Update: Winner announced in our HTC One M8, courtesy of dbrand!


  • Z A

    carbon fiber on my 801 please

  • lucrichard

    never used a android phone and would love to try one. I’d pick the carbon fiber skin

    • Max Fireman

      Stick with your iPhone

    • Scott Belbin

      why? i went from an iPhone 5s to this phone and i find it a really great experience! one of the best android phones that i have ever used! it won’t hurt to give it a try! whats the worst that could happen eh!

    • Max Fireman

      So did I, I just find those who do the switch complain a lot.

  • Justin CNS

    I would love to score this phone because who wouldn’t want the best phone on the market, blacked out leather front and back looks amazing!!!

  • Vineeth SK.

    I could definitely use a new phone as my Galaxy S3 is on its last leg. And the HTC One M8 would do just the trick! Plus I could rock a sweet DBrand Matte White case on it, to make the already beautiful phone look even better.

  • ciretos

    Mahogany for me!

  • cookiejan

    I would like the red carbon fiber so I could find the phone all the time. Winning the One M8 would bring me into the big leagues as my current phone is just a basic one.

    • Pierre roy

      Yea same here.

  • shinsnyper

    since samsung has horrible customer service I’d like to give HTC a try and put on a carbon fiber case.

    • Joe Grant

      every company in existence has horrible customer service

    • shinsnyper

      Understandable, but I went through a horrific time with Samsung. I’ve never experienced anything like it before.

  • petertinh

    Count me in.

    • Joe Grant

      the contest is asking you to answer what skin you want and why?
      not just say “sure i’ll take a free phone”

  • Johnson Phan

    Time for an upgrade!!! Been using the same phone for the past 3 years, its just not the same as when I first got it (Galaxy Note 1). Matte black always does the job when it comes to aesthetics. Would be awesome if I won!

  • Robin

    I’d use the Mahogany skin. I’d want the M8 as it’s, by far, the best built flagship phone of the year.

  • Mike & Nicole Sun

    Red Carbon fiver skin please

    • Joe Grant


    • Joe Grant

      which one of you is getting the phone

  • Henry Chong

    cause i’ve heard nothing but great reviews! and it looks amazing

    • Joe Grant

      you forgot to say what skin you wanted

  • Eric

    Gunmetal because it looks awesome

    • Joe Grant

      wso you do not care about other equally important specs like processor power, features, battery life?

  • Marco Bairos

    I’ve only ever owned a BlackBerry smartphone. Would live to try something else. The skin I won choose is the red carbon fiber. I love red!

  • spacekobra

    My Nexus 4 has terrible battery. Like, listening to music is impossible on this thing. 🙁 If I was to win this I’d probably rock the white matte skin on it. It looks oh so classy.

    • Joe Grant

      at least you have a recent phone not an old flip phone like other people

    • spacekobra

      I know. They asked why you’d want it. I’m not expecting to win.

  • schiu

    I miss owning a HTC phone. Carbon fiber skin

    • Joe Grant

      so you are implying that you have owned one before? you should now pay for abandoning HTC. (both figuatively and literally)

  • DawnDawn Xin

    I love the beautiful design, gunmetal just looks so good….if I can choose id put on the black skin

    • Joe Grant


  • Harmandeep singh

    I would love Htc one because i want a new phone as my phone broke down and i am in need of a new phone with leather skin on it

    • Joe Grant

      did you break it?

  • jonfry

    Looks like the next device of the year! If chosen I’d like the device with black carbon fiber please!!!

    • Joe Grant

      what makes you think that this is the device of the year

    • Joe Grant

      what makes you think that this is the device of the year

  • blessedta

    I need to replace my phone. THe

    Red Carbon

    • Joe Grant

      what phone is it?

    • Joe Grant

      what phone is it?

  • Desi Jatt

    with a phone like HTC one M8, If I win I will let the person decide who is running the contest on which skin will look good.

  • outburst

    Would be a superb upgrade for my deserving wife and mother of my children since her two year phone isn’t doing too well. I think she’d like the black leather skin. Looks nice, would go with her purse.

    • Joe Grant

      two years old only!!! my mom is still holding onto the original iphone

    • outburst

      The original iPhone probably works better than my wife’s Motorola crapphone. And she knows how to work a smartphone better than most grandmas and I have to hear her complaints every single day.

  • Felipe Pimenta

    A Matte White, please, as I can’t stand my now really old Xperia S.
    (Also, I’m not from Canada, but I have a friend there so you can ship to him, and then he ships to me 😛 )

  • Brad Fennell

    The carbon cases are sure nice. And the M8 would be a nice present for my wife to match mine

  • Morgan Leigh

    I so need this!!!!! My HTC One M7 just died and I’m using an old Blackberry 8750 from work until I accumulate some wealth to replace it.
    I’d totally use the mahogany skin on the back – it’s stunning!

  • DEE

    Because I can no longer stand iOS. The wood skin looks nice – when nature meets technology.

  • Jake Peters

    I’m sick of phones with rear/down firing speakers. I would like the green true color skin.

  • Matthew V.

    I would want to get the One M8 not for me, but for my mother. I was unable to get her anything substantial for Mother’s Day, today. She’s still suffering with an iPhone 4 and she keeps complaining about it. I’d like to treat her to something nice, as she has given me an LG G2 recently. Matte Black would be the best option for her.

  • Joshua Joseph Neumann

    I want the HTC One M8 because it gives me wet dreams when I see it in white matte. Mmmmm…

  • Susan

    I would love the HTC One M8 to give HTC another try. Plus the stereo speakers on the One M8 is loud! I like the front to be gunmetal and the back carbon fiber. That is a cool look!

  • Manolo

    I need a M8 with Red Carbon because my phone wont last a day with its weak battery life.

  • Stingcharger

    Carbon fibre please

  • nafixes

    I’d put the matte white skin and I want it because I love HTC’s boomsound!

  • Daniel Pachowicz

    wood or titanium or even black titanium look pretty cool on the phone, who wouldn’t want a newer phone I’m still rocking the old galaxy s

  • Brandon

    I haven’t had a HTC phone since the tytn, which I loved! Carbon fibre skin would be awesome on it too!

  • Laurent

    I’d pick the Carbon fiber skin. Wanna upgrade to the M8, heard it’s a BEAST!

  • Jesse Scobie

    Matte Black for sure. My HTC One is great but would love the new M8!

  • Brent Pickard

    the awesome industrial design and a matte black skin

  • Patrick Minardi

    I’d love an M8 because it looks like it could be the best phone of this year! With a matte black skin!

  • KusunokiMusashi

    i would put a wood skin on the back and front to give it a natural look. I want the m8 so I can show my iphone buddies how cool it is

  • Martin Galer

    Something in a dark wood finish would be the perfect thing next time I have an important meeting.

  • Allan Button

    I would love to show off a new HTC with that amazing red carbon fibre look on it. What do ya say? Let me win?

  • AJ

    I think the black carbon fiber would look sweet! Still rocking an S2, waiting for a new phone!

  • Lukas Wenzel

    white carbon fiber!

  • Jamal Martells

    I would love to have a premium feeling device other than a Samsung. I would love a all black carbon fibre phone 🙂

    • Joe Grant

      if you wanted a premium feeling samsung device you could just replace the back panel with a metal one or get a good case

  • ScottfrRobb

    Huge fan of the m7 build quality and know this is the same. Mahogany skin all the way.

  • Alex Chau

    I would love to score this phone because I’ve wanted to try dbrand for a long time, but I never got the chance. Also, I love the phone! Looks stellar! Definitely want the phone with matte black. Cheers!

  • McCoy

    Would like to score the M8 as my M7’s screen just got a crack in it. As for the skin, I like the look of the mahogany.

  • David Riedl

    I’d love to win this great device as it’ll replace my aging nexus s! I’d probably go for a wood skin on this bad boy!

  • Maybach Danger

    I think displays are the most important part of any smartphone, and the HTC One M8 has the best display on the market. I would love to put the Mahogany dbrand inc. skin on the gold M8.

  • Koolbreeze

    Skins over case!

  • darkdragon88

    I can’t really afford a new phone right now so winning this contest would be a dream. The red carbon fiber looks too good to pass up!

  • Anas Ingar

    Carbon fibre on this M8. Then I can replace my overheating phone.

  • Ernie Chan

    I hate my Samsung s3…its so slow and buggy now. I’d get any case with the carbon fiber look!

    • Joe Grant

      first of all.. they are skins not cases
      Second of all… at least you have an S3. i know so many people who are moving along with a 1 inch screened flip-phone

  • Eduardo

    Because it’s the best phone out there regardless of the camera’s mixed results. Matte Black.

  • Melissa Rideough

    I’d love to score this phone with a simple black leather skin, nice and classic! I would love this phone because it is time for a change. My S3 is starting to go funky, so it should be dying pretty soon. I’ve always loved HTC phones. My boyfriend had the Legend for several years, it was indestructible! I don’t need a fancy phone, and this seems perfect for my needs.

  • Arthur Wilkie

    Would love the mahogany skin on an M8!

  • PC

    I’d like the phone because it’s a nice looking phone and I’d want it with black carbon fibre skin

  • Durae McFarlane

    I would love to score the htc one m8 cause its my favourite phone and i would put the metal skin on it to keep the metal feel of the phone

  • mongupp

    I love Android phones and I would pick the bright orange skin.

  • Rae most

    If I won the M8, I would chuck my current phone and never look back….. It would be decked out with the white leather as its just..bossss!!!!

  • Daniel

    Killer front speaker! I would definitely go with texture orange.

  • Michael Farrell

    I love my m7, but the battery is barely making it now and it would be awesome to have a blue carbon fiber m8 to replace it

  • Jordan Lambe

    I’d use carbon fiber red on mine. HTC has always made my favorite phones.

  • Justin P

    It would be the best upgrade from my OLD LG chocolate, yea this would be my first ‘smart phone’!

    • Justin P

      I would use a matte white front skin with the really nice blue leather back

    • Justin P

      Ive Sent the details

  • ddd

    I have an iPhone 3G that has seen better days. It is old, slow (especially after the iOS7 update), the screen is brutal compared to my girlfriends M7. I could probably afford a new phone, but i’m saving up for a huge life purchase (first house) and would rather deal with my iPhone woes than by a new phone at the moment.

    I love the girlfriends M7, so this would be a great upgrade for me.
    Anyway, If i’m picked I would like one with Mahogany please.


  • Timothy Catibog

    I want the M8 because of the build quality and I would put the black leather back and naked front.

  • Joshua

    I’d love to give it a try as my first non-nexus android and throw the matte white skin on it!

  • Natalie

    My current phone is 3+ years old and only has 170MB internal memory….I’m long overdue for something that is more functional. I like the black carbon fibre case.

  • Elle

    My nexus 5 is suffering from water damage. Its usable but the screen is very splotchy and seldom glitchy. I would love the black carbon fiber on the HTC One m8 if I won!

  • Mathieu Dubois

    My current phone is about to die and the M8 is one beauty of a phone!! Red carbon fiber please!

  • Hussein

    I would love to win the htc one m8 because itll be my first phone since my htc sensation. I would get it with white leather skin.

  • Vitaliy

    Time to retire Galaxy S3 and get this beauty 🙂 carbon fiber or plain black will do

  • G.P.

    This phone would make me trade my Ativ S WP8. I would also choose the carbon fiber skin

  • B Macrae

    This is the phone I want with the black carbon fibre skin loved the One when I tried it , this one should even better.

  • JB22

    I’d love to score a One M8 because I miss Android and would love to own one again. I would put the Red Carbon Fiber skin on it!

  • Joseph

    Mahogany since someone needs to look classy

  • ryang_78

    Its a powerhouse and I’d go with the orange skin

  • Bob Wannabe

    Black titanium matte, would love this phone cause this phone is a beast. The screen is a beast. The processor is a beast. This phone is also the best looking and best feeling in the hand phone.

  • alvin

    need the wood vinyl so I can knock on wood

  • Leonardo

    Definitely want the HTC M8 due to how great the build quality is, not to mention how great the device performs.
    I love how the Gunmetal dbrand skin looks on the device.
    I’d definitely choose that skin! 🙂

  • m1ghtysauc3

    I’d choose titanium.

  • Zahid

    It would either be black carbon fiber or black leather. The M8 would be a huge upgrade from my moto xt720

  • Craig Foster

    True color orange!

  • Trevor Mckenna

    I would LOVE to win an m8 because I had an m7 but it was stolen. It was easily the best phone I’ve ever owned and I really miss it!

    And my dbrand skin of choice is the white carbon fiber!!!!

    Please pick me!!! Thanks.

  • Tyler Liu

    With black carbon fibre it would be the perfect upgrade to my m7

  • Marvin Catbagan

    i have been with my blackberry bold for so long and i think an upgrade would be nice. i’d keep it stock gun metal which is really sexy

  • Matt S.

    It’d be my first foray into the Android platform. I’d definitely want black titanium back, black carbon fiber front.

  • Geila

    Sadly my Sony Xperia j that I was suckered into is the worst phone ever made :'( there is no room for apps, pics, nothing..slow as anything.. I need new school technology with the silver metal skin please 🙂

  • Blaktron

    Definitely the Carbon Fibre skin.

