Samsung Galaxy Note 2, S3, S4 Mini and Mega upgrade to KitKat now available to download


  • outburst

    appreciated, but I’m sure the change will be underwhelming.

  • Chris

    Just got it this morning. No issues, no real changes.

  • eszklar

    Probably not going to happen. I have an International N-7000 and have tried CarbonRom and now OmniROM for Kitkat. Otherwise, there’s always CyanogenMod 11 Kitkat.

  • HiKsFiles

    Real question is : is the bootloader locked !?

  • Hail Eff

    After finally being able to download it onto my GS3, I must say…I’ve waited so long for it, I don’t really give a crap about it anymore and just want it to hurry up and finish downloading so I can get back to what I was doing. That’s the only thing I extremely dislike about Android.

    • greenlink23

      “that’s the only thing I extremely dislike about SAMSUNG.”

      fixed that for you

    • Hail Eff

      Lol that’s actually what I meant. I know many Android companies aren’t that bad

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      Have you ever tried to update an iPhone? it is the same, you can’t use the phone while the update is being installed, what is worst with iPhones is that you have to plug it to your pc cause the update is done via itunes so:

      1.- itunes will tell you there is an update for you phone but only if the phone is connected,
      2.- then it will download it
      3.- it will transfer and install the update

      Pretty much the same only that with Android phone you get tu use the phone at least while the download is being done. And you don’t need to plug the phone to your computer or Mac to get it.

    • Hail Eff

      That’s not what I was implying. I was saying I’ve waited so long for Samsung to release the update for it that I don’t care about it any longer.

    • Lion5

      With these incremental updates, you are not missing much as far as features. It’s good that it’s finally here but I no longer worry about updates until something significant comes along such as 5.0.

    • WatDah

      Completely false. iOS updates are over the air. Yes, you can’t do anything till it finish updating, but that’s obvious, it’s a system update.

      1. It tells you there’s an update in settings.
      2. Download the update, in the mean time you can do whatever you want.
      3. install the update, takes about 3 min, then phone automatically restarts. Done.

      Get your facts straight before hating.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      not hating anything just talking about my own experience, I never received OTA notifications, good thing for those on iphones.

    • gem

      Apple invented OTA, other just followed.

    • Matteo Caratozzolo

      Apple didn’t invent OTA updates. Blackberry a good example and even Blackberry didn’t invent the concept.

  • Jason

    I see a lot of negative threads about kitkat….valid complaints or Android haters?

    Should I be upgrading my Note 2, I feel like I already see most of the features on my phone now…what will I miss out on?

    • bitemark

      I would wait and see what kind of battery life people are getting out of it. I’m currently on Ditto Note 3, which is a decent ROM, but still largely in beta, and I think I might drop back to the official ROM once it’s been tested, since I don’t use any of the extra features.

    • Steve

      I am getting not bad battery life on day 1 after kitkat update on my Galaxy S3 over 8 hrs so far and 55 % battery left …I was averaging about 12 hrs with normal use before kitkat.

    • Jason

      Thanks for the replies guys…..I think I’ll stick to ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’. I haven’t seen a single feature that makes me need to upgrade.

    • enrai05

      I’m on KitKat for a couple of days now on GS3 and found that the battery life is actually better. If I close all the open apps and clear the memory, I can get as low as 503mb of RAM used. That’s after I reboot the phone, didn’t do any factory reset or anything that will erase my phone’s data. The lowest number I’ve got was 600+MB before that.

      Overall, I’m happy with the upgrade.

    • Brandon B Glasgow

      Absolutely ruined my battery life. Even after a factory reset. System sucks down 50% of the juice

  • JaySea

    My S3 is running at 569Mo of RAM so really good 1st point! instead of previious ~750-800Mo…
    You can now install the new camera app from google!
    new version of KNOX

    • Gregg Wilson

      Haven’t had a chance to work through it all yet, but I’m still running at ~1 GB of RAM. Why is your’s so low? I haven’t factory reset yet, but will now that I’m up to 4.4.2

    • JaySea

      I didn’t factory reset, working hard to keep my RAM low ^_^

  • josh6025

    I’ve got the update on my Bell Note 2.

