BlackBerry releases BBM Protected, first product of its eBBM Suite


  • barrist


    I’m kidding BB fans. If they maintain/carve a nice niche in the business/security field, I’m happy for ’em.

    • Syaz

      Another level comment… I’m beginning not to dislike you anymore.

  • Surveillance

    Drug dealers rejoice!

    • JTon

      Don’t think the drug dealers cartel is setting up BES10 servers for them 😉

    • Anthony Roberts

      Too funny lol

  • Stephen_81

    That Graphic is my favourite graphic for how eBBM increases security while remaining portable/compatible with regular BBM.

    Saw Jeff Gadway use it at an Enterprise event and wished I had taken a picture.

  • eyescreaman

    “BBM Protected will come to the iOS and Android versions of the app later this year.”

    This is what will make me switch to bbm from whatsapp/kik. But not sure if it still needs to be integrated with BES

    • Syaz

      It does. At least for now.