  • Rand0mGuy

    Best build quality and speakers if any phone on the market.

  • Radiantly

    I currently have the M7, but my brother needs an upgrade. The black carbon skins would be great.

  • John Cartmel

    In need of a new Android phone… carbon fiber would look nice.

  • Alan Tseng

    Simply because I like HTC. ‘Nuff said.

    As for skin, black platinum all the way, just like how my Nexus 5 has one too.

  • hamletsdemise

    These are amazing phones. I would like one please. Pretty please, with pixels on top.

  • Rebecca Belcourt Wright

    Leather. And would love to win an m8

  • berniecalo

    IMHO, HTC has the best balance in design and functionality among the Android superphones, and I would like to switch away from the Samsung camp! Oh, and a black carbon fiber skin on it wouldn’t hurt..

  • luca5w

    About to change jobs and all have to return my MotoX
    Needs new phone
    New HTC One M8 in black titanium would be a great way to start a new adventure (read: job)

  • Stanley Kousik

    I have the M7 and I’m just dying to get my hands on the M8 in matte black! Finally nice to see this phone getting the attention it deserves! Great job guys

  • Neroshan

    Cause the m8 is the best phone out! Especially looks good with the red carbon skin

  • Iyokus

    Excellently designed phone, good hardware. I would toss on the black leather skin.

  • Pico

    I would love to win the M8 so that I can stop dreaming about the oneplus one ! The skin will be carbon fiber. Thanks a million !

  • Pier-Luc Clément

    Because I switch my note 2 for a S4, I miss so much a phablet and this phone look spectacular!!!

  • Emi Lucã

    One of the best phones ever made. I’d put a red gunmetal skin on it

  • KnightRider

    It’s a powerhouse of a phone for sure, and would definitely make a great replacement for my weak outgoing phone. I’ve also never used a phone with sense UI, so it would be a new experience for me. I’d go with the black titanium skin

  • krislyn roth

    I have never tried and android always apple so a change would be nice. I would get the leather skin.

  • Wasted Mass

    For the love of selfies and Harman Kardon boomsound. I want dbrand to release the bamboo skins they’ve promised.

  • Trevor

    Love the Dbrand skins! Not a bad phone either

  • David Appleby

    The black carbon fibre would look awesome!

  • AReid

    Tired of Samsung and I would do the red skin.

  • jrmtl

    Very cool skin options for a htc phone… I want the carbon fiber one.

  • Cameron Inglis

    Would love to upgrade from my nexus 4! Oh and black metal covering haha

  • Olly GA

    Matte black for me! Such a sick phone!

  • habowh43

    Why would I love to score it? Because imo, it’s the absolute best overall phone money can buy can right, all things considered. I probably wouldn’t put a skin on such a beauty but if I were going to…. most probably that blue one in the picture. It looks schweet.

  • ineptone

    That blue carbon look is brilliant, so that will do nicely. As for why I would like to own the M8, it would be a wonderful return to HTC since we’ve been on hiatus since the original Desire. That sexy metal chassis calls to me.

  • Peter D

    I’d love to score the M8 for its motion gesture unlock capabilities. I’d put a black carbon fiber skin so it would help with the slippery back 😀

  • Andrew Yim

    My phone’s screen is too small… I need the HTC one w/ Carbon fiber! 🙂

  • dgfish

    It would be nice if I could finally replace my Galaxy Nexus. The old thing is dying a slow death at this point. Matte black front and back would be a nice and clean look!

  • Brian Haggerty

    I would love to score the HTC One M8 – I’ve had an HTC One V for a while and I love it. The leather style skin would be sweet to sport!

  • willson

    carbon fiber and reason to score a m8 is the boomsound speaker

  • Matty

    I would love to win this phone since my iPhone 4 8gb is falling apart and barely works. Not enough money to get a new one so I’m struggling with this old thing. Would appreciate a new one so much! I would definitely get the wood skin because its awesome!

  • Amand Casto

    I would love to score the M8 so I can have a camera on my phone that actually look better then my digital camera! I would put the metal on that bad boy! Thanks for the chance!

  • Tony Lu

    It many colors and styles. I prefer white leather

  • Azreik

    The one in the pic is fine by me! I won’t complain.

  • Martin K

    I’m tired of everyone having a better phone than me! I had a nice phone but I dropped it and broke the screen and had to go back to an old Galaxy Nexus. This in Carbon fibre would be an amazing step up for me! cheers!

  • Frederic St-Pierre

    I deserve this phone because I AM DBRAND’S BIGGEST LOVER/FAN. ERMAGHERD!!!

    True color orange. Duh.

  • Anth C

    Love the dual cameras and sense 6 looks amazing. Would pair with black matte skin.

  • Andrew

    I could really use an HTC One because I managed to drop my GS3 in the sink last month. As for a skin, I personally like the black leather one the most.

  • Russell Porter

    I would love to score one because its time for an upgrade. My phone is going on 4 years old but i’m to cheap to plunk down cash for a new one. lol

    I would put a True Color: Yellow on front and back. 🙂

  • Ed Toth

    White Carbon M8 would have to be one of the coolest devices around. Being from a farming province growing up living in the tech age I’m on the go and love having abilities go beyond and over. This phone is by far one my favorites and would handle well in my lifestyle. Give me the opportunity and it will be well used!

  • JTeeth

    Over the past year I’ve been more and more tempted to step out of Apple’s “walled garden” & see what other phones have to offer. Up till the M8 launch I had not seen a phone that seemed as appealing to me as Apple’s latest offering but now I have been seriously tempted to make the switch. Winning one would be the ultimate way to do that. It would also make my travel to the States this summer a lot easier! As for skins, I like the black leather back mixed with the mohagany front.

  • Scott

    I like the blue true color and oh ya the phone too.

  • mhee

    Because my HTC Incredible S is almost breaking apart. I would definitely use the carbon fiber on the MTC M8. Love that texture and look of it!

  • James Huntley

    That carbon fiber one looks sweet. I’d love this phone. I have a new baby and this would be great to take pictures.

  • Taylor Poulin

    I would love to get my hands on such a fantastic device to replace my aging Note II. Titanium front, black leather back!

  • haesslich

    I’d go for titanium finish – keep the nice metal look, but make it less slippery. It’s got a lovely screen – and MicroSD support.

  • Dave Walker

    I want to join my friends who happily own HTC’s. It looks great in Wood!

  • Rimba

    I would use a printed skin to protect your phone from scratches and at least a little bit of splashing water to survive. I would use gold metal texture, so it looks harmonious and there is no difference in the color of my phone and dbrand skin.

  • Kei Bee

    I’d love to have it in a Black matte finish with yellow
    Racing stripes in the middle.

  • Neil Osadchy

    White leather on the front and back and because im rockin a 4s

  • It’s Me

    Why? Because this is likely the best Android on the market today. I’d pick the carbon fibre in red.

  • ZepperDude

    It’s purdy …

  • Melody

    Love to get my dad this in Black Leather front and back!

  • Dylan foss

    HTC ONE M8 with the red skin on back and red on front would look amazing 🙂 or the wood one!

  • Thanish Munas

    need a new phone

  • fudoki

    True colour yellow, black and yellow? You can’t go wrong with that. I’m using HTC now but my camera lense is very scratched up. I would use a new one looking cool as that.

  • Yanis Sauvé

    Black carbon fiber. Good luck everyone.

  • Dshwet91

    My S2 badly badly badly needs replacement and I would love to replace it with either a Mahogany front and back or a Black Matte front and back! GAHH everything from dbrand looks sooo good!

  • Ajb.esquire

    I’d love to score one because I need a new phone and dbrand has made this one look so good that I can imagine how great the m8 will look. And I don’t live that far from Steeles (hint hint!!) Wood skin all the way, the one I have now looks awesome, feels awesome and is highly durable.

  • Dave La Rose

    HTC has an awesome product again this year. The blue carbon wrap looks good!

  • Christian Julius Ortaliz

    Can’t wait till my hippie friends see the Zen-like wood cover and then when they reach nirvana bam show the all metal monster inside lol!

  • Michael Wu

    One M8 is a great device, would love to try it. Matte white looks great with it.

  • ★ChriS★

    I’d love such a beautiful phone like this one to put the red carbon fiber on it

  • Bodmon

    Ugh my phone is dying :/ The battery is slowly deteriorating, the phone lags like crazy even after a factory reset which was warranted by extreme laggyness, wifi not working and an unstoppable text message notification :/ I would love to get this in the red Carbon Fiber skin!! :))

  • OakePoake

    I want to rock an HTC M8 so I can rock the most precise fit on Earth!

  • Guest

    My brother has the htc one M7 , I want to show him up with the HTC M8 🙂

  • cancron

    Gun metal with the wood body

  • Winston Lee

    Definitely need a new phone and this phone in carbon would he great!

  • Kevin Cracknell

    black titanium for me please

  • Jeff KIM

    Would put carbon fibre and would love to score the device because Htc one is awesome

  • Thuy

    Would put the matte skin. I would love to try the M8 out, love to try out the processor.

  • Robbie Fitzgerald

    I switched to LG from HTC and regret it. So I’d love to get an M8 in matte black so I dont have to buy one, and Ill be giving my LG to my girlfriend.

  • rabellj

    That blue case looks awesome

  • eszklar

    Badass Orange skin for the M8 please.

  • Sohil Naik

    My 9900 is on it’s last legs and this would literally save me. I’d go with all around wood finish, just looks classy!

  • Vinnay (Vince) Ram

    Carbon fiber for me!

  • Marco Occhionero

    My brother has the htc one M7 , I want to show him up with the HTC M8 🙂 Id like a red carbon fiber skin

  • Crackmacs

    Had an HTC one V, got so much use out of it. HTC makes a top quality phone. I’ve since installed a neat homebrew OS on it, still works great. I’d go with the matte black or black leather. Can’t decide! ahhh! (okay if I absolutely had to, matte black). Thanks!

  • ナタニエル ハリエット

    I would love to win one cuz I do not own a smartphone now, and I love the new HTC one m8. Would love to have it with Red True Color on it…

  • Maha Basheikh

    Green skin covering would do well to differentiate my new HTC M8!

  • Ray Lee

    Would love to try a different brand as I’ve been using Samsung phones for a while. A white carbon fiber skin would be good!

  • Junior Titan

    I would like to try a new phone something different than Nokia, I would pick the titanium metal skin

  • Vincent Ng

    I would love the M8 because I love the M7 and would like to upgrade to the latest and greatest, with the Black Titanium skin front and back from dbrand.

  • Mike Neri

    I’d love matte black on my M8. Perfection.

  • Marek G.

    I’d like to score One M8 because it’s currently the best looking phone on the market not to mention great specs, and I’d choose it in matte black skin to fully express my personality.

  • Henry Lee

    Well I’m rocking an old Nokia 3128 and it’s seriously about time to get an upgreade. I’d probably go with the matte white or wood skin.

  • JeffHsiao

    M8 is by far the best phone out there! And I would put black carbon fiber skin on the front!

  • Phil

    To get my hand on this sexy phone with matte finishing in the front

  • Darren Higgs

    The M8 would make a nice upgrade to the Optimus G and I would be going with the wood doing for that old school look 🙂

  • oceansaber

    Favourite phone out atm, and would have a black leather back and matte black front. Gotta stay slick.

  • Hot Toronto Deals

    Would love to switch to an Android phone, and the M8 is at the top of the heap! dBrand’s Mahogany skin would be my choice.

  • Elyse Barré

    Have an old brick of a phone and heard nothing but amazing user reviews.

  • KurtP

    My old Galaxy S2 is finally getting to the point where I need to replace it with something new and awesome! Like the blue skin in the pics.

  • Awol Adict

    I would love the one m8 because my Samsung galaxy s4 has horrible burn in om the screen and I would put a carbon fiber skin on it. It would look super cool.

  • khungfu

    Love my M7 and have been looking for the right time upgrade to M8, looks like this is might be the perfect time! To make it even better, I’d put dbrand’s “Black Titanium” skin all around! SICK!

  • Sequoia46.2

    I’d use black matte, I would love those front facing speakers

  • Brenda Penton

    I’d love to have a One M8 for my son. I’d put the true color orange skin on it.

  • Jason Elliott

    My nexus 4 is feeling old and would love this Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB Ram beast. I would put black Titanium on it!

  • WoozleWuzzle

    I’d love to give the duo camera a try and would have dbrand’s carbon fiber skin on the M8

  • Joe Gessner

    Sweet phone… bamboo

  • Doltz

    Its an awesome device and is beautifully made. I would like an orange skin on mine, so that it stands out even more!

  • Jsn0wy

    Carbon Fiber definately

  • dlaguilar78

    I’d love to have obe in matte black skin

  • Rob

    Black leather please.

  • John Dorado

    I think the matte black looks great. Perfect for me. I’m in need of a new phone and the One M8 is perfect. Best sound, best camera, best styling… love it!

