SaskTel comes out with new monthly rate plans, offers up unlimited data


  • monsterduc1000

    I wish we had plans like this is Alberta…I’d be all over that 13th man plan.

    • Joseph

      Screw this I’m moving away from Calgary and going to Saskatchewan lol

    • pomplamoose

      still doesn’t beat my plan. i called rogers and complained and got 120 GB for $30 🙂

    • wirelessman

      120 GB for $30 on a wireless plan makes no sense.

    • hamza

      We’re discussing mobile phone plans not home internet :p

    • Mike Scott

      I can pee further than you can tho!

  • Zack

    I wish they were a little less heavy handed with the restrictions. On LTE I’ve hit up to 30mbps down and if you hit 15GB even though you pay for an unlimited plan you are capped at 256kbps down? Ouch. There is almost no point to pay for more than 13GB of data and just watch your usage.

    • ScooterinAB

      Yep. It’s as if advertising unlimited data access was somehow fraudulent, since you can’t possibly use more than the 15 GB quoted in their fair use policy.

      I long for a day where we have truth in advertising.

    • Taylor

      I hate this argument to the core. your NOT PAYING for UNLIMITED DATA!!!!!! You are paying 60-100 dollars(which is alot cheaper than elsewhere in the country and from companies 10X larger)and in no way, is reducing the speed your service is capable of somehow not unlimited, if it wasnt unlimited you would have to pay for the extra you use, such as how bell, telus and rogers charge their customers. Merely reducing the speed is so that everyone and their dog doesnt get sasktel and then go use their phone in alberta all the time, or use it as a hotspot instead of having internet in their house for their home computer……….. I also think this is why SaskTel has actually changed the plans, from people like you who complained, “but i pay for UNLIMITED DATA!!!!!!!” now you got your way, the Ult 70 is 10, use more pay for more, or you can get the 13th man and you get 13 gigs, or the the 100 is ulimited data, with the soft cap of 10gb raised to 15…..

      for the record i work for a cell phone company and have noticed a few trends about data use, there are generally two types of data users… a person who consumes well below 10gigs or a person who consumes a fairbit more than 10 Gigs. and everybody ive ever seen that went over the 10gb cried like 2 year olds about having their speed reduced, hence the change in plans

    • Zack

      So the plan clearly lists unlimited data but you’re saying “your[sic] NOT PAYING for UNLIMITED DATA!!!!!!”? You don’t find that ironic?

      They are limiting the amount of data. If they slow your connection then they are limiting how much you could download in a month. Why call it unlimited then?

      I understand that 1% of the people are using 90% of the bandwidth and I understand the need to throttle those people. What I don’t understand is calling it unlimited but in the fine print limiting you to 15GB of full speed downloading. At the very least if you’re going to have a service like LTE that is super fast, why not ratchet the speeds down? When you hit 15GB drop it to 5mbps, 20GB to 1mbps, and so on. To go from full LTE to 256kbps is harsh.

    • J-Ro

      It’s like medicine. The recommended dosage is what they go buy when making claims. Just like when they say “the average person doesn’t use more than 2GB” So by making a plan 2GB or higher, I can technically say its unlimited. By adding a soft cap and reducing speeds, they avoid future lawsuits. Data is too expensive to be unlimited.

  • K Diddle

    Ultimate 70 is actually pretty decent…

    • It’s Me

      yep. if you don’t need a lot of LD minutes, it’s quite good.

    • Policyman

      Not decent if you had any old plans in Saskatchewan

    • wirelessman

      Plans go up as usage sky rockets. Everything else in the world is subject to price increases and inflation, why not your wireless bill?

    • TomsDisqusted

      Unless you compare it to Robellus, in which case it is fantastic. MobileSyrup told us recently that Rogers is moving everyone to Share Everything plans, and the one with 10GB of data is $145.

  • mrideas

    Still beats the hell out of what Rogers offers generally.

  • monsterduc1000

    Through who? Anything else unlimited?