  • Tpickles

    Im running DittoNote 3 on my note 2 there is a lot of awesome features on it including Air Command

    • bitemark

      What version of DN3 are you running? I’m running the beta 2 of V4 (this is getting complicated!) and the only thing I don’t like is if I set the phone to mute with the power menu, and I get an incoming call, it knocks it out of mute mode and the phone starts ringing (and all the other sounds start working too).

    • Tpickles

      Same version, I have never set the mute in the power menu i always let ITTT set it for me when i am at work or change the setting in the notification tray. I cant say i have ever had it randomly change the sound profile on me.

    • bitemark

      Hrm. I have Profile Scheduler for that kind of thing, I just tested Silent Mode and it seems to work fine. I only use the Power Menu because it’s less clicks, I don’t even have to unlock the phone. Still, good to know, especially for meetings/movies.

  • Justan Stanman Biccum

    Downloading now!!

  • Paul

    Does the upgrade also come with an update to S Note? The automatic syncing with Evernote on my Note 10.1 2014 is extremely useful.

  • Rawrrr

    I got 4.4.2 months ago.. What the? With Rogers and stock rom.

  • 5Gs

    Don’t upgrade it. You’ll face significance challenges.

    • JTon

      You should elaborate for the less mighty

    • 5Gs

      Well lets just say my personal experience was not good at all. Battery life shrink bit too much ( i am the one who use to brag about my note 2 battery about how long it last ) Also my signals start going up and down meanings no more solid signals.

      In my case i regretted it. The only benefit i had with kitkat upgrade is that it was easy to sell. Now I got myself BB Z10.

      That’s just my personal experience. All i can say that if you are happy with your phone and there is no issues at all. Then don’t care about upgrading.

  • Mike L

    Note 2 user here.
    I’ve tried to hold out for as long as I could, but I just couldn’t.
    I told myself I would stay stock, and use the updates provided by the carrier.

    I caved and flashed a custom. Best decision ever.

    The wait for a carrier update was unbearable. And every time there was an update, it seemed to make my battery life worse.

    • bitemark

      This is why I ended up going with Ditto Note 3. I do wish I hadn’t voided the Knox warranty, but I’ll likely use this phone well past the warranty life.

  • Cottonswab

    Upgraded this morning via Kies3. So far so good. Going through everything now.

  • bitemark

    Sammobile had the Note 2 firmware already, you could probably grab it from them. Though you’ll probably have to re-root it, and if you haven’t had to deal with Knox security yet, you most likely will have to now.

    • bitemark

      Unfortunately, once you install KitKat (and 4.3 as well, at least on the Note 2), the second you replace the kernel or the recovery software, the Knox e-fuse gets tripped and cannot be reset. So unless you rooted it another way, it’s most likely tripped.

      The good news is this only voids your warranty, and if you’re running an S3, your warranty has most likely run out anyway.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Fido also reporting update available today

    Update:the upgrade went just fine. After a few minutes I decided to reboot the devices as google play was still reporting the device at 4.3, probably cause the update completed after the phone rebooted and I was not patient enough to wait for the phone to update the info on google servers. But a restart did it.

  • bitemark

    I’ve tried OmniROM on another device, and it was great! You should give it a try, as per eszklar.

  • Devin Deevey

    Has anyone heard of anything for the Videotron variant of the S3? SGH-T999v.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      not available yet

  • Mohammed Faizan

    They took away the feature of being able to hide apps in the app drawer. With each update they seem to take away features

    • Jeff

      Just use a third party launcher? No rooting required. The Touchwiz launcher has always been substandard.

    • Mohammed Faizan

      I have tried using other launchers before I just never really liked them. My point was that samsung just seems to keep removing features as they update. Removed the Mobile Data toggle when they pushed the 4.3 update out.

  • theycallmeWat?

