Winner announced in our Moto G contest!


  • @thecdn1967

    It would be for my 9 year old son as safety phone.

    • cancron

      Well I was going to comment to see about winning it, but you have a much better reason for getting it then me.

    • Amitoj

      cool story bro!!

    • FakeBibic

      Safety phone and iPod touch replacement.

    • Kyle Nokes

      Take a look at the FireFly instead

    • Jon Becker

      Ok a 9 yr old would destroy a phone like this get him a flip phone or something LOL (person that works for Rogers I’ve seen it all)

    • anatomy

      My son bought his first iphone at 8yo… He was always respectful of it and used it responsibly. Maybe age isn’t what defines a person’s ability to master and maintain a phone like this.

    • Melissa Rideough

      You should get this.

  • Dino Fernandez

    moto g looks great!

  • Rock Hu

    I wouldd love to have the Moto G LTE!

  • yayayaya

    Cause who doesn’t want a new phone!

  • WoozleWuzzle

    I’d love to win the Moto G and try out how well Android runs on an average specs.

  • Jerry

    Good luck everyone would love an upgrade from my s3

  • Robin Mitchell Wakerell

    Heard good things, let’s do this.

  • Josh Andrews

    My mom needs a new phone that’s not an old busted iPhone 4.

  • Rylan Cottrell

    Looking forward to the x+1 but the G will do in the meantime.

    • Collin Niles

      The x+1 is coming too soon though I think it’s better to wait

  • silver_arrow

    I’d love to win this phone so I could give it to my friend who has a really old iPhone that doesn’t work half the time and the other half it’s extremely slow. I mentioned to them about the Moto G and they like what they hear and it seriously is the best bang for your buck device out there.

  • Ahmed Nazim

    its cox got all the functionally compared with the top phones out there! #cheap

  • Mike Blais

    I’m a developer, and I’d love to be able to accurately test my app performance on lower-spec Android hardware.

  • Vivian Dionne

    This phone sounds great – mine is on it’s last legs!

  • Benoit Bourdua

    Perfect phone for me.

  • Z A

    My dad needs a new phone and this would be perfect

  • JHead82

    Would love to have and use the best bang for buck Android phone! Especially now that it has LTE and expandable memory 🙂

  • Robert piggott

    I work in a phone store and I feel Motorola doesn’t get enough love, So it would be great to show that a budget price doesn’t mean budget features.

  • A B

    It’s time to move on from my old Blackberry. An LTE phone would be a great experience.

  • debbie p

    Could use a new phone the screen is cracked on my phone.

  • Kenny

    not gonna lie dont think the lte and memory expansion is worth extra $75…

  • Gabriel Blanc

    Best entry level price range device, no contest.

  • Jay Lad

    I’d love to have this phone so I could upgrade from my galaxy s2 or give it to my mom since she also needs a new phone

  • Tainan Lu

    I want to own a most successful selling smartphone.

  • Nathan Hepting

    Awesome phone for old people!

  • Andrew English

    I want to move away from BlackBerry 10 onto Android and would love to have the Moto G LTE!

  • petertinh

    I’d love to have the Moto G LTE because it cool with Android OS and apps.

  • Tony Lu

    I don’t have a smartphone.

  • Michel Chatelois

    It would be great to use a fast LTE G phone for my day-to-day usage. LTE is faster than my actual Lumia 521

  • neostrider

    Been holding out for the LTE version!

  • AGoodM8

    LTE would sure be a nice upgrade! And that battery isn’t too shabby either.

  • Zahid

    Would love to win so that I can give this phone to my dad.

  • Frederic St-Pierre

    Holy… I would LOVE this as a travel phone! Been looking for a cheap used moto g… An LTE would be grrrrrreat!!

  • Harmandeep singh

    Just because I recently broke my 4 months old Sony Xperia Z1 and can’t afford to repair it or have an hardware upgrade.. I would love to have this beauty and a replacement for my broken device

  • Cedric Campeau

    My nexus 4 is getting old!!!

  • Kyle Kennedy, CSCS

    Tried out a windows phone, not bad, really want to go back to android though! Give me that moto G

  • John Miller

    WOW! LTE That kinda completes the Moto G, I was disappointed that the original didn’t have it. But my son has never complained, it’s a great phone.

  • Ricky Govereau

    I would love the moto g cause im also a g. (Gangsta)

  • realfoxm

    I would love the moto g because I love free phone contests!

  • Andy L

    Been wanting to switch phones for quite a while now, the Moto G seems great!

  • Lexcyn

    Because the phone is awesome?!

  • Evgeniy Petrenko

    I’d love to have the Moto G LTE because it cool with Android OS and apps.

  • Joe Jones

    Would be great to replace my moto g that I dropped

  • Sarah Grace

    Love to win this for family phone. Appreciate the chance to win one. =)

  • Billy Do

    I have been using a blackberry 9900 for almost 3 years, I think its quite obvious what I need lol

  • Jules Landry-Simard

    I could give it to my non-techie father as a late father’s day gift!

  • mackenzie bransford

    I would love to have this phone as my daily phone, as my current one is on its last leg :'(

  • Agassi

    I’d love to win it just to replace my old Nexus!

  • dannyyu

    I need one for my wife so she can replace her old Android 2.2 phone. It helps out with the Google Android ecosystem to better compete with the latest iOS, I guess.

  • J_numbers

    I would like to win because it looks great.

  • Ryan Cavalier

    Would love to win this to upgrade my wife’s crappy old phone!

  • GS

    I’d love to get a Moto G to get my dad off his flip phone!

  • Lakh Jhajj

    I would like to WIN this so I can give to my wife as her iPhone just broke.

  • dabomb54321

    I’d like one cause it’s an all around solid phone for it’s price entry!

  • Wasted Mass

    I love a new device that’s actually old and is just a refresh with better specs that they should have launched in the first place.

  • Neil Friesen

    Mom is still rocking a flip phone. This would be a great first step for her into smartphone world.

  • John R

    This would be the perfect phone for my wife. Full featured, small size

  • Monique Hammond

    My three year contract is almost up and I swear my phone has a self destruction command and it’s started counting down.

  • Thom Peppard

    My very first mobile device was a Motorola, so why not revisit this company and see the improvements they’ve made.

  • Scott

    It would be nice to have a new phone for a change instead of hand me downs.

  • Dave Dman

    It would be for my 70 year old mother as a safety phone.

  • Trevor Mckenna

    I would love to win this moto g because my girlfriend needs a new phone bad and we cannot afford a new one at all.

    Thank you

  • MrLemon

    I’m still using ab SG2! Enough Samsung!

  • d1985

    I would love to win it replace my old phone.

  • Antoine Genest-Grégoire

    My Galaxy Nexus is getting old. The screen is cracked and it’s running painfully slow. A new phone would be more than welcome.

  • Kenneth

    It’s way better than the phone I have now!

  • gaudette

    nexus 4 is on its way out

  • Roger Leblanc

    I’m a BlackBerry dev and would like to start coding Android app. This will serve as a secondary phone to test apps I create, if the phone is good, can become my primary phone too.

  • wearsy

    The plug in inlet on my note 1 is toast and is a pain to charge. Need the new moto g please.

  • Michael Wu

    Love to test it out, see how it compares to the lumia 520

  • Eric Reardon

    to give to my sister as she needs a new phone

  • Anthony Asher

    Well unfortunately my Nexus 4 was dropped and now the whole top half of the touch screen is unresponsive. This would be a great replacement device, and the timing would be impeccable

  • Bryan Wilson

    Would love to give my wife the Moto to replace her old Galaxy Ace!

  • Billy

    I would love to introduce my friends to smartphones with a moto g!

  • bobyum

    would be great for grandparents

  • Jacky Duong

    It’s Better than a Nokia Flip Phone

  • Toronto Clarks

    Great to have a phone with a better camera. My daughter uses an old Galaxy II for taking pictures of graffiti and reporting through the open 311 app.

  • Victor_Creed

    Mom broke her RAZR and has to use an old BlackBerry. She’d love another Motorola. Misses her RAZR dearly!

  • ibike2much

    I’m looking forward to winning this phone.

  • Patrice Berube

    The little phone that could
    Is G for Goliath?

  • Alessandro

    my mom has a nexus one, that ladies and gentlemen, is why.

  • Gabu Kenny

    Great mid-tier phone with surprisingly great performance for the tier it’s in (at least from what reviewers tell me). Although I’m not completely fond of stock Android (definitely better than some of the more bloated or downright messy looking UIs, but I prefer something more stylistic like the Xperia/Timescape UI), it’s hardly a dealbreaker and the added speed that comes with it, paired with KitKat’s low resource requirements, should offer a great experience with this phone. A 4.5 inch 720p screen is a very welcome bump from my current Galaxy Ace ii x’s 4 inch 480p screen, and should be awesome for some light anime watching every now and then (seriously, the Galaxy Ace ii x can’t even play videos at its own native resolution, the processing package is really weak…)
    While the back is definitely cheap looking, and not completely fingerprint-proof (at least it’s not glossy plastic), this is a budget device, so I can’t complain too much. I’ve heard the camera was pretty bad too, and this is probably my biggest gripe against it. However, with the addition of a microSD slot (you guys are giving away the LTE version right?), I think the camera can be forgiven.
    Overall, its just a great budget device that is a welcome step up from my current phone!

  • Christopher Laboucan

    need to retire my nexus s, would love to win this phone 🙂

  • ruaman

    I never had a Motorola phone after Razr V3. Since it’s been acquired by Google It would be a good time to go back to the cellphone inventor (Motorola); winning a Moto G will open up that opportunity for me.

  • John Lepine

    Would be a good phone for my mother, free would pry that clamshell phone out of her hands!

  • Colton Politte

    Would love to win this! I’ve been tempted to get one for a while just for the different color back options! 🙂

  • Basem Chafik

    This good for my teenage daughter

  • George

    I’d love to win it so I could give it to my girlfriend to replace her shattered Galaxy S2.

  • Hot Toronto Deals

    I would love the large screen for my weary eyes!

  • Ellen Whitehouse-Vaux

    I’d love it because my phone is on it’s last legs and I’m too broke for a new nice one!

  • Tony Chau

    Need a newer phone for my daughter.

  • Kim Harrison

    I used both my eligible upgrades for my kids. I would love this Moto G for myself. Please pick me

  • Frank Wang

    I would love the Moto G to replace my 5 year old Nokia feature phone. It is almost completely out of lust, I’m afraid.

  • Eric Tackaberry

    I’ve been using an s3 with a cracked screen for over a month now.
    I need a new Moto G cuz my phone is embarrassing…

  • jmitr

    Hell yes, a Moto G would be awesome!

  • IgnoranceIsBliss

    A Moto G LTE would be great for the missus. I can get her off of her Lumia 620!.

  • stevedion

    I’d love one.

  • Yam

    can I have it please?

  • Neil LaPointe

    the GF needs a new phone

  • Ken Armstrong

    I just need a new phone.

  • N Hindieh

    Would love a new phone and I keep hearing good things about the new Moto phones.

    Good luck to everyone !

  • lonita

    Because it’s shiny and pretty and I get an enormous amount of pleasure setting up new gadgets. 🙂

  • jhaine

    would be a good gift for me to give away

  • Ryan Mallon

    I would love to win the Moto G because while I love Motorola and my Moto X, it can’t seem to keep connection with its Sim card. I’d love to win it so I never have to worry that I’ll miss a call if my kids need me.

  • chris125

    Because moto is showing you don’t need to throw the kitchen sink at phones to make them run butter smooth.

  • Silverknight

    Our first phone was a Motorolla V220, how times have changed. Motorolla is doing great things these days and likewise I’d love a Moto G!!

  • Amrit

    It would just be awesome winning this phone in all honesty.

  • cs098

    I’d love one because it’s a moto g…
    with lte…

  • ysung

    I was considering on getting this phone to get into programming android apps in the near future. And it seems like an amazing phone for its price!

  • Andy Nguyễn

    Because it’s awesome

  • Nordinne BABOUCH

    One of the phone that i really want to have 🙂

  • Chris Zhu

    I’ve always wanted a stable android phone 😀

  • chdude3

    Well, it would finally let my wife retire her Samsung Gio. The battery life is getting pretty bad so she leaves it off all the time now. It’s created issues in coordinating tasks as of late as my work has been inconsistent hours as of late. Haven’t stranded any kids yet and we should try and keep it that way.

  • Blaktron

    I would replace my galaxy nexus

  • Jesse

    I would really love to have one I wanted to moto G to begin with but I hated how it lacked lte and now that it doesn’t I’ve never wanted it so much more!!

  • miketheshoe

    Awesome, I want it for my mom

  • Pablo

    I’d like to give to my dad who has never had a smartphone. Probably the best starter smartphone for someone that’s never used one.

  • alantsay

    Excellent phone, simply great, but exclusivity should end, period.

  • treefrog

    Would love to win the Moto G because the Optimus One is obviously having issues.

  • Odie

    Would love to win this for my daughter her phone bit the dust

  • Anupam Nath

    A great phone to give to my parents

  • Aaron Pike

    Motorola managed to haul me in to the smartphone world, so I want to see what they’ve done since then. My brother is also in dire need of an upgrade from his Gio, so this could be a real boon.

  • Monit Mitra

    Need a new phone to replace my broken nexus 4

  • spooti

    great phone, I do need an upgrade

  • Darcy

    Cuz I want the newest and best technology

  • Xellerator2003

    I would be the best person for this. I would love it and treat it very good. I’m already a Rogers customer too. Pick me guys! ☆ ♡ ☆

  • Mathew

    I’d give it to my father who never had a smartphone.

  • AdamC284

    I would love the moto g because I love Motorola and I need a new phone since my iPhone 4 broke 🙁

  • TheBobbyDigital

    I’m a broke university student who needs a phone because my Nexus just stopped working 🙁

  • Edward Choi

    Moto G would be great for my dad!

  • Handheld Addict

    I have a relative who needs a mid-range smartphone.

  • Rose. P

    this would be great for my almost 9 yr old daughter. something that will give me peace of mind when she’s out with her friends. Thanks for the chance!

  • alvin

    I want a Moto G so i can convert my gf’s iPhone to android.

  • Mik3469

    Would be perfect to replace my aging Samsung Galaxy S2!

  • LiLAzNNewB

    Id love to win this for my girlfriend ! 🙂 after I have fun testing it obviously ! 🙂 lol

  • Michelle

    I’d love this smartphone as I really like Motorola phones.

  • Patricia

    I would love to win this phone for my wife…she wants a smartphone, and we love Motorola.

  • Allan

    I’ve never had a Motorola phone before.

  • jk1m

    This phone would be perfect for my parents who are slow on the uptake with technology! 🙂

  • Savage Alien

    Would love one to replace my Galaxy Nexus! 😀

  • Jeff KIM

    I want the moto g because it’s a nice phone with a lower price point.

  • Rob Drummond

    I’m a big fan of what Motorola is helping do with the wireless industry… make great products at reasonable prices. I would love a motorola G because they’ve always made great products, and I need to replace my old HTC!

  • MarkMorrison1976

    Does giving the best sob story give you better odds? Because I’d just like to have the phone.

  • marclabrosse

    My 9 month old just smacked my Nexus outta my hand and broke the screen, this would be nice.

  • SammyCanuck

    This would be a great phone to get my mom into her first smart phone

  • Susan

    I have been a Motorola fan since the Startac days. Yes, I’m that young. 🙂 Motorola has excellent call quality and RF. I would love to win the Moto G LTE because I am having a lot of issues with my Samsung S3 ever since I updated it to KitKat. 🙁

  • Garren Cho

    An unlocked phone would save me money on my bill every month.