  • SP_Fever

    Would love to win this phone

  • Benjamin Colwell

    I manage a cell phone store, I am currently using a defective HTC One (M7). I would love to have a brand new HTC One (M8) with a wood grain dbrand skin to WOW my customers and manage my business!

  • Ken K.


  • Scott Belbin

    the matte black in this is dam sexy! pushes the current sexiness of the phone to a new plateau!

  • Rodney Glasbergen

    How could you not want one of the best reviewed devices in the market? I’d love the M8 with the wood texture.

  • Benoit Bourdua

    Beauty and matte black skin would make it even better.

  • khmerkilla

    I would love the HTC ONE M8 because it is such a great technological piece of art! dbrand, all matte black please!

  • Tony Cheung

    I’d like to get one. My brother has one, too and he said he’s awesome. I would put on the black carbon skin to make it more outstanding and unique. Thanks.

  • Akash

    I really need a new phone but I don’t have the money for a new one. The Matte black skin would look really good on the HTC One M8 IMO.

  • Mark M

    Im stuck between this & the note 3 I prefer the size of the note but if I have this I would sacrifice the size for the better phone probably the best on the market right now & I would take it in carbon black it looks sick !!!

  • Jean-Francois Laplante

    My last HTC was the Nexus One. Would love to get the orange true colour skin…

  • Mendozer

    m8 = awesome
    dbrand = awesome
    dbrand leather back on an m8 = super awesome

  • Michael

    I don’t have a smart phone yet and this one has had great reviews! Matte Black looks good to me.

  • Dencil Smith

    I love the front facing speakers…Would use the carbon fiber skin!

  • Kurt Reid

    I’ll take it! Would love to score one since dbrand makes great skins and HTC makes awesome devices.

  • Matt Currie

    I would love this phone because I’ve always been interested in the HTC one series. I actually purchased one a while back but returned it as I received a galaxy s3 as a gift from a family member the same day and felt like they would get mad if I didn’t keep it and I’ve always wondered what if. Now that the m8 is out in all its glory I want one again and would love a wood skin I would be so grateful if I won.

  • Nithursan

    Besides the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor & 2GB RAM, HTC Sense is pretty to look at. Oh, and in Matte Black.

  • Slaven Vlacic

    Want it…

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    I would love to score this phone because it would be pretty wonderful to have a premium phone! I would love to have the dBrand True Color green because that is what I have on my phone right now and it looks glorious! and it’s my favourite colour!

  • Zainab

    I’ve always had a BlackBerry and loved it but I would enjoy trying out an Android phone! Especially this one with the mahogany (wood) skin. Looks pretty awesome!

  • Blair Craigon

    I’d love the new HTC ONE M8 with the wood finish.

  • Ryan

    Would put a carbon fibre skin on if I won, could use the upgrade from a One X

  • Dominique Voyer

    Carbon fiber for me it looks like a Honda civic hood

  • chickachew

    I own the HTC one M7 with a white carbon skin. Looks and feels beautiful! dbrand does make a great skin! That said, I would love to Get my hands on the successor of the M7! Though nothing is technically wrong with my phone. I just want new tech! Please can I play with the new HTC one with a black matte skin 🙂

  • qu3becker

    I want it because it’s one of the best phone around and I’d want it with orange back skin and matte black front skin.

  • Jason Tobias

    It’s a great phone, love the front facing speakers. I like the black carbon fiber dbrand case.

  • CdnChris

    I loved the M7, I’d really like to use the M8. I’d put wood on the back and matte black on the front!

  • David Ng

    Not that I need to replace my M7, But the M8 Just looks so good. I’d totally rock an all black matte murdered out M8 if I had my say!

  • Andrew Roy

    I would love a spiffy new phone! I have a crack on my m7’s screen but its off in the corner so I Dont need to run out and buy a brand new one. But if I had that gorgeous mahogany skin my new gunmetal m8 would be protected somewhat!

    Please and thank you!

  • Allan Dela Cruz

    Would like to see what the hype on the HTC One M8 is all about. Carbon fiber blue or Red looks awesome for me

  • Eric C

    The M8 is one of the best Android Phones on the market today. It’s powerful and it looks amazing. It would look even hotter with a carbon fiber skin on it!

  • Owen Horn

    Would love to give this device to my wife as a gift. The mahogany skin would be just her style.

  • jk1m

    I would love to use the the Sense 6.0 on the M8! The carbon fiber please and thank you!

  • Matthew C.

    Thanks for this opportunity!

    Despite the disappointing camera resolution, the One M8 remains a serious contender for top Android phone. Would love to get my hands on it and replace my aging Nexus 4. As far as skins are concerned, I’d really love to have the wood or leather skin on the back to add to the premium feel of the device!

  • Stanley Lau

    Was always a Nexus fan and wanted to try something different!
    carbon fiber white looks nice 🙂

  • John R

    Love to try something other than Samsung, and carbon fiber looks great

  • Patrick

    Would love this phone because my mom has it and it works pretty dam good! I would definitely go with the leather skin!

  • See-ling

    Would love the phone in gunmetal with black leather at the back. I have always wanted to try an HTC phone

  • Pat Simeon

    Black leather or mahogany. No question. I’d also consider their soon to arrive bamboo. Also, not sure if I wanna skin the front. But any of those 3 on the back of an m8 should be nice!

  • Gee whiz

    black look sweet, need that sweet phone to replace my lumia 710

  • Donny Beveridge

    I’d love to put that powerhouse in the mohagony skin, to give the best current smartphone some retro styling.

  • Tony Yu

    carbon fiber please ily

  • Chet Manly

    Solid phone. Big screen, leather back would be sweet

  • macarius

    The M8 is the best phone on the market right now and I’d want one to promote HTC for making such a great phone. I’d outfit mine with metallic gold.

  • Odie

    love to try an HTC gunmetal with matte black

  • framing god

    Had 5 galaxies and some nexus but would like to give HTC a go!

  • pukky

    What a beautiful phone with amazing specs. Would love one with the titanium skin.

  • ruaman

    I’d love to win this awesome phone to present it to my dad who has never had a
    smartphone ever. It’s time for him to embrace the new world of technology, and what
    would be better gift than the best built Android phone out there (M8) with a
    Mahogany skin!

    • Solaris Emporium

      Coincidentally my situation is exactly the same, would love to win what
      would be my Dad’s first smartphone! Mahagony or black leather skin
      would look svelte.

    • Sami Rezaie

      My situation is even worse, my mother has been stuck on a contract for 3 years that’s right for one of the worst smartphones (the original Htc windows phone), so I would like to make her day by giving her this phone on fathers day( single mom likes to celebrate both days)
      She would probably like any skin on it that is a nice red

  • Cannot Everstop Mining

    I’d love to get the M8 with the matte case. My brother is in dire need of a new phone, he is rocking an ancient BlackBerry Bold still.

  • Colton Politte

    I’d love to win this to replace my M7. HTC won me over with it last year and I can’t think of a better phone to progress to! The carbon fiber would be the best skin for it, too.

  • SeanM

    It’s time for an upgrade to the M8 with the carbon fibre skin

  • G W

    Nicest looking phone on the planet!!! Black Carbon Fiber looks the coolest for sure!

  • mizkitty

    The HTC One M8 has been on my wishlist since release.
    I’d go with the Mahogany skin from dbrand…

  • Alt-jag

    Wood or leather on my M8 please

  • jet

    i never owned an HTC device, i’d like to try one. I heard they are pretty good too. I’d want a carbon fiber skin on it, or even the matte shown above.

  • Dan Petrus

    Red carbon fiber, for sure.

    Dotview case and the dual front facing speakers, hands down, are the reasons I’d love to have this phone. That it’s a 2014 Flagship doesn’t hurt, either!

  • rumthin

    I’ve never owned a metal phone and would love to have one. I really like the true color yellow skin.

  • RaBbIcAtS1 .

    You can’t compete with that build quality. Also I saw MKBHD’s m8 with carbon fibre…damn

  • Steve Konrad

    I’d love a matte black or carbon fibre one since this is the best phone on the market.

  • Dee

    I need a new smartphone to replace my Iphone 4..

  • Ulysses Grant

    HTC One M8 has become one of the most popular phone in the market. It has the best look as well as specification. I wish to win one as I never won anything in MobileSyrup. If I win, I would like to have the Carbon Fiber please. 🙂 Good luck to all who join! More power to MobileSyrup! 🙂

  • Daniel

    Carbon fibre for the best phone of 2014

  • Guamon

    I want the M8 in the picture it looks slick and clean and amazinggggggg

  • RN Simpson

    I would get the titanium black so I would be finally the cool one in the office with the hip phone

  • Liuis Jiang

    I would love to score this phone because I have never used an HTC phone before, and after seeing my friend’s M8, I think I’m on the hype train now! Best phone on the market imo. I would totally deck it out with the mahogany wood dbrand skin.

  • Jeremy Oeg

    Wife has an HTC Amaze and I’d love to give her an upgrade for her birthday coming up. I think she’d like the Mahogany skin.

  • David H

    I love my HTC One M7 and this will be a nice upgrade!! Metal is the way to go. I like the carbon fiber black.

  • Danny

    The M8 with White Carbon Fiber! I want to change lives with this amazing phone!

  • Andy

    How sweet would this be? So sweet I could finally stop using my galaxy s2!! Been wanting a new phone for a while but 3 kids don’t allow a lot of luxuries. And for sure it would be black carbon fiber for the back and metal black for the front with gunmetal sides. Kids wouldn’t get their hands on this bad boy if I won! Please let me win! 🙂

  • Joel Fortune

    my nexus s is seriously on its last legs, wood skin for me

  • Oliver C.

    I would love one with a leather black skin to show it off!!

  • Alex N.

    Been a fan of HTC products and would love a go at their latest. Love the matte black.

  • Jamal Alkadri

    it would make a great late mothers day gift, and be a great upgrade to my moms current (smashed screen) galaxy s3. knowing my mom she’d pick the matte black because she’s a simple lady

  • theowb4

    Carbon fiber would be beautiful on this

  • Ringhawk

    Would love to win because it is awesome compared to my old phone with a messed up screen. Matte black is nice.

  • Guy Williams

    i want to quit Samsung Galaxy phones… carbon fiber is great

  • Jeff Meers

    Dat build quality… Dat precision fit… Make mine a black titanium!

  • Andrew yvR

    My plastic s3 is old scratched and busted. Matte black me.

  • annabelle807

    I’d probably pick a Black Leather case for the front and back – it’s a classic combination and you can’t go wrong! I can imagine it’d feel pretty luxe in hand as well 🙂

    As for why I’d love to win a HTC One…. The phone is beautiful. An aluminum unibody, minamalistic design, HTC Sense, one of the best cameras and image rendering software on the market….. The list goes on and on!

  • Miles

    Matte black 🙂 I would love to get one to replace my old M7

  • shan joz

    Would love to win it matte black would be nice

  • Gajrollia

    Pick me, would love to win it

  • Basem Chafik

    I would love to get this ONE with carbon fiber skin

  • Michi

    I’d love to have the new HTC One M8 because it’s the best smartphone ever made.
    And I could really need an upgrade for my old Samsung Galaxy S1 😉
    I’d pick the red carbon fiber skin.

  • Jamie Munro


  • Tim Hunt

    I love the look of the new M8, and it would make a great replacement for my aging One S. Prior to that, I had the Desire, so you might say I’m an HTC fan. Plus, that black carbon fibre case would make my M8 look bad-a$$!

  • FakeBibic

    Got to go with wood…

  • Adriano Dos Santos

    I’d really like to win the m8 so that I can get a chance to try android (currently iphone) and with a matte black skin!

  • Chris stouffer

    I’d like to win because the m8 is one of two flagship device’s I have not tried out yet. The carbon fibre skin is what I would choose.

  • Rick Chan

    I’ve been reading a lot of great comments about the M8…would be awesome to own one. I would trick it out with the Black Carbon Fiber.

  • BBMann

    An awesome upgrade to my current phone. A black leather skin seems a good choice.

  • Jeff Tolentino

    I’d love the new M8 with the slick looking matte black case from dbrand! I’m far from upgrading… I swear I was one of the last 3 year contracts [sadness].

  • Ozmodiar Flanker

    i’d love to get this phone so i can give a cute girl my current nexus 5. i’d go for true-colour ‘search and rescue’ orange for easy spotting anywhere

  • damien webb

    Gunmetal for sure. Or even the mahogany. Im mostly un decided. Looks like a great

  • David Henry Lawrence

    That matte black finish looks nice but I might like the gun metal grey more

  • Eluder

    I’d give it to my sister since I already have an M8, but know she would love it. If it were mine though, I’d go with the red carbon fiber all around.

  • Derek Chan

    Replacing my aging, cracked phone with a new top of the line M8 would be a great! On top of that pimping it out in an all gold metallic skin would be a dream come true.

  • Justin

    Beautiful device, carbon fibre, awesome specs!

  • granyte

    I need a new phone and would love the Matte Black

  • Martin Guay

    An upgrade from my current HTC One M7 would awesome. mind you, I’d probably do a custom skin

  • Jack Lee

    It looks great as it is already but if I could I’d put green on the front and matte white on the back.