    Just updated on Telus. Not noticing much difference. But I do like the transparent notification bar!

    UPDATE: after the update on my S3 I’m no longer able to make a call – as soon as I try the phone freezes and then reboots. I can receive calls but not make them. Anyone else having this same issue? I’m not rooted and generally haven’t done much to customize it, other than installing the Google Now Launcher.

    • Clean Toronto

      back up your stuff and do a factory reset. Settings – Backup & reset. Should fix the problem.

    • theycallmeWat?

      Thanks buddy it fixed the freezing/reboot issue but now it just gives me an ‘out of service area’ message when I try to place a call (but oddly enough I can receive calls). Called Telus and they weren’t much help. Said it’s a hardware issue and to send the phone back to Samsung, but it’s out of warranty so they will probably charge. Oh well thanks anyways!

      Update 2: Ended being the SIM card that was the problem. Replaced it with a new one and everything’s running smooth on 4.4.2.

  • msb77

    Mine was going quite slow for a while..and the upgrade helped a lot to fix this, very happy right now.

  • Charles Adams

    What about the T mobile S3 when will that update be coming?

    • Devin Deevey

      That’s the t999v,same as videotron and wind I believe. Since its not out yet it’ll probably be another day or 2.

  • ASH

    I just upgraded my SGS4 Mini on the Bell network. It took a while, and the battery juice was almost done, by the time I completed the upgrade. Nothing much in the improvement department in terms of UI apart from the lock screen camera key, but there are a number of tweaks in terms of functionality, such as enhanced battery life, which I am yet to validate.

    • dhruv kaushik

      is this for gt-i9190?

  • Clean Toronto

    I literally just installed Cyanogenmod 11 on my S3 about a week ago. What are the pros/cons of this official update vs CM11?

  • Bobby678

    From SamMobile: The update brings over the traditional KitKat features and changes, including better performance, white status bar icons, full-screen album art and a camera shortcut on the lockscreen, wireless printing support, expanded emojis, closed captions, ability to select the default messaging and launcher apps, camera shortcut and advanced location control and a few Samsung-specific features like KNOX 2.0, official support for the Gear 2

  • Damon Rose

    Oh hell yes! Can’t wait to get home and get updated.

  • monsterduc1000

    I did the update last night and all is well. Battery life seems about the same right now, phone seems a bit smoother, s note force close glitch was fixed.

    This with Nova Launcher is AMAZING!!!

  • Kristi Brown

    Not showing up on my Galaxy 3S?

  • Sonia Lumba

    in my phone galxy s4 update showing>>>>pls help..i want kitkat

  • Kerri Raymond

    I’ve had Kit Kat for one day and it’s done nothing to help my galaxy note 2 when the goddamn thing is plugged in and I use Netflix or Pandora or any kind of internet my phone just drains right in front of me even when it’s plugged in. …I’ve got a new phone and a new battery from Verizon and I still can’t use my phone properly they need to upgrade me to a galaxy 3 without asking for money from me …I’ve only had the phone since December it worked for less than a month before they put in that upgrade and the upgrade is not my fault I have insurance on this phone and they owe me a new cell phone that works properly! I’m tired of Verizon and Samsung blaming each other for the problem so that neither one of them has to deal with the customer and fix it. they should take my phone back as a return and give me the note 3…prove you guys actually give a s*** about the customers cause we don’t believe you do. what I see is a very large company who only cares about their own pockets! that goes for Samsung Verizon, AT&T or any other one of these companies!

    • Lion5

      Somebody call a wambulance. Last I recall most came to this Canadian site for news on the Canadian release of Kit Kat on Canadian providers. Who cares what Verizon does?

      I have no problems with my Note II whatsoever. There seems to be no pleasing some people. I think some people just whine and complain hoping someone along the chain will give them a new phone. I see it every day on many forums.

      I guess some of us have no luck. Woe is me. How come I purchased several phones outright and never experience these “problems” where I start ranting and whining about how they should give me a new phone?

      Again, who cares what Verizon does. Seriously.