  • Felix

    Love to try new things. Haven’t tried Motorola

  • Matthew

    My mom needs a new phone, and this would be perfect for her.

  • Ali F.

    This will be for my 14 years old son. He had a Moto G but was stolen from our car. I bought another one from kijiji but found out it is blacklisted.

  • Jason McLeod

    My wife needs a new phone, so this would be for her.

  • Troy Fyhn

    I would love this phone because motorola phones are the best!

  • Hagbard

    My carrier won’t support it yet, but it’d be a nice toy for other things.

  • Eric PL

    It would be my app development device ! I love it very much . While debugging , moto g is very stable .

  • Impartial_Observer

    I’d like to give one to my daughter as her first smartphone

  • Raymond

    I’d like to have the Moto G because Motorola is actually releasing updates for it. My RAZR HD is still waiting for its 4.4 update and the custom ROMs that I’ve tried aren’t very reliable.

  • Debbie

    Like moto phones pick me please

  • Sean F

    I’ve been stuck with a loaner phone for while now, would be awesome to have a replacement.

  • Joseph T

    I would love to win, my wife needs a new phone 🙂

  • Senk

    It’s easily the best value phone on the market.

  • Paolo Mazza

    I need to join the world of LTE. I’m still running a Nexus S. It doesn’t cut it anymore.

  • andrew

    The Moto G is the perfect size and shape. It has solid enough specs for what would be my first smart phone. Thanx for the opportunity!!

  • Analía Liu

    i love motorola!

  • birdman_36

    Because I’d be the only one on the block with one.

  • MP

    I would love to win this phone and give it to my dad as a gift. He still has a blackberry pearl that is on its last leg.

  • atat

    Well my Nexus 4 is plagued with Kit Kat issues: Bluetooth and WiFi turning off (must reboot), GPS receiver eventually cannot locate (must reboot), and unable to wake phone/screen during and after a phone call (must force shutdown).

  • Arlon Calub

    My RAZR is getting on – it’s almost 3 yrs old

  • John Cao

    Free phone

  • aznfobb19

    Looks awesome

  • Jeff

    I would like to win this Moto G LTE to replace my old Galaxy S II X.

  • Tony Cai

    I would love this phone for my mom.

  • Thor

    I wanna switch back to Android from iOS

  • congrey

    It would be the perfect gift for my daughter.

  • Chris Yung

    I really wanna try Android, I tried IOS and Windows Phone but never an Android.

  • Joe Mikhael

    Would love to win this great, practical Android phone.

  • Steve R

    It would be the perfect gift for my father-in-law.

  • Michael Owttrim

    Who doesn’t need a new phone?

  • Tired8281

    It’d be better than the Gingerbread phone I have now.

  • catherine brown

    I would love to have this phone for my son.

  • Taka_San

    Great phone that is near stock android.

  • Spencer

    I’d love to get this as a gift for my girlfriend. She needs a new phone as her old HTC Sensation is slowly dying.
    She’s not a big fan of large screens, so this would be ideal!

  • ineptone

    It would be for my mom. She’s hooked on the Moto G I got her for x-mas and this would upgrade the only real complaints she has with the original G. So, come on, help a guy make his mother happy.

  • AReid

    I would use it as a gift.

  • Anirudh Muralidhar

    I always wanted to try a Motorola phone.

  • Lyon Cab

    Best midrange phone out!

  • mkvAndrew

    I’ve never tried Motorola but hear good things

  • Mike

    This would be great!

  • thedesmodes

    My phone is starting to break and this would be able to replace it.

  • alan1

    Would make a great entertainment/media centre device.

  • Debbie

    Please please pick me like moto phones need to upgrade to new phone please please

  • Philip

    my nexus 4 is getting old and have problems. would love a new LTE phone 🙂

  • Jeff Hurtault

    Love to have one to give to my mom for security reasons.

  • Mustardman

    To replace my gf’s obsolete feature phone off contract!

  • Matthew Thelner

    I would love one. I got screwed with a virgin tab 2 years ago and broke the phone after six months in a accident at work and am now stuck with a tab of more than 400$ and can’t afford a new one till the tab is paid.

  • Renault Cartier

    Simply because I like everything that runs with Android. I had in the pass a Sony Ericsson Xperia Z10, then a Samsung Galaxy Infuse, Galaxy Nexus and now a Galaxy S3. It’s time to try the Universe of Motorola.

  • Brett Eckert

    This would be awesome to have

  • Andrew

    Always wanted to try Android, and this seems like a good entry to the platform.

  • greenlink23

    I got the older moto G for my brother and got to play around with it for a week before he got it. I loved it. Kinda wish I had it back

  • John Mead

    My wife or dad could use a new phone.

  • Kenny Ng

    Because Motorola made this phone simple yet powerful. And it’s the perfect size.

  • jrmtl

    Just in time to move over from a blackberry to an android device… I love Moto’s

  • Tim Hunt

    Oh yes please. I’ve been eyeing Moto G as a cheap alternative to upgrading or renewing my contract! My HTC One S just ain’t cutting it anymore, and I’m desperate for something a little more up-to-date, but without all the other unnecessary bells and whistles.

  • Eric Kung

    I would love the Moto G LTE cause its so awesome!

  • Potato

    My phone is barely functional. I would love a new Moto G LTE.

  • r3pwn

    It seems like it would be a nice little phone. Better than my stupid flip phone that’s hanging on by the hinges.

  • jb

    Would love to get my hands on this!

  • dezzo77

    If I won, I have a disabled family member who I would give this phone to. Now that they have restricted mobility, they would really appreciate a smartphone for keeping in touch and reading the Internet.

  • brian macrae

    I would love to get my hands on Moto g, this is one fine device

  • phanbury

    Because I’m using an lg e400r

  • James Hillier

    Love to replace my Galaxy Ace II x with something that actually works.

  • BBMann

    That would be an awesome replacement for my Samsung I5500

  • ogipogi

    I’d like to get this for my son who is graduating elementary school next week. He has been such an excellent student and is so talented. He deserves this and more.

  • Jerome

    Would love to have this phone for my daily use, easy to hold fits in my hand and my pocket easily.

  • echozoom87

    Great phone for the price.

  • Monsieur Real

    i can use an upgrade and this might do it

  • Dee

    Still beat my iphone 4

  • andrew konken

    Very cool. Friend of mine has one of these

  • Comrade Yeti

    We’ve got 2 already, but they’re the non-LTE version, so LTE and expansion would be sweet!

  • Christopher

    I would love to have a Moto G

  • collinpage

    I’ve always wanted to try a moto but I’m a nexus fanboy so I’ve never had the chance.. Plus my N4 might need a replacement soon

  • William

    would be nice to have an LTE phone 🙂

  • pm

    My HTC one is getting old! Need a Moto G LTE

  • MobiDude

    ill take one. my dad old moto g stop working, mic is faulty..


    This would replace my galaxy nexus!

  • Ed S.

    A nice, shiny new Moto G!

  • Anna Ma

    i would like to win this phone for my mom. she uses an old and small screen phone where she needs to take off her glasses before viewing. the moto g offers a good screen size (not too big & small), simple to use interface, and stylish exterior.
    thank you mobilesyrup for this contest opportunity!

  • Jim Chou

    Need a new phone as my HTC Amaze 4G is dying, and Moto G is cheap.

  • Shawn Huff

    its really pretty..

  • Matthew van Amstel

    Would be great to have a phone that could actually run Kit Kat

  • Ali Salman

    Would be nice for my dad!

  • Threecube

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

  • Alain Morris Ranin

    Time to retire my Motorola Razr XT910, Thank you very much

  • Peter Jankowski

    Mom needs a phone. This would fit the bill.

  • Bradley Marlborough

    To replace my dad’s very outdated Blackberry 8530


    I would like to get this as a replacement phone for my brother. His screen is held together by tape and luck.

  • Whin77

    For my dad! He needs to upgrade his flip phone! And a belated father’s day gift!

  • bmaz

    I’d loved to have stock android.

  • Keith

    Will be a present for my dad for his 1st smartphone

  • Brian Alexander

    Would be my first smart phone! I’m 32 and don’t even currently have a phone!

  • Gurmeet A.

    I would use it as my travel phone. Pick up local SIM cards whenever I travel, and keep my Canadian SIM in my regular phone.

  • netman3000

    Hey, my poor atrix has seen better days. Thanks for the chance

  • Byron33196

    I’d love one to replace my dying sg3

  • Nicholos Tyler

    I would love to try Android for the first time this would be a cool starter

  • Paul Trinh

    I’d like to give one to my uncle for his birthday! Hes been using a thick silver flip phone on Telus for YEARS!

  • Ray Shogan

    I need another ! pick me !

  • Amandeep Singh

    I’ve a broken S3. Want some decent phone.

  • blzd

    Moto G would be good fun to play around with. Good luck to all.

  • Peter Noort

    I would love to have the Moto G because my Nexus 4 is slowing down.

  • Jonathan

    Need the LTE speed.

  • Jeffrey A Jones

    Sure could use a new phone. Still using a flippy right now.

  • Edmond Tse

    good luck

  • Chris

    I would love to leave my provider now that I don’t need a new phone.

  • danny wood

    Considering the price point, it’s a great little phone! I’ve used one a little here and there, and I would consider owning one. But would rather WIN one !

  • Wayne Horning

    I would love to give the moto g a shot. Looks great!

  • Geoff Stephenson

    I need a new phone as my 2 year old got a hold of mine. Drool + open ports do not mix well

  • canadian_neil

    Would love to win this, need a new phone to replace my damaged iPhone.

  • Marc Fournier

    Looks like a great phone to me!

  • Tom

    Would love it!

  • It’s Me

    So I can give it a try.

  • Zach Murray

    Motorola gives a great android experience and Id love to have it!!!

  • Yong C

    Because I need the LTE speed.

  • Amanda

    Because I need the lte speed

  • Justin B

    I have loved Motos for ever! From my milestone to RAZR.

  • ASH

    It would be a great gift for my daughter’s BD!

  • duckian

    a great phone for mom!

  • Brian

    This would be awesome! My wife’s note 2 decided to stop charging and warranty is already done.

  • MrDPrize

    Would love to give Android a spin for the first time

  • Mike F

    I would love to win the moto g. Its one of the best all round android phones, perfect size running stock android and even has a micro sd slot which would be awesome for my music!

  • Vadim Plesca

    The non LTE version makes this one even more interesting.

  • stunna27

    Would be nice to have a working phone for school in september! 🙂

  • Gilles Lepage

    I have a Moto G. This phone is so good for the price. Motorola is coming back. But, it could be great to have the LTE on the Rogers Network.

  • Lawrence Tain

    This would be a great replacement phone!

  • Jason

    Great phone!

  • stacey dempsey

    My phone is so old it dosent even have a sim card lol My son tells me this should be a really good phone so if a teenager says that is a good enough endorsement for me

  • Cucc90

    Would love the new phone! Starting a new career, would be nice to start fresh with a new gadget.

  • CMitchell

    I would definitely give it to my 11yr old. I’m a single mom ( meaning money is tight) and I’m working (Yay!! hallelujah finally found a job) so he could call my phone or my work if something important came up or he had an emergency and needed to call 911. Besides I’ve been doing my homework and the Moto G is one of the best android phones on the market at it’s price point. Heard it far surpasses even some phones on highter price points. It has mostly rave reviews and is a very reliable, well built, attractive looking phone. I’ve seen the phone and tried it out so just not repeating what I’ve read. Everything about it are Definite +’s as a phone I’d want my son to have.

  • disqus_BIq5G12Kuz

    it’s free

  • Jordan Parmelee

    I could always use a new phone!

  • Jefferson Won

    It’s an awesome little device

  • Tyrone_83

    Got my fingers crossed!

  • Aleks

    To replace wife’s aging GNex

  • Robert Lotoski

    I’d love to be able to give this to my friend who is in need of a new phone. Shes been struggling with a broken one x for about a year now. This would make her so happy.

  • g1rthj

    Would like to experiment with a Android phone and this one would be a good trial run.

  • Elnest Wijaya

    Well… it’s free, isn’t it? I’m in…

  • Jeremy

    I’d love to win one of these to give to my wife to get her to leave Verizon!

  • KiwiBri

    I’d love to win this phone. Never had a motorola before

  • ntligence

    I want to build a quantum computing machine based on android phones…. NOT

  • Guelphtonian

    I’m ready to ditch my iPhone

  • Tornado15550

    It would be a great upgrade from my S2!

  • Sasquatch

    I’d love this phone because I’d like to get into the Android game, and I’ve heard nothing but great things about this phone from friends and family! And with LTE is just frosting on the cake! But good luck to all!

  • shabbasuraj

    I need a new phone. Optimus 2X is just not cutting it. 416 represent

  • Daman Dang

    Great phone. Great price. Want this for sure

  • John Dorado

    I seriously need a new phone! Pick me please…

  • Steve Rodrigue

    Would be a nice lightweight companion when I go play outside.

  • Johnny

    It would be the perfect US phone for my business needs!!!

  • Jamie

    Would love to get the gf switched over to Android! After I test it out of course :p

  • Armin Sadeghian

    It is minimal, it works well and it looks good!

  • Paul Day

    I would love to get the Moto G as a birthday gift to my mom !

  • Kagnon

    The next best mid range phones after the Nexus

  • Hank Wu

    Would love to win this for my dad, as he’s still using his moto v3

  • James Ludwig

    I have the moto g without SD would love to beable to add storage

  • Matty

    Awesome phone for an awesome price! and my iPhone 4 is dead

  • Marco Bairos

    I’d love this to replace my old phone

  • JSStaedtler

    My wife is currently on a used Samsung Exhibit II 4G with a cracked screen. Please have pity for her, and let her have the Moto G.

  • Alex Styles

    I had a Moto (3)G before, and I loved it. I’d absolutely love to get my hands on an LTE version of this model, seeing as I’m not touching Rogers or Fido here in SK.

  • Iyokus

    Perfect mix of size, power, and software. Would love to have one!

  • bluecanada

    I need something to use with that new Moto 360 I’m eying…

  • Mike & Nicole Sun

    Would love to win this for my wife.

  • Chris Payne

    Bought one for Mom, mother in law could use a new phone as well…. 😉

  • Jake

    It would be for my 9 year old son as safety phone.

  • qu3becker

    Great phone, Moto knows how to make cheap and performing low end phone. So great that it’s more like mid-end for a sub low-end price.

  • Rae

    Because I likely the motoroli!!!

  • marc belke

    I’d love to have an upgrade of any kind but hings are tight with the new family.

  • Raees Gillani

    Because I am the chosen one.

  • Sharif Chowdhury

    My son is 18 years old and for his birthday i wanted to buy him a phone and I think this is it!

  • Anders Anderson

    I miss android after just buying a blackberry z10 replacement phone. 🙁

  • David H

    It’s a perfect entry-level phone!

  • Anthony

    One of my favorite phones was the Motorola RAZR. Plus who can’t use a new phone, especially a sweet phone like this.

  • Chris Wood

    would make a lovely present for the gf!

  • caanda45

    I would love this to give to my daughter!!!!!

  • Theo Browne

    It’s simple: We kill the batman.

  • Plazmic Flame

    A Moto G would be great to have to really get into the Android world with the closest to stock experience. Outside of Google’s stock Android, I think Motorola does it best.

  • Tom

    Would love to have one!

  • Apocalypso

    I’d love to win a new phone for my wife as a surprise.

