Rogers to require Share Everything plan with hardware upgrades starting June 17th


  • Nexzen

    Pure Evil.

  • silver_arrow

    Just a reminder for everyone with a 6 gig for $30 plan you might want to sign up again to ensure that Rogers does not begin charging you more. Alternatively there are other carriers like Wind but if you are planning on staying with Rogers lock in your rate for the next 2 years.

  • Danielle Chiasson

    Glad I upgraded last month. Looks like nexus phones for me in the future

    • Rani Osman

      Bad news, Google has discontinued their Nexus line and they’re going with something called Android Silver – premium $500+ phone line.

  • wheels

    was thinking of going to rogers NOT NOW!!!!!

    • john chernichenko

      Bell and Telus have the same Share plans starting at $80
      Virgin, Fido and Koodo all have a minimum 1Gb price plan at $65/month
      Every provider is screwing us.

    • It’s Me

      So far, I believe, rogers is the only one to make the Share plans mandatory for hardware. I sure the other 2 have the same changes coming (in fact, I assume they decided this together).

    • Russ Christie

      With Bell you always MUST change your plan unless you have a current in-market plan. It doesn’t matter if you reach a minimum spend unlike Telus and previously Rogers.

    • President_Kang

      Actually, Rogers is the last one to make this sort of change. Bell and TELUS have, for quite some time, required a shift to an in-market plan in order to get a subsidized hardware upgrade.

    • ScooterinAB

      Correct. This is actually a pretty common practice in wireless, and every carrier (including Wind) does it. While it looks absolutely despicable, it ensures that companies aren’t offering unsustainable and temporary plans long after they should have stopped offering them. While there is some flexibility, at the end of the day, your plan is only guaranteed for the life of your term.

    • Super_Deluxe

      I’m done with Rogers too hello MTS. And I don’t care if it doesn’t have Canada wide access, I’d rather pay less.

    • sduong

      You should know that rogers/telus/bell has Manitoba Specific plans and that this doesn’t affect you. 1 GB for 55, 5 GB for 65 and 10GB for $75 canada wide plans. People in other markets would kill for these. MTS is slightly less in cost but of course this whole article has nothing to do with that affecting you anyway.

    • Super_Deluxe

      Right. I’m saying this just in case they pull that bs here. Fido has that $65 for $55 as well. I hope their stupid policy doesn’t affect us.

  • Zackary Chan

    At least you can keep the plan as long as you bring your own device, or in other words, Oneplus One and phones alike!

    • It’s Me

      What was their option? Tell customers that don’t want a HUP to take a new off contract price or leave? That would basically asking customers to leave.

      They didn’t make that choice magnanimously, they had no choice.

    • AppleBerrySandwich

      Guess I will have to pay cash for my next phone as I’m not giving up my sweet 6GB plan!

    • Russ Christie

      Yes just simply take the sim card out of the old phone and put it into the new one. Or instead get it swapped if it is too big

  • jackjiarocks

    Competition, these guys keep using that word.
    I don’t think they know what it means

    • jackjiarocks

      This shows exactly HOW MUCH we really need wind to survive here.

    • jlouren

      The more people that come over NOW the more money Wind will have to build their network. Been with Wind 4 years now couldn’t, be happier, saved a ton of money. travelled to the States great coverage on T-mobile or ATT.

    • Anonymous501

      The problem is the Wind network is still pretty small. Most of it is in patches of Southern Ontario. In the heart of some of cities out West… but it’s still pretty scattered. I think people are forgetting there’s a lot of places in Canada that you still can’t get Wind. People can’t go on Wind until they can get coverage from Wind.

    • Igor Babichev

      I’ve switched to the $39 plan on Wind, and am pretty happy with it (especially when going down south), except for data (and tethering) being close to unusable during daytime in Vancouver. But for that I just carry around a second device with a Virgin’s Flex Tablet Data plan (gives me up to 5 GB for $35). This allows me to have access to data anywhere in Canada where Wind doesn’t have coverage (or when Wind data is not performing to allow me to use remote desktop). This is still totalling to $75, but includes unlimited US roaming 🙂 On a side note though, I don’t subsidise my devices any more, usually buy phones for full price from T-Mobile and unlock them or Google Play (for Nexus 5). This way I get phones that are compatible with all carriers (including Wind, TMo, ATT, Rogers, and Telus/Bell).

    • It’s Me

      They compete to see who can gouge the most and screw their customers the most.

      That’s competition, right?

    • PT

      or our stupidity.

    • Usaamah

      Competition: When one increases prices, everyone follows. No one is allowed to pay less. That’s how it works. -_-
      I wouldn’t pay more than $30 ($40 at most) for unlimited talk/text with 500mb data. I’m on Wind, and frustrated with their coverage, I want coverage in Mtl and outside Ottawa… but damn.