    • monsterduc1000

      Ah. These would be a major step forward for any AB plan…

    • Policyman

      Until you resign your contract I assume. The $60 plan was their old 3yr contract pricing. They will force a resign on a 2 year discounted phone

    • Policyman

      That is what everyone said to me on Telus (and is how it was when I worked at Telus) but when they switched from 3yrs to 2yrs they changed all of that

    • Cindy

      I work at a SaskTel dealer and you do not get to keep your old plan when you upgrade. You are required to switch to a current plan. There is only one grandfathered plan and that is the “Promotional Plan”

    • It’s Me

      Given their fair usage cap, the new unlimited $70 seems the same as the older one you mention.

    • Adderbox76

      The old 70 plan was unlimited, but slowed down after 10 gigs. The new 70 plan is 10 gigs, and charged afterwards. These plans are a serious step down for people actually IN saskatchewan.

    • Taylor

      isnt this typical, someone in Saskatchewan complaining for nothing! lol. sure lets compare 2 year old plans like the unlimate 65 to these new plans, then criticize it all and not listen to what other people have to say about the prices elsewhere. How can you expect a company that provides service to 600,000 people to really offer things to customers that Rogers( 5+ Million subscribers) and Bell(4+ Million Subscribers) cant? In Saskatchewan its not really possible to get more than 5GB of data(with Big 3), and outside of SK people pay out the a*s to get 10gb lol forget 70 dollars thats cheap compared to Rogers/Telus/Bell. also SaskTel has one of the best networks and roaming agreements in canada and we have a tiny population/Subscriber amount compared to the area their network covers(also compared to Big 3 Networks)…..and once again the ultimate 65 is nearly 2 years old(it came out oct 2012) since then contracts have gone from 3 years(without an upgrade until end of 3yr term) to 2 year contracts, newer phones keep getting more expensive for providers to buy and more people expect an iphone for free which means providers are looking to recover that cost through the cost of the plans….i dont get why I never hear people complain about cable, i pay less for my cell bill than cable and im given a brand new device to use the service every two years, shaw charges me out the a*s for non hd tv, a crap channel selection and im still expected to go buy a new tv, or i have a hd tv and have to pay extra money to have hd content(sounds as ridiculous as phone providers charging more money for LTE service instead of 4G) phones are WAAAAY more powerful than a damn tv…

  • Mike_from_Saskatoon

    SaskTel has always offered better deals than the Big Three, with the exception of the unlimited long-distance. For some reason SaskTel has been slow to get on board that train.

    At least they are no longer the only sane choice for carrier in SK. For a long time nobody else could offer decent coverage outside of major cities or highways. Competition is good.

  • Nexzen

    So you are paying $100 to have 6gb or $70 to have 10gb…. Hilarious.

    • Columbo

      It’s a standard marketing tool. That $60 plan makes the $70 plan look a whole lot more enticing, eh?

    • ToniCipriani

      Article says 15GB.

    • Nexzen

      They edited the article, I don’t see it anymore but at the end it said sasktel will be changing their fair usage policy for unlimited to 6gb from 15gb very soon.

    • wirelessman

      It was edited because it was not true. The policy is changing from 10 GB to 15 GB with the new plans, better not worse.

    • wirelessman

      $100 for 15 GB unthrottled with no overages and $70 for 10 GB with chargeable overages, less hilarious.

    • Taylor

      not sure of your reading level but you’ve got it mixed up.

      Ultimate 70 for $70 is 10gb with 0.06/mb overages

      Ultimate 100 for 100 is unlimited data, but reduced speeds after 15gbs( the old plans used to reduce speeds after 10GB)

  • RJay Mirosovsky

    The fair usage police is now 15gb not 10gb

    • JTon

      Woop woop. That’s the sound of da police

    • Ryan Lawrence


    • Matthew Pfeifer

      RJay where do you see that? Last I heard it was going down from 10gb to 6gb.

    • RJay Mirosovsky

      I work at a dealer. They havnt updated their website yet but it’s 15gb. It’s on the new rate plan guide we have

    • RJay Mirosovsky

      Sorry for the old unlimited plans its still 10gb for the new $100 unlimited plan it’s 15gb

  • IanDickson

    Looks like I’m calling sasktel! LOL I was on the original unlimited 65 plan.

    The 13th Man…here I come.