  • Fu Wai Wong

    This would be useful for my mum to contact us instead of using the house phone.

  • G Nunchuk

    WOuld love to have one..)

  • Skyler Ouimet

    Because my girlfriend just got the original moto g and I’d like to surprise her with the new model 😉

  • TonyC

    I need to win this phone to save my marriage. My wife said she’ll leave me if I buy just one more “toy”, and I’ve been itching to get my hands on the G LTE since it was just a rumor in a tech writer’s eye.

  • Michael May

    it’s just so damn sexy

  • Ajb.esquire

    As a present to my fiancee who went with her old SII all the way through her contract so she could get a new phone and when she finally upgraded it was stolen from her purse on the subway before it was a month old.

  • ashmantrevor

    Oh boy…. winning a phone would be most excellent

  • tuxedocow

    Because I have patiently been waiting for my current phone’s battery to die before I buy a new one, and this old LG Rumour just refuses to go peacefully. I look forward to joining the modern age.

  • Meo

    i need it..

  • Tariq A

    I would love to have moto g because it is most affordable super smart phone for people like me who cannot afford expensive phone in this tough economy. Thanks to the people who are behind this great product. Vote For Moto G.

  • Jeff Soohoon Yu

    Getting tired of the big sized phones. Would love a moto g

  • Vinnay (Vince) Ram

    Would love to have one…. My old phone is dying….

  • Jiro G.

    Now with expandable memory it became the perfect phone for my mom who is still using a SGS2. With the constant Google App upgrades, her S2 has become quite laggy. She swears she is happy with the S2 but I want to prove her wrong!

  • leobg

    I’d love to win a Moto G LTE!

  • Ken Hagen

    I could use a backup.

  • Nacos

    Priced right, decent specs, latest Andoid OS…why not getting for free?

  • Lawats Lord

    I’ll use it to convert my bro from iPhone to android

  • Aaron

    For my wife, she has an old Samsung flip phone.

  • Mike Newman

    My wife seriously needs a new phone and would love to get into Android.

  • M_Khokhar

    This would be a great phone for me to use for understanding and learning about Android programming and coding! It would be a great starting point!

  • Len Devoe

    My wife needs an upgrade from her iPhone 4. She’s finally getting tired of iOS.

  • Sarat Chandra

    I’m currently using a Nexus S..

  • raza

    I love motor

  • Richard

    I love technology, this would be one more phone to my collection.

  • Conception

    I’d like to win the Moto G please as I’m ready to migrate away from my BlackBerry 9810 to Android.

  • Tuan To

    I want one cuz I need one! I’m feeling lucky though! 🙂

  • Citra Pramadi

    Never have any Motorola cellphone in my life. Moto G would be nice to start.

  • Chris Clark

    My wife is using my old Nexus One. The owe button had given up. Battery life? It stays plugged in as much as possible. That’s why we’d like a Moto G

  • Pushpinder Purba

    Good birthday gift for my son. to have it

  • Jeff

    A new phone would be very helpful!

  • Brian Lumsden

    My wife really needs a new phone to replace her galaxy ace. Thus would be perfect!

  • Martin Chan

    Because I’ve in need of a new phone that works!

  • yukon voice

    I would like to get this phone and show that pricey smartphone days are over. OS and contents days are here and a reasonable hardware can deliver a superb user experience.

  • Tony Vigario

    Would love to give the moto g LTE a whirl ….. Giving the flagships a run for there money!!!

  • Cole545

    My dad needs a new phone. I’m happy with my S3 but his note one is outdated. He’s due for a new one.

  • saif ahmed

    Because my wife has one.

  • Han

    I want it to give to my dad as an upgrade from his broken Samsung Ace II

  • Awesome

    A Moto G will be so awesome to replace my z10’s shotty battery life!

  • Lesley

    I sell the Moto G. I have heard some very good things about it and would like to test it against my current knowledge. It would help me in the workplace as I could show it’s functions to interested customers. This way I can help Motorola in their endeavor to bring great products to the people.

  • Jin Kazama

    this phone is inncredibly the best phone of its range and actually i’m a motorola lover but i never had a phone (in general) so i would like it to be my first phone please

  • marchsky

    Would love to have this phone as an upgrade.

  • Tien Ngo

    I’d love to win one to replace my broken phone

  • D4Ge

    I’m in! Love to have a new phone.

  • Daniel Atienza™

    Would love to have it because I need to upgrade and it looks amazing with the sd slot and blazing fast LTE

  • Darknk

    I need to replace my damaged phone! Plus it looks like a great phone.

  • Pasalacqua

    I need its camera to record myself smashing my current iPOS

  • Ary D.

    Would love it. I think it’s a lighter version of a Nexus because it was made by Motorola when it was a Google Company.

  • alphs22

    I would love it so my dad can get his first smartphone.

  • Timothy Lock

    All our family members use Google phones (Nexus 4 and 5) except for my mom who uses a China phone. Love to swap her over to a “vanilla” experience!

  • lil Lisa

    I would love to have a moto g so I could give it to my husband to replace his unreliable Samsung galaxy s3 that I needed to repair a few times

  • Aftab Husain

    Because this is the best budget smartphone ever!

  • Suraj Phalake

    it’s a great phone

  • Angela

    I would love to replace my older HTC Evo 3D.

  • antonio

    Because is just straight forward to what a real phone should be, no fancy adulterations and just a nice comfortable device with more than decent battery life 😀

  • Jack Lee

    This would be perfect for my dad as he needs an upgrade from his aging iPhone 4. I know his phone is getting way too sluggish to do anything and he just wouldn’t admit it. Now he’d get LTE with it which would be amusing because the speed would surprise the crap outta him lol Plus, this phone is just the right size in terms of transition.

  • G Dante

    I like the screen size and I don’t need all the high end bells and whistles the $700 phones have.

  • Diderot

    I would love to have the Moto G LTE so that I can upgrade from my current, deprecated phone.

  • Dominick Marcil

    For my girlfriend! She just want this model.

  • Rich

    Would love to replace my mom’s HTC one V. She says it lags too much and I would like to get a bigger display for her.

  • Graham Cale

    Because I’m not sure I can wait for the next Nexus to replace my Galaxy.

  • sadhvialam

    I want to win because my nexus is dying and need a good replacement

  • Hangingwithchad

    Looks awesome

  • straight/curved

    p.l.e.a.s.e. one…

  • Chet Manly

    Need a new phone. This would do.

  • Rahul Juneja

    Because it’s Google. There are other phones of similar configuration but they can’t beat Google. I am already using moto g and want to gift one to my mom on her birthday.

  • Anutham S Adiga

    I’d want to gift my mom a Moto G.
    She has taken a lot of care of me.
    Right now, she’s away to her hometown for 4 days & its hard to manage chores

  • Sri

    Moto G LTE is the best one can get at this price range..

  • jo mango

    I been out for a phone for 2 months now seriously need a solid replacement. I’ve been checking you posts out since you mentioned there’s a LTE version for Moto G. From your fine “Moto E and Moto G LTE review” , I’ve decided to save up to get the Moto G LTE, thank you Mobilesyrup! ;D

  • ganesha yadiyala

    less price for greater feature..:) good performance..:)

  • Mohit Jangra

    I like it bcoz many websites r comparing moto g with high end smartphone like Samsung S5, HTC one M8 and moto g is still standing tall

  • Elmer Claveria

    It’s one of the last ORIGINALLY-MANUFACTURED phone under Motorola. I like the design and it fits my hands perfectly.

  • Csaba Máhr

    I would love to have Moto G LTE because for me it’s the greatest smartphone ever.

  • Monica

    I need a new phone, yup! What better reason is there? I would really appreciate winning one!
    ~ (°_°) Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ (*^﹏^*)

  • Ashutosh

    Well my friends tease me by calling me as Motu g(healthy I can not say heavy to myself ) it will be great for me as I will have moto g, now there will be a rhyme.. Motu g having moto g

  • dmontagni

    I’d like the Moto G because is one of the newest Google official phone and has lte.

  • Riles Z

    My Dad would love it as an everyday smartphone

  • Brandon Murphy

    I have the original moto g 3g….. Not the fastest

  • Milan Pavić

    Because… reasons!! 😀

  • Pooja Malhotra

    I would love to have MotoG LTE because its worth to buy with new Androit KIT KAT feature.i would love to have.

  • Shane Keulen

    Need this! My galaxy s3 is on its very last legs.

  • Div Yan

    What does Motorola moto g LTE means..

    L-Learn from Motorola
    T-Tougher than you thought
    E-Exceptional Phone At Exceptional Price.

    Lots of love from India @moto

  • Pritam Panda

    Moto G LTE is the best smartphone till date with better specs at a cheaper price.Moreover pocket friendly,better size which can be handled comfortably,fast,good looks,dual Sim features,gorilla glass and many more.Trust me guys I am using Moto G and I am very much satisfied with this phone…:)

  • Dan Valentin

    It will be my first experience with a touchscreen.

  • Shivam Koul

    I would love to have a kitkat.

  • fayizdasma

    I never had a phone from Motorola and that taste of KitKat !

  • gurminder bharani

    Awesome phone

  • Ada H

    I need a phone, I’m still on an old non-smart phone! I need something to get me to the present day!! 🙂

  • Daniel

    Welcome replacement for my fido galaxy ace.

  • thanigaiarasu

    Its a little explosive

  • Shivin Mathur

    I would love to have a Moto G LTE becuase my old phone is busted up and parents will not buy me a new one.

  • American Patriot

    I bought a pair of the first release Moto-G, and have enjoyed using ours somewhat excessively as well. I have to free up storage, as I have maybe 1GB left.
    Great connect speed, TX/RX audio as well as a smooth WiFi connection. So far, the Moto-G has been flawless. I would love to win this latest offering and give it a good workout!

  • Dominique Voyer

    I’d love to replace my SIIX with the Moto G ! That would be awesome !

  • Bart Sintenie

    Who doesn’t want one? It’s easily the easiest phone around. Can’t wait for LTE either.

  • Anonimen

    I want new phone

  • Ивайло Трифонов

    Because is Motorola.

  • Cleveland Bourne

    I had the same reason. I wanted to get it for my 14 year old brother back home in Ohio. I jus recently moved to Cali & it would be nice to talk to him

  • Travelbuds

    I need a phone so bad…I’m so far behind where my phone is concerned. I need to get in the present and not live in the past phone wise.

  • sristi

    There are lots of smartphone brands in the market but Motorola is the second best brand after Google regarding smart phones and moto g is one of the most wonderful creation of them. It looks stylish; features smart ; technically over smart. So it would be a wonderful treat for me to have a smartphone like moto g

  • Stizz Get Cake

    I would love to have a Moto G because Motorola just simply rocks! And this phone would be awesome to have with the moto360 which I plan on getting in the future. I couldn’t simply imagine a more better combo ^__^

  • colle

    This phone is not comparable to any other phone not just because of its price and specs but its scratch resistant gorilla glass and water resistant coating to be technical and that’s awesome

  • varun

    i want to win this phone bcoz its jst smartphone but i cant afford it

  • jerry

    its a great budget phone with incredible specs and quite frankly sony, samsung and nokia have let me down.

  • Abdullah Razak

    I would love to have this phone as this phone is amazingly fast and waterproof, also i have no money left after i brought my mum a nexus 5 for her birthday, so this is why i would love a moto G.

  • easy

    I want to win, as I’m not able to win the twitter based contests, even though I’m a very active mobilesyrup poster.

  • Manolo Romero Escobar

    I was a lucky early adopter back in December. This upgrade is a must and I would kindly reuse my current one to my spouse.

  • Vivek Tyagi

    I have moto g xt1033 but I love to have a moto g with expandable memory and LTE

  • Partha Pratim Dutta

    Budget phone for Android lovers and awesome in look and feel. Too good phone and much more smarter than its fellow tech specs. Easily beated Samsung with it’s never gonna hang attitude. In short a phone everyone wants to become more smarter.

  • Aditya Sood

    I would be on top of the world to earn the moto g lte

  • Shranik Jain

    Best in class phone

  • Sibin Maynalovski

    I’ll love to have it because it looks just perfect!

  • Paul Grigoras

    I’m loving Motorola recently, I’d love to get my hands on one of their great products.

  • Anita H.

    This would be awesome, would love to have my first smartphone be a Motorola!

  • Carlos Simoes

    I had one Moto G stolen… tried to used Motorola’s “Lost Phone” service, with no luck. I want another Moto G!! 🙂

  • Nikhil Puthran

    I love moto well be my first LTE phone

  • Amnerox

    My son dreaming about phone with a touch screen. It would be a great gift for him.

  • Mindmeld

    The Moto G I already have needs a brother…

  • Pietro Capece Galeota

    I broke my last two telephones and now I am living without one. I need a mobile phone for everyday use but I can’t afford buying one.

  • Deepank

    Its a cool phone with great specs
    It has everything a mid range buyer need, Corning gorilla glass for scratch resistance, quad core processor for gaming, 1 GB ram, HD display, latest tech. 4g LTE , with a micro SD card support, plus with a water repellant coating

  • Wallace Smith

    I would love to have a motto g simply because of all the features and speed that was put into it. Not only is it powerful but the price is right. When compared to other high end date smartphones the motor g is right there with them. Thank you Motorola for bringing us a great phone at a great price.

  • Anthony C.

    Thanks for the giveaway. 😀

    I’d love to win this because the phone I’m using is an 8 year old Samsung which is pretty beat up from being dropped too many times. 🙁

  • Christie Acuna

    Motorola’s most successful selling smartphone in Canadian history?! Why wouldn’t I want it??!??

  • Mihai Barbat

    Because I just love best buys!

  • Anudeep Rokz

    I would really like to win this device !! Heard it gas hugh specs for that kind of price … Perfect gift for my mom for her bday !!

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    My son needs a good phone and no better entry level phone out there!

  • 9998

    Best value for money

  • Sandeep G

    Because I love Google phones they get latest android updates and they really work with super sonic speed… Love nexus 4 & moto g 🙂

  • Michael Farrell

    Great little phone, and otterbkxes are available for it unlike every other value phone.

  • Thanh

    I’ve never tried Moto phone before, and I would like to try this time.

  • softturbo


  • kamalakannan

    I would like to give it to my cousin brother who doesn’t have Even a touch phone itself!

    But, I would like to give him a pleasant & surprised present of this moto g!!!

  • Bill Gregory

    Would love to get my wife this for her new phone

  • ankur siddha

    Moto g is the best phone in market now with awsm processing speed, good looks and the way u can costumize it is gr8. I would love to have LTE because now we can expand our memory ..

  • Russell Porter

    Our son just turned 13 and we are thinking of getting him a phone. This would be a great device for him.

  • EricaMZDM

    Nothing wrong with a new phone (especialy given the age of my current one)

  • Daniel Dolmat

    I would replace my Budget Samsung phone. I love android, but hate the Samsung software they they fill it with.

  • Martin Galer

    This would make a great travelling phone!

  • Amr A. Farag

    I still use a symbian phone so I’m in desperate need of a new one.

  • Thomas Schuster

    I like Motorola

  • Brenda Penton

    I’d love to have this to give to my son.

  • Joao Esteves

    I would love to win this Moto to replace my Brazilian/Chinese phone.

  • Jason Tom

    Because I’ve always been a blackberry guy and want to try an Android phone

  • Pat Simeon

    It would be for me. I broke my Nexus 5’s vibration.

