Winner announced in our LD West Holster (You’ll look like a hipster!) Contest


  • alphs22

    Very snarky writeup for a giveaway lol.

  • J_numbers

    The act of throwing money at the screen doesn’t seem to be able to make the holster accessory appear in my hands, so winning it will have to do.

  • Rich Maddox

    I’d love to try and fit in with the “Hipsters”! Pretty cool looking prize

  • Pat Simeon

    Lmao holy crap I want to try this

  • Greg

    I’m pretty much, basically, kind of, a hipster.

    So I’ll take it off your hands.

  • TheBobbyDigital

    Because I liked this before it was cool 😛

  • Steven Gamboa

    So i can be even more swag

  • Colton Blumhagen

    I’d like to win because it’s a FREEKIN SHOULDER HOLSTER FOR MY PHONE! That is super weird & cool.

  • Ernie Chan

    This is super badass!

  • Blueliner

    This will make me look great at the office! =D

  • Guest

    So i bring back the old west….. next step cowboy boots

  • travelinty

    be willing to give it a try

  • Adam Njauw

    So I don’t have always to the pat down before I leave my house

  • APats

    I can’t grow a hipster beard or moustache, so this holster will have to do.

  • ナタニエル ハリエット

    Really unique and gonna impress my friends.

  • WendyMD

    Hipster or not.. it is pretty cool.

  • DouginKtown

    I already have a DSLR strapped on most of the time, why not this, too?

  • Joshua Guevara

    I would like to win this for two reasons; One: Walk overly proud to a near group of hipsters and tug at the suspenders to show off what I got. Two: Its a freaking holster for my phone!!!

  • Chris Beauclair

    Seems like a fun reason to get searched in an airport… I’m in.

  • Eric Lam

    I be a cellslinger with this

  • John Miguel Lopes Vieira

    I’m hipster enough to rock something like that! Hook a brother up!

  • Ed S.

    Interesting product!

  • Jonathan Almeida

    I have two phones, so this would be hilariously fun to use!

  • Joash

    I currently use a huge phablet (Xperia Z Ultra) and the only way to hold it is in my back pocket! It’d be great if I could have other places to put it in (holy crap this gun holster!) it’d be great!

    When the coats/sweaters come off, I lose places to put my phone in!

  • Al Robidoux

    Being in a wheelchair makes it extremely tough to have my phone in my pants pocket and having it in a shirt pocket makes it feel like it’s going to fall out when I am pushing my chair. Would love to win this and make it possible to have my phone well within reach when I am out and about.

    • NotARogersEmployee

      I hope you win it 🙂

    • Al Robidoux

      Thanks. Would mean a lot to me! 🙂

    • Eric Parisien

      You now have two shots at winning my friend, if I win, it’s yours

  • Rico

    I need to rock one of these bad boys

  • Douglas Wong

    I wear a suit a lot for work and this would be great for that. It’s discrete, it fits my, sometimes cumbersome, cell phone, and it’s stylish. I think it’s great and would really like to get one.

  • Harmandeep singh

    Because i never won anything from mobilesyrup contests.. tats y i wanna won this

  • drummerboyforlife

    Gorgeous! I would rock this all day everyday. Even when not wearing a shirt!

  • JoshBaggins

    As a retail rep at one of the teleco s itd be awesome to whip the phone out of an amazing holster.

  • Andy Nguyễn

    It would make me feel like a detective

  • Eric Reardon

    Fathers day present.

  • David Fulde

    I would like one because I hate having weird pocket bulges!

  • Michael Farrell

    Because nothing would be more badads then pulling my phone outta this holster while I’m selling new phones/cases…/holsters??

  • Henry Huynh

    I want it to get the weird looks… Like when someone wears a horse mask

  • Sarah Grace

    Totally dope holster IMO. Love to win, Thanks for a chance. =)

  • Tainan Lu

    it will be a good gift

  • Lucas Pedersoli

    OMG! I still wonder if your contests are worldwide. This is the ultimate gadget. I just saw the black version, amazing.

  • formulaphone

    Can I use it to carry two phones? That would be excellent.
    Cause that’s exactly why I need this.

  • William

    This is an awesome thing (product) and the guy who made this (not me) fricken rocks! Seriously, he’s awesome too.
    If you don’t win, buy one! There aren’t enough home grown Canadian products these days. TO rocks!!!

  • Edmond Tse

    Wow this looks awesome! Wonder if it’ll fit the note 3 though

    • ari gold

      A large ld west holster will fit the note 3. That’s what I have. It’s awesome

    • TheBobbyDigital

      Lies, Ari Gold always has his phone in his hand!