  • machomatt

    I can’t wait till Bell buys Rogers. Not because it would benefit me, because I’m sick of seeing this pathetic business continue to make pathetic business decisions.

    • AJP

      Bell and Rogers will remain as separate companies for the foreseeable future. Neither has enough capital to purchase the other and the CRTC would block it anyways.

    • AppleBerrySandwich

      Nor ever going to happen.

      Of course there is no bigger slime than Bell.

    • Russ Christie

      You are hilarious for so many reasons. Bell has had this policy always and if you want to upgrade you always must change your plan. There are no exceptions. Bell could not buy Rogers it is insanely anti-competitive and would never happen

    • rgl168

      “Bellgers”? Imagine one company basically controls virtually every single communication channel in Canada (TV, Internet, cell phone, TV and radio channels, etc.) That’s a monopoly in the making and guaranteed to be shot down by CRTC.

  • Stephen_81

    Slow and steady strong arm, but what I find laughable is this statement
    “This change will allow people to take advantage of the great value our
    current plans deliver. They’re easy to understand and are designed for
    how customers use their phones today, including LTE devices. They
    include services like unlimited Canada-wide long distance and texting,
    voicemail and call display- features that customers on older plans pay
    extra for.”

    I’m sorry but I am one of the FEW people in my circle of friends that logs more than 2000min/mo the majority of usage including free nights and weekends sits at under 300min/mo, What is increasingly going up with users is the amount of data used, and services that just EAT data yet none of these plans offer me close to what I was offered back in 2009 for comparative usage and pricing.

  • TomsDisqusted

    My Rogers voice + data plan from 3 years ago is $47, including 6GB of data. Now, after 3 years of technology improvement, I will have to pay more then twice as much to renew.

    • Abu Ibraheem

      good for you. be a loyal customer and pay them over 100$ thats what loyalty does

    • freestaterocker

      Unlocked phones are your friend! Or switch to Bell or TELUS with a Saskatchewan/Manitoba number. I actually live in Saskatchewan and I’m a Bell customer. I pay $75/month for unlimited nationwide calls and SMS/MMS, caller ID, voicemail lite & 10GBs of LTE data, with overages coming in at a flat rate of $15/GB. If you don’t need that much data they have identical plans with 5GB or 1GB for $65 and $55/month respectively.

    • skullan

      You don’t have to do anything…

      Buy the phone outright, either save up for your big purchase, or scale down your expectations.

      Now, if they say: We’re removing your plan… then you can say you have to.

  • Collin dubya

    was considering going to rogers, but i think i’ll stay on telus now with my grandfathered 6gb plan for 80 bux

  • Jean-Françis Roy

    I will pay full price for my cell, f..k off Rogers!!! They’re trying to drive customers away right? They must hate their customers or something.

    • It’s Me

      Nope. With the failures of the new carriers, they know they can get away with whatever they want and are now proving it.

  • john chernichenko

    This is disgusting.

    • Abu Ibraheem

      we deserve it. i think they are being nice we need even higher prices. they are only making us pay quietly for being silent. why be disgusted be happy and joyful that cowards are being treated fairly

    • john chernichenko

      The problem with Canadians is caused by the government and generally the politics that have been implemented.
      The majority votes for one of three corrupted parties. We have no choice of what party we should have, the people in the parties or even the choice of what should be done in our country.
      The majority votes thinking blindly that it makes a difference while the people with actual sense are just using that to their advantage to gain power.
      We choose to not take that to OUR advantage and use the majority to demand not being toyed with.
      The people with money can easily manipulate the majority by paying people off in any way while we as individuals have to gather together people who think the same way for the same cause.
      We all don’t deserve this, but then again the majority of people choose to have a lack of education because it is easier for themselves so in the end I’m not surprised that Canada (the country whose politics run off of the majority) is so easily screwed.

  • Rob Drummond

    I’ve been a Rogers customer for about 13 years now, and I used to be a Rogers Dealer. The new plans make less sense to me (as in why would anyone sign up for this) than the old plans. This is retarded. I can get a share everything plan for my phone and pay $30 month more than I am currently paying for the same thing.

    • Russ Christie

      But…but… The VALUE! As an old dealer you should understand the value that they offer. If you keep using the word value it sounds like the customer is getting a better deal unlike my less valuable $80/month plan that gives me everything I could possibly want (big thing being 6GB of data). Although the $125 dollar plan sounds much more valuable to me!

  • G.P.