  • Murtaza A Rangoonwala

    The moto G LTE is the best low budget android phone. I would like to gift it to my father who still uses the cheapskate Nokia model which doesn’t even match up for a comparison to the moto G. As a school going student with low pocket money I cannot buy it by myself for him so I would love to win this contest for my father.

  • Jim Duffield

    A great device anyone would be fortunate to have. I’d donate it (or my current phone, their choice) to a good social cause organisation.

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    hope to get selected for this phone as my first smartphone

  • Sarnia_Surfer

    As usual it’s more a “want” than a “need”, again. 🙂

  • rajshrimohanks

    I’d like to gift my friend one. 🙂

  • gaurang vishwasrao

    My current phone has gone for repair and it would take a month.So I would like to have this beautiful device.

  • Steve Shanks

    I love Motorola phones. They are the only ones I have ever owned. I have the 1st ATRIX and could use an updated Motorola. I use my phone for everything ( Emails, social media, texting, all of my phone calls and entering this contest).

  • Raghav Mahajan

    *Janice* O my gawd!

  • Shirish Maindan

    Moto G is the best phone not only in 10k-15k but 15k-20k too. Regular updates from google ,quad core snapdragon 400 and awesome front camera makes it a winner.

  • Karry Knisley

    Would love the new Moto!! Motorola make the best phones. My phone is 3 years old and is slow as molasses. Would be great to be able to check emails, check Facebook and tweet without it taking forever.

  • Sarah Robertson

    I have an old blackberry torch and this would be a nice upgrade

  • Nomi T

    It’d be for my 12 year old daughter. 🙂

  • Z Odbuster

    thanks for the opportunity to own one…

  • Darroll Wilson

    Not only is my Motorola Droid-X so old already, but I had to borrow a phone cuz my Droid-X quit on me, so I really need this phone bad.

  • Andy

    I m a huge android fan and I always wanted to own a phone with stock android OS. Moto G is packed with superb hardware by Moto and software by Google. So no doubt that this is the phone that can fulfill all the excitement of using stock OS at this price tag…#MOTO G

  • amandeep

    Would be a nice birthday present :p

  • Nigel Rodrigues

    it’s a great phone and get updates really fast

  • Mihir Khadilkar

    I would love to have it because it’s the best for the price
    And I love Motorola because it is the first company to ever build a mobile phone in market

  • Alain Lafond

    Moto G, simple phone. Nearly Nexus… I love this phone.

  • Mark Norbury

    I’ve recommended the moto G and E to everyone who will listen. Only fitting Id have one myself

  • BillyJackHD

    I’d love to have the Moto G LTE, because I presently have a XT 910 and would love the next generation Motorola phone!

  • Jojo Biglang-awa

    I heard really good things about it. Hope i could win one

  • joshua

    This will be a great little device to have when I’m at work!

  • Roopesh Shenoy

    For my mum.

  • John Tran

    My wife Note 2 beyond repair. really tight on budget and would love to get here this as a replacement!

  • Joseph

    Can I win it so I can give to a family member that really needs it

  • Sylvain Dubé

    I used to have a few smartphones but now, I’m stuck with my old feature phone (Nokia 5230) and I miss candy crush on my lunchtime!

  • susanhanley

    I don’t have a cell phone and my daughters say I need to come into this century.

  • Apollo

    It’s the perfect go to make friends.

  • jetbeck

    Would give the phone to my mom and move her out of having a feature phone!

  • Ro Tep

    If I can win this phone is because of his great specs and the fact is a pure Android experience. Hard to refuse the Moto G 🙂

  • Wireless Gadget

    I would love to get this phone for my mom!

  • Daxton Day

    I’m a huge tech geek and this upgrade would be really great!

  • JohnnyY

    Moto G with LTE? Wow! It’s a thousand times better than my wife’s Galaxy Discover. Being the nice guy that I am, I would give this to her. Maybe even convince her to move from prepaid to postpaid b/c of the LTE feature.

  • opteron1983

    Id love to compare it to a nexus 4 smaller screen, lower specs but a lower and smaller resolution screen to drive interesting combination.

  • granyte

    It is cheap

  • Steeve Francillon

    nice gift!!!

  • smsisko

    My son has a feature phone for the moment, and he’s wanted a smartphone for a long time. The Mogo G LTE would be just perfect for him.

  • Yadu

    Motorola moto g is awesome and has the best build quality ever! would realy help in my journies, i’d love to have it as my first smartphone! i was afraid to use smart phones because of them being light and delicat, but Moto G is in a class of its own!! i’d just love to have it, the LTE version is simply a great boost to the previous version with SD card support and LTE support!

  • Peter Caiazza

    I bought a Moto G when they first came out in America, there was one problem and I really needed the 4G. Loved the phone, not the connectivity. Would really look forward to retrying my experience with it.

  • zubir jangsi

    i sincerely really want to test the phone

  • Abdul Shaukat

    It’s simply the best phone for the price

  • Freelancer22

    I’d love to have the Moto G LTE because I don’t have any Android phone.

  • Dave Walker

    This would be a great phone to have. Every review I have read has given it high marks. Winning one would be wonderful!

  • raj

    NEED A NEW PHONE! Also want to give moto a chance again, they did use to lead the industry with the razr after all

  • R.C.

    I could really use this – my sons phone was stolen last week. PERFECT replacement for him.

  • dbott67

    Just bought my wife the Moto G and it’s a great phone. Would love to upgrade my phone, too!

  • Karen

    My phone got stolen and now i’m sharing with my brother. You can imagine how that is working out…. =(

  • Karen

    My phone got stolen and now i’m sharing with my brother. You can imagine how that is working out…. =(

  • manpreet singh

    would be a great back up phone to have.

  • Nithunedel

    Would love to take this phone for a test drive and replace my old iphone with some Android bling.

  • dyl

    Would like to win it. Who wouldn’t want a new phone?

  • arj_85

    I’d use this to introduce my parents to the smartphone era…they’d love being able to stay in touch easily. Thanks guys!

  • Kamil Czerniak

    I really, really need to replace my Xperia miro.

  • Ayush Srivastava

    moto g is just right for me

  • Eluder

    This phone would be great for my parents, so I’d love to win it for them.

  • Mit Mehta

    I am done with samsung. will love to go with this one.

  • Darren Airey

    I’d like to win it for my friend who still has an original HTC Desire. It’s time for him to upgrade.

  • Jithin Jacob

    I just love all the moto phones

  • parth khunt

    I would say it is best of the best to buy with all features you want and now with LTE also. So now its a complete phone.

  • John Caban

    Looking to get the Wife into the smartphone age and this phone would make her transaction simple after reading all the reviews on it! Thanks

  • Jimmy Jazz

    I’d love it to show off to people just how much phone you can get for a reasonable price.

  • Graham McLeod

    I’d love to have the Moto G because I’m a big tech geek on an extremely limited budget.

  • Arihant Singhi

    The performance of Motorola is is also too good..qhd makes it better..

  • Chriswayne

    I need a new phone, I have broken iPhone 4. I want to switch to android and I thought this would be a good start.

  • Henry

    I would like to win it because I bought one from Verizon, but I don’t get Verizon coverage in my area, only AT&T

  • Amitoj

    I would love to have a moto g in my hand as it would be a perfect gift for my sister

  • Nicole D’Silva

    Because I have an old Nokia phone. And having a moto g LTE will give me plenty of reasons to smile.

  • gdawilson

    I really need an upgrade from my iPhone 4 but money is tight with rent

  • Sam Dorman

    Please pick me!!!!

  • warn

    I love moto g because its a great phone with great design and best performance for android starter people. 🙂

  • Kelvin Chung

    If won, I’m planning to give this to my dad to replace his ancient Samsung flip phone. Hoping to make his day

  • Ken

    because i have drop my n5 in my pool yesterday!!

  • JC

    Need a new phone!

  • Dave Lag

    I would like to give it to my mom as a gift as she doesn’t have a cell phone!

  • Aaron

    I have been eying the Moto G…LTE just makes it sweeter! Me please!

  • bluestreak_v

    My wife has a horridly slow Samsung Ace IIx. The messaging/texting app sometimes takes a good 10+ secs to open! She needs a new phone and a Moto G should be perfect.

  • Siva Krishna

    I would like Moto G Lite

  • Billy MacMillan

    I broke my smartphone and still have a year left on the contract. I could really use this phone as I only have my old flipphone. Good luck to everyone! Thanks!

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    Another great Mobile Syrup give away ツ

  • KurtP

    My GS2 is getting old in the tooth.

  • Talledega Tommy

    Would love to try a Motorola product again!

  • rismit

    my old phone is almost done. A new one would be great.

  • Brandon

    I would mind having this… have an Idol X right now that was sort of a snap decision buy because my S3 completely died. I wanted the Moto G but it wasn’t available at the time *wompwomp*

  • Thorsten Garbe

    Why I need it? Don’t know. Maybe just sell it and putt the money in to my OPO 64GB FUND

  • ionothanus

    It never hurts to have a backup phone.

  • Maxxx

    Need a new phone for my wife who has never used an android phone before. This would be perfect for her

  • Archit

    Nice phone well build best affordable phone have rich looks better than any other phone includes everything which all we need in any smartphone

  • Xarek Bermejo

    I would like to win the moto g because u have always used iPhone, and I think its time to change, a good phone really makes the difference when you use it’s lot, I think that the moto g its the best option for me, I love design, and more inportantly I’m very excited about the almost pure android experience. I want the moto g to be my first android experience.

  • ily

    I tested the Moto G , its an incredible device ce that rivals the top flagship devices…. Would love to be a proud owner of Moto G LTE.

  • Jonathan Schmitt

    I could really use this phone to increase Moto G sales in my workplace. We do not have a dummy phone and a lot of people tend to not see the Moto G as a serious phone (rather, they prefer selling the Ace II x…I know right?). Having a Moto G LTE would absolutely show my coworkers the performance and value of the device. Of course it would also allow me to show the consumer the same thing.

  • Rafter

    Great replacement for my dad’s old blackberry

  • KD_Leon

    I’d love this phone to replace my mother’s old phone.

  • Gee whiz

    I’ve never used android and I hate my lumia 710

  • 5Gs

    Can’t wait till I add it to collections of my phone.

  • Brian Hunter

    I need it after dropping my s4 in a toilet

  • Tina

    I love the Motorola series… I’m rele due for a phone upgrade I still have the moto razr hahahah pls lemme win this one…

  • Kenny Kwadzie

    I’d love to have the Moto G,because it seems to be the best smartphone out there so far,great specs at a very good price..good phone in all

  • Daniel Nelson

    I would love to be able to give my nine year old son a great smartphone

  • Collin Niles

    I would love to give this phone to my mother who recently had her phone stolen and sadly cannot afford to buy a new one. Being self employed she really needs to have a cellphone since there is no landline available.

  • Eric Parisien

    Just because it is great to see Motorola competing for piece of the pie with a device that is not over valued like the others. I would be proud to own a piece of that pie!

  • G W

    I need a new phone! This would be really great!

  • Leandro Paratella

    I want one for my dad! He’s using a super old phone by now, and a Moto G would be perfect!

    He’s already into the idea of getting one!

  • Creighton Taylor

    Wish I had one!

  • Ned K.

    A Moto G LTE would be a big upgrade from my Nexus S

  • Sukh S

    I need it to give it to my mom!

  • Lauren

    I want to get a phone for my mom, she have a old nokia cellphone that’s almost 8 years. I’d love to get her a smartphone for her to use. thanks

  • the bhai

    moto g is increadable smartphone and in best price

  • Earaj I

    This would make for a great present, for my mom for her up coming birthday

  • Nope.

    I have a phone with 384 mb of ram, ouch!

  • Chris MacMillan

    Would be a great gift for my dad, he’s still rocking an old Blackberry Tour… anyone remember those?

  • David Hollister

    Would love to win. Current phone is almost 3 years old and cannot afford new one, but don’t want to renew contract as I would lose my 6gb plan for 65. Currently goes for double that

  • Chris Hashem

    I want the moto g lte so I can be the coolest kid on the block and make all the apple fanboys jelly.

  • roz shafi

    For my daughter so she can see I phone is not the be all and end all.

  • Gary Kwan

    This is one of the best bargain in the market now

  • Kirashai

    Because I’m low on money, and currently don’t have any phone at all!

  • Owen Horn

    Would love to win this phone for my wife to replace her quickly dying current phone.

  • Ysabel Woody

    I love the original Moto G and would so love the chance to use the new LTE version!!! It’s such a great, clean phone with superior features at an affordable price! And would be great for work.

  • cmdrkeen01

    because the my gs2x is dead, and my old gio is terribly slow

  • pankaj chhalani

    Bcoz this is the best phone in the segment … Amazing features with lte it just got better ..

  • Justin Kelly

    The original Moto G was great, love to have one of these to check it out.

  • Jayesh Girdharlal Adesara

    Now commenting on why I love moto G is just like giving an explanation why a soldier loves his weapon

  • Tommy Sheppard

    Would love to gift it my brother for a late birthday gift!

  • Sachin Verma

    Today buying a phone is a difficult task in the budget money.. But if i take a look at motog then i get the value of money with fully lodded feature along with latest android… I mean just look at the specs and it becomes woefully clear that some phones (even those positioned directly against one another) aren’t created equal.

    But most of the time it’s not as easy as just reading numbers. A phone is something you’ll use everyday for two years (if you’re lucky). It needs to be durable, adequately future-proof and feel right in your hand….

    Amazing phone…and would love to have this. It does not matter if I win or not but seriously I’m gonna to buy this….:)

  • Anna N

    Would love to get this for my son. I think it’s a perfect budget phone for a teenager. With LTE and a microsd added to the original Moto G there is no reason not to have this.

  • Nick T

    awesome phone for the girlfriend

  • Stefan Hannie

    I’ve been eyeing the Moto G for my fiancé. It will be perfect to replace her dying LG.

  • rF

    hope to win this for the family

  • Me

    A gift for wife’s b’day!

  • Rinku

    Coz it have 4g support… By the way I m in India they don’t send me phone :p..

  • kiNGng3

    The best bang for the buck phone

  • Mohammad Abbas

    Its this or an ipod and apple are rich enough already, also my current phone is an iphone 3gs, really need a new one

  • Anmol Taneja

    A lte version To get the best out of a moto g 😉

  • Mohammad Shariq Zafar

    A perfect phone at perfect price to make me perfect m/ 🙂

  • EasyGoGaming .

    Still got my Nexus S…too broke to upgrade lol. I can still chat and take calls which is why I still use it. Other then that, gosh its slow a lot of the times. Wish I can win this! Good Luck!

    • EasyGoGaming .

      One more day to go! This will make my year…Good Luck folkss!

  • Philippe Trépanier

    Looks Nice! Would gladly replace my old moto milestone with this!

  • jblanchard

    Would be a perfect phone for my 12 year old daughter

  • Lisandro

    The Moto G is a great phone and would make a nice replacement to my Galaxy S2.

  • JuanCarlosDeObeso

    I shattered the screen of my nexus 4 and need a replacement

  • Ken K.

    It would be a nice back up!

  • Guest

    I’d love to give it to my 77 year old grandpa because he always wanted a smartphone.

  • Ryan Rever

    There are many underlining reasons I would love to have The moto G, but the one that stands out the most is the Experience of using the Moto take on stock Android OS

  • Debkrishna

    I would love to have a moto g simply because of its awesomeness in looks as well as features…

  • Elmer Ramirez Silva

    I would like to give the phone as a gift to my dad as a late father’s day gift.

  • Davante Mccallum

    I would like to win this phone to give it to my mom for her birthday

  • Joe Sunderland

    To enjoy some LTE!