  • Sia

    reminds me of rick

  • cs098

    Because it looks badass, what else do you need to say?

  • Daniel Lebitania

    I’d like to win this both for function and fashion. I’ll wear it everyday!

  • T Wong

    I love holsters and I didn’t even know this was a thing! I officially need this now.

  • ASH

    Great keep!

  • Senk

    Seriously? No thanks.

  • Kenny W

    Hipster or not, that holster could prove useful while I’m on my motorcycle. I dislike having things in my pockets while riding.

  • mackenzie bransford

    I wanna feel like a cowboy when I take my phone out! 😀

  • AReid

    I’d wear it.

  • zebra4hire

    why not

  • Romel

    I’d love to have this just to see the look on cashiers faces when I pull out my wallet really quick.

  • Matthew

    Because its Canadian is why I want it

  • cynical1nsk

    Nope…can’t think of a single reason why I would want that. Sorry…I tried…I really did. Lol

  • Jason Macdonald

    Would solve all my phone carrying options and be the perfect accessory when strutting in my cowboy boots and cow print thong this summer

  • damwierd

    I’d feel like James Bond in a trench coat walking through the city of Chicago!

  • Sohail

    Mine….or else!

  • randomanimals

    I just want these so I can roll hard

  • John Dorado

    Perfect… sign me up!

  • It’s Me

    I’d use it as a gag gift for someone. Maybe my boss who absolutely hates having to carry a work phone anyway.

  • Mitchell Bensette

    Looks awesome! I’d wear it. I’m always misplacing those two things haha

  • Mitchell Bensette

    Looks awesome! I’d wear it. I’m always misplacing those two things haha

  • John H

    Not so sure about this “vegan leather”(aka pleather) but this looks like it would be useful in certain situations where a big phone doesn’t fit in your skinny jeans..

  • kosha

    It would give me the edge I need to stand out.

  • rtjmay

    Interested in owning something made of “vegan leather.”

  • Miraldy Andral Colon

    Because it nice and i have swag!

  • Richard Williams

    Because it looks cool!

  • Dan Maskell

    Too old to be a hipster, but I could try emulating the detectives in the movies of my youth.

  • William Z. 

    Just to have fun~~

  • 5Gs

    Sounds like a great idea but knowing the security at airports these days. I remember I took Coke bottle in by mistake. Should have seen security personals jumping and freaking out over it.

    Now imagine this going through scan machine. I would surely want to win this.

  • Naveen Verdi

    damn looks sweet!

  • Nicholas Haven

    Pure some mobile syrup on all the hipsters!

  • Olja Kulic

    I actually quite like this!

  • crazynam

    I would like to win it, because I want others to follow me, in changing style trends, and if I cannot then atleast pick pocketer’s will follow. LOL

  • Steevens Audige

    I’m a minister and can only imagine the looks I’ll get walking into church with one of those! :0

  • Frankenstein

    Now i will never forget to take my wallet with me

  • Alistair Terry

    This would help me not drop and break my phone while helping me look more like James Bond (albiet with a cheap Honest Eds suit)… A true Win-Win!

  • Dave

    fashion comes in all flavours…it’s always good to give something a try =)

  • Viktor

    I’d love to see the look on people’s faces when I pull my phone out of my holster, and make pew pew sounds at them while I have some straw in my mouth

  • Golucky

    Love to try it out!

  • mpj

    looks very western/indiana jones to me so would be good for stampede

  • Dennis Deveaux

    The perfect accessory for attending the Calgary Stampede in style. I’m in!

  • softturbo

    Cuz I just love calling pleather “vegan leather”.

  • Exikle

    I work at starbucks so I’m pretty “hipster”, kinda

  • digit5aldarrio

    Innovative and quality manufacture, that’s a winner. Might I win too?

  • dilawer

    I want to win so I can feel the difference

  • Gary Barclay

    A suave way to go.

  • ronnie chowder

    having one would prove that you don’t have to be a hipster.

  • Reckful

    Does the holster facilitate a quick draw!

  • Prince Raj Singh Rai

    Want one please

  • bikeohio

    Would love to win this to organize my wallet and phone placement when wearing a thin jacket that would not hang neatly when weighed down. Plus, I’d look like some sort of agent when I took off said jacket.

  • Alex

    The only thing we’re missing now, is a tactical leg strap to hold an extra battery.