    They keep shooting themselves in the foot! Don’t bite the hand that feeds you! How is it that people haven’t left Rogers in larger amounts by now? I know if they lost 100 k + customers their prices would drop so fast!

    • john chernichenko

      Who are they going to go to?
      Telus with their $80 Share plan?
      Bell with their $80 Share plan?
      Fido, Virgin or Koodo with their 1GB $65 plan?

      Rogers is just capitalizing on the fact that we are letting this happen to ourselves and content with it.

    • Nadefrenzy


    • G.P.

      Correct, calculation indicates that even though Wind has a larger up front cost for their device your end result will be a much larger savings. Lets say the M8 on 2 year contract with $40 plan on Wind will cost $450 + tax = 509 +40 x 24 = 1590. Rogers is M8 $180 on 2 year + lets say 80/m for 24 months = 2100 + tax. I see a large difference in cost by $500 + savings in 2 years.
      Wind wins.

    • john chernichenko

      Eventually when it covers my area that will be a good provider.

  • neodoru

    “This change will allow people to take advantage of the great value our current plans deliver. They’re easy to understand” – this and the fact that what used to cost $50 3 years ago, now costs $80, shows that they consider the canadian customer to be very stupid.

    • It’s Me

      Yep. You end up paying more in 2 years than you used to in 3…so they get 3 years of revenue in 24 month without having to provide 3 years of service.

  • Surveillance

    Well when ontario votes in corrupt organized criminals I guess rogers had the green light seeing as they know their customers are probably not that smart. At least not their ontario customers.

    • Harold Mitchell

      Absolutely true…One can never underestimate the stupidity of Ontarians!

  • Abu Ibraheem

    weak we are and weak we shall remain until we unite and fight to get the power take away from us. have we not learned the power of democracy by observing the arab spring. what we need are balls ladies and gentlemen and we have none. they only go as far as typing on mobilesyrup expressing our feelings of oppression.

    when we have the balls to lockdown the city and demand from these tyrants to be just and we cause them financial loss upon loss we are nothing losers with no balls.

    • Abu Ibraheem

      united we are strong.

    • It’s Me

      That’s all good, but they are jacking up no term pricing too.
      Oh Canada.

    • Victor_Creed

      Trust me wen I say this, when others have the same thought as you (I’m guessing many will) the next thing they do to force people onto in market (pound you in the ***) plans is kill grandfathered plans. Contract up? Renew on garden or switch to current in market BYOD plan. Book it.

    • BB BB

      It’s time to stop using cellphones, less spying and tracking , less stress, more getting to work on time not waking up to emails, no more phone zombies walking into cars etc. Society thinks they need all this crap and now we all burn $100 a month + which could be saved for a rainy day

  • thefoolishone

    Ok seriously. Anything north of $50/month for unlimited talking, and I would say minimum 5GB data is just greedy. There is no need for companies to make insane profits. I’m in Manitoba, and we are fairly lucky compared to Ontario, but even our prices are too high for wireless. Cost of living in Ontario is already ridiculous, and wireless companies are just raping consumers there because they can.

    • Joseph

      Try Alberta…..Albertans tend to spend more money on average on their phone bills then any other province in Canada

    • Nadefrenzy

      Cz they save elsewhere. Try 13% tax.

    • Stephen_81

      Care to share where you got your $50/m for unlimited talking and 5GB of data being a fair number?

      When you go over the big 3’s financials they don’t start making money till about $38, If you go on a subsidized phone plan and save $240 off your phone that is the carrier needing $48/mo for their break even, save $480 now they need $58/mo for break even, then you have expansion and capital costs like the 450Million they are spending in BC, if you divided that by the 9million subscribers then you’re adding about $4ish per month each person they need for a single province expansion

      I don’t agree with their price increasing so dramatically and the strong arming, but the price point goals people make up does bug me.

  • Costa Minitsios

    Just use the device protection plan to get around it?

    “Yes hi my 4 year old phone you don’t have anymore broke just send me the next best thing”

    Yes I’m being stuipd about it but hey if rogers wants to be stupid…

  • fay

    $80/m = $960/yr ,I rather spend this $ to travel><
    I will join Wind mobile for sure!

  • Brad

    Canada = screwed on all pricing.

  • St. Misery

    Just last week, did Rogers not admit they were the most hated company in Canada and they were pretty much going to steal Telus’ “customer first” business model? This was probably not a good first step.


    Unless you want an iPhone, most other phones are quite affordable with outright purchase. No need to upgrade to their silly plans and discount carriers give 10% off if you bring your own phone.

  • Rovi

    I sware everything coming out of Rogers lately has been to
    screw over the customer as much as possible!! First the 5$ increase on 6gb data
    plans now this what are they thinking?!?!? The second my contract is up I’m
    switching to wind!! Forget this

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    If they try and screw me out of my plan I’m leaving. Pretty low Rogers!