  • Gudipati

    Because I love Moto!

  • Rijul Rijul

    As I am a 16 yr. Old boy I can use it in many ways . It can help me in doing my assignments and projects . I don’t have to find a cyber cafe or carry my laptop everywhere I go . I can access to Google and YouTube where ever I go ……. With LTE capability it will load web pages and videos in no time . It also can enhance my gaming skills and i can compete with my friends in multiplayer games ….. That’s why I would love to have this phone ……

  • Ashadul Al Akib

    I actually want to gift this phone to my mother.Her phones battery isnt that good and i red some reviews of moto g which suggested that it has a great battery life.This phone will be perfect for her.

  • felix graham

    I really need a phone with a micro as card slot

  • Ankesh Naudiyal

    The best phone anyone can get…..i myself use moto g… real ways its a life companion

  • John Feringa

    My son’s SII is dying a slow not graceful death, it would be his replacement.

  • Rabbil Azam

    I would give it to my mom since she needs a phone. Hope I win!

  • techuser444

    My mother in law needs a cell phone. This would be great for her!

  • Kiril Panteleev

    It’s simply gr8 !!!

  • Mr. Biloz, Ph.D.

    I would love this to give it as a gift to my son! I tried to get one at Fido but they didn’t have any…

  • chogo

    My old phone is getting so sloooooooooooooow!

  • Kyle Nokes

    I need this, because my phone will freeze when I text or make calls, it doesn’t work as a phone, this could put me in serious danger one day. I could use my current phone for learning Android programming for my college course as well.

  • Chantelle

    I would love to have a phone as Public Mobile aka Telus’ new minion has shut my mother’s phone off. Would be a wonderful 18 day early bday gift for my superheroine. Good luck everyone! <3


  • Frankie Chan

    Would like to transition over to Android with this phone!

  • j-rock42

    Awesome little phone! Perfect balance of price, hardware, size, and functionality. Adding the micro-SD slot was the best addition to the LTE version.

  • Basem Shams

    I’d love to win the Moto G and try out an Android phone with average specs!

  • suj

    Seems like a nice replacement for an i9100

  • Justin

    Brand new phone, chance to switch and try Android from my BlackBerry, oh and I can take advantage of the LTE! This phone’s specs are sweet!

  • Veronica Bangs Chaudoin

    Looks like an awesome phone!!!

  • Sid

    A dependable device with the stock version … bloatware free “TakeThatSamsung Me want one

  • Rick Yu

    Would love to upgrade from a 6 year old sony ericsson c902 🙂

  • Michael H

    i need a new phone. desperately!

  • ya

    It is a great phone if you are on a budget. Looking to pick one up for my kid as a phone for emergencies. The phone looks great.

  • Yu Zhu

    Why would i want a moto g? Because i have a nokia 3330!

  • Compatico

    Still using my old flip phone for calls and texts – ugh. I need a new phone as texting using T9 is aweful…really miss having a touchscreen…

  • Dave

    it’s a great phone that does what u need it to.

  • einstraus

    Would love to get this for my daughter!

  • Sky

    I would want to test the 4G on MotoG only its Moto(4)G

  • Mad-elph

    Wow, wouldn’t that be a great pick me up for the early summer need of a new cell. Motorola has seriously been delivering the goods of late.

  • Romel

    I would love to get this for my mom, it would make the perfect 1st smartphone gift for her!

  • Keith Gillett

    Really need to replace my old Galaxy S Captivate, this would be perfect.

  • Paul

    I am on my 51st cell phone because they can’t keep up with usage. I would love to see how long and strong the G can hold out! #truestory

  • jpom18

    Would give it to my Brother in law to replace his Blackberry, bring him kicking and screaming into the modern world.

  • Ryan Harrison

    I could use a new phone, mine is over 3 years old

  • OceanSpirit Glasner

    I’m looking to setup a good inexpensive device for my 12yr old Grandson this Moto G LTE would be Perfect and he would be Cool with a good fast non-iphone.

  • Henry K.

    I would love to win a Moto G LTE! 🙂

  • Callum

    I would love a Moto G as I think that, blow for blow, is one of the best phones of 2014!

  • Kevin Kuo

    My mom needs one. If I win, this one is for her.

  • Falzo

    My father in law needs a new phone and that’s a great one for him

  • William Z. 

    A perfect backup phone for everyday~~

  • Rick Billington

    I’d love to have a phone that can update past 4.1, unlike my HTC one X.

  • DazPowerz

    I’d love to give this phone to my 12 year-old sister for her birthday!

  • Ryan Gilchrist

    I’d love to have the moto G because my BB9900 is on its last leg and I could really use a replacement right now! 🙂

  • umnikke8

    Love to turn it into cash

  • Priyank Jain

    Moto g: master of telephone on globe 🙂

  • shaker

    Rather i was a wind phone.

  • mhee

    I am now officially Phoneless. Thanks for the contest

  • The360King

    Would be great for my son.

  • MajikMonkie

    Solid phone, would love to have one!

  • Frank Perito

    Getting bored of my Nexus 4.

  • Word

    dropped my current moto G on the tile floor, cracked screen, replaced it with a sony Z1, son dropped that on the same tile floor, screen is black now black, then son tripped with wife’s optimus g and scraped up his knee and smashed screen of the optimus. so i’ve had terribly bad luck as well as some poor judgement calls in the last month and would love a new moto g, it’s one of android’s best!

  • Chandani Karnik

    I am using a moto g and I’m so impressed by its speed and looks that I would like to buy one for my mother, who still uses an old Samsung mobile while squinting at the screen.

  • Punam Gupta

    I would love to win Moto G because I want to gift this to my father

  • faffy

    Yes please

  • Aayush Dixit

    Motorola is my all time favorite and android is the only OS that I really enjoy using. The combination of both is really amazing. Amazing phone with amazing features and with external SD card support it’s going to make history in the android market..

  • Dekkered

    Right here please!

  • Pawv

    I’d like to have a back up phone!

  • johnbernier

    id like the moto g since I’m due for a new phone and actually like the moto g design.

  • Mendozer


  • Mike Lalande

    The speed and Motorola makes great phones

  • valeriu Babi

    My wife has one. Beautiful phone.

  • Jian Chen

    Moto G is the perfect phone for me. It got all my qualifications. Reliable hardware and software, super performance to price ratio. And great look.

  • Ryan McGuinness

    the moto g looks sleek and awesome! I want 🙂

  • asdf

    I’ve had 4 smartphones in the past 8 years. and 1 lasted less then a year, and another 1 almost 1 year, the other 2 lasted more then 3 to 5 years.

    if I win this contest I wonder how long a Motorola phone would last with me.

  • Eugene Afrondoza

    I was thinking of getting this for my Mom. I hope I win.

  • Grant Russell

    My dog needs a new phone, this will do.

  • Jake Dale

    As the cell phone buyer of a trucker family (son here) this would make a perfect upgrade for my dads curve 9300 speed battery and screen size are what he needs and this a durbale phone

  • vicw

    It would be an upgrade from my One S!

  • j villa

    because why not 🙂

  • Mike

    Cool, I’m in need of a new phone 🙂

  • N D Tran

    just give it to me 🙂

  • Arcades Williams

    Moto g has the best features and Motorola always provide good phones

  • Arthur

    I would be totally down for a cheap handset to give to my mom who is still rocking the iphone 3G

  • Shin Chee

    This would be a great new phone for my mother’s outdated one

  • kenny

    It would be a great bday gift for my 13 year old

  • supguise

    Would love to replace my aging Nexus S with this

  • Sungjin Kim

    I need a new phone as a student moving to England next year!

  • Noah Ingersoll

    Omg! (Oh moto g)
    I want you desperately
    You’re improved with micro SD
    And finally LTE
    Please belong to me
    I’ll take care of you
    Thus I promise thee.

  • Hail Eff

    I’d love to have the Moto G LTE because I’m in need of a nice, new upgrade. Then I’d give my old phone to my mom, which she’s been waiting for for a while.

  • scrichards101

    My wife’s phone could use a replacement, why not one better than mine!

  • Kalen Gmanny

    I would like to win it to replace my now dead HTC One..

  • Bodmon

    Well considering my phone is on the brink of expiry, it would be amazing to win a moto G! 🙂

  • Andrew Osbourne

    I’d love to get my hands on one of theses phones.. Good luck all

  • Brandon

    I would love to win the Moto G LTE to give to my sister as a graduation present as she does not have a phone. This gift will be a reward for all the hard work and time she put into school.

  • William Donald Morton

    My wife desperately needs a new cell phone… She’s got a very dumb Samsung phone that literally only takes pics and makes phone calls. Help her out (and me, so I don’t have to buy one!)

  • YankeeJatt

    My S3 is now 2.5 years old

  • Arcades Williams

    I love Motorola phones there great quality and I would love to win this phone

  • Shane Yorston

    This would make a great birthday present for my father.

  • ivrimon

    I’d love to see what Motorola have to offer with their Android customisations. As great as Vanilla Android is, it looks like Motorola have improved upon it instead of bloating it.

  • dmcd

    It would be for my 1 year old daughter as a safety phone

  • Ryan Reed

    I need this because my current phone doesn’t charge.

  • hele3120

    For my daughter which has next to no social life… excluded from getting Instagram or Snapshot, being one of the only two kids in her class with a dumb phone.

  • Doug Allan

    It’s all a cell phone needs to be

  • Ozmodiar Flanker

    i just dropped my nexus 4 and broke the glass – this’d be a solid replacement!

  • Sukhdeep Virk

    Moto G LTE is a great value for money in the current Andriod smartphone market.

  • Solidsignal

    Willing to give Motorola another chance with the Moto G LTE.

  • Davey Everydude

    I’d love to get my hands on this phone. Something this good from Motorola, and how well it stands out, who wouldn’t want it? I’m curious to see just what it can actually do.

  • J. W.

    Best budget phone!

  • Stanley Lau

    I’d love to have it because my sis is still using a samsung slider phone.

  • Pran

    Seems like a good piece of economically priced Hardware.

  • corey Dyck

    It’s definitely time for a great new phone!

  • Craig B

    It would come in handy to replace my wife’s busted SGS3. Please!

  • MasterP

    Would love to win this for my dad, still stuck in the flip phone days.

  • Jayson Morte

    Would be a great gift for my mom’s birthday

  • Tyler Hardeman

    I like things.

  • Ryan F

    This would be great to replace my wife’s iPhone.

  • Steve

    Because after working multiple simultaneous jobs to get myself through college and into a job as a “new media” specialist, I need a phone that will keep up with me at a price I can afford.

  • Melanie

    My Mom continues to use her dumbphone from 2006. She needs an upgrade and is familiar with Android.

  • Marc

    Would love an upgrade from my P500. Please and thank you. 🙂 Good luck, all!!

  • Duey

    Looks like a cool phone. Can’t beat free. 🙂

  • DouginKtown

    I just want a spare phone to play with, and this will do 🙂

  • asmosteve

    I miss my Android phone.

  • Anon-e-mouse

    My dad needs a new phone to replace his aging Nokia from 2007.

  • Green Hornet

    Needs a phone for my son at school!!

  • Ian MacInnis

    Battery isn’t holding a charge very well. Would be great replacement.

  • attaniguti

    My first phone was a Motorola flip cellphone, which I got many moons ago. It would be great to try the new Moto G over my aging iPhone 4.

  • Jean-Francois Laplante

    Nice little phone. To be honest, I only wnt it for the cool World Cup boot animation…

  • Onionsteak

    My dad would love to have one to replace his aging phone, so how about it MS?

  • Ridge

    I want it because the Moto G LTE is hands down the best entry level android device out there right now. Huge fan, go moto!

  • Jon Becker

    Android is the best operating system in the world but it needs a great device to run it. Moto G is a great little compact device with everything needed. I mean quadcore processor phone under 300 bucks? WOW Please let me have it haha

  • Jason Kaye

    Being disabled and on disability it would be nice to have it for safety an wining it is the affordable way to get one.

  • Edson Lai

    Would love to try the moto g!

  • framewerk

    I would love to win this phone for my uncle!

  • Zach Thomas

    Switching to prepaid service, because I’m starting my life as a dependant and can’t afford major carriers contracts.

  • ナタニエル ハリエット

    Need a new phone…

  • jonaldrowards

    Replacement for my old beat up Galaxy s2.

  • prithviraj

    Its because I love the prescisioned engineering design ……..n its social status

  • mahoganyheart

    I would love to win it for my sister. She dropped her S3 in water and now it stops working.

  • Brad

    I’d love to have the Moto G LTE because in the rural place I live, I can use it with the provider that works out here… It is all the phone I want/need.

  • Alexander Stretovitch

    Would be awesome phone to have 😀

  • Sequoia46.2

    My mom needs a phone upgrade and I would love to give her a Moto G for her birthday this summer.

  • Serotheo

    Phone for my little sister when she starts walking home from middle school.

  • Davy Sohi

    Nexus S has finally packed in and this would be a great replacement

  • Romeo Deala

    Would be great as I need a replacement for my current phone…which is causing me so much troubles 🙂

  • Bryan Hamon

    I’m using a quickly dying Galaxy Nexus, this would make a great replacement

  • Billie Swails

    Please Please Please

  • Peking Duck

    I’m due for a new phone…thanks for the contest.

  • Joshua Bennett

    I work for cricket and would love to have one to show my customers that the device is so amazing I have one!

  • Peter

    Great new phone from Motorola. Need a replacement for my current broken device

  • JM

    i need this phone. im in desperate need of an upgrade

  • Jeff Tavares

    looking to get my son a phone his galaxy discover broke on him and the moto g definitely looks a lot more sturdy.. i would love to have this phone for my son

  • g. leong

    have a basic phone . need a smartphone

  • Mathieu Parenteau

    That would be a nice replacement for my wife’s broken samsung phone!

  • Andy

    OMG! Seriously! I would love to win this! I would love to win anything!

  • Elbert Lai

    cool phone

  • Ian Chisholm

    My Galaxy Nexus, like every Galaxy Nexus, is falling apart. Already replaced the USB port and will probably have to replace it again. A Moto G would be awesome!

  • Morgan Leigh

    My bf wants to upgrade to an Android from a iPhone 5 🙂 This phone would be perfect!

  • Petit Baveux

    I want it!

  • DN

    because its almost a Moto X

  • Ryaan

    Great phone!!

  • চয়ন জয়

    Moto G is a real superphone in my opinion.. It is a perfect smartphone for human being.. I am also using it.. Wanna gift my parents and my wife too..

  • Richard Williams

    I’ve been looking to get a Moto G for my daughter.. I would love to win one instead.

  • monkeytacos

    replacing my existing 3 year old phone that can barely install apps :/

  • WallyMS

    It would be my new dev phone.

  • Colin Jones

    I’m tired of my galaxy s4

  • Travis

    I may not have a sweet story of why I deserve it, but it is new and shiny thus I want it.

  • Bhavesh K

    Its one of the best smart phone I was hunting for.

  • Joshua Tassoni

    I would love to have the Moto G as a replacement to my iPhone 4 since its been cracked for a while now ! Want to try android!

  • writetrev

    As an Apple/Google enthusiast, I’d like to see what life is like on the other side of the mobile street!

  • sandip suvagiya

    Moto g is excellent smartphone…and performance like butter or smooth..

  • CarlinWhitney

    Moto g and LTE =awesome little phone 🙂

  • Kenjuta

    good basic smartphone done well

  • Muhammad Dewji

    This phone would be perfect for my transition from iOS to android. iPhone 4 is getting old, time to move on.