  • Desi Jatt

    I think it looks cool so I would definitely would like to win awesome Canadian success story

  • Nick Bransford

    I’m not stylish enough as it is so this would do wonders for my street appeal

  • Stephane Bellemare

    So my phone smells armpit 🙂

  • Richer Nguyen

    Wanna be a cowboy

  • Julie

    This would be perfect for my hubby!

  • Matthew van Amstel

    Can’t wait to practice my speed draw.

  • Nick Gallant

    I’d like it for quick phone access and the uniqueness of the look. Pick me!

  • Avi

    Like have one for my business meetings and my upcoming wedding or would look awesome.

  • Carl Dumont

    Very nice!!! 🙂

  • Samuel G. Lajoie

    Dis, I like it. Give me ten pls.

  • Sam Monty

    To look like a classic’ol cowboy with a modern twist.

  • Stefán

    I want to look like Al Caphone

  • normand

    I have always been a fan of carrying your phone on the side holster back in the day. But as it fell out of trend, so did my interest in it. For it to be revamped by a Canadian company, makes it a definite hit for me. I got a notebook so it would be stylish and perfect.

  • John Verboom

    This is such a neat product. Hate having my phone and my wallet stuffed in my clothes. It would be great when travelling.

  • Bodmon

    This is the weirdest thing I’ve seen all weekend. I’de love to feel as if I’m in a western!

  • Andrew Phillips

    I destroy phones in my pocket, I break off phone pouches from my belt. They fall from my shirt pockets. This definitely looks interesting, but I am not certain about killing Vegans to make leather.

  • Jeggstar

    Because it’s a lot easier than getting licensed to carry a gun and registering it.

  • Kevin

    HAHAHA… That’s the most funniest prize I have ever see… I couldn’t stop laughing……

  • Mike

    First of all, this is cool because it resembles a half suspender, half wild west holster for you’re phone AND wallet!
    Is it a hipster thing or a very practical “holster”? Regardless I think it’s very unique and worth a try!


  • Alkyne

    pffft, this is so old, of course you mainstream newbies would want one, real hipster use the new ankle holsters that go over your skinny jeans

    All jokes aside, this is kinda neat, i want one 🙂

  • Jim Thibault

    How is this better than a pouch on a belt? The pouch works for me, I can never see me putting $700-$800 device in a pocket. Expensive devices should be cared for not abused.

  • Kelvin Chung

    im in sales, and who doesn’t like dealing with a hipster?

  • Link

    OMG Take my money! All I can think of is Lethal Weapon, hiding the pistols under the blazer, waiting for the badguy to make that first, deadly move. This would work perfect for me as I’d use both sides for a phone (I have two, one personal, one work) so it’d be like I’d have two pistols. I hope you consider me for this contest, good luck to everyone, and congrats to who wins ^_^

  • Carlos Sousa

    Looks cool and won’t stick out like my current belt clip model.

  • joey delsordo

    Would be awesome for me for work it would be out if my way

  • fudoki

    It’s funky, that’s why. Different. I like that

  • joshua

    this would look great on my uniform

  • KusunokiMusashi

    so i look like a steam punk hipster

  • Fred

    Vegan leather? It’s nice. I’d like one.

  • Scott Belbin

    cause i would look total boss with this on!

  • Joseph Anthony Miele

    I want one just so I can rub it in my friends face that I have one and they don’t lol

  • Janet M

    What a neat look!

  • Richard Wangly

    “Doesn’t absorb body odours”… So much for leather’s built-in theft deterrent capabilities. 😀

  • Eric Parisien

    If I am selected to win this, please immediately give the prize to Al Robidoux. I usually want to win all the prizes for myself, but this time, I think Al is way more deserving than me. Good luck to both of us!

  • Taka_San


  • Riccardo Amoruso

    I’m a business man with a cell phone for work and personal use. Also a huge fan of cop movies where they have these type of Holsters. I’ve even ordered one on eBay and tried to convert it to this exact idea however failed everytime lol. It’s an amazing idea for someone wearing suits… Never miss a call or email again!

  • Jeff Hurtault

    Had a bunch of these types of thing back in the day. Good to see that they’re finally accepted. I’d love to win this!!!

  • Bruce Wong

    definitely need one……..kinda

  • Rafter

    Looks……unique. Very interesting indeed

  • Joseph

    I would love to win one of those just cause my work requires me to wear black dress pants and white dress shirt to work everyday lol

  • Kevin

    I’ll be the fastest draw at the Calgary Stampede with this accessory!