    • Policyman

      Why would you switch your plan and pay more for less? Your $65 plan is still yours

    • IanDickson

      Unlimited long distance. I’ve been using my cell more often for long distance calls with work, and while I get reimbursed for it, I still have to shell out. Right now, I only get 150 long distance minutes, and get hosed when I go over. Plus having the extra GB comes in handy for data

    • Adderbox76

      You can add $10 bucks to your existing plan to get unlimited local and long distance calling from anywhere in Canada to anywhere in North America.

      Keep your unlimited data. You total bill would then by $75 bucks a month for unlimited everything.

    • wirelessman

      He would actually be paying more for more.

  • Ulysses Grant

    Hi Guys, I live in Toronto so I don’t know what plans Saskatchewan has. However, my question is how is Sasktel compare to big Telco like Telus, Rogers and Bell? Say the Ultimate 70?

  • Alex

    Not a lot of people know about it, but SaskTel has really cheap Long Distance calling add-on for just $10. It gives you unlimited calling anywhere from Canada to Canada and US and unlimited incoming within Canada. So you can take ultimate $70 + $10 Add-on = $80 and have to never worry about long distance overage charges. Now match that!!!

  • Matt

    These plans are garbage compared to what I have. Wind mobile plan here $30 for unlimited voice, text, and Data. People around Canada will no longer have any excuses for not going with Wind mobile, by end of summer Wind will be releasing Unlimited Canada roaming plans since Conservative Government will be regulating Domestic Roaming fees across Canada. Just like Wind mobile got unlimited roaming agreement in United States. Will probably be a cheap unlimited Canada roaming add-on to current plans or a new $39 canada wide roaming plan like they currently have for US. Just you wait Saskatchewan you’ll be able to use Wind Mobile for cheap plans soon way cheaper that these ridiculously high prices from Sasktel.

    • RJay Mirosovsky

      To bad wind has an incredibly shitty network, not to mention they dont exist in Saskatchewan and they use Rogers shitty a*s network so if they came to Saskatchewan you wouldnt be able to leave the cities without losing service.

    • Matt

      hey RJAY Mirosovsky.
      sorry to hear that your scared as a big 3 employee of a real competitor as wind mobile, must suck losing customers everyday cause your big 3 company has shitty prices. And yes big 3 also have shitty network at times and they also have dead zone areas across each city as well. Look at Rogers huge outage they have had in the past. And don’t get me started with Telus’s and koodo’s shitty network, they have text messaging issues alot and no data connections when I was with Koodo. And koodo’s network s@cks balls, I had no connection and no signal in my house or at my brothers house. But with Wind mobile I get full signal and full connection. I’ve been with Wind for a real long time. And I’ve had no issues whats so ever. Winds network been great for me. And best of all my bill is only $30 bucks compared to what I was paying shitty Koodo over $100 per month for shitty network. If Wind had such a thing as bad network then why does Wind mobile have over 800,000 customers and growing everyday?? good question, they have a great network. People cry mouth of wrong info cause either they work for big 3 or have a financial interest in big 3 and are scared bout true competition. And no you wouldn’t lose service when leaving a city cause wind will be getting a Canada wide roaming agreement for all across Canada so your service will work all over Canada, And now also united states cross roaming, can you do that with big 3, hahahaha no way. big 3 will charge you huge amounts of money to roam in the united states. with wind its included in the $39 plan, with big 3 they’ll charge you $39 for 1kb of data while roaming cause their so greedy.
      Best of luck in your big 3 job, hopefully you’ll be able to keep it for a short time until Wind mobile takes over the market across Canada and your big 3 company goes bankrupt which would be the best for Canadian for true value and wouldn’t be ripped off anymore

    • RJay Mirosovsky

      I don’t work for the big 3 so your comments are invalid

  • Taylor

    not really true. some plans your allowed to stay on, literary its only the “promotional Cell Plan” which isnt really better than these and for very very very few people they can stay on the “Unlimited Talk North America 300-100” plan which is only bettr if you frequent the states, which is also one of the requirements to keep it

  • Adderbox76

    Yep, except it didn’t include mini-mail.

    They took the 65 dollar plan, added a 3 dollar extra feature to it, and upped the price by 5 dollars. lol.

    Crown corporation mathematics right there.