  • Wade Keslering

    Best phone out right now….matte black would be right on

  • Ross Boyall

    I would love the M8 as its the most beautifully made android phone on the market! I would choose the carbon fibre skin as it looks awesome.

  • alantsay

    love that matte black!… time to retire my old nexus?
    Thank you dbrand!

  • Mike Wan

    Need an upgrade from my 2yo S3. I’d like the M8 in carbon fibre red or black.

  • Joel Paulsen

    I want to win this phone for my roommate. His Android is so old and sad 🙁
    Wood please.

  • IanDickson

    I wouldn’t mind stepping out of the yard of Samsung and see if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. And mahogany all the way!

  • Happy Chinadoll

    white leather. Something I could use since what I have is dying…

  • Scott Damery

    My nexus 4 is getting long in the tooth, and I am in need of an upgrade. Please save me the 400 to upgrade to a nexus 5, I am trying to hold off until the nexus 6.

  • Cathy Canton

    My kid is drooling over this phone Just think how cool a Mom I would be if I won it

  • Keven Gélinas

    I had a SGS1 GNex and now a N4
    I use them to devellop my app the M8 would be a great fit to test HTC as some of my user is using it 🙂

    Titanium Black look really great on a M8!

  • KiwiBri

    Matt Black would be stealth like! Would be great for fast photography!

  • Justin Tucker

    Have the M7 and been able to play with the M8, and I must say it’s so much more awesome, it’s not even funny. Would love to own it with the wood cover. I think the contrast of wood on metal would be cool.

  • duckian

    want this phone for the camera and stereo sound. love the M8 in black carbon fiber

  • Kero H

    I would love to get it in matte black

  • Apocalypso

    I’ve never owned an M8 before therefore I’d love to win one. Leather skin for me please. 🙂

  • Israel Lai

    Coz it looks like it’ll feel great in the hand? Black carbon please!

  • DazPowerz

    The M8 is the best looking Android phone on the market right now. Combine that with a carbon fibre back, I feel you’d have something almost too good to be true!

  • Gworge Galanis

    Carbon fiber and as to why….because I would not be able to afford one otherwise.

  • Prince Raj Singh Rai

    M8 is a great phone and carbon fibre pls

  • Scott Vargas

    Yellow case..Because it will stand out above the rest

  • Matt Decker

    I’d have the Black Titanium cover, looks really good to me. Always wanted to try an HTC phone but still have my Xperia, next upgrade I’d like to get the M8! Winning it would speed that along ha

  • Brian G.

    I’d love to win this with the black leather skin as an upgrade from my Nexus 4.

  • Bonne Pamaran

    It’s definitely the most gorgeous phone out there right now. Not to mention it has great specs. Mahogany cover for sure.

  • d3v14n7

    I’d love to score the HTC One M8 in matte black because it’s THE best smartphone on the market today, bar none, and considering my old HTC One M7 was stolen from my car just yesterday (was gone for less than 5 minutes before someone broke a window and stole my HTC One M7, prescription sunglasses, some loose change and my Jawbone Era BT headset), I’m looking to get a new smartphone, I’m currently using my old HTC One X as a backup and it’s just not cutting it…

  • Cara Woo

    I’d love to score the new One M8 because it’s time for a new phone, the current one I am using is so slow! I love the matte black shown above!

  • Nef584

    Would love to have the best of all phones, m8, with the black leather skin on it.

  • Alan Paone

    I NEED one of these, just for that bottom headphone jack and onscreen buttons. This is the first phone that can replace a Galaxy nexus. I’d probably go with the ‘wood’ finish, that’s cool.

  • raj

    black titanium on my m8!

  • Ryaan

    Red carbon fibre will be slick….will be a replacement for a Samsung

  • Sam Sadak

    Black Carbon fiber all the way on this beauty!

  • Alexandre P.

    Time to change! Must say, mate black is pretty cool!

  • grantdude

    I’ve always loved HTC phones. And while my One X is still good, the One M8 looks even better! I would dress it up in black leather, front and back.

  • Ken

    Cause HTC is awesome! and I’d like a gold front and back!

  • Kim Long Luu

    I would love this phone with carbon fiber

  • Ryan Cavalier

    Love to score the One M8 to replace a crappy old Lumia 710 on it’s last legs. The carbon fiber skin would look great.

  • Hoa Ho

    Matte black looks nice.

  • MartinMatov

    white carbon fibre… because of those amazing speakers

  • Johnathan Suderman

    Having a decent phone would be great, I have got a Samsung Galaxy S, so getting the M8 would be a nice upgrade. That matte black looks fine to me.

  • GS

    I’d love to get an HTC One M8 wrapped in dBrand’s Titanium skin! It’s about time to get rid of my dad’s old CDMA flip phone!

  • Anthony Dunlap

    I would love to win this because in want to show a friend at work what a phone actually looks like. Matte White front and back!!

  • Remi Fad

    matte black to challenge myself with incredible sounds

  • Miraldy Andral Colon

    love to score this phone because i love the FOCUS with the 2 camera and the best selfie with 5 mp in a front and one of best phone ever and the leather skin!!!!!!!

  • Arsh

    I would like the m8 because it’s the top phone and I would like a phone that works rather than the phone I have now and I would put a red carbon fiber skin on it

  • Andy Sidloski

    Carbon fiber would be awesome on an M8. Love my electronics!

  • talex416

    Give it to me

  • Aleks Radovic

    carbon fiber !!! Soo I can say goodbye to Sony and Hello to HTC 🙂

  • Abhishek Amalaraj

    The one M8 is the King of android and I totally love it…. I would love a leather skin on it

  • Dave Courtemanche

    I’d love an M8 because it’s so sexy looking. I’d pick the titanium metal case. 🙂

  • nwons

    Because my mom needs a new device badly and isn’t eligible for a contract renewal so I would give it to her and stick with my Note 3.

    She just got into smartphones a year and a bit ago and she wants to stick with an Android (not bad for being 65) that’s how I stumbled upon this post.

    As for the skin, not sure, that would be up to her… personally, carbon Fibre all day.

  • Muhammad Faiz Mohd Yunus

    I’ll would want the phone because of its unique design even though similar to last years model. Skin wouldbe matte black.

  • Amanparteek Brar


  • Devin Lam

    It would be a really nice upgrade. Black carbon fiber 🙂

  • Nate_Benji

    I’d love to win the m8 with the black carbon skin, I’ve never owned an HTC phone so winning this would be awesome.

  • Martin Chan

    Honestly, I’ll probably give this one to a family member if I do win. She’s never had a smartphone. Just a wood backing would look stellar.

  • carlosa

    I would like to score because the htc one + dbrand rocks. Matte black

  • XopherTaylor

    The matte looks great! I’d love to replace my fading S3.

  • geokilla

    It’s pretty much the best phone in the market right now. Looks great, and has top of the line specs. Carbon Fibre for my M8 please!

  • ivrimon

    The battery life on my Nexus 4 is almost non-existant and I’ve been interested by the work HTC has done with their cameras (which, as so many of the phones are more than good enough, is one of the deciding factors.

    I think I would mix up my skins too – wood on the back and matte white on the front. Going to order one for my current phone too.

  • Agassi

    I’d love to win the HTC One M8! The Black Titanium Skin would look amazing on it.

  • Harrison

    I’d be down to try the white carbon, and the timing would be fantastic… my Galaxy Nexus is dying a painful death on me.

  • crazynam

    I would love to socre this M8 to gift it to my dad who is still using old age phone with whom you can only make phone calls and do text messages. I want to upgrade him with classy hint in Mahogany cover.

  • Eric Kung

    red carbon fiber on m8 would be awesome

  • Rishabh Chandra

    I would like the Back Titanium on my HTC (maybe) and I would like to win this phone for my mother as a late mother day gift. This phone has the best specs and I love the dual front speakers.

  • andy c

    Either the Matte black or the red

  • Edson Lai

    carbon fiber on the HTC One please, it’d look sooooo nice and would complement my all black laptop

  • Arnab Dutta

    The HTC One M8 is an amazing phone! It has the best build quality, speakers, UI, etc than on any phone! I think the leather would add a soft touch to it and it would be awesome!

  • Manpreet Singh Rehal

    Have been wanting an HTC one since last year. Had a dew HTC products and absolutely love them. No one beats them in terms of hardware beauty and design. Probably put on carbon fiber 🙂

  • Joel Yaw

    Back mahogany with a silver trim and front black gunmetal because mixing wood with technology is a funky idea and the sliver and black keep it sleek and modern. Also my nexus S is so old.. 🙁

  • cs098

    Would love the gorgeous m8 in matte white

  • Joseph

    I absolutely would love an M8, the HTC M8 is separating itself from the pack by implementing a Ultrapixel camera, something that is totally different from all other smartphones. I want this phone because its different (plain and simple..) in addition to having tonnes of power without any sacrifices, HTC has developed one heck of a phone! I feel like white leather skin would be a sweet addition to the phone. Classy feel and would look amazing.

  • blzd

    The stereo speakers. Matte black looks great, thanks Dbrand and MS.

  • userofAndroid

    I would put this sweet wood look on it and make it look amazing. It would be an upgrade from the desire 601.

  • Anders Anderson

    I would love to win this phone to replace my locked and unrootable Xperia Ray from Telus. Also, having an entirely yellow phone would be pretty cool I think.

  • JarodBranstetter

    Black titanium on the front and mahogony on the back. Really excited to try HTC. They’re the only major smartphone company I haven’t tried out. This newest model seems top notch!

  • flash403

    Carbon Fibre all the way!

  • Kunal

    I would definitely pick the carbon fibre!!

  • Kevin Kuo

    As a music and Android lover, the M8 is the ultimate device. As for skin, I’ll probably go with matte black, it’ll look like something Batman will use.

  • Dru

    Played with the M8 and my mind has been on it since. Phone is designed like a functional piece of jewellery not unlike a quality watch. M8 + White Carbon Fibre, please!

  • Steeve Francillon

    black beauty!!!!!!!!!

  • tpapa5520

    carbon fiber and an M8 please

  • Daniel Atienza™

    Would love to score a new Matte Black HTC One M8 because I really need a new phone. My Optimus L7 is giving up on me.

  • Mark

    Red carbon fibre for me please!!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Tarek Amin

    I want it for the Duo Camera and the front facing speakers! I wouldn’t be able to ask for a better gift given that my birthday is one day before the close date of the contest. Matte Black is sexy!!

  • robert

    I could use a new phone and love the look with carbon fiber!!

  • Marius

    I’d like the M8 with a black leather skin, to see how a newer gen flagship phone stacks up against the S4, in terms of battery and all the rest.

  • MeNotYou

    I would love the m8, I’ve used every one of the HTC One series and unfortunately I am now stuck on the iPhone 5. Dbrand, please help me with an M* with Black carbon fiber so I can get back on android where I belong!!

  • Kevin

    I would love the M8 as HTC really make the best android phones on the market and I would get the titanium metal dbrand skin.

  • samuelmaskell

    Why wouldn’t I want one? The m8 looks awesome. The matte black skin would be cool.

  • MobiDude

    also carbon fibre. Would like to have better camera than my current phone

  • Kristy Dudley Dobson

    Matte black to protect that beautiful aluminum and 1080p screen please

  • Eric Lau

    I’d love to own an M8 because: 1. best looking phone this year by far 2. them speakers 3. great battery life. 4. low light camera. I’d put the black carbon skin on it!!

  • Allan

    metal on Sense 6.0

  • haroonazeem638

    I’d like to win a HTC One M8 because of it’s amazing design and build quality. I would love a carbon fibre vinyl skin on this.

  • Henry Huynh

    Why I would love to own a M8? Another new toy to play with, not to mention it will the first phone in a long time I would use naked (no case).

    The skin I would have on it is a titanium front with a mahogany back

  • michael.marcelo

    Been with HTC for a long time, and I know they make reliable phones…but I think it’s time for an upgrade….
    Skin wise, I’d put either white or black carbon fiber 🙂

  • Bri Bru

    I liked to win won to replace my aging phone and matte white (if not available then black) will look awesome on it. Please let me win!!

  • JPenguin

    I’d go with the matte black

  • echozoom87

    This phone looks amazing. I would choose the carbon fiber skin.

  • Ashley T.

    Just broke the screen to my phone, would love to try out the M8 / android! Everything in matte black, so beaituful.

  • Francisco

    White carbon fiber
    Would kove to try htc product

  • D Canas

    Simply because this phone champs any other phone out there. With a wood skin… Nexus 4 not cutting it for me anymore.

  • JusticeSadie

    I would chhoe the carbon Fibers please, Would love an Android phone. Thanks for the Chance!

  • Vaj Castro

    I want the htc one because of its design and specs. Matte black would be the best for it

  • Eric Huang

    To use all of that aluminum goodness. Blue carbon fibre like the one pictured 😀

  • JusticeSadie

    I would love the Carbon Fiber cover. I have never had an Android phone so this would be a Great chance to experience one. Thanks for the chance

  • Immortal

    I want to test out the new camera features and definitely black carbon

  • markhiroki

    Everyone says HTC One M8 is the best of the current crop. I would love to give it a try!