  • Wufai

    LOL! If Canadians are smart there shouldn’t be any negative comments in this post. Just keep your existing plan after your contract! Buy your phone from a non Rogers source and be done with it.

    • It’s Me

      Great, except that once you are out of contract they can raise your rates whenever they want.

    • Sequoia46.2

      Then get a good rate and lock it in on a 2 year contract.

    • Victor_Creed

      Better do that in the next day. Or are you not reading the article here?

    • Sequoia46.2

      No need to insult. I was talking about the option of buying your phone up front and locking in your current contract if you have a good one. Wasn’t talking about subsidized contracts.

    • Stephen_81

      There is NO such thing as a contract thanks to the CRTC, contracts are term purchase agreements for smartphone subsidies. If you don’t buy your phone on subsidy there is no contract so you can’t lock in a price.

  • Guest

    I sware everything coming out of Rogers lately has been to
    screw over the customer as much as possible!! First the 5$ increase on 6gb data
    plans now this what are they thinking?!?!? The second my contract is up I’m
    switching to wind!! Forget this

  • mwahahahaha

    Hey Rogers! SHARE THIS –> (__|__) !!!

  • revelation68

    Now I know prices stink I’m with ya there, but dude, it’s a lot worse in other places around the world. I laugh at you when people in Syria, or the Ukraine would cut off a limb to live in Canada @ the moment, then we have tools like you who are ungrateful for what they do have. Are wireless prices high? sure but I’ll take high wireless prices, and enjoy the benefits of universal health care, the high standard of living we have here. And for the the most part the safest places to live in the world. So while I pay the 80$ you go move oversees and see that it’s not any better over there. Be thankful for what you have here. Or please do us a favor and leave

    • Ghost0911

      STFU… This is a discussion on cell service prices not global politics

    • cartfan88

      It doesn’t mean in a few generations we can’t get to where those countries are at now. For example: The people who fled Detroit first and relocated elsewhere vs those who stayed based on the Big 3 car companies will provide jobs forever.

      The masses and peoples acceptance of the big telco gouging is akin to what just happened in Ontario. No one seems to care .

    • revelation68

      I agree with you, it’s certainly not perfect, I do not enjoy paying outta my a $$ for cell service, Gas, Electricity of hell even the rising cost of food. We all want to pay less and when it comes to everything I get that I consume these services to trust me. But when I read statement of “I think I’m gonna leave Canada” ??? What over your mobile phone bill ?? Since this is a discussion about mobile service as ghost0911 pointed out lol. Then I have to assume that’s what he is referring to? I’m certainly not defending robellus but last summer my wife and I bought a vacation home/apartment in central France, we’re we enjoy our summers. It wasn’t till I had to set up services over there for things like electricity and natural gas and yes cell service that I realized how good we really had it in Canada/Ontario sure it’s getting worse. But I seen first hand that people on average make less then we do. Yet the cost for power and gas and natural gas is almost double what we have and to touch on ghosts 0911 about talking about mobile. I was with orange there for 2 month on no contract and I got unlimited calling, text and 2 GB of data about 70 euros. I remember looking at plans if you went on contract when the s4 came out the last time I was there. It was about 90 € a month for 24 months and you got the same as noted above so bringing my own device I saved 20€ euros. I’m certainly not defending france either, but when I see a comment about leaving Canada cause of mobile. I can’t help but think everyone has it wrong they don’t realize how much cheaper things are here in Canada, are they getting more expensive sure. But when you compare all the great things we have at sometimes less then half the cost of other G7 countries we are doing pretty damn good. My bad for being patriotic about canada Zachary when I see posts about people wanting to leave it over cell phone services.

    • cartfan88

      Hey man…that’s a perfectly reasonable explanation. I think the original comment has to do with increasing gouging on all fronts. And no one seems to care. The big joke is that inflation around is low at 2%… Does anyone actually believe this?

    • marorun1982

      Well you can leave the Canada then 🙂

    • It’s Me

      What a dumb comment.

      Perhaps you should pay $1k/month for wireless since you aren’t being anally raped every day. I mean using your logic, that’s relevant right?

    • 5Gs

      Are you freaking kidding me. You think you are enjoying every thing for free. Every freaking $100 you make. Gov’t takes 40 out of it and you are left with 60. Do the freaking math.

      In short let me give you a clear answer. Nothing is free. If you are getting something free. Trust me some one is paying for it. Simple.