  • TheCommentWithNoName

    I guess I’m not very fashionable then, because I love my hip holster. That being said, this one looks really snazzy. I would especially appreciate it for those occasions when I have to dress up a bit. Sign me up!

  • tongjia19

    Looks cool..

  • Gybook

    this is pretty badass , 10/10 would wear strolling around downtown

  • Ian Salter

    I could use one of these. I’m a commercial pilot, so my phone is often trapped in my pant pocket constrained against the lap belt. Getting the phone out to use as a calculator often requires some awkward calisthenics. The holster is a fun idea!

  • The Laramidian

    Because anything that makes me feel like Dirty Harry is a good thing. And also because my jeans are so tight that I can’t get anything in or out of the pockets while wearing them *facepalm*

  • Dal

    Since it’s not mainstream (yet!) and I like it before it’s cool, I want it. It’s the hipster thing to do.

  • michaeld

    can I have it?

  • Clyde Grainger

    always looking for ways to be original. This would be the cherry on the cake for me!

  • Shacha GC

    TO look bad a*s lol

  • It’s Me

    Why is this just for hipsters? If your phone is too big to pocket and a man purse isn’t an option for your wardrobe today, this would be perfect.

  • ineptone

    Since I can’t buy and wear a handgun I’d love to have something for which I can suspiciously reach into my coat for.

  • Cathy Canton

    I want to win this because it is a total riot and would make finding my phone easy peasy LOL



  • George Meisner

    What a novel idea!

  • Jason Meisner

    Oh, I need to look hip.

  • Joao Esteves

    I’m not a hipster, but as a vegetaria, would be nice, having a vegan holster.

  • 994196003

    looks sweet

  • Zahid

    looks badass!

  • Candido

    Very GQ-ish. I want one!

  • CJ Gregory

    I compete in IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) and IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association). I would LOVE to stroll onto the range and have my cell & wallet in shoulder holsters, then put on my REAL holster and do some competing.

    As well, as an IT professional, with everyone at work knowing that I compete in pistol matches, it would a fitting and hilarious to walk into the office and show off my “holster”


  • Dave Grant

    I’m not cool enough to pull it off but I want to win this for my hipster co-worker friend.

  • Stella Kanyogonya

    Winning this cool ‘remove stress’ hipster gear would be pretty awesome. I hope I will be the lucky one. Gone will be the days of ‘where did I put my phone’ cool huh!

  • TJ

    This would be awesome. I wear suits all day to teach and hate how a bulky phone and wallet ruin the look. Also it make a huge statement when I take my jacket off. Love the concept.

  • Paul Miole

    Who wouldn’t want one it’s awesome! Swagtastic!

  • Wasted Mass

    I could walk through security and say I’m packing à holster.

  • TroubleMan

    This holster would go great with my single-breasted houdstooth jacket and Frye shoes.No pocket squares, though. They’re lame.

  • jk1m

    like the wild wild west style look

  • oceansaber

    Oh, the ability to whip my wallet out like a revolver…. 🙂


    Cool! I want it

  • Anthony Dinesh Thambiah

    Looks pretty badass! At least some people will be taken aback for a second.

  • Anson Chiu

    I want to own canadian craftsmanship, not cookie-cutter made-in-china garbage.

  • Daniel

    Wow. Such gem. So hip. Very badass. Much Canadian. Many thanks. Want 2 win. Wow.

  • Derek Vipond

    I would love to try this out

  • JMPesce

    This is actually hilarious. I would want one because of all the double takes I’d get when I remove my jacket and it looks like I’m packing serious heat. This is TOO awesome!

  • Jakob

    “Win AN LD…”

    C’mon boys…

  • thomas nguyen

    Now is never a better time to be a hipster, and with this assessory, I too can complete my transformation.

  • disqus_BIq5G12Kuz

    I’d like to go back to my hipster ways.

  • samsungfan

    Would love to look super douche-baggy with this fine piece. Can’t wait to go through airport security with it.

  • Guest

    I would love to win this to give to a co-worker of mine. It suits his style to a tee, and he always does so much to make the office a warm, friendly place, it would be a great way to thank him.

  • JC

    good accesory

  • Stalemate

    This would match my neck beard perfectly.

    I must have it.

  • Matt parsons

    I would like a holster because I’m working on my hipsterness.. If that’s a word. Also it looks sweet. My budy has one and he likes it. They’re great for riding a motorcycle so that you don’t have stuff in your pockets.

  • alvin

    I want one

  • Ozmodiar Flanker

    i want one so someone besides my mom will think i’m cool lol

  • Eric J. Dunnett


  • Marc

    Adds a little touch of class to any outfit while giving the functionality we all need. Simply Brilliant.