  • mike s

    can use an android phone after many years of IOS

  • Sam

    Matte black on my HTC One M8. Simplicity is beauty.

  • Neil Friesen

    White carbon fiber please. My wife would love it!

  • Apollo

    It’s the second sexiest mobile device I have ever seen! It’s beautiful and I want what is beautiful. I would go with the black titanium front and back, and I surely won’t go back.

  • Ronaldo Pardilla

    Two words “Boom sound”.

  • Haseeb Malik

    I’d love too win the carbon fiber one. And good luck too every one who entered.

  • bmaz

    I have never owned an HTC device before, by my 6th sense tells me that this one would be great.

  • JayJay83

    Why do I want to win the BEST Android smartphone in world right now?! Well it’s the best! And let’s face it, a smartphone this amazing needs the best protection out there, such as the Titanium skin made by dbrand! Thanks MobileSyrup and dbrand for this great contest

  • thedesmodes

    I would love this phone to replace my current phone, I would want the wood skin.

  • barker88

    I’d Love to win this so I can replace my S3 with a cracked screen. I go for the mahogany skin.

  • tishabarr216

    I would love to win the htc one m8 because the last htc phone I had was the thunderbolt and I know htc has gotten much bettter since then. Lol . Covered with the Gold metal skin, you couldn’t tell me nothing!

  • Tanweer Azam

    I would love to score one…my s3 us getting weak…i would love red carbon fiber on it….

  • cmdrkeen01

    I still need a replacement for my broken sgs2x. I think the matte black looks the nicest. Nice and simple.

  • Eric Reardon

    my phone is glitching and would like to try the duo camera. I would go with the wood

  • Paul Picaso Sterling

    I’d Love to win this device So I could give it to my wife, Things have been pretty ruff financially for my family this year with me not being able to work because of a previous accident we were in travelling to the states. It would be a belated birthday gift and mothers day gift in one, plus she loves htc devices mainly for the camera lol. Matte Black or even a matte white would be perfect for her. I would have to secretly record her receiving it and post it everywhere lol :-). Good luck to everyone.

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    Never had a hands-on with HTC so that would be a first plus with a kicking dbrand skin on there (woody) I could be their West Coast brand ambassador. Bazinga 🙂

  • Steph

    I have an LG Optimus L3. Enough said, but I’ve been meaning to upgrade for a while but just don’t have the cash to do it, would be great to win and I’d use the gunmetal skin.

  • adrian

    Orange for me please. Love to have a new phone when I spend 6 months in belize

  • aznfobb19

    In serious need of a new phone and would love the carbon fiber!

  • Christopher H

    Because my Nexus 4 screen is broken 🙁

  • Tu

    Who would not want the best Android phone of the year? It is even more attractive with a leather skin from DBrand 😉

  • Raine

    Because I still have the old flip phone and because this year Mother’s Day and my Birthday are two days apart my kids say that MD is no big deal because my birthday is so close. 🙁 Would love to have the M8 skin on it.

  • Rachel W

    Would like to give Android a second try, and I’ve never had a HTC! -Sincerely, iPhone4S user
    It would look cool with a black leather dbrand skin!

  • Imtisal Rana

    I would love to put the carbon fibre and would like to have my hands on HTC sense 6.0

  • Harold Marquis

    Definitely the red carbon fiber and for the reason it would be for my daughter who is totally frustrated with her Samsung Ace and deserves a reward for doing a great job in her first year of College!

  • dmuhamma

    Because the speakers and the build quality. I’d put the matte one on.

  • Aaron Arellano

    Would love to score an M8 because I have been meaning to retire my aging Nexus 4. A wood skin would be sweet!

  • ben

    Some carbon fibre would look real slick on this phone. It’d a (very) welcome change to my sammy s2

  • Pradaman Shorey

    htc one is best and rest is well ‘rest’.. i would like carbon fiber for a better grip..

  • dVdsteve

    I’m currently rocking a very long in the tooth nexus s and would love the upgrade 🙂 as for a skin, the wood, everything is better with wood

  • Roney Thomas

    Red carbon

  • Metroyyc

    Carbon fiber all the way – HtC is the grand daddy of touch screen smartphones way before apple ! I would happy to be the Mobilesyrup tester of the month for this cellie!

  • Calvin Lui

    carbon fiber on the HTC One M8 please!

  • Angel

    I’ve heard so many great reviews on this phone, so I’d love to see what the hype is all about. Matte black for me please.

  • Amanda Wassink

    Titanium metal skin please. I would like, no love to win the M8! I have used pretty much every smartphone out there, and my HTC is by far the best phone around! Killer sound, super lightning fast, best battery life of any phone I’ve ever used, and gorgeous to boot! Definitely crushes any other phone out there!

  • Joyce Mallari

    super love android phones especially HTC because of their slogan “quietly brilliant” . i would like to have a green M8 please!!!

  • Marcello Pulitano

    I love it because it looks slik!

  • Dominique Dee

    I’d love to score the One M8 because its different from everyone’s samsung galaxy s… plus it’s a 4.4 and its my birthday May13!!!!!
    Great present!!!!!
    Definitely Matte Black skin to match my future matte black car!!

  • Richard Williams

    I would love to win the HTC One M8 because it’s sleek, powerful, gorgeous, and has a micro SD slot that can use up to a 128GB card. I don’t think phones have enough primary storage these days. I like the wood skin from Dbrand.

  • Larry Lamoureux

    I would love to have this phone as my s3 is kicking the bucket and I’d love to deck it out in black titanium

  • austin peters

    I want one with carbon fiber please!

  • chris nichol

    I’d love the matte black shown above. As for why I have a crappy Samsung discover and that’s all that needs said.

  • Gybook

    Because if I was batman, this would be the phone for me

  • Canuck5x6

    Gotta have this phone… my son just got one and now he’s got the better phone… Need to stop him from giving me a rough time! Black Carbon is my colour /texture…

  • Eddy Piasentin

    I’d take this beautiful phone with a black leather skin. I’d like to check out the build quality of the One M8.

  • Michael

    Would like to get away from the galaxy series to try something new and this is the one I have been looking at. Red carbon fiber would be hot!!!

  • James McPhail

    Black titanium please

  • James

    I’d love to win this to give it for an anniversary gift (alongside with what I already have). Would make a memorable one, especially with the black leather; it all looks sexy together!

  • expos9439

    Love the feel of the M8 and those awesome speakers. Would go with Titanium skin on gunmetal color.

  • Greg

    I would take the carbon fiber. I need it because I still have the HTC Amaze!!

  • Ukeme

    I would love the look of black titanium on One M8.

  • Donna

    I’d love to score the One M8 because the big screen looks amazing and I’d put a titanium metal skin on it.

  • Meo

    Carbon fibre for sure…

  • artyboy

    Matte black would go nicely

  • Joaquin Rodulfo

    Because it’s the best one!

  • David Rawlins

    I’d love to score the HTC One M8 for my son! (Because it’s a pretty badass phone!) For a skin I think he’d love the black titanium!

  • Shawn Lemko

    I am currently on a galaxy s2x…and ictching for snapdragon 801 with 2gb of ram. Carbon fiber is pretty snazzy. My wife says she will love me again if I was a winner. This could be that chance!

  • Ranpreet Singh Bhatia

    Please Please Please…….I want one !!

    Because my phone (SGS2) has been declared obsolete both by Samsung and Google, and in fact I am fed up of it as well :P. And, I would put the Carbon Fiber skin on it.

  • Reuben Bibera

    I would totally do carbon fiber, i would tottaly give it to my mother as her phone is out of commission.

  • Brad

    Matee finish for sure!

  • Isaac Whynott

    Matte white on the front, matte black on the back. Call it Oreo. Why do I want the One M8? Because I form my own opinions. 🙂

  • Dave

    lovin’ the matte black

  • Alex Couture

    I need an M8 to replace my old phone with a busted camera. I’d get it in metal because long live heavy metal!

  • dyl

    The One m8 would make a great update to the blackberry I currently have.
    Mahogany skin looks good.

  • Logan K

    The M8 is a powerful phone, and that wood skin looks great!

  • Joey Naft

    I want it now!!!

  • Craig Cooper

    I have a dbrand skin on my current phone and it is excellent. I’d love to upgrade to an M8 and cover it with the same white carbon 🙂

  • Dalex

    Matte black. I love a classy design to go with a suit.

  • gaber c

    Wood skin on that beauty phone!

  • Pep T

    titanium or even black titanium….. Please

  • Zackary Chan

    Wow, the matte black skin looks awesome! This would make the perfect upgrade, been waiting for a new phone recently and this makes it the perfect choice!

  • softturbo

    The best phone around. Going to look great with a carbon fiber case.

  • Marshall Boyce

    Titanium metal front with mahogany back looks great.

  • Mario

    I would love to win the beautiful M8 🙂 Would make for an amazing upgrade to my One X. That matte black skin looks great on it too!

  • Jeremy Hertel

    I would love this phone because it has the best combination of video, audio and battery and would love it in Metal Gold

  • J. W.

    Carbon fiber for me…could replace an old Galaxy Nexus

  • Pasalacqua

    I’d love it to replace my moribund Xperia X10, with the gold dbrand skin since it looks cool without looking like a band-aid!

  • Jeremy T.

    Would love this phone with the carbon fiber skin

  • Sophia

    I would love to score the One M8 because it is one of the best phones available today and I would go with the white carbon fiber skin!

  • Artem

    I’d love to win THE ONE because it’s THE ONE. THE ONE with gray titanium skin on is a perfect couple!

  • suj

    I’d want one since well my Galaxy S2 isn’t getting any faster and I think a Carbon Fiber Skin would look awesome on the M8

  • Michael

    Id go with the matte black. I wanted the new HTC One before it launched and was saving to get it. Unfortunately car issues came to be and so I’m still using a wannabe one sv. I think the skin in the photo is pretty awesome

  • Jimmy Jazz

    I admired the previous gen from afar. I’d love to get up close and personal with its even more desirable sibling, all decked out in black carbon fibre.

  • imdaddymc

    The HTC One M8 has been popping up in my mind recently . I was going to get a BB Z30 to replace my z10 but now im thinking i should get the HTC… also metal cover on mine please.

  • Phiyo

    Heard many great things about this phone! The wood skin looks awesome on it.

  • dee adams

    I Would LOVE to be a WINNER and not a CHICKEN DINNER for my beautiful niece Trenise! Who is graduating from high school this year!

  • Karen A.

    have always liked HTC. first Android phone was the HTC Google Nexus One. Would love to try out another HTC phone. skin – Black Matte or Metal Titanium.

  • Riley S

    I need a slick new phone with a matte back to replace my old Blackberry!

  • Jeannie

    I have never had any experience with an android before and I have heard that this phone is pretty amazing. I have been told that once you go android you’ll never want anything else. I think I like the matte black skin!

  • Chris Geissler

    I first heard about the HTC one flagship through my cousin, who was in grade 11 at the time he told me. He is an avid gamer and has built himself his own gaming computer. I never had a cell phone at the time, but I was thinking of getting one. My cousin told me some things about HTC, the front speakers, and the snapdragon processes that it had. I compared the HTC one to the Samsung S4. Even though, the S4 had a bigger screen, was thinner, was .2 GHz faster per core, and had a replacable battery, I still chose the HTC one. I also liked the fact that it was unbranded, unlike Samsung. The HTC one also received the kit Kat update before the S4. My friend whobought the S4, would always brag that he made the better choice, but eventually became disappointed with his S4 and sold it. I printed out the manual for my HTC one, and read it 2 times. The phone has been amazing, and everyone knows I chose it over the S4. I really enjoy music and the front speakers were a big feature for me, as I had an iPod touch 4th generation, and became quickly disappointed with the side speaker and poor sound quality. When I learned that the iPhone 5 was very similar to my iPod, I went for the HTC one that my cousin had Informed me of. He now has an HTC one black, and I have told him that I can try and answer any questions he has about his new phone if I can. Thank you HTC for the best first phone experience, now all I need is the next step or best thing: an upgrade to keep me currently, fast, full of ideas and classy. I like the wood skin, and the gold phone.

  • Tony Tao

    Black Titanium for me!! Yes, I want the M8 because it is made in my place of birth (Taiwan)

  • bembol

    Hi, my name is Rafael and I have a problem. Addicted to Super Phones. I constantly upgrade, I believe the Sony XPERIA Z2 White is my 29th since I started back in 2009.

    I would love to win the M8 with Orange Skin. Green is my favourite but Orange is my second and it looks better.

    Thanks, listening.

    LOL I also have the Samsung Galaxy S5.

  • Alex Wong

    Last time I had an aluminium body phone was the iPhone – I would like to have one again without the Apple part =)

    Matte Black looks good

  • Matthew Cheung

    Good luck everyone!
    I think the white carbon fiber looks good.

  • PygmySurfer

    Green True Color, because you never see green phones 🙂

  • James Kato

    My wife left her phone outside in the rain. Now she needs a new one. I think the wood skin look very unique.