    • revelation68

      Never said anything was free, my point is there are other G7 countries that pay more then we do for less. Look at my comment below … worse part is a few years ago I was just like you, complaining and b &tchin about the cost of things, then I had a chance to spend time oversees for a few months Italy, France, & U.K and good lord if you think it’s expensive here you need to spend some time in any of those countries. You don’t think I know our tax dollars go to health care. Some how people over there who on average make less then we we do here in Canada, can pay double for fuel, electricity and water, and believe it or not have similar priced cell plans just look at orange as an example. Does it suck to pay more. hell ya not disputing it, but have any of you looked at the rates for cell phone elsewhere in the world specifically the g7 countries. . Yep almost identical. I am not defending rogers. I think there scumbags but hey that’s just the world we live in. Not sure how old you are but in 2001 my average hydro bill was 65$ now it’s $140 in 2014, a loaf of bread in 2001 was about 1$ now I pay 3$ for the same thing, natural gas in 2001 I paid about 40$ a month now I pay 93$ I could go on and on wireless is a luxury if you want it you will pay what they ask. What has hydro one did to improve there service that it requires price hikes? I would say probably not alot, but simple minded folk don’t realize these companies employ people that also ask for raises and also have benefits etc. Just like everyone else and costs go up so put on your big boy panties and suck it up.

    • 5Gs

      OMG You are totally comparing apple and oranges. You only travelled to Europe. Try going to asia. Dude In india a guy who can’t afford to eat has two phones. In bangladesh beggars carry two lines.

      You are saying just because the prices are higher in other part of world we should be thankful. You know why they got to where they are today?? Because of people who say oh its okay we are still better than others. How long you are going to say oh its okay we are still better than others. Some ones f@rts in his pants in iraq and gas prices go up 10 cents how does that make sense while right across the border gas is so cheap compare to us.

      Have you ever noticed in the past elections we just had? What did they promise you? Nothing. OHH ! but did they point fingers at each other( BIG TIME ). You know why? So people like you and me keep fighting among our self while not worrying about the real issues.

      These companies are playing God! They are destroying local business. It is illegal to buy raw milk but its okay to buy marijuana.

      I have nothing against you neither I am here to argue with you. I totally agree with your point but I just don’t get the point that oh in such and such country they are paying this much for this and this should give us reason to be thankful.

    • montiguephelps

      Thanks for the comment Mr.Rogers

    • revelation68

      No problem, it’s nice to have you comment Glenn Beck

    • PT

      ” and enjoy the benefits of universal health care, the high standard of
      living we have here. And for the the most part the safest places to
      live in the world. ”

      You have never been anywhere have you? lol!

    • revelation68

      No never, haven’t left my parents basement In years. How did you know? Lmao

  • Peter


    I;m with Rogers but have been buying my phones online outright for years. I was thinking of getting a subsidized one next month but this is making me reconsider. If Oneplusone ever figures out how to produce and distribute phones, I would not need to rely on a Rogers-subsidized phone. Increasing my 6GB plan price is already pissing me off.

  • bembol

    Honestly, how many here are actually going to CANCEL their Rogers account and move to Wind.

    When Rogers screwed me over an upgrade, I took all 4 accounts and gave it to Bell. I even convinced my sister to cancel her account too.

    It got to the point where told my friends to either do something about it or STFU. Seriously, it’s getting annoying majority of them are with Rogers.

    • KiwiBri

      people still remember when Robbers was the little guy on the block so want to stick with them.. or really think bundling everything together gets them a “deal”.

    • d a

      More and more. If WIND had a clue when it comes to marketing they would be doing so much better. It seems like they have no ideas. The product is good enough, they just to know how to sell it, it seems.

  • Jonsey

    Wind is also in the process of upgrading their network to a dual HSPA+ system, theoretically doubling the potential speed. To be honest, what they’ve got is enough for 95% of my data usage, and I don’t see the point in trading the unlimited monthly for faster speed, especially when I’d end up paying twice (or more) as much each month. Especially with a significantly lower monthly allowance, I mean, what good’s the speed if you could barely use it?

    • KiwiBri

      problem is using data when you are out of the WIND zone.. thats what would kill me.. 🙁

    • Jonsey

      Yeah, I was pretty lucky. Everywhere I’m likely to travel in the foreseeable future, barring camping, is within Wind’s network. I can see how it may be too small for some, though. For others, I think they would be pleasantly surprised if they gave Wind a chance.

    • BB BB

      Rogers hasn’t been so reliable either lately. Tonnes of missed calls and who called texts coming into my phone when I have full coverage and signal. Failed calls etc. Try holding a hands free call across the 401 on a daily commute. This is a Premium brand?

    • Nadefrenzy

      What phone are we talking here? BB bold?