  • Tom.

    I may not want to own a gun but with this holster I can live out my hipsterized fantasy of being Don Johnson’s Detective Crockett from Miami Vice.

  • Jakob

    Thanks for deleting my comment… that doesn’t change the rules of the English language.

  • larryms

    Looks like a great idea and I used to wear my phone on my hip. Once I moved to a large smart phone wit a cover I carry it rather than putting it in my shirt pocket especially since my heart attack to avoid the radiation. So I would love to be GQ while showing off a convenient and cool way to keep my phone handy but my hands free.

  • Gael

    perfect to show my gf that vegan leather is viable

  • Leslie Yan

    Need a new look for summer, hipster or not, they actually look pretty cool.

  • drnicket

    I would like one for simple convenience, more pants freedom, and of course I’ll be the shiniest in the ‘verse!

  • sinesthetix

    The irony is that as much as I denounce hipster-esque items, I actually really like this!

  • Kevin Ahoy

    I would love this. Instead of being somewhat careful when running with your phone, you can now run like you’re chasing down a perp, without fear of the phone falling out. This would be great for me as I run to catch the subway.

  • Suzi

    I think it just looks cool!

  • Mohsen

    Good question! because it looks good!

  • Jon R

    I like the phrase, “More pants freedom” – I’d give it a shot!

  • Nicholas Haight

    This will be perfect with my Canadian tuxedo.

  • Bob Kitz

    If I win this I can finally get rid of my Maxwell Smart shoe phone.

  • Larker

    I know a fellow who shoves his phone into his front pocket, this holster would be so much cooler

  • Bobbie Dawn Chilson

    Because it’s Canadian! 🙂

  • yayayaya

    This is the best thing ever. I hate carrying my wallet in my front or back pockets, and usually take my phone out of my pocket before sitting down. Having both already in this holster would be perfect.

  • SeanM

    Unique holster. It would make me look like a “fed”

  • Big Arn

    cause I’m to sexy for my holster 🙂

  • Riley Jameson Hildebrandt

    I need this!

  • Thr1ve

    I’d love to give this a try, but I wouldn’t wear it every day, and especially not over my clothing… Would be perfect for conferences where I need to lug a ton of stuff around in my pockets and laptop bag.

  • JM

    i would like one of these it looks pretty cool and unique

  • Ryan Laker

    I want to look like the Indiana Jones of the 2014.

    I also want to ensure my girlfriend is never willing to be seen in public with me again.

  • マイケル, ロサレス (Michael Rosales)

    Because pockets are to common

  • Roberta

    I’d like to win this both!

  • otispdq

    I’d like to win this because Mobile Syrup rocks! (Ok, that’s kind of a cop out answer, but since cops can do anything they want, this answer should fly 😉
    Seriously, thanks for having this contest 🙂

  • Sid G

    Careful you might get shot by the wrong COP if he thinks you are reaching for a gun!!

  • Sid G

    I would like to WIN this because it definitely breaths new life in the meaning of STYLE for mobile phone accessories and surely I would love to rock it!

  • Paul Obee

    I’d love to look like a detective and it’ll be easier to access your phone and wallet.

  • JayLA

    I want to be a phone slinger!

  • Andrew

    Would be cool to sort of look like a cop, or an old school detective.

  • catherine brown

    My husband would love this.

  • iworkatmpi

    these are pretty cool, it reminds me of the old Barney Miller shows where they wore similar holsters for their guns. i would love one so I don’t have to wear my phone on my belt anymore

  • Allan Cox

    looks great and very handy too.

  • Kyle Kennedy, CSCS

    I’d love to have one just to constantly have to reach into my jacket like I’m pulling a piece… but i’m not… or am I?

  • Dianne Leib

    Very Hip


    Since Im pretty hip, I would love to win this hipster holster!!! This would let me leave purse at home, so i can carry my phone and wallet!!!

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    Ha, I’d like to win this because I’ve always liked to be different and this would definitely do that!

  • Bruce Graham

    Wow, I could look like a detective with one of these.

  • Kalen Gmanny

    I was going to say this would be a great travel wallet to ensure you don’t get robbed having under a suit, but I think Al Robidoux deserves this as he has a great and legitimate use to put it to!

  • Joden West

    This holster makes the visionaries continue being just that, all the while not having to worry about being stylish. We’ve got to make the small things unforgettable.I would Love this holster to continue being inspirational in my every movement and action.

