to link their credit card to their iTunes account (or younger users that don’t have a credit card to begin with). It allows you to create an iTunes Pass using the Passbook app.


Users create a Pass by clicking redeem in the iTunes app on their iPhone or iPad. iTunes will then give the option of redeeming a gift card or creating an iTunes Pass. This will add an iTunes Pass to your passbook. Take your phone to the Apple store and an employee will scan the pass and update your balance with the desired amount.

If this sounds pointless to you, it’s probably because you already have an iTunes account with an associated credit card, or you just make do with gift cards. iTunes Pass is really not all that useful unless you’re looking to restrict the amount of money your kids are spending on apps. Even then, an iTunes gift card is just as good and less of a hassle to redeem.

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