      Kit Kat runs fine on my Note II. It’s not a big update as far as visual appearance or front-end features but it works.

    • Kerri Raymond

      Are you some kind of an a****** or something do you really think that anybody gives a s*** what your opinion is, your rude! first of all I’m betting nobody in this forum gives a crap that you’re from freakin Canada! and why did you give a s*** so much that I’m so upset about my phone……all you are is some loser looking to start a fight with somebody online…..if your phone wasn’t working you’d be pissed off too! everything you wrote to me was an irrational thing to say just to start a fight with somebody online……so I’m guessing you’re probably a teenager or 13 year old……people go on forums to blow off steam and to get help from others on what’s wrong with that device not to listen to some a****** yell and scream and be rude to them for no reason other than that person getting off on yelling at others….get a life!

    • Migzy

      Sorry to hear about your bad experience but you may want to check the logo at the top left of the page… “Mobile news + reviews for Canadians” In other words, if you are looking for advice/etc you may wish to try a different site as us here in Canada don’t have Verizon’s version of 4.4.2 and if I remember correctly its even a different model of the phone to the one used in Canada.

    • Kerri Raymond

      thank you very much for the polite reply and the explanation for him….but he still shouldn’t have been so god damn rude…. I didn’t pay attention to the corner of the screen because I have Crohn’s disease and I’m emotional and i was just blowing off some steam pissed off about my phone….unfortunately I spend a lot of time in doctors offices and I need my cell phone to work and hold a charge and that kid had no idea who he was speaking to. I think people need to remember that there are people on the other end of these email addresses with feelings and emotions and lives that they know nothing about…..there’s no need to make somebody feel like s*** over your opinions about something. thank you for letting me blow off some steam no one needs reply to me in this forum im American so you can’t help with my problem….unless somebody here wants to kick verizon’s a*s for leaving so many people with broken cell phones…lol…the unfortunate position I’m in is that I’m gonna probably have to shell out another $200 for another brand new phone to fix my problem that Samsung created with their upgrade.

    • Migzy

      Try checking out the forums on Android Central or another site that has a larger American audience, there are likely others in the same scenario and may be able to help.

    • Kerri Raymond

      Thanks for the advice and kindness!

    • Lion5

      Awwwww. Sniff sniff. You hurt my feelings.

    • Lion5

      Just like nobody gives a damn about your issues with Verizon on this site about Canadian mobile. You whiny baby. Go cry another river and jump in it. Clown.

  • Migzy

    Installed mine last night on my Telus S3 and apart from taking ages to download even over wifi, install went smoothly and so far my battery use in standby has dropped significantly.
    I do have LTE disabled(ie. set to HSPA only) but it was like that prior to upgrade so I can’t comment on standby with LTE enabled. I disabled it as for some reason a few weeks ago my battery started mysteriously draining on some days even when connected to wifi all day.

  • Devin Deevey

    For those with T999v, the update is *supposed* to come on the 23rd according to Videotron’s Facebook page.

  • Brian Alexander

    any idea if the samsung galaxy camera 2 will be getting the update? mine keeps forgetting my google account every time i load it up and its extremely annoying

  • dpolites

    I am finding connection difficulties since upgrading my Bell S3 to Kitkat. I even did a factory wipe to make sure there were no issues from the upgrade of files.

    I find that often now there won’t be a data connection available, and even occasionally get a device not registered when trying to make a call.

    So I would encourage people to check that out. I think the modem software isn’t as good as it was in this build.

  • Pete Martinez

    Downloaded it at 11am. Now my phone doesn’t work what a great update . I have a nice looking pa per weight. Thanks Samsung.

  • JaySea

    new update (since thursday 3rd of july) is available for S3 LTE (FIDO) i747M to upgrade to I747MVLUFNF2 firmware no really difference just knox 2 reminder and towelroot v2 unavailable

    • JaySea

      Towelroot v3 mot working too…

  • For s4 mini users , are you using 4.4.2 ?? and what about the performance ??