  • TemplarofLTE

    Lol. I’d wear that under my suit jacket every single day.

  • everythingthehardway

    Because I’d be the only nonhipster wearing it in southeastern USA.

  • JM

    look pretty cool and unique, i would love to win this

  • Bhatanaka

    Cool idea. I would like to have this but the guy below me has a way better story. Al Robidoux for the contest win.

  • kld2009

    I’ll like to win that because for my present Moto X case I’m using an old (very old) discontinued digital camera pouch. A friend of mine says it makes me look like an old man. Winning this would keep up the appearances. 🙂

  • offwiththeface

    this looks awesome would love to own this

  • Paranoid365

    I am getting to the age where I’m becoming a hipster, so being able to get a, “holster up”, on the competition is a must, so winning this badboy would bea very grateful gesture 🙂

  • Nelson Vieira

    This would keep me safe in Winnipeg’s North End.

  • Andy Un

    Looks classy.

  • Newfdogg

    Different 🙂

  • irish_iis

    This would make a great gift for the boyfriend

  • anatomy

    I had a buddy in high school who had something like this for his wallet. This seems much less ghey and I would certainly use it. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Uwais Jaffer

    Would love this case for my phone because it’s the hipster thing to do.

  • Kenjuta


  • Alexandre Gauthier

    Nothing in the pocket is much more confortable. Since I’m lazy, I am sat most of my day.

  • Victor Loo

    Shoulder holster for the phone and wallet seems cool

  • Rory

    Because I liked holsters before they were cool.

  • travelinty

    yes please would love one

  • Maggie

    This is exactly what I need and have been thinking about! Glad someone genius invented it, free my pockets! Be mine!

  • Arsh

    “I’m gonna make you an offer and you can’t refuse.” leave the gun and put my wallet their .

  • David Thomas

    used to use an RCMP issue .38 pistol shoulder holster to wear my SONY MiniDISC player Motorola Startac phone. Would love to use this with my S5

  • Bizzaresupes

    I wanna be cool like hipsters… As much as I won’t admit it… I might actually use this

  • Yanne Boulanger

    I need it because i don’t have enough pocket for all my devices PEW PEW

  • Terrence

    I want this it looks pretty cool and it would match my belt and shoes lol

  • dragonthc

    Vegan leather? Seriously?

  • Joseph

    Note 3 + Hipster Holster + Gear 2 neo = Geek/Hipster dream

  • MikieSATX

    Like it

  • Joe Arslanian

    Because I’m changing my style to hipster, so I can wear this holster. I love it

  • John Miguel Lopes Vieira

    It will make me even more SWAG-Tastic. Pretty please can I have?

  • Dillon Routien

    Feels a bit like Drake’s holster

  • Stephen M. Williams

    I would love to wear this and show up the kids in the office. Plus great to support a Canadian business!

  • alvin

    I want one baddd

  • Carl Dumont

    Nice Contest! 🙂

  • konarkanuck

    it’s not so much for the hipster aspect, but one of these would allow me to keep my arm between the ground and my phone at those times when I loose my footing and am about to land face first on the ground

  • James Kato

    I bought a cheap phone holster like this online. It had stated that it fits most smartphones, but no. The holster was so tiny, it probably only bare fit an iPhone 4 without a case. Even my wife’s non-smartphone doesn’t fit. So disappointed.

    I would love this holster to fit my nexus 4.

  • Scribler

    I would love to try one… Looks cool

  • Frank Occhino

    Very James Bond. Just what I need.

  • umhhmm

    Hey I could be like 007 with my m8 B-)

  • Ted Ohashi

    The holster is cool and so am I so we are a perfect match.

  • Baby

    Sure, I’d like to look like a hipster

  • Gabriel

    I have reasons. Now gimme gimme gimme.

  • Jarzelez

    Just in time for Stampede!

  • Kenny S. Zhang

    ill take it!

  • Christopher Chan

    Because I want to try this or the rib 😛

  • John Holman

    Heh heh, I would have to laugh at myself. Might be fun though.

  • Peter Pann

    I have thought about someone making something like this for years. Man I would love to Win one of these!

  • Kalen G

    Well that’s interesting… The winner didn’t even post on here…

  • Raymond Richardson

    I like the designer look,its a fashion statement to all, this item will really turn heads, a conversation piece, I can see many people asking where I got mine,this item sales will go through the roof as its gains more exposure, this is today’s wants and needs by many people through out the world !

  • boss

    so i could rock it in the uk where we dont have it and get you more customers