  • xionbunny

    i desperately need a new phone to replace my old one.

  • Kevin Desjardins

    My phone runs Android 2.3 still… It’d be a welcomed upgrade!

  • Bumfluff

    a comment
    because it’s shiny

  • ostaylor

    My wife is still using a Galaxy SII and it is barely working! This would be a great phone for her.

  • disqus_AdSF1rceAl

    Moto G FTW!

  • uy1993

    I dont have a phone! 🙁 and I’m a mother!

  • Phil Nguyen

    I want to enter the smartphone world! As a late adopter I think the Moto G has everything that I am looking for!

  • isis8

    Ooh, I want one, I broke my Nexus 4, and I wanted to get a One Plus One but it doesn’t look like it will come out any time soon.

  • Zhaku Hysaj

    It would be the perfect phone for my little brother who loves Android!

  • ParagP3

    Specs are too perfect for me !!!!

  • Jacob Lubecki

    As an aspiring android developer I need something to work on, but sometimes emulators aren’t enough and I’m currently running the risk of damaging my phone…

  • edman2000

    Moto G gets faster OS update than most other major brands.

  • aureads

    Would be a good phone to convert from IOS to Android

  • Nilaratna Mahapatra

    I want it bcoz it is the best phone in this budget which comes with LTE and it has a very good processor

  • Albert

    Always wanted to try out the Moto G.

  • Jubin Soni

    I love moto g because it’s come under my budget specially I love moto g screen and now in LTE version there is a micro SD card
    I love it…..

  • Anjuli Marwah

    That would be my dad’s 55th birthday present.

  • razi

    Bcouz you think l am genius when moto g(genius) on my hand

  • Zachary Lerner-Muloin

    I’d give it to my friend who hasn’t owned a cell phone since his blackberry pearl with the scroll ball broke

  • Tom

    Great phone that will get the job done without breaking the bank.

  • Kerk Zhan

    I’d love to have it because it seems like a great phone for it’s price! And fast updates are always a plus!

    Also almost stock android can never go wrong 🙂

  • Pierre-Philippe Labelle

    I love the moto G, bought one for my doughter. Now i’m jelous 😉 I’d like to have one for myself !

  • hjin

    Hope to try out the phone!

  • avidey

    My phone decided to take a bath with me, so this would be.. fantastic

  • Leigh Morrison

    because my husband desperately needs to replace his several year iPhone, so lagged with memory issues the only thing it is good for is making calls and taking up space!

  • Andy Koenderink

    Considering Rogers new hardware upgrade rules a new free upgrade would be nice. Please sign me up.

  • kld2009

    It’s to replace my 12 year old son starter smartphone, a Sprint Motorola EXPT(on Verizon it was the Moto Pro). I had it in 2011 and passed it to him last year. It’s taken a beating but still works(it double taps a couple of the keys on the physical keyboard though). Time to retire it. Or give it to my 9 year old daughter as her 1st phone. 🙂

  • David Lemelin

    For a friend, he need a better phone to play Clash of Clans

  • hHyde

    I’d love to have a Moto G LTE! Haven’t had a Motorola phone since the RAZR and I’d like to give them a try again. I should win it because I will be more productive with a better phone, and I will use the time saved from increased productivity to do good things for the world! Like save kittens!

  • statickiwi

    Good to down size.

  • Andrew

    Would love to try out an Android phone for the first time

  • JaySea

    Replacing my oldy S3 :o)
    Good luck to everyone ;o)

  • Basil

    Nice, good backup device

  • Christian Leyva

    Fast Chipset 😀 Qualcomm MSM8226 Snapdragon 400

  • Alexandre Fournier

    Give it to me so I can lend it to all my friends who constantly break their phones

  • Allen Zsen

    my nokia lumia 710 almost dies and i like motorola

  • vdings

    I want this phone because its expandable…
    It helps that it is LTE, my nexus 4 wasnt…

  • harpoonGill

    I need some sweet sweet LTE power

  • JT

    I would like it so I can give this phone to my mom to replace her hand-me down Blackberry Curve 8300 (from 2007)!

  • Royce MacRae

    had the original – loved it would love to see the new model

  • duwenbasden

    A good candidate to replace my One X.

  • Marc Bernard

    Looks great!

  • Kris Vosper

    This would be a great phone to give my 12 year old son.

  • esto007

    Look good,nice phone to win!!

  • Avik0

    This would be a great travel and business phone hope i get selected

  • redbarbvs

    If I win the Moto G, I will give it to my mom because she still has her crappy LG Shine Plus with Android Eclair. She’ll be happy because she’s gonna finally take great pictures of her first grandchild!

  • Babulal

    I accidentally dropped and broke my wife’s Nexus 4. Need to get her a new phone!

  • Mashimaro Snatched

    Would love to try an Android phone

  • Chris M

    I could use this so my wife doesn’t have to keep using my old captivate.

  • Scott

    This would be perfect for my son to replace his Samsung SG2. Cheap and easy to replace on budget, great for pre-teens.

  • Josh Fisher

    It would be a great back up to my moto x. That ground can come out of no where sometimes

  • Doitsir

    It would love to give it to my younger sister. Good luck to all!

  • Mrg Ng

    seems like a great phone to showcase new roms and kernels

  • Akul

    I want moto g to make the collection of moto series and tell my grandchildren about how the world changed!!!!!!

    I know its sounds really epic but I really want to have it cause I have dreamt about it from the day it launched

  • David Rawlins

    I’d love a Moto-G for my son (as his S3 is acting up) 😉

  • Rawrrr

    Love to have this phone.. Before Lenovo starts making moto phones lol

  • Alex H

    Want to get one for my mother. She’s finally decided she wants a texting phone. Also, she wants to try an app.

    Her words. Not mine.

  • Isaac Gacura

    What techie would love to play with a new device, I’d certainly love to!

  • Wes

    It would make great replacement for my old phone

  • Eskay

    Anniversary gift for my wife!

  • jppetines

    First of all, my iPhone 4 needs to be replaced. It’s slow and unresponsive.
    Second, I used to own a 2004 Motorola Razr fliphone in silver and lasted me for years. I’d like to switch back to Motorola to have that awesome and cool factor .. and moto g fits the bill!

  • Leslie Yan

    I need to go from Moto X to G! Mobile on a budget.

  • keyvan eslami

    I would replace my current GSIII with broken glass

  • g0pher

    Because the little phone that could.

  • Bryan

    Cmoonnnn new phone!!

  • kenjh2

    I would be giving this to my Dad as his first smartphone. He is currently rocking an old Samsung “dumbphone”

  • John W. Farris

    I still need a new phone, something preferably running something running newer than FROYO.

  • Sam Monty

    Moto G is one of those devices which gives an early Android enthusiast a chance to experience vanilla form of android at an affordable street price. Its for the average Joe who doesn’t want to pay 600$+Tax. Addition of LTE is just icing on cake. Thats why I would love to have Moto G LTE.

  • piaz

    I would like to give a Motorola phone a try. Their products lately have reviewed well and look good.

  • Matt Yu

    I’d love to own Moto G! Moto G is a budget phone with great spec!

  • Serge Cote

    The Moto G LTE will be a great first real smartphone for my wife. She need to change her old Blackberry Pearl. Yes . And I am sure she love it….

  • Johnson

    I’m going to get my dad his first smartphone for his birthday so it would be great if I won this!

  • J_techie!

    In a smartphone world and having medium to small hands, size means everything. This would be a great upgrade from my Nexus S, without forcing me to handle one of the behemoth flagships that keep being introduced.

  • ottocomin

    This would be perfect for my teenage daughter!

  • George

    This would be a welcoming upgrade for my dad who’s had the Galaxy S2 for quite some time now.

  • David

    Replacing my Galaxy S1 for my kids safety phone.

  • Dano B.

    I’d love this phone because I’m too clumsy to own a superphone

  • Param Dhalay

    Well been trying to win a new phone for some time… Been using an old Moto razr. time for a new one plus i like the moto line…
    Pick me 🙂

  • Paul P

    Love to have one, I got a 5 year old phone that’s slowly dying inside.

  • offwiththeface

    i need this would be a great gift for my nephew

  • Gohy

    It would be for my dad. Rogers screwed him over for his HUP with their new upgrade rules. Now he is forced to pay 2x his monthly bill if he wants to upgrade, even to a lower end ‘smart picks’ phone.

  • Aßhîjêët Mûkhërjèê

    Well i think its the best phone in this price range and i would love to have it

  • fruvous


  • Gybook

    Moto G w/SD card? sign me up!!!!

  • Aßhîjêët Mûkhërjèê

    I would love to have it :::::
    As its the best phone for me

  • Emrodimus

    For a friend who’s been looking for something that works well in a smaller package.

  • Ben Columbus

    It would help me keep in touch with my 80 year old grandparents when I’m out of town.

  • Greg Haddow

    Because I’m still using a Xperia X10

  • Abun Snome

    Stuck on a phone that won’t go past ICS. Moto G would be perfect to try out Kitkat and long battery life!

  • wongkm81

    I’d give this to my mom as she’s still on a old HTC keyboard phone!

  • MarKeeMarK

    I would love to have this because I have been struggling with my old and very laggy nexus s.

  • Chris Hanula

    My brother just got this one and he loves it

  • Darin Wong

    I would love to have the Moto G LTE

  • leviel

    My mother needs to change her phone. Moto G will be the best choice!

  • Lin

    My old Huawei basic phone is really obsolete and this will be a helpful upgrade. I’m the only one at work who doesn’t have a smartphone. I’m the laughing stock at work when it comes to mobile devices. thank you I hope I win this!

  • Technojo

    Count me in!

  • Shawn

    My dad needs a new phone, this would work great!

  • John H

    It would be a great upgrade to my current Moto G that I love!

  • Kevin (Vancity)

    My phone just died a couple of days ago. A new phone would be great!

  • Sccoaire

    Would love the new Moto G LTE for the microSD card slot capability to store more music and pictures!

  • jndvrk

    N4 just died, and the olde 3GS decided that now is a good time for the battery to ‘expand’. I am now turning tricks for tablet wifi access in the back alleys of Toronto. Please help.

  • Abdul Mujeeb

    Because awesomeness

  • Ryan Chan

    I want to save a bit of cash. I would love to have the Moto G LTE, please and thank you 🙂

  • Chris Mills

    3 years old, due for an upgrade!

  • martin

    The new Moto G LTE is made perfectly for my right-hand pocket.

  • Jim T

    I’ve always been a Motorola person but in the last decade they have disappointed me to the point where I have not looked back but with these new phones they have released, I would like to come back “home” and own a Motorola again …

  • Desi Jatt

    I deserve to win because I am huge fan of Motorola phones. I have had a lot of Motorola phones and I miss not having one now. So please pick me.

  • xtk

    I don’t have a smartphone (only a dumbphone), so a Moto G LTE would be a great first!

  • Lucas Rakoto-Sam

    it would replace my existing W7 phone wich is a pain!

  • Michael lee Goulding

    I would love to have a Moto G with a Micro SD slot !!

  • Joshua

    Updates quickly to the latest Android version! Wanted.

  • Colin Young

    I still love my Lumia 920, but there’s a big part of me that misses Android. A free switch wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

  • Kanarico

    It has decent specs and a micro SD slot. Sign me up!

  • YSTO

    It’s a no-nonesense phone that just works.


    Specs and price

  • Thomas Price

    Because I’m ready to throw my HTC One V and its Sense against a wall!!

  • bluerage

    Need a new phone!

  • V. R. S.

    Its the perfect phone at this price range with great hardware and most
    of the features which are necessary for a good smartphone. Moreover it
    doesnt hurt to be the first phones to get Android updates whenever
    available. That’s why I would love to have Moto G LTE!

  • rstyle

    I need my dad to stop complaining about how small his Xperia E is.

  • JJohn

    It’ll be for my mom, she doesnt have a phone and I think she should have one for emergency use

  • Steven

    My S3 is showing it’s age. A lot of wear and tear on that phone. A free Moto G will be a nice replacement

  • Árpád Virág

    With the Moto G I could go as far as I want, but I could also capture all the fun near me. I could reach whoever I want, but I could stay alone with my phone when I need some privacy. I could fight against aliens if they attack in a game or become the champion in any race. With the G I could share all these moments with the people I care about to bring a smile on their face every day.

  • Nathan Crone

    To Notify my dad if anything happens is why i need a phone

  • SL

    I’m still using a “dumb” phone that I have had for over 2 years so it’s about time I get a smartphone and I think the Moto G would be the best smartphone for me budget wise, but it still has great features.

  • pstratto

    because my s2 LTE is unable to make calls or install apps.

  • Paranoid365

    I would be passing this amazing phone onto my Son, who will be starting high school, (it would definitely be a lot easier on a parents wallet, especially @ the beginning of a new school year), and unfortunately a cell phone is a must since there are a lot of asshats out there, (not always safe). Plus the moto G has always amazed me with its low cost, but not low end specs, and now they’re taking it to a whole new level with the +. It just amazes me how Moto is able to pull this feat off.

  • Victor Monroy

    My Nexus 4 died and I’ve been using my old flip phone… really need a replacement!

  • glen jng

    Would be lovely for my mom, a senior who keeps working (and working) at learning technology!

  • Andy Sidloski

    Super awesome value phone. love experimenting with new phones 😀

  • Mišel Čupković

    The time has come… change is good 😉

  • Rebecca

    My current phone crashes all the time

  • МΛЯдʞ

    hello (my) Moto!

  • haissam93

    Because my s3 recently died and I don’t want to spend $400 on a new phone. Pick me!

  • Iman Roy

    Because I would give my Moto g away and use the lte one!

  • Cathy Canton

    I have heard great things about the MotoG. Nice screen size, quality build for price point. and I love the interchangable colour options

  • adrian

    Need a new phone for my trip to belize. Bring it here

  • Aaron Douglas Charlong

    I just do.

  • Paul Gallaway

    Better camera, bigger screen, more processor cores, faster cores, more ram, cool customized boot screens… Hey, at least my HTC Desire/N1 has KitKat 😉

  • M Al

    My current phone is my first. ot was from my younger brother. It is getting old and cranky. It needs to be restarted 3-4 times a day, theSD card unmounts itself once a day, data and WiFi are intermittant ( hence the restarting) and gets hung up just texting. it took 5 tries to even enter text in this comment box And the text lags 2-4 seconds on this fine we site. I do not like my phone but I have a 12 day old baby and am trying to save $$$ where I can. boo hoo bit it is all true.

  • George Sikou

    I’d love to replace either of my parents Blackberry Pearl 8100 or Samsung Propel.

  • Lev

    Can’t afford to buy a new phone because I’m a student… So that could be a great device for me…

  • XopherTaylor

    Because my S3 battery barely lasts half a day.

  • Roger

    I would like to give the phone to my mom to replace her old Galaxy Nexus phone if I win.

  • David Lam

    Excited about the LTE version coming out!

  • rick martin

    I would use it mostly for taking pictures and videos

  • banewall

    It would be super neat to give Motorola a whirl again! I used to have an Atrix 🙂

  • Francis

    I would love to introduce the world of smartphones to my parents with the Moto G LTE!

  • Aaron Arellano

    To give to my brother who is entering college soon and has never owned a cellphone.

  • vanheezy

    So happy they added external memory 🙂 would replace my son’s galaxy ace 2x! !! Please?

  • James Fleetwood

    Great looking phone.