  • milagroful

    Buy a oneplus one on your own and keep your current plan. The phone is top notch and half the price of competition.

    • Victor_Creed

      Great where can I buy one? Oh right you can’t. That company/product is vapourware. Every week its a new contest for an invite. Straight up joke. It won’t ever see mass production.

  • Blocknards

    500MB for $80?????? *head explodes*

    • BriniaSona

      theyre all probably using 30 year old pc’s and havent seen the light of day to know that 500mb is outdated and old thinking. I use 500 mb’s of data in like 4 days.

    • BB BB

      500mb was 10x more than enough for a data smart blackberry LOL. The iPhone and Android shattered that, and now that everyone has a super phone gobbling hordes of data they need to jack up the rates otherwise they couldn’t handle the load.

    • BriniaSona

      I used 7 gigs on my bb10. Last month. All these new hd phones are data hogs. Having an old bbos phone with its sipping data use would be awesome. But the old java is compares nothing to the new qnx based one.

    • CrankAlert

      Pretty much in line with the Bell scheme. As of last month, Bell was still allowing people changing to a new device to retain the older plans, with a $5 price increase to compensate for the shorter contract period.

  • d a

    Where’s all the m0r0nic Guy Laurence defenders? Anyone who didn’t see this and worse coming are m0r0ns. Probably the same kind of fools that voted for a corrupt provincial Liberals. If you accept it then accept it when it happens again. Fact is, until people LEAVE Rogers, they have no motivation to change.

    • d a

      I agree, but WIND is good enough in areas like Toronto.

    • Josh

      Its not that great actually. I live on the 26th floor. Wind does not work. Doesn’t work past like 10th floor and half the places here are condos or apartments

    • BB BB

      I have wind in Toronto and it’s barely useable which is why I still have to hand over cash to Robellus until wind has a decent service throughout canada without roaming fees too.

    • Thr1ve

      Except, Wind doesn’t want to expand, they want to stick in the most densely populated areas of Canada so they can milk as much money as they can from them, and that’s it… Also, horrible coverage and signal quality, terribly over-saturated towers, no LTE and extremely slow data means that they aren’t reliable enough for anyone who needs reliable service (IE: business users)… Wind was never an option for the majority of Canada.

  • Christopher Smith

    These d*****s carriers collude not compete. There should be an investigation, not that it would make a difference.

  • hoo dat

    Every time I see Guy Laurence I hear “The Empire Theme” from Star Wars in my head.

  • villain

    Sooo bell and telus will announce these changes next week right?
    good thing the CRTC cracked down on em

    • Victor_Creed

      They already did(December and January ’13), Rogers in the one playing catch up here.

    • villain

      haha OH. that’s sad… the big 3 are so making a mockery of the law

  • disqusmy

    It is good value. Don’t hate me, its the default value of rogers advertisement.

  • Dave

    I hate Rogers and Love Wind Mobile


    ALL B





  • Ron

    Mobilicity and Wind here I come…I have two Rogers accounts $57/6GB each and I’m sick and tired of the 3 carriers consitently increasing rates. This is the last straw.

    • J-Ro

      You could keep your plan and buy phones outright

  • PT

    You must pay for “Leaving Canada Fee of $3.999.00 ” Before you can leave.

    • Victor_Creed

      A whopping $4? Yeah that’ll teach him.

    • Christopher Walken

      well, it does cost $5 to cross the border. I guess your $3.9 is a bargain

  • Thr1ve

    I’m done with Rogers, When my contract is up, I’m gone…

    The only reason I was sticking with Rogers was because I have the old grandfathered 6GB/$30 month plan along with a $21 unlimited Canada wide talk + text plan (from retentions). If they’re going to force me to pick a new plan that’s going to cost twice as much for the same service, I’m going elsewhere… Screw Rogers.

    • Moomur

      Seriously you should stick with this plan. It is a good plan, even if you have to buy your phone outright in order to get a new phone. You only have to get this new share plan if you want to upgrade your phone and get it at a lower price. This is how they get you as people never want to pay full price for a phone. I had a customer call in who had a plan that was older and she had unlimited data and the cost of her plan was only 105. I told her not to ever get rid of this plan. I wouldn’t have felt right putting her on a $80 500 MB Share plan.

    • TrollSoul

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Rogers increasing the rate for the old grandfathered 6GB/$30 month plans for existing customers? I remember reading something like that a few days ago.

    • Thr1ve

      Yea, they’re raising the price to $35 /month, which is fine by me, $5 isn’t much…

  • GrimConch

    Telus, since the implementation of 2 year terms (July?), has allowed most pre-existing plans to be maintained as long as the total spending was $70/mo. Only exceptions were a few 6GB data plans and some weird stuff like per-second billing plans. Only minor changes since then, like discount promos you aren’t actually paying not counting and now device protection wont count either. I am aware this is generally garbage, but just clarifying.