  • Ali Salman

    Matte Black! My HTC One X is dying…time for an upgrade

  • droid1234

    Because its the best built Android phone currently on the market. Red Carbon fiber skin.

  • Vince1983

    I would love the HTC m8 because of its awesome design, which I would make even more awesome with the red carbon skin!

  • Daniel Rabinovich

    I want the m8 so I can take some wicked selfies with that front-facing cam and show off a white carbon fiber Dbrand skin!! 🙂

  • BeeDub

    I have a Blackbeery Bold that needs to be replaced. M8 sounds great.

  • Ivan Chiang

    The HTC One M8 is the most stunning phone ever. Everything about it screams quality. My Nexus 4 is starting to show it’s age and I envy all-day battery life. I’ve always wanted to try Dbrand on my Nexus but never got the chance. Really hope I win, and if I do, I would love the matte black skin, because it looks great!

  • Jake Zheng

    never used an HTC would love to use one. carbon fiber please

  • Anthony

    I’d love to have an m8 because it’s an excellent phone and my galaxy s3 needs an upgrade. Red carbon fiber please!

  • ASH

    The M8 would be a great upgrade for me. I am currently using a Samsung s4 mini. As for cover, I would go for the beautiful carbon…..

  • Pawv

    I would love to have this phone because the device is so beautiful and I would put a red carbon fiber skin on it!

  • MP

    I would love the new HTC one m8 because I have been a long time HTC fan and have wanted to get one ever since my raider died. I’d like the red carbon fiber skin to add a dash of color on the back of the phone!

  • Dimitris Zafiris

    Wood, just like my N4. Dbrand rules!

  • Luis Guev

    Would love the wood skin as I think it will be an exciting contrast with the unique full metal body of the M8. I would love this phone as my nexus is currently crashing and would really love to play around with the depth perception camera and the new sense 6.0 (stock android is getting boring).


  • Martin

    Holy Chow. That is a SICK looking phone. I will look so ILL using this black phone in my black car with black tints while wearing my black hat and my black socks.
    Please support me in achieving total sickness.

  • Jiro G.

    I’d love to score a HTC One M8 because my N5 is already having difficulty charging the battery, taking 3 times as long as before. I want a premium Android phone that’s built to last and look beautiful as well. The Samsung S5 is too laggy with all it’s bloat and I find the rear of the phone ugly. I’d put the matte white on the front and back on the silver M8. I think it blends the best with the chrome.

  • Hardy

    Black Carbon looks nice on the M8! I might buy a Black Carbon for my nexus 4 too! Cool products!

  • Daniel Gemmell

    HTC One M8 is the best phone out there! I’d love it with a wood skin!

  • wemulder

    I’d love to win this phone as the specs look very impressive, its beautiful and I hate giving these phones to other people at work (part of my job) as I really want one! I’d put the titanium skin on it

  • David Lam

    That carbon fibre skin looks awesome!

  • Patrick Oandasan

    Mom needs to replace her iPhone3s, she likes anything red lol

  • sekhon14

    Matte black! Because it’s looks like a phone made for Batman

  • Ramey Dawn

    I have never won anything in my life but I’m a loyal follower and owner of HTC devices G2 was my first and have been a loyal fan since. I would love to continue being a faithful fan of the new HTC one m8 in matte black, sexy!!! Please don’t let me stray from my love at last, M8! I will carry the torch for you!!!

  • Fiveleaf

    Carbon Fibre to get the glass out of my fingers when using my HTC Amaze

    • Fiveleaf

      It’s the most cracked phone I’ve ever seen

  • Rohan J Singh

    black leather on my m8 .. and i’d love to score it because there isn’t a device like it !

  • Benito Russo

    I’m italian boy And BlackBerry user,but i would try the Android system in Sense version, And in carbon style this HTC il wonderfull.Thaks

  • Skyler Ouimet

    Because I’m dirt poor and I can’t afford one 🙁

  • Thomas Gregan

    carbon fiber m8 <<33 damn its sexy. with NSA or SHIELD background haha 😀

  • Skyler Ouimet

    And matte black please, it would look good with my nonexistent carrier

  • Shacha GC

    Big fan on HTC since the HTC LEO like to see it in metal

  • Mario Sabry

    Carbon fiber

  • Gary Barclay

    To make a quantum leap from my feature phone and enter the vast digital universe. Matte Black.

  • Raghav

    Skins, such as the one in the picture, free us from the manufacturer’s perception of our likes. I’d definitely rock my M8 with the Matte Black!

  • CaptainCanuck13

    Would love this phone because it would be a great upgrade from my current one. And as for the skin, I would love the wood one

  • tigershark09

    Would love to get a the M8, with the black leather skin. My current phone is giving out on me, and this would be the ideal way to shoot get back to the top of the tech totem-pole; with a top-tier phone, and elegant skin to stand out from the crowd.

  • Vladimir Gareski

    I’d gift it to my wife, she’s a HTC user. She would love it.

  • RyanC

    Would love to Win with the Carbon Fiber Wrap.

    Time for an Upgrade, this Huawei no longer runs good. Nevertheless these wraps look great without a doubt, and definitely add a touch of uniqueness to the Phone. All the more reason to want it.

  • Jeffrey Jacobson

    I’m a simple guy who wants the best, but am not flashy and show-offy. I’d take the basic Matte Black skin and the knowledge that I have the best smartphone available. Like to keep everyone guessing; then they are more apt to ask questions.

  • statickiwi

    Why not? Exactly as the one pictured

  • nmyseteroious

    I always love the quality of HTC phones. I wish they would gain more recognition. I would love to win the M8, the best phone on the market right now. The White Leather skin looks great!!

  • Marc Truant

    why? because I’m tired of my iPhone 5s
    and would love to try an android phone with red carbon fiber skin

  • Diderot

    I could really use a hardware upgrade and the One M8 is just what I need. The mahogany wood would make it stand out too.

  • Rawrrr

    Need a new phone desperately.. My Nexus S isn’t doing me well anymore.. Getting consistent freezes and restarts. I’d like the carbon fiber to go with the interior of my car! It’ll be perfect!

  • Isaac Gacura

    I’d love the M8 to help get me started on more reviews and comparisons of Android phones, setup somethings similar to this or work my way to become a contributor. I’ve been an avid follow from the start, I quite like the stealth black one, give the phone a unique look, something HTC failed to consider.

  • StefJam

    I would like to score this HTC One M8 from dbrand for 2 reasons.

    One, it is a wicked phone that comes with a wicked skin.

    I have been impressed by HTC for a while, particularly since the original One series debuted. Both the design and build of their phones is impressive, and the One M8 delivers yet again.

    I like my current Note 2, but I like the overall aesthetic and quality of the M8 better. It is beautifully sleek and satisfyingly solid. And under the hood it is a screamer, definitely making it the cream of the current crop.

    HTC is quietly going about the business of building quality phones, but deserving of much more attention. I like its underdog status, like Palm back in the day (and I bought the original Pre on the first day it was available).

    I am impressed by the quality of the dbrand skins, too. It looks like it will do a good job of protecting my new phone (if I win it, of course). And that matte black one looks very, very cool. Plus, I like the idea of supporting a Canadian company, from my hometown.

    The second reason I would like to win this contest is a little more personal. I am currently unemployed and on disability assistance, working hard to get back on my feet.

    Unfortunately, I recently broke the screen on my Note 2. While it still works, I don’t know for how much longer, as parts of it are being held together by tape.

    I cannot afford to fix the screen or get a new phone. So winning this contest would be a godsend, and a morale booster to boot.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  • Live

    i always love HTC designs and im trying to get it, matte black for me

  • martin

    Why the M8? Because I would love to be the envy of the neighbourhood. Black Titanium to seal the deal.

  • Rory

    I think it would be an excellent first device to try out Android and I’d put a mahogany skin on it, or the neon green they used to offer.

  • Kreegwaldo

    I’d love to win this M8 so I can kick this iPhone 5s to the curb! The screen is way too tiny and the OS is way too restrictive, plus Apple has stopped innovating. I think the current future of innovation when it cones to smartphones is going to be on the Android platform and with companies like HTC.

    I’d put the Wood (mahogany) skin from dbrand on this HTC One M8 for extra class!

  • radiotrib

    I love the D-Brand black leather skin – Bought it for my HTC M7 and it looks superb. The #HTCOneM8 has so many features to recomend it over other phones that I just couldn’t begin to think of one special point which would make me want it. It’s just a quantum leap beyond the already amaxing M7 … Boomsound, Blinkfeed, the DuoCamera, the amazing build quality and style of the device itself .. It’s just simply the best smartphone there is!!

  • Edward

    I would love to win the HTC M8 because of its amazing metal unibody construction and it’s loud front facing stereo speakers. I would put the carbon fiber skin on the HTC M8.

  • Ka Hin

    Nexus 5 showed me the power of altering focus after a shot, and duo camera is going to expand that even more! I’d love one in matte white!

  • Angela

    I would love to be able to upgrade my HTC EVO 3D and I really like the Titanium skin!

  • Trnr

    I’d love to win the One M8 just because I can’t keep going into the store just to play with one. I need one of my own! I could work with a matte black skin too!

  • richard foster

    I would love to win the htc one m8 as I wanted the original htc one but everytime I got close to saving enough disaster would strike and my fund would get hit same with the new one having no luck a htc one m8 in true orange would really brighten things up

  • Seith Keough

    Matte black for the skin. I’d like to score this phone to see if HTC can redeem themselves in my eyes. I use to own a few HTC devices and they’ve always been a let down. Show me what you can do HTC!

  • barbara

    I would love to win this phone because I’ve been wanting to upgrade my phone for a long time and don’t hv enough money to buy one of the top rated phones. And I would put the carbon fiber skin in red color.

  • bakakun028

    carbon fiber on m8 pls

  • stacey dempsey

    I like the Gunmetal gold and I soooo need and upgrade and this one sounds great especially the camera features

  • Jerid Elzinga

    My design would be Mahogany on the front, black leather on the back, preferably on a Gold M8.

    Why I’d love to have it: I like being able to stand out and be unique. This phone with that skin would definitely get noticed.

  • Jeff Gomez

    Planning to replace my galaxy nexus with the M8 soon, Winning it would be nice. The matte black looks pretty sweet i’d throw that on. Thanks!

  • Michael Li

    I could definitely get a new phone as my iphone 4 is starting to breakdown. The HTC One M8 would look nice with the red carbon fiber skin

  • Chris Zhu

    I’d love the wood skin! 😀
    it’ll definitely look amazing on the M8

  • gmaninvan

    The M8 is one of the more impressive offerings this year. With a vibrant screen and solid build quality, I would put this device to excellent use, particularly as a professional device.

    To match that use would have to be the black leather executive style!

  • Aufa

    Carbon Fiber Black will Suit my m8 as my Demo device when I work selling phones!! lol!!

  • Tung Nguyen

    The build quality and ergonomics of the M8 is absolutely stunning, looks absolutely quality as it should for a high end device. I actually would prefer it without a skin since It’s already amazingly designed but if I had to choose a skin, I’d get the red carbon fibre.

  • Nick Vyle

    My 1GHZ Samsung galaxy ace isn’t doing so well – wouldn’t mind an m8 with a matte white skin.

  • Christian Gravemaker

    Orange true color back, with no skin on the front. Contrast is great.
    Wanna POP! Next to that orange is THE Dutch national color. 😛

    P.S. Also want to win to show also European contestants make a chance.

  • Muhammad Hamza Cheema

    Want to give it to my brother who is still stuck on a nokia 1616. Poor guy has never felt the premium feel of a HTC device.Carbon fiber would be unique perk.

  • Stephenree

    Loved the carbon on my iphone 5, would love to have it on a M8

  • Johnny Chong

    A sleek device just got sleeker. Wow. Matte Black

  • Robin Mitchell Wakerell

    A great build for a great phone, would love to rock the mahogany or get weird with the green true color

  • Anonimen

    I want the M8 because it is time to get new phone, my old SE x10 is just to old, plus the 5-inch 1920×1080 pixel Super LCD 3 display, and the Snapdragon 801 processor will make me cry 🙂

  • Mike Rutter

    My Nexus 4 battery just swelled up and died. I could use a Gunmetal HTC ONE M8 with a DBrand matte black back and matte white front. Life without a smartphone is horrible…lol

  • James Fleetwood

    Would love one of these to give HTC a try. Matte black case.

  • DL

    I would love to have this phone because it’s better than the one I currently have. I would totally rock it out with a carbon fibre skin.

  • Trent Anderson

    black m8 please, the same way I like my wo-..ahem… coffee! 😉

  • Denis Toska

    this beautiful smartphone is the best design in a mixture of elegance and aggressiveness

  • jing manual

    i would love to score.this phone,because this is the best phone i ever use!tremendous!
    i wan a metal cover over it

  • Anne Anderson

    iwould love to win this i would chose carbon fibre

  • Martin

    It’s the most beautiful smartphone on the market and I’d like the white leather skin. Always fun to dream. 🙂

  • Eric Parisien

    I want this M8 because bla bla bla bla bla bla, in the gorgeous, can’t miss it, Red skin!