  • Clement L

    This is a decent no-frills smartphone which I would donate to someone needing a phone

  • Daniel Hsieh

    I wanna know how MOTO is changing the Android game without involving themselves in the spec war.

  • bembol

    Honestly, I just want to see if I can actually win a contest. 🙂

  • Ed Lee


  • Adriano Marais

    i would like to win it because its not sold here in south africa and i really love this phone.

  • Ripu Daman

    It’s an amazing device with all new features included in it….
    One thing that makes it different from all other smartphone is it’s budget………

  • ScottfrRobb

    I would be a perfect first smartphone for my mother in law.

  • Jason Tang

    A perfect phone to upgrade too

  • Sarah Conlin

    I would love this phone cause im always on the go. The speed, the network (rogers) and the all day battery would finally allow me to get rid of my dinosaur blackberry!

  • Lincoln Kennedy

    I would like to HAVE a phone. All of you young folks got the best. Time for an old dude to get one!!! LOL.

  • Sandy Woo

    Parents need a phone replacement. Mom’s using an Samsung Nexus S. Dad’s using an Xperia S. Both lag like crazy!

  • Tony sereggela

    I would love this thing. I have a 3 year old S2 and would be an upgrade for me.

  • Jensen J.

    because I need a new phone asap!

  • Aman

    Uhhh… because its an amazing phone… and my real phone is dead so im looking for one.

  • Matt Kim

    It’d be awesome to get such an upgrade after using a single core phone for more than a year. Good promotion.

  • Reckful

    The Moto G LTE is a killer phone. $225 outright is a steal. Free is even better.

  • Amey

    Was planning to buy this pure value for money phone for my dad, just gonna wait for this giveaway to over ..x..Fingers crosseD..x..

  • Daro Lin

    My GS3 is dying on me.

  • A Canadian

    I want to buy one, getting one for free would be a true treat!

  • Doc

    I would use this phone as part of a fiendish plot to take over the world. Using nothing but hamsters, duct tape and a waffle iron! Muhahahahahahahahahaha. How does the phone fit into this, you ask? Mind your own business!

  • tony

    i’m needing to upgrade my smartphone.

  • qwerty

    To have a reliable phone

  • JeffHsiao

    I would like to win it so I can upgrade my wife’s phone!

  • Tony A

    it would be for my partner in crime so “may the odds forever be in my favor”

  • Tim Hunt

    I need a replacement for my aging HTC, and the Moto’s swanky features coupled with near-vanilla android hit the sweet spot.

  • Mohsen

    Cause I love Motorola! And everything about it!

  • Chad

    I’d like to get a moto g lte but I’m currently with Telus and it doesn’t look like they will get it due to the exclusive deal with Rogers and Fido and Motorola isn’t selling it unlocked unfortunately.

  • SeanM

    Motorola makes a good phone. Besides, I could use an upgrade

  • Dhruv Satra

    For me it’s not moto g,its like g+1 ‘expandable storage and LtE at exceptional price cudos moto …i love everything about it,specially the dimple on back!

  • Martin K

    Because no one should still be stuck using a Galaxy Nexus! Damn those three year contracts!

  • sum1butno1

    Motorola’s X has been great for me, I’ve been trying to sell my brother on this phone and he couldn’t very well protest a free trial!

  • Law Mach

    My sons wants a phone and the moto g would be a perfect fit.

  • Ozimba SubZero

    4G….. It just works

  • fudoki

    Because I’d like to win a contest!

  • Colin C

    Would love to upgrade my aging GNex!

  • Jason Datt

    I had the moto x and lost it. I wold love to have the G LTE as a replacement! 😉

  • swapnil

    moto g really looks great and it will be nice gift for my bro….!

  • Revinjan Francisco

    It would make my year winning a brand new phone like a moto g

  • Ranger_X

    New phone please.

  • Jenn E

    I would love to finally own a touchscreen phone

  • Andy Liebermann

    This would be a great new phone to replace my current buggy old android

  • Denis Toska

    i hope win is a fantastic smartphone simply and fast

  • Sylvain

    Because it’s a GREAT phone and I need it!

  • jo ruer

    Moto G is a one smartest phone and it would be nice to gift it to my best friend <3

  • Brian A

    Love to replace my old S2x with this phone!

  • Debbie

    Please let me win love moto phones first phone i had and would love to upgrade to newest one please pick me. Rogers custom

  • Olga Khou

    That Would Be The First Smartphone For My Mother 🙂

  • Swibble

    Moto g is a really cool phone

  • KTBM

    Can people in the US win?

  • Cole Slater

    Best reason out there I think to get off a crapy iPhone 4s. IPhones are just no good

  • Jeff Chan

    My friend has a Galaxy Ace II x. Can’t put a new phone in his budget and is saving up to get through med school. Wanted to get him a new phone as a gift as his is always having problems.

  • Russell Hardy

    I would like to win this phone because I have never owned a Motorola phone before, and its got really decent specs for an entry level phone.

  • jake dale

    MY trucker dad to replace his curve 9300 he needs a good battery screen and google now to help him out this phone will be perfect to transition him over to the smartphone era

  • Charly

    it would be a gift for my GF 🙂

  • Debbie Bashford

    this would be my first cell phone and I am familiar with the Motorola name

  • JuanGab

    Because I’m bored with my old phone and I love Motorola.

  • John W

    Like to try the moto to see if motorola still one of the best quality phone

  • Chris Smith

    Moto G with expandable memory and LTE would be AWESOME!!

  • Keith

    This would be a perfect first phone for my daughter.

  • Cannabis Highway

    I love Moto and would love to win a new phone. This is no more, no less than what I need as a daily driver.

  • valentín

    I’d love to have this phone because in my country have it hard, thanks

  • tickman

    This would be great to upgrade to an LTE phone

  • Luuthian

    Simple, I want a stock Android phone, or as close as i can get. This will easily fit the bill 🙂

  • Jacek Nykiel

    Girls got a G spot I’d love to have that as well using Moto G!!!

  • Damon Rose

    I’d love to ] give it to my best friend who needs a phone

  • Neal T

    I love to win this phone to hook up my pops with an upgrade.

  • Yixiong Rang

    a gift form my wife 😉

  • Matteo

    I want this phone for myself as a music phone. With that SD card slot, I can put all my music on it!. My current Moto G (Which is amazing) will go to a friend, desperately in need of a smartphone.

  • Jay Prabakaran

    Moto G!

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    hope it becomes my first smartphone

  • @thekenwong

    i would use it as my dedicated @mobilesyrup phone for all things mobilesyrup releated

  • Jack_de_Bean

    I was just telling my boy about how good this phone is and he might get lucky 😉

  • Bébe Bwoy

    I am interested to see how Motorola matches up against Samsungs devices and using the Android operating system. I also have my eyes on the Moto 360 smart watch. I don’t only like to coordinate my wardrobe. Coordination is key.

  • Nelson Vieira

    Would love a Moto G. I’m sick of Sammy bloatware.

  • thePUSH

    It would be perfect for my daughter!

  • TheRegDunlop

    Does I not get picked because of the blood on my face? I’ll come clean, that is not really me.

  • Leon

    It would be be an upgrade to my phone where the audio jack is broken and camera screen cracked.

  • Kemp Gambit

    Winning a phone from mobilesyrup is on my bucket list, make it happen pretty please.

  • Matthew Turgeon-Ross

    Looking into getting my first smartphone

  • Roberta

    I really need a phone like this!

  • xrevolution

    New phone… why not?

  • Howard Chu

    Bang for the buck with its specification and the closest thing to the Google NEXUS experience.

  • enoughletshavefun

    Because I’d love to gift my boyfriend a Moto G so we can stay in touch the best way possible.

  • Allan Moulding

    I currently don’t have a cell phone and this one is a good value.

  • Sholland

    I’d love to get this phone. Thank you for the contest!

  • Sylent Syd

    i enjoy trying out different Android phones. I’ve had a Samsung Galaxy S II and an LG Nexus 4 so far…

  • Jan Eckert

    I need a new phone, because the speaker is broken at the moment and its very bad if your cellphones main function don’t work ^^.

  • Debbie

    I like moto please pick me i need need phone please please

  • Jason van de Laar

    If I win this I could replace my RAZR V!

  • debbxcity

    I’d love to give this to my 63 year old father who we’d love to stay connected with .

  • Jenni Barreca

    uuuuuh It’s amazing!!!I love Moto is easy to use, and it’s so powerful! I hope win it 😀

  • Andy Un

    For my girlfriend

  • NeXXium

    have the moto g without LTE and i love it, no bloatwear feels nice in your hand, but i am missing the speeds of LTE

  • Asmita Sharma

    Well I want this phone bcoz I would like to experience how does it feels to have my own android phone
    all my friends even my dad uses android but I am the only one who doesn’t have any
    so I hope to win MOTO G

  • Canadian2014

    My contract is up and I would like to go the prepaid route. A phone would help out

  • no_one11

    Nuthin’ but a g Thang

  • Law Mach

    My 11 yr son is begging for his first phone. We are buying the moto g if we do not win this one. Good luck to everyone!

  • Immortal

    I could use a phone with LTE!

  • Faye W.

    I need a new phone!

  • Newfdogg

    o.k. 🙂

  • Daniel2682

    This contest ends today! Oh wait, one more day…. Anyways, I would like a chance to play with this new Moto G LTE phone. I will play it forward (like I do with my other electronics) and donate it to charity afterwards. I’ve been donating my older computers/cellphones and other electronic devices to Big Brothers and Developmental Disabilities whenever I upgrade.

  • Svetlana L

    I used to have a Motorola phone and i love it… Why not to try this one 🙂 I love the specs:)

  • YourPalRob

    It would be for my 8 year old daughter as a safety phone.

  • Aniarmhi

    The Moto G is a gorgeous little phone – packs a punch well above its pricing, and I would love to be lucky enough to own one.

  • Fred Ting

    good phone for a great price!

  • alvin

    need to support Android.

  • J. Wong

    Would love a Moto G.

  • James

    I don’t own a cellphone.

  • wcse

    My phone’s several years old

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    hope that this becomes my first smartphone

  • Adrian Maendel

    I have a MotoX, and I really like what Motorola’s doing. Near stock android, timeless design, modern specs, yet still boasts great battery life. I’d be giving this phone to my vision-impaired friend, who’s currently using an older galaxy ace.

  • Debbie

    Please please like moto phones always good and i need upgrade please pick me

  • AJKahn

    I’m going to use it as a spare after selling my N4 and waiting on the LG G3 better contract offer. 🙂

  • Wic88

    I badly need an upgrade to my Moto Atrix. I hope I win.

  • Bons

    I’ve never used Moto before and want to try this brand. It’s also time to upgrade my phone.

  • smcell

    because my iphone 4s no longer works and its a year old!!!. I want to move into the android world please !!!

  • Faheem Ahmad Ansari

    Moto G is the best budget andriod phone with good specs…it will serve as a great replacement for my old phone.

  • Ferooz

    I like to win this one for sure 🙂 please be kind of enough

  • Triplelungs

    amazing phone

  • SandyT

    I would love to try an Android phone and see what the hype is about! Great contest. 🙂

  • Rhiney Maceachern

    i love this phone and id love to own one

  • Colton Blumhagen

    It will be a great phone because it’s not super expensive, so it can be a good emergency phone for the car.

  • Nick Hiltz

    I would like to win this Moto-G smartphone to try something different and I think it is time to try a motorola again. I have not had a moto phone since my old motorola v60 and before that I had a digital startac

  • Rimz

    I would love this phone for my mom as it would be her first smartphone

  • jpchow26

    My fiancee needs to replace her aging Galaxy Nexus!

  • Renault Cartier

    because I like to try new phones by myself

  • G Nunchuk

    Would love to get back with Motorola. Looks like a great piece.

  • Brad Mebus

    Because its the best in its price by far!

  • Stephen M. Williams

    I would love to give this to my wife as a replacement for her old S4 on our 15th anniversary mid month.

  • MFreeze

    Because my current phone is on it’s way to the garbage.

  • Jonathan G.

    Because it is an excellent phone and would love to use it as a backup phone if mine were to break.

  • Colin Brown

    I would like to win this contest ’cause my BB Z10 is dying a slow painful death.

  • Dario Šebeni

    I would like to give it to my friend who went to work in Canada from Croatia as a truck driver.

  • Rory

    Because it’s purdy.

  • sergey

    it would be an amazing gift to give my mom on her birthday

  • Hao Quan

    It would be great to win a prize in July 1st

  • Anthony C.

    I would love to win this because my current phone is an 8 year old Samsung flip phone. :p

  • Dominic S

    It’s light years better than my phone!

  • frostythesnowman

    To try out android on a skin-free device

  • Lisa

    This is the best phone I’ve used. It’s fast, clear, and not “huge” like most of the android phones available today. A+!

  • Wasim

    Love the moto g, would love to get it for my dad.

  • Paul

    My wife always gets my hand me down phones…currently she has a cracked screen. It would be awesome to give her a new one of her own.

  • Andrew English

    My BlackBerry is on it’s last legs that I need to replace it something nicer like the Moto G! 🙂

  • Joe Vinson

    I could really use it. My phone is dead, and I can’t afford a new one. I am disabled and on a fixed income. I’ve heard great things about this phone as well!

  • Brian

    My SGS3 is tapping out. My needs work social life is to much for it to handle and so it’s taking the cowards way out.

  • shinsnyper

    I need a new phone 🙁 my S3 keeps on turning off by itself. lol

  • Viktor Osobik

    I have to reset my phone every day; a new phonr would be great haha!

  • Deebs Bruin

    This would be a great low cost phone. I would love to win it!

  • meuhland

    Need a new Android phone, GF dropped mine and it’s been wonky since.

  • JulianC

    Not a fan of those gigantic android phones so this one’s perfect!! would love to win one 🙂

  • Paul Hicken

    I would give this phone to my wife so she could replaced her dying iPhone 4!

  • Melissa Rideough

    My Samsung Galaxy S3 is on its last legs, so this would be nice for me to win. 🙂 Love Android phones!!

  • Chris Kraemer

    I like new things

  • Dan

    Great great phone …

  • Jeni Keddy-Rodriguez

    My son could use a new phone since he currently uses a hand me down. This would be a great upgrade!

  • Mark M

    Why would I love to have it?…..Ummmm maybe cause it’s free who doesn’t like free stuff !

  • Kareem Rahaman

    Would love an android as a long time iPhone owner.

  • James

    My phone is incredibly old and needs replacing bad. Heard only good things about this one.

  • Jason

    Love to have one for LiquidSmooth development.

  • Vestaloyne

    This is going to be a wonderful b-day gift for my better half as I currently have not the funds to purchase a device outright. It’d be a nice surprise to upgrade her RAZR HD.

  • Joe E

    Birthday present for my nephew

  • Dave N.

    I love a reasonably priced phone. I’d be proud to carry a Moto G.

  • Edmond Panopio

    Be my first smartphone

  • Mktcrasher

    I am rocking an old Razr HD, so this would be a nice new phone for me.

  • Peter

    I would give it too my mother if I won it, she needs one

  • Melody

    Would love to go back to android after using ios.

  • moot

    Likely has better battery life than my Nexus 4… and the speaker wont pop every time I click a UI element ;__;

  • Matthew van Amstel

    It would replace my very disappointing One Touch Idol X

  • Max T.

    I would love to replace the buggy HTC desire of my girlfriend

  • Tuan Nguyen Luong

    Hello Moto!

    I wouldd love to have the Moto G LTE!