  • kirilmatt

    Thanks CRTC for the 2 year contracts… If they didn’t give the carriers an excuse to do this we would all be fine. I won’t abandon my grandfathered 6Gb of data. I pay $57 a month and get 12x the data of the $80 plan. Its absurd.

    • BB BB

      Oh they would do it anyway

  • BB BB

    Such BS it’s time to leave rogers or every new phone I purchase will have to be outright. My plan is by no means a bargain but it’s definitely a better value than the swill they are cranking out today. I’m sure Bell and Telus aren’t any different

  • Ali

    Highway robbery at its finest

  • Randy MacFarland

    This is why I would never consider using Rogers as my cell phone provider…I even cancelled their Internet and TV due to the fact that ever month my bill went up for unknown reasons. Even when you call support they can’t even explain why..

    Is Rogers trying to lose customers on purpose.

    • Moomur

      I work for them and I ask myself this same question.

  • 5Gs

    Competition = You rule your territory and I rule mine and bring out our sub brands making people think they are leaving one brand to use another one.

    To my shock some people are so naive. One of my colleague comes to me and goes he hated robbers and found some new good guys. I asked who. He goes Chat’r. LMAO

    • J-Ro

      How is it naive to get what he wants for a price he can afford? It’s like buying an Audi and complaining about parts and gas. It’s a luxury, where in the world are luxury not expensive?

    • 5Gs

      Oh thank you so much for adding to my vocabulary that having cell phone is a luxury not a need.

      Now i will tell every one i carry phone and compare it with my luxury card land rover.

    • J-Ro

      That is what the price hike is for, premium phones. So you can compare it to a Land Rover.

      As long as we keep showing what we want, they can charge what ever they like for it. Your friend took a step in the right direction by voting with his wallet.

    • 5Gs

      Ok I got your point now.

  • montiguephelps

    Regardless of what Rogers does in BC I will NEVER ever again buy anything from that bunch. We saw them kicked out of the TV cable business on the island some years ago hopefully never to be allowed back in the wired community.A government supported monopoly is what they are. Let them eat dirt.

  • tre

    So what do I do? Should I try calling them before the 17th to work out a deal?

  • OptimusOBrien

    Glad I got the SK 5GB Koodo plan in Ontario! I never sign contracts so I should be good to go for now. I don’t want to go back to Wind if I don’t have too. My coverage was my issue and I am in the city with a great phone (Note 3).

  • Striker67

    Almost all phones have gone up in initial price with the two year plans. This in effect has made up for the supposed lost subsidy for the 3rd year. This makes moves like this to higher price plans ridiculous and a gouge to consumers. If they want to increase their subscriber base become more competitive not less. It’s like giving the finger to the consumer for wanting shorter plans and other consumer friendly initiatives. Thanks for nothing robellus

  • clee666

    f*****g robbers

  • Me Ted

    Joke’s on you Rogers, Telus and Bell. I buy Nexus devices and save a tonne with my Sask55 plan…I live in Toronto btw.

    • J-Ro

      That must be a grandfathered plan because everything they currently offer would incur serious charges in Toronto.

  • Squint

    According to the rep’s statement (Going forward we’re asking customers who want a subsidy on their premium Smartphone to move to a current plan) it’s seems pretty voluntary… since they’re “asking” you… so you could say no… but it is Rogers, they have a way of sugar coating their verbiage to sound like it’s not so bad. But it doesn’t take a very smart person to figure out that you are about to get screwed over. And that is why I don’t use them… and not to mention their customer service.

  • JT

    I wonder how the stores will handle upgrades with discontinued devices? I got a premium smartphone last year about 2 months after it was discontinued at a store and was allowed to keep my voice only plan and I was able to nab a 2 yr contract rather than a 3 year contract (it was early last year so the norm was still 3 yr contracts).

  • Eric Sylvain

    I’ll stick with my $44 after taxes plan with Fido, thank you very much.

  • Sean Holt

    i don’t want your share everything plan rogers i guess i will be finding somebody else. i have already cut my internet service from you worthless company i guess my phone will be next

  • Cristhian Mejia

    Just buy out your phone. Don’t take their upgrades.

    • J-Ro

      That’s a solutions. We don’t believe in those here. We like to have our cake and eat it too.

  • Cristhian Mejia

    It is great value if you have a two people like a couple and big data to share. But it socks if you’re a lone wolf. The point here is to rise subscriber numbers so until they’re up all the big three will continue on this path. So pray that Wind sets up their LTE quicker.

