Samsung patent filing shows circular smartwatch that has ability to detach and become a necklace


  • SinkyChan


  • Acer12345


  • MrMM

    Who would want a smartwatch attached to their keychain?

    Oh wait, if they add a gimmicky feature like “whistle to find your keys” ppl will eat it right up lol.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    To me is making something already expensive even more so. so why get this instead of a real smart phone? I rather get one that links to my phone rather than one with a separate sim card

  • applesue

    gamechanger. apple will sue

  • Raj Singh

    It must be annoying for OEMs to make cool sh!t and have Samsung come in, copy it, and then outsell the original…

  • MobileRoamer

    Bring on the haters that don’t read the facts and call a round face watch copying. Lol. So how long have watches had a round face? Have any of you haters see that the patent was filed a good 6 months before the moto 360 announcement. I’m guessing not.

  • Guest

    maybe once samsung invades everyones space would people realize why they are getting sued.

  • realitycheck

    not even hiding it anymore…. remember…. you people let this happen.

  • Michael H

    Flavor Flav in da hizouse y’all!!!!

  • Raj Singh


    • GagaScrewer

      If a copy is better than an original, then I’ll buy the copy.