  • kyle brodie

    About a month ago, my wife lost her nexus 4 that I got her for her bday last year. Gave her my old Galaxy Nexus but with the crappy battery, I also had to order her the extended battery. That was all great until she dropped the phone and shattered the screen. Had plans to switch to Wind once our contracts expire near year end. Instead I had to call Robbers, I mean Rogers to get a new phone and negotiate new plans. At least if I won the phone I might be able to get a BYOD discount. Already going to be paying $60 more a month than I wanted to with Wind. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!

  • Mit Mehta

    Nicw phone. Wish I can have it.

  • Arcsvibe

    Would love to get this for the wife who really needs an upgrade 🙂 Good luck to all. Looks like a really interesting phone. Cheers MobileSyrup!

  • gixxer18

    I want to upgrade my Mom’s phone. She’s been using an old LG for close to 4 years now and the thing’s coming apart. It’d be a great gesture and awesome gadget to add to the family!

  • Stereo

    I’d just love to have such a good phone!

  • Steph

    This phone actually sounds really good! I’ve never been much of a Motorola fan but my phone is conking out and lagging so much I have to wait so long for anything to open or close that a new phone would be amazing right now.

  • Eli

    I wanna experience pure Android

  • descalera181

    I need a phone whose battery lasts all day. No need to watch movies or play games.

  • APats

    My screen is smashed and can barely do anything on it. This took me 10 mins to type out. Save my now bloodied fingers.

  • Natalie

    The phone I have desperately needs to be updated. 175MB of internal memory doesn’t get you very far!

  • Edgar

    my phone was recently lost(stolen?, misplaced?) and now i have no phone 🙁 no money to buy a new one either cause school is destroying me … this would really help out!

  • Jasmin Bouchard


  • David Thomas

    I would like to give the phone to my daughter for graduation so she can call me when she is away.

  • Michel Yeager

    My Samsung Galaxy S3 just died and I can’t afford a new phone. Being poor sucks!

  • Nick Bransford

    My iPhone 4 (4, not 4S even) is over 3 years old and can a) barely hold a charge, b) is appallingly slow, c) hangs and crashes with more than a couple apps “open”, d) drops cellular and data signals at will, e) is cracked to the point that it hurts to put it against my cheek…. The list goes on.

    Time for a new phone, but the budget does not allow for it. So… Free phone, please?

  • Chris garcia

    This would be an amazing phone to give to my grandma. she is so someone that doesn’t know how to use the latest phones. And with this phone i know that google phones are always the best and most reliable. And i would sleep better at night knowing she has a phone that i know she can use and one that i have the best confidence in her learning and always able to use with no issues. Hope i win this thanks.

  • Elmer Claveria

    Been wanting this.. I always wanted a near Google experience. Plus you get the premium feel of the MOTO G casing 😀

  • Peter Holowatenko

    I’m close to moving off of iOS TO Android and the Moto G looks like a sweet handset.

  • anatomy

    I’ve been a BlackBerry guy for years and strayed a few times to try apple and Samsung devices. I’d love to give Android a try again to see if they’ve refined that clunky OS

  • d3v14n7

    This phone would be perfect for my 14 year old niece who has been begging my sister (her mother) for a “phone that doesn’t suck” (her words, not mine)! And with her birthday coming up in a couple weeks (July 13th, 2 days after mine), it would make an excellent gift to replace her current Blackberry Bold 9700 (her father’s old phone)…

  • Vinnay (Vince) Ram

    Count me in, my BB is dying!

  • William

    It’s has LTE, SD Card slot and KitKat 🙂

  • Lakh Jhajj


  • ps4rh

    I’d like to return to the Android fold after dropping my Galaxy

  • Sanjot Grewal

    It would be very helpful as i am currently trying to switch phones!

  • Krishean Draconis

    I would love to have the Moto G LTE!

  • François Julien

    That would be my first android phone

  • kruion

    I wish to give to my mother for an emergency phone… She would be thrilled.

  • L Morrison

    Love the Moto G and with LTE it’s even better!!!

  • squirrel_masher

    I never bothered using a cell phone camera much as the upload was too long/lost resolution and the slow processors made post-processing painful, but the Moto G with LTE would sure fix those issues. Bring on the summer and let me capture the fun!

  • James Kato

    My wife needs a new phone as she broke her Samsung feature phone a few months ago.

  • Dylan Foss

    i’d love the Moto G because it is a prime example of a great smartphone at a cheap price. honestly kind of jealous of my girlfriend who has this phone lol

  • Shane Gibbs

    It would be the replacement of the iPhone that my work has volentold me to carry for the past 6 months. I want my ingress back and my KitKat and my widgets and my custom themes….. Aaarrrrgggghhhhhh……

  • Bizzaresupes

    My girlfriend needs a upgraded phone, this would be nice. I’ll throw my name into that digital hat for this sexy looking phone

  • Nish

    I’d like the Moto G LTE to replace my old HTC Desire. Thank you 🙂

  • velvetk

    Simple and effective.

  • mary

    My phone isn’t lte capable

  • waltafari

    I would like a Moto G so that I can tell the world what a great phone it is!

  • JA

    Recently broke my phone.. would be cool if i won this!

  • Debbie

    I would like to win moto i always liked there phones time for upgrade pick me please please need upgrade

  • Marco Occhionero

    Id love to win the phone, so i could give it to my best friend , as a present 🙂

  • thomasjpower

    Would love to have a nice new phone!

  • Byron33196

    I need to replace my Windows phone

  • Simon

    Would be awesome as a gift for someone

  • Joseph

    All I can say is Mobilesyrup is the only site I need for tech news in the mobile industry all else is just glorified crap compared to it

  • MikieSATX

    I’ll take it

  • Srinivas Yarlagadda

    Cool phone

  • Glenn Nugent

    My wife is still running my old gio, the Moto G would be a huge step up.

  • brick_house

    Motorola has made some great phones. Time to replace mine to get a current version of Android!

  • Joshua G

    I love android phones!! I would marry Miss Android! 🙂

  • Mišel Čupković

    My mother just loves it!

  • Jason Macdonald

    I could use one

  • Joe Arslanian

    My girlfriends cell is getting old.

  • Michael Lisetto-Smith

    Time to replace the HTC Desire and finally get a version of Android above 2.3

  • Pascal Trottier

    Perfect phone for my son!

  • Mike Lemmy Monner

    Currently I am using my BB Torch which is my backup phone but it’s getting pretty old. Time for something newer and faster.

  • Michael Jensen

    Would like this to replace my much loved HP Veer. Love it but it’s having more and more difficulty connecting to various services.

  • Robbie Elias

    I really need a phone right now!!

  • nemir1977

    Need to update my current gs3

  • Annie Ru

    Would love to have you again

  • John Hallanger

    It would be the perfect back up phone.

  • dcc77

    My Nexus 4 just died on me!

  • docashhosale

    I’d love the Moto G so as to be up-to-date with the latest Android OS.

  • antonio

    Thanks for the chance to get one, appreciated!!!!

  • roc

    It’s good to see Motorola back at it… They had some of the best phones back in the day.

  • Auzzy

    We would love to win a free Moto G. This would be for my wife, who is still using a very old Samsung “feature phone.”

  • ShawnMerrikin

    Would give to 12 year old daughter who wants/needs (she’s a walker) a phone before going to new school next year. I will most likely buy her a moto G as they are probably the best entry phone.

  • Awol Adict

    I would love this phone because im using a cracked evo 4g and boy do I not like it.

  • Larry Lamoureux

    Would be nice to replace my dieing s3!

  • Matthew

    Moto G is awesome, now I want the Moto G LTE that is even more so!

  • ahho

    Well time to upgrade my dad to a smart phone

  • Speng

    MOTO G. I can finally rid myself of the iphone 3gs as my daily.

  • Peter C.

    My iPhone 4S is dying

  • BigBossInCanada

    Want a Moto G!!

  • Richard Parker

    My wife needs a new phone!

  • Brian Breit

    I need a new phone and this would be the perfect choise

  • Dylan Williams

    To keep my wife( And therefore me ) sane.

  • Marcello Pulitano

    It’s good to have a new phone!

  • somecoolgal

    some guy dropped my phone in the toilet.

  • Matt Welke

    My current phone’s battery lasts about 8 hours and I’d love one that I’d only have to charge at night before I go to bed! #luxury

  • Altan Uludag

    I need to replace my daughter’s broken iPhone with a real smart phone.

  • Abdurrashid Bin-Siradj Mamacot

    for boasting purposes lol

  • Frank Occhino

    Love Motorola products. My droid has been good to me over the years. Time for an upgrade.

  • umhhmm

    Always liked Motorola the moto G would b GREAT !

  • Jagadeesh Rayala

    Never say no to a new phone 🙂

  • Ronaldo Pardilla

    It’s a good budget phone for my parents.

  • Craig Lawrence

    Id love to try Motorola again. I keep hearing good reviews.

  • simon

    I would love to have this phone mainly because my first phone ever was a Motorola. I would like to know what Motorola phones offer these days.

  • Michael C

    This would be an awesome phone to give as a gift for my parents. Can’t go wrong with a Moto G.

  • Dave Dman

    I would live to get the Moto G because I am a fan of Motorola. Thanks.

  • Adi Dima

    I would love to have this phone because I love its simplicity 🙂

  • Adi Dima

    I would love to have this phone because I love its simplicity 🙂

  • Demetrio Carrara

    I’d like to change my old phone!

  • wadael

    Because it costs the price of a digitizer+LCD for my N5. That I would use a web server if I get a G as replacement

  • SoB

    because its canada day? does that work?

  • Daman Dang

    Want it for my dad as his first smartphone!

  • Anand seshadri

    best of luck every one

  • Dave Johnson

    Would love to replace my aging HTC Sensation

  • Justin Brooks

    I’d like to win the phone because I like you guys.

  • skhekare

    wow want this now

  • Sushil Santhosh

    i would like to replace my cheap Nokia Lumia 520 windows phone with this MotoG… i m fedup with windows platform which doesnot have proper apps and games for free…. i would love to win this MotoG and give my lumia 520 to my mom….

  • Baby

    This would be sweet!

  • Evan Thomas

    I’d love to have this phone. the moto assist seems like an invaluable feature!

  • John Tran

    Honestly can’t afford a new phone for my wife. Would be awesome to replace her broken Note 2.

  • Steeve Francillon

    Nice lil gift

  • Bogdan Dumitrescu

    It would be my second beloved phone after first Moto g non LTE

  • Scott Tutskey

    The Moto G is reviewed to be a great phone. I could use one to replace my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Amandeep Singh

    I need latest Android experience

  • Aaron Anderson

    Why would I love to win this phone..? Simple because i’m tired Razor Maxx that i’m carrying around… I could use the upgrade on a phone.

  • Ossamaguendi

    It will be a gift to my mother on her birthday

  • Erik


  • spacr

    My mother needs to join team android

  • Ossamaguendi

    it will be a gift for my mother on her birthday

  • openfyre

    My partner needs a new phone and money’s tight, this would make a sweet birthday gift!


    The design and the concept is amazing. I also like how attainable this phone is. Most unique concept for sure.

  • TemplarofLTE

    I could give the Moto G LTE to my brother, who is woefully using an outdated 3G-only phone. 🙂

  • marcus

    I would love a moto g but what makes me different from all the other people asking for one, nothing. Anyone would enjoy a free smartphone but, I do enjoy the chance to win the moto g. Thanks for providing us with the newest information in technology

  • chuck

    I have been hearing nothing but good comments about the Moto G during my research on smartphones. I have never owned a smartphone. And could not afford one being on disability income.

  • Brandon Abram

    Would love to evaluate and possibly give to a family member.

  • Usman

    Love what motorola has done with the device. Compact, smooth and stock android

  • Brad Jensen

    I’m still on Gingerbread..

  • Guest

    my mum just broke the glass on her screen, would be nice to get her a new phone

  • Leifer

    Yes please, my faithful S3 is starting to show its years (2) of abuse.

  • west465

    Better late than never…

  • Jason

    In it with 5 minutes to spare? Never had a Motorola but I’ve heard good things! Vanilla Android instead of my usual touchwiz would be awesome!

  • Jody Ruttan

    I”ve been needing a phone upgrade for quite some time now.

  • Terry Holmgren

    Great phone

  • Pico

    It will be for my dearest one. She will love it.

  • Markootch

    I’ll take it!

  • Daniel Pasut

    I’d love to win and give it to my sister, she’s currently stuck with an iphone 4 that barely works..

  • Syanth Param

    :/ Got my previous phone stolen… so I hope for a worthy successor to my Galaxy SII

  • Jesse

    I want one! Am I too late?

  • Erik Christiansen

    I would love to have this phone for development purposes since it’s such a well supported device.

  • Stephanie Mac Isaac

    My hubby could really use a new phone, and a smart one at that

  • Russell

    I would love to finally try a decent android phone that isn’t covered in crap (aka samsung). I have some real respect for what Moto is trying to do.

  • Riley McNeal

    Great phone

  • Tomi Les

    Nice to have the latest phone and android experience

  • jattsober

    I’ve heard a lot about this phone

  • Andrew Nemirovsky

    Need to replace my. Old phone

  • Chaudhari Basharat

    As of today Moto G mobile is top selling in GTA and Canada wide.It is because of total full package that mobile users need all the time.With microSD card, and loaded with Android OS 4.4.3 , every one like this system and best camera.I wish I have one Moto G.

  • Peter Pann

    Seeing as How I’ve gotta buy a new Public Mobile phone to access the new network since Telus took over, this is an improvement over the model they offer with the mentioned “boost up in cellular speed, added in a microSD card, and loaded it up with Android OS 4.4.3 KitKat.” And winning a free one would make it that much sweeter!

  • Rashminder Pal

    i will flaunt my style with cool accessories 😉

  • Moe Jaber

    I would like it for my 11 year old sister as a gift
    for fasting almost 30days

  • @joomoola

    The Moto G would be for my mom in her mid 60s who currently has an old Driod 2 that is having screen and keyboard problems. She has recently been diagnosed with acute diverticulitis and needs a trustworthy phone in-hand in case she has another bout that makes her sick and not able to reach her home phone for emergency phone calls to myself or my dad. Diverticulitis can be life-threatening, so this would very possibly be a life-saving device. Thank you

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    any winners if not then please be me

  • Anand Verma

    because its the best phone at this price!

  • Angieeee

    I have never had a Motorola phone, and I have heard mixed reviews about them, would love to test it out myself!

  • Steve Andrew

    Would love to win this good looking phone for my friend Terry, she has HTC Desire from a year and really isn’t happy with it, the sound is not good, even when swapping it for an “sound” app that was recommended.
    She would be thrilled to have a new phone, but stuck with this dud for another year under contract at Fido.

  • Sarah Moon

    The cam pics look much better than my current smartphone and it looks tough enough to get dropped a few times without complaining.. =)


    replacement for my iphone4

  • Ian Su

    I want one so that I can write a review about this phone.

  • Justin Cates

    Yes Please!

  • Abdi Mohamed

    ( a spooky voice saying the following between 11am and 12pm lol )
    May the the phone appear in my hand…………..
    I have family to call from far away with a plan that’s perfect with this device.
    Good luck to all who enter!

  • Awol Adict

    I would love to win it to replace my broken HTC evo.

  • damitha rathnamalala

    i like because it’s a cool phone

  • Guest

    Moto G simply looks awesome and from your review a force to be reckoned with

  • peacockscanfly

    this looks like a phone with some good potential possibilities

  • Lei Han

    Cool. I want it to upgrade my current one.

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    dude when would my losing streak ever come to end
    fed up of loosing everytime