  • Tuan Bui

    Robbers strike again. Wind needs to expand and further penetrate their connectivity. This is getting out of hand now..

  • Michael

    After speaking with a Rogers rep today there is no way this is nothing more than a money grab. I pay about $50 a month after tax for a great plan as I have been with Rogers since the early 90’s and they have done alright by me from time to time. But this is now complete BS. To say this change is to balance out the phone on a 2 year plan is crap. For me to now get a “premium smart phone upgrade” as they call it, I need to change my plan completely. Which will cost me. about $80 a month or more for what I currently have. I asked a rogers agent today that once the phone is paid off will my plan drop back down to the $50 plan. Of course not. Once they have me on that highly overpriced plan they are making an extra $30 a month ongoing. Rogers, after a 23 year marriage I’m officially divorcing you.

  • Jon Morse

    Good time to compare Canada’s “Competitive” wireless plans and would love to hear what you are getting and paying, even in the US. This new plan would increase my monthly cost by $40 dollars, or $480 a year.

    I am currently on the “retired” Rogers Super Plan, 6GB, 300 Minutes, UnlimitedTexting, and a Data share plan for my LTE hotspot which Trent uses to boost his data while at work =$85 plus taxes.

    Rogers 6GB “Share Everything Plan”, unlimited calling in Canada, unlimited text in Canada – $65 for Data, $60 per contract line, $10 per tablet/hotspot(unlocked).
    Total cost for 1 line and hotspot = $135 plus tax,
    Total cost for 2 lines and hotspot = $195 plus tax

    Telus 6GB “SharePlus”, unlimited calling in Canada, unlimited text in Canada – $125 for data and phone line, $60 per additional contract line $10 per tablet/hotspot(unlocked).
    Total cost for 1 line and hotspot = $135 plus tax,
    Total cost for 2 lines and hotspot = $195 plus tax

    Bell 6GB “Shareable”, unlimited calling in Canada, unlimited text in Canada – $65 for Data, $60 per additional contract line, $10 per tablet/hotspot(unlocked).
    Total cost for 1 line and hotspot = $135 plus tax,
    Total cost for 2 lines and hotspot = $195 plus tax

    Wind Mobile – Unlimited calling, texting, and data, Canada wide $40 (unlimited US roam for $60), 3GB Tablet/hotspot for $25.
    Total cost for 1 line and hotspot = $65 plus tax,
    Total cost for 2 lines and hotspot = $105 plus tax, Include US for $145 plus tax

    Eastlink – unlimited calling in Canada, unlimited text in Canada – $65 1 line with 3GB, $65 per additional contract line, $35 for 3GB on tablet/hotspot(unlocked).
    Total cost for 1 line and hotspot (6GB)= $95 plus tax,
    Total cost for 2 lines and hotspot (9GB)= $165 plus tax

    Sasktel Ultimate – unlimited calling in Sask, 150 LD, unlimited text in Canada, unlimited data – $70 per line, $30 for 1GB on tablet/hotspot(unlocked).
    Total cost for 1 line and hotspot = $105 plus tax,
    Total cost for 2 lines and hotspot = $175 plus tax

  • Ivan C

    This is absolute BS. I can’t believe they can get away with this kind of thing. So the government passes a law against 3 year plans, and the Big Three respond with this travesty. What’s the government in all this? Who’s here to protect our interests? This is even worse than 3 year contracts.
    I was lucky enough to get the Super 6 plan ; 6 gb data, my-10 calling, for $60 plus $12 for voicemail, etc.
    How much will that cost me worth these Share Everything plans?
    I upgraded my phone to a G2 early this year, but if Rogers goes through with this, and I have to give up my current plan, I will not be able to afford it. And I will have no reason to keep my Internet, cable, landline, or wife’s cellphone with Rogers.
    After close to 17 years as a Rogers customer, this could be the straw that broke the camel’s back.
    I will not stand for this.
    Someone else in the comments did a price comparison, and if that doesn’t stink of price-fixing, then I don’t know what does.

  • Jay

    send a complaint to the CRTC, its the only way to be heard

  • GJF82

    i just tried to upgrade my 3yr old google nexus for an iphone 5s, while keeping my current plan (not possible) and they tried to sucker me into paying more monthly for less data (im on ~250 talk/6gb data/$80 mth) in addition to paying extra for talk time.

    buy an unlocked phone for 500 or pay an extra 50-70/mth for 2-3 yrs for less than i get now…..gee let me think about that.

    there is no competition in canada and we get screwed.

    let’s see att, verizon, et al move up here and shake things up. i really want to move to telus now, but i’ll probably get screwed there too…

    den of thieves. what a joke.