  • Aria Yousefi

    I would go for the titanium skin on the m8. I would love to have the latest phone on the market as it would be a great upgrade from my messenger bird… His names Birdo…

  • Guest

    Nice specs on the ONE M8 ~ I like the Metallic Gold which I wouldn’t normally consider!

  • Malcolm Smith

    Gotta be the woodgrain! Nicest assortment anywhere.

  • Clement Neo

    I would love to score because i just love the boomsound on it and i would love it in carbon fibre black

  • Andrew Cho

    I’d like the M8 because of the Ultrapixel camera and the Boomsound Speakers…with the orange back

  • Robert T. Desjardins

    I could uee a new phone. My current phone is uding tevh that is 3 years old. I have 6 months left on my contract. I would choose the black matte finish as it has the classic timeless look.

  • Serotheo

    Black Carbon Fiber on the back, looks great. I’ve loved HTC design forever, just never got around to owning one.

  • ibike2much

    Black leather on my M8 mate! Great contest.

  • Marius Bozgan

    I would love a M8 with Matte Black because of HTC build quality.

  • Jonathan

    Matte and in need of upgrade as I’m just about ready to throw my GNex against the wall. It’s so slowwww.

  • Mario L

    Gold with Orange skin please!!

  • Sushruta

    I would pick the carbon fiber skin…Thanks for the opportunity… 🙂

  • Ionut Tudorel

    It’s a good looking phone, and maybe with mate black skin is not so slippery.

  • KidCarter93

    It would be great if I won this awesome giveaway because then I’d be able to give it to my mum. As it’s passed mothers day and her birthday is coming up in a week, it would be a great present for her.

    I’ve got the M7 myself and even though my mums always been in the iPhone world, she used my phone and said she really liked the look and feel of it. Then she saw an advert on TV for the M8 and likes the look of that one more.

    The matte black skin would be great alongside 🙂

  • Niels Jensen

    My first smartphone was an HTC Magic. This with carbon fiber skin and HTC ultrapixel sensor would turn into an always with me camera! And allow the HTC to rest in peace.

  • Joe Mikhael

    Love to get it because it’s a beautiful and powerful phone. I think the metal skin would enhance that beauty.

  • zms-235@hotmail.com

    I’ve been a loyal HTC fan and recently upgraded to the M7, but I would love the M8! An M8 with the Matte Black DBrand skin would be perfect! Plus my birthday is coming up 😉

  • Todor Velichkov

    I can replace my Nexus 5 with that beast. Wood Mahogany skin

  • walt

    i would love to win one of this with the black leather look.

  • fidorulz

    Would love the carbon fiber one. Those speakers rock

  • Khainer

    My galaxy nexus really needs replacing. Black carbon fiber would be awesome

  • Sudhir

    I absolutely love htc’s untiring dedication to produce distinct revolutionary phones, and would love to have the htc m8.
    And a dbrand inc. metal skin would be the icing on the cake.

  • Gail M.

    I love HTC and recently lost my phone. Since then, I’ve been using a really old non-htc, and now I know why I loved my HTC. Nothing compares….Please pick me!!!

  • Eric McDace

    Carbon fiber would go with the industrial design

  • johnnymtl

    Matte black skin for me. Want this phone because my phone is getting old and I can’t even get the latest kitkat update on it 🙁 plus look and feel of this HTC phone looks amazing.

  • Stephen Gower

    I’ve always really liked the look of the HTC One – and the specs on the new phone look great! Would love one of these with a carbon fibre case.

  • Sunny

    Love to get the best Android phone.

    Gunmetal sides, Front carbon fibre white, and back true colour yellow.

    Thanks 😉

  • Pudgieluv

    Boop. This phone looks sick.

  • Dan Scott

    My first HTC phone was a Touch – a Windows Mobile device with a tiny screen and a stylus. I thought it was the bomb (internet anywhere!) until I moved from that to the Nexus One (also by HTC). Mind blown!

    Since then, I have been unfaithful to HTC, but the promise of stereo speakers, the gorgeous design of the M8, and the wacky ad campaign could certainly lure me back. Couple that with a Matte Black skin (I’m a simple guy) and I’m in.

  • Rafter

    Would love to upgrade my phone and red carbon

  • Midknightsun

    This is a great way to enjoy Android with a beautiful high end phone skinned in black leather.

  • Brendyn Mclean

    i would love this phone so i can get rid of my iphone 3gs. I also love the htc lineup and dbrand is hands down the best company for making phone skins

  • John Trask

    I would love the M8 with all Matte Black all the way around. It is a great piece of Hardware and the Matte Black is just so sexy. Plus I would love to ditch the Z30.

  • Justin Cruickshank

    I had the m7 left it on the roof of my car …found it on the highway 9 days later in frost and rain took it home and it worked perfact . 2 months later I washed it on the sanitize cycle in a pair of jeans…… Its dead dead . Now I’m using my old HTC phone running ginger bread I need a new phone please – Also I have never used these skins and I’m currious -carbon fiber for the skin thanks

  • somedude13

    Matte black is the one for me.

  • frantasy5000

    I would take he red carbon fiber and I love HTC phones. my favourite phone of all time is my HTC G1 an d hopefully I’ll love this phone as much as I love that one.

  • Peter

    Great phone. My current one doesn’t have much time left with the constant reboots and short battery life. I’ve heard great things about HTC and would love to upgrade to an M8 in Black Titanium. Thanks!!

  • Kpax

    Metal skin please. Complements the design intent of the M8!

  • raynicolini

    I would love to win this HTC One M8, this phone is the best Android phone for quality, looks and with a wood skin, thank you #Dbrand and #MobileSyrup for this chance to get back to #Android

  • Ryan Williams

    I’d love to try the M8 because I’ve always had iPhones and HTC’s phones are beautiful. I’d put the matte white skin on it because I’ve never had a white phone before!

  • Christian Eduardo Pavez Schröd

    Black Matte is sexy. Please enter me in this contest. :p

  • Jonah Hetherington

    The HTC One M7 is bar none the best phone I’ve ever used… so I’m sure the M8 has the potential to impress. My skin would be wood for sure.

  • DaRazorback

    A long time ago, I gave up on Android for Windows Phone. I have only looked back twice. Once for the original One and now with the One M8. If I win I promise to trade in my Nokia Icon, currently running on the Bell network, as my daily driver. The One M8, IMHO, is the best Android device ever. Please give me a reason to trade up and I will without a millisecond hesitation.

    It’s hard to decide which skin I would choose at this time, bit it’s between wood, leather or carbon fibre.

  • Marc

    Had an old HTC and loved it. Current phone is great (P500) but long in the tooth, so would love something more current with Kitkat. I’d go with the Carbon Fibre skin.

  • Susan Markanen

    Would love to try out that dual sensor camera … and as for a skin, titanium metal please!

  • Nigel Rodrigues

    i’d like to win the m8 cuz of the speakers and like the carbon fibre

  • Allen Hiltz

    I’d love to get an HTC One M8 because my current phone is getting dated and I’d put the black carbon figure skin on it.

  • max_l

    I’d love to get the HTC One M8 because I always had HTC phones and I was never disappointed. They are easy and fun to use, as well as very though. I would use the black carbon filter skin on it!

  • Julia Williams

    I would love to win a new phone as mine is as old as the hills… Something new and exciting would bring my mobile experience to a new level…

  • Alex

    I would love to try android for the first time on the M8. I’d choose the matte black skin

  • bennissimo

    Hit me with another HTC phone! (Currently slogging through with an ancient HTC One V.) In white carbon fiber please.

  • Trek S

    Matt black for sure, love this device

  • JHead82

    I would love to score the HTC One M8 for the boom sound, crisp 1080p screen and to try the best new phone on the market! Would have to keep the Matte Black dbrand skin on the phone, love the minimalist look the skin brings to the HTC One M8.

  • Ali F.

    I would love to get this HTC One M8 in a Matte Black cover.

  • Aaron

    Carbon fiber all around on my M8 please!

  • OMFCody

    I’d love to win the M8 because it’s the best Android released to date! I’d like the matte black 🙂
    Good luck to all!

  • Tech Guru

    Would love to win it use a development device for creating new, free applications for Android users.

  • Kris Vosper

    This is a gorgeous phone! Even better with the matte black cover. I would love to score this phone for my wife so I could get her off that iphone!

  • Se-renity

    i would love to replace my one S with the M8 in matte Black 😀

  • Chris Miller

    Definetly carbon fibre on the M8 cause it looks badass!

  • Michael J King

    Currently using an iphone 4s with a black Vinyl skin,,,This would be a nice upgrade…Carbon Fibre Skin most likely,

  • Albert Ham-Chi

    Boom speakers and gold. I LOVE GOLD!

  • Amardeep Takhar

    Like m8 for its UI and white carbon fibre skin

  • Tahir

    I would love to get it in Matte White.

  • ilia2589

    I’d love to score this phone for my girlfriend who’s still lugging around the first Samsung Galaxy. The dbrand i’ll use is the red carbon fiber, flashy yet classy.

  • BernieandNiki Antle

    my phone is on its way out, the cardon fiber black skin is great

  • Mel Dimaculangan

    I think this HTC phone and I will be great M8s. =) We’ll be talking, watching and photo shooting together. Plus I’ll always be nearby.

  • Baptiste Cabrera

    This device could the one that reunite me with HTC after having a lot of smartphones from the brand (from Windows Mobile P4350, S620, Touch Dual, Diamond; to Android with the Magic and the Nexus One – which was and still is my favourite phone to date)…
    I’ll see it fitting well with the black carbon fiber skin !

  • 9Johnnyn9ne9

    Just like the other guy I would like to give the phone to my dad not because he never had a smartphone but because the one he has is really crappy and doesn’t work. This would be the only way that I could help him out with that. If I don’t get it he has to hold on to his old phone that most of the time will not dial out or get text messages and he needs them because my step mom has health issues. I think he would like the matte black.

  • Thomas Schuster

    it’s the best phone and the with matte skin will look gorgeous

  • Zed

    Yes! Titanium black! Dream phone to win. Already played with the demo in-store. Smooth as butter!

  • Kyle Kennedy, CSCS

    I have a lumia 920 and as much as I love its performance, I’d love to go back to android. I have a nexus 7 and used to own an HTC Desire HD. PLEASE PLEASE give me the HTC One M8 in white carbon fiber! Thanks mobile syrup!!

  • Adam Wright

    I’d love to win this because I’m trying to get started as a youtube unboxer/reviewer! Matte Black looks awesome.

  • K E Hill

    I would love the red carbon fibre on the phone and why would I like to win it? I don’t have a phone at all at this time. Need to be brought into the 21st generation of hip technology

  • Diana

    This one! Me! Me! Me! Seems like everyone I know wants a HTC M8 including me! It has everything I could want and more, especially the extreme power saving mode (my current cell phone is always out of juice). I’ll rock it with the gorgeous dbrand mahogany wood skin!

  • Steph

    Super battery power life is why I would absolutely love this! My phone dies halfway through the day….. As for skins I would have to go with either titanium or white carbon fiber. Ooh so pretty!

  • Saleh Bujra

    The black carbon fiber skin would look fantastic on this already fantastic device. And finally having a device that feels great in the hand AND lasts all day? Call me amazed!

  • Captraider

    I would put matt white to make my car.

  • Candice Green

    Never had an HTC phone Im told they’re great phones, I’d love to have one to call my own… Any case would be fine. Thanks for your consideration

  • Matthew Sebastian

    Leather on the M8 would be awesome. I have Yellow on my moto X already and love it!

  • DementedJohn

    My very first smart phone was the HTC Legend, then updated it to the HTC Sensation….then went Samsung for a while and now on Blackberry 10.

    I actually really miss the build quality of my old HTC devices. I would totally love to win the HTC One M8 with the black carbon fiber skin. It would be the sexiest phone ever.

  • Rob Drummond

    I love my HTC ONE X, but they’re not going to update it to KitKat… so sad, Would love The One M8 with Black Titanium!

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    I would loved to score this phone cause the built quality is superb pared with the specs and reliability from HTC. I will choose the yellow leather cause a phone like this needs to be noticed by everyone!

  • Josh

    Honestly, a lot of the HTC One(M8)’s charm is in its beauty and design, so I likely wouldn’t want to cover it up. However, if I had to put a skin on it, I’d likely go with the mahogany or the titaniums. Though the plain black does look nice too, very simple.

  • Richard Adam Pouget

    I’ll take mine with matte black on the back, matte white on the front. Classy!

  • LeTricolore

    That titanium metal is pretty sexy. I’ll take one of those, please!

  • T Jeff

    I’d love the HTC One M8 in Matte black because it is time for an upgrade and I’m ready to ditch my Galaxy Note 2 in favour of a superior device

  • jm123

    I’d love to get a HTC One M8, Good specs, big yet not too big screen.

    I like the Titanium Metal skin the best

  • Alex RG

    I would love to score the One M8 because I used the M7 until it broke… And it was hands down the most premium, beautiful phone I had ever used! I’ve gone back to the blackberry bold and it’s not the same.. I miss Android! Definitely Wood 😀 thanks for the contest!

  • Jimdroid

    Carbon fiber mine when you send to me. Thank You!

  • JaySea

    My last HTC was my S100 and I loved it but it could be the day to come back to first love and why not in Mahogany wood, nature is always better ^_^

  • Josh Moore

    I currently Have the M7, and it is amazing. Moving up to the M8 would be unbeleivable. And with the wood Skin….. Mind Blown!

  • nativ rozental

    cool hope i win

  • Iz3man

    My wife needs to get rid of her iphone 3gs…

    Please help me help her!

    Leather black or red would be sweet!

  • wellsj

    It the best android out there. Would love to switch from my old iPhone to a grown-up smart phone.

  • Paul Brinson

    I love this phone! I want to win so I can rock those BoomSound speakers and the duo camera. Awesome distinguishing features! I would slap a brand true color blue skin on the front and back of the gunmetal M8!

  • derek daigle

    I have been a fan of HTC since my incredible S and then on, I really want HTC to succeed and gain more market share, I would love to win so I could walk around and show the phone off and tell people of its greatness. I would become the HTC evangelist. I think the solid black is very slick looking, the others seem to subtract from the design whereas the solid black compliments it. Thanks for the chance!

  • Jason

    I’d like one in matte black to upgrade from my S2!

  • Sylent Syd

    The HTC One M8 is the phone I covet most of the current Android flagships, but my current mobile company does not carry it.
    Would love to have one, outfitted with dbrand’s wood finish – Beautiful!

  • DSRyno

    I would love to have the HTC One M8, so I could show it off and make all my iPhone using friends more jealous than they already are. As for skin Black Carbon fiber would be great.

  • Michael deJong DC

    I need to replace my One X with a carbon fiber One

  • winn

    Carbon Fiber on M8 !
    Less Slippery, Easy to Clean, Great Handling Material !

  • Mike L

    I would love score the M8 because i love the front facing speakers. i watch a lot of videos on my mobile and cupping my hand to bounce the sound from the back of Samsung is kind of tiresome. I out on the black carbon skin.

  • Nithunedel

    Love to get my hands on this phone. HTC seems to be one of the only manufacturers that are producing a truly high end experience these days. I’d put a matte black skin on the front and a true blue skin on the back for contrast.

  • sharkhark

    Hi I’d like to win because my gs2 is ancient, HTC has superior premium build quality and those skins look great. I’d pick carbon fiber.

  • Kalen Gmanny

    I would love to win this. Have a HTC One (M7) and it is a fantastic phone but it unfortunately started to have issues with charging (will only charge with fastboot off, and the phone off; a widespread issue…). It would be amazing to win this with black metallic back skin (as I had on my M7)! Thanks so much for this contest!

  • vn33

    I never had an HTC phone and would love to have the One M8.
    I would put on the gun metal skin on it, so here’ s hoping !!

  • HoodedDemon


  • Percy

    would love to score this. New technology is always fun to explore, and black carbon fiber would be great.

  • Michelle

    Its a beautiful phone and I’d put the Matte Black Skin.

  • Peter Lee

    Love the metal design and the front speakers….Definitely a good competitor to the top phones. Matt black skin for sure to go well with the gun metal front grill.

  • Paul Gallaway

    I know the camera has been a miss with a lot of people, but honestly, that’s the feature I like the best as it fits my use perfectly (e.g. mostly indoor, family/party shots). I’m not going to loose my Canon S100 for any phone but as small as the S100 is, I don’t always have it with me. A competent P&S in my pocket would be perfect, and one with some low-light/indoor sensitivity is all the better.

    Skin? Depends on the base phone. Here’s the combinations I like.

    Gold – Mahogany – front and back
    Gunmetal – red carbon fibre, back only, nothing on the front
    Silver – white leather back, white matte front

  • Chris

    i would definitely enjoy the wood skin on my new M8

  • sharkhark

    Wow just spent more time on brand site…
    Taxes included? World wide shipping included? Just pay the price shown.. That’s it? Wish more would offer products with such simple pricing.
    Hope to win the m8 with black carbon fiber d brand skin.

  • madcowmoomoo

    I’d love to experience the M8 and use the carbon fibre skin! Very sexy!

  • Donald McLellan

    Wood skin on the M8. Good quality phone requires a rich look to it.

  • Andrew

    That battery with a Red Carbon Fiber skin would be faaaaantastic

  • jhonovision

    There simply isn’t any other phone I would rather have. Matte black skin looks nice. Would totally rock that.

  • Michael Le

    The m8 with the matte black skin and a silver batman logo on the back ftw!

  • andrew

    Thanx once again. I would love to win the HTC M8 as it would be my first smartphone. My current phone is an ancient flip phone that doesn’t even have a camera, I would also choose the dbrand matte black skin.

  • Norm Schwartzman

    Black Leather is the way to go.

  • Ryan Mallon

    I’d love to score the M8 because it is an amazing beast of a phone, and I’ve been hearing really good things about Sense. And as for the skin, that red carbon fiber looks good, but the matte black is gorgeous.

  • マイケル, ロサレス (Michael Rosales)

    I’d love to score this phone because I miss my HTC one V build quality. The matte black skin brings back the memories of the quality of my HTC one V

  • arj_85

    white carbon fiber and the m8 since it’s one the best android devices out there!

  • harpoonGill

    I’d get the wood one, and I’m in need of a new one as my Nexus 4 is missing sweet sweet LTE

  • Jarhog

    Would love to replace my s2 off contract and I would go with wood for sure

  • Andrew Kachaniwsky

    Carbon fiber all the way! Dbrand vinyl skins are pretty awesome.

  • Terence Sun

    would love to win this to give to my mom.. she’s still using a crappy iPhone 3GS.. black or white Carbon Fiber please!

  • Medi

    _Why Htc One M8 ?
    -Beautiful Design
    -Metal Body 90% & Gorilla Glass 3
    -Extreme Power Saving Mode : 30 hours on standby on your last 10% of battery “Amazing”
    -Boomsound Speakers : Sound at your face not away 😉
    -Motion Launch Gestures & More…

    __Skin : Mahogany__

  • Yen-Hsun Chen

    Looking to upgrade from my N4, it has been chipped pretty badly. Mahogany backing looks awesome on the HTC One!

  • Owen T

    Why? HTC continues to make the most beautiful phones, M7 and M8 has been game changers! Been itching to get the M8 since it was announced! I’d go for the wood skin!

  • Jason

    HTC build quality is top of the line… I’d go for a wood skin!

  • Keith Savage

    The HTC One M8 ticks all the boxes I want of all the phones available right now. If I don’t win this, I’ll be buying it anyway! I’d take mine in red truecolour.

  • Param Dhalay

    Played with a friends HTC One, and i do missing the HTC phones, fun fast and easy to use. Better speakers with music wow.
    Would go black carbon fiber on this one.

  • Barry Weston

    The M8 is considered one of the best designs ever to grace a mobile phone, sense 6 and all of its features are also a beauty that other OEMs only dream of putting together. Combine that with these amazing skins, my choice being the standard red, from dbrand and the results would be simply pulchritudinous.

  • Aubrey Quatre

    Best designed phone so far had the HTC one m7 would love to have this one cuz it’s that sexy. Will go carbon fibre as well

  • Jason Mckinnon

    Well my wife and I have been ‘sharing’ my old Samsung because our son thought it would be a good idea to play “drop the new Galaxy Note 3 out the window of a moving vehicle and see if it is a Superhero…” We found out its NOT a Superhero.
    Would make an awesome late Mothers day gift! And that Matte black would be perfect!

  • Chris Jonasson

    Best looking phone I have ever seen! The lines are just so beautiful! Id love to own one of these!

  • Dan

    Hard to decide whether I prefer the carbon fiber or the matte black. (I’m sure that I’d be happy either way!)

  • MrMM

    im in, pick me! carbon fiber no doubt

  • TG

    With a dying Galaxy Nexus and a huge fan of HTC products (we’ve had 4 HTCs in this family in the last 4 years), I can’t think of a better phone to upgrade to! I personally love the Wood & Black Titanium finishes!

  • alifarhan84

    leather and i really need to upgrade my phone

  • Dave Scott

    Carbon fiber would make this phone. Send me one please!

  • Gary Lo

    Want it cuz its the best Android phone available, carbon fiber skin to match

  • Duey

    I need an upgrade from my 2 year old Galaxy Nexus, but unfortunately cannot afford one. I’d choose the matte black front with black leather back.

  • Maxxx

    Black titanium for me please

  • bjtheone

    HTC magic was my first smartphone, would be nice to come back to an HTC superphone. Would be carbon fiber all the way in terms of a skin.

  • ifthisisreal s

    carbon fiber pls

  • Chris G

    Be a perfect way to go all in on HTC with this and their rumored tablet. Would definitely try the wood skin.

  • Rich Maddox

    Top of the line Android with a wood grain skin…. What more could anyone ask for?

  • Conception

    I’d love to win the M8 because my BlackBerry Torch 9810 is getting TOO OLD! Time to come play with the big boys on Android. I really like the look of the mahogany wood case and I know from past experience that DBrand makes top quality stuff. They get top quality reviews because they use top quality materials.

  • Jeremy

    Galaxy S3 just died on me after buying zero lemon batteries, i’d definitely choose the black matte.

  • Jason C.

    would love to win this contest because the phone is awesome and dbrands is awesome! would put the red carbon fibre on it.

  • Sam Wiggans

    I’d love to win so I can replace this crappy iPhone, and it’d look awesome with the carbon fiber skin 😉

  • Nelson Liu

    I’d like to try out a non-Nexus phone and dbrand case! Black carbon fiber back for me!

  • MarKeeMarK

    I really want to win this! 🙂 really sophisticated looking phone.

  • Peng Z

    Cool! Naked is best.

  • Ray

    I have the carbon fibre on my S3, but the M8 with carbon would definitely make me switch back to HTC.

  • MarKeeMarK

    I would love the M8 with the matte or carbon fibre

  • Giovanni Perissinotti

    I really need a new phone. I went back to school recently and my current phone is acting up. I would love to have this phone as I love HTC products especially this one! I would be really grateful. Thanks

  • dutchschultz

    matte black skin all the way! i would love to have that, im sure it would be a head turner!

  • rami


  • Tyson Wagner

    This phone looks awesome! definitely one of the best on the market! I’d probably choose carbon fiber

  • Uberman X

    That Carbon Fibre skin looks pretty amazing. I’d love to give that a spin on the new HTC.

  • velvetk

    I have never used a HTC phone. Owning a M8 with carbon fiber would be awsome.

  • Daniel Fathers

    its amazing, the dbrand skins are awesome!

  • George


  • MasterP

    I would love to replace my archaic blackberry. Either matte black or the orange would look great on a new HTC One.

  • Jots Aman

    I have the M7 and would LOVE the M8, really excited about the new dual camera!! Matte Black

  • milleniumjono

    The M8 is the best new Android phone all around and I’d love the carbon fiber skin!

  • Mathijs Wagemaker

    I’d love to score an HTC M8 because I’m currently using an Alcatel one touch 995 and it won’t even call anymore. I used windows phone for a while, but decided that it wasn’t the right OS for me. When I wanted to switch a friend of mine offered me her phone, and even though it was really nice of her this wasn’t quite the return to Android I expected.
    The battery will run out of juice after browsing Facebook for 8 minutes or so, which is crazy! Besides that the screen has a huge crack in it and the phone keeps resetting because the processor can’t handle playing an mp3 song.
    Unfortunately I don’t have the funds to afford a new proper smartphone at the moment, because I’ll be going to college this September.
    I recently held an HTC M8 in a phonehouse store nearby and I must say this is my favourite phone that’s on the market right now.

    If I were to win this HTC M8 I would probably slap a mahogany wood skin on the back and leave the front as it is. I think it’d look super snazzy!
    Otherwise I’d go for the titanium black one, I’m kind of torn!

    Thank you for this awesome contest, keep up the good work!

  • Chad

    My M7 is by far the best phone I’ve ever owned…wouldn’t mind an upgrade to an M8! Black leather front and back please.

  • jndvrk

    Would love some decent night-time shooting capability and battery life – I’m looking at you Nexus 4.. In wood paneling of course, to match my parents basement and late-eighties station-wagon.

  • techuser444

    This would be a great replacement for my aging nexus S. I would put it in the matte black.

  • God

    Black Leather. It looks sweet 🙂
    My Optimus G is showing it’s age with broken glass and all… The All new HTC One is a beast of a phone I’d love to have.

  • Ryan McGuinness

    HTC One M8 is the best phone out there! I would love one with carbon fiber case.

  • jorvay

    I’d love to score this phone because my Galaxy Nexus is growing long in the tooth and I have a lot of trouble prioritizing a replacement with a family and a house to maintain. For the record, I’d go with the flat black wrap (front and back), preferably on the gunmetal variant.

  • Sanjay Ruparelia

    True colour red would have to be the one.
    It would be a great replacement for my nexus 4 which always has to be near a power source when on data, and I’m at how much a beast of a phone the M8 really is.

  • g0pher

    Because more powah!, and matte black case.

  • Brad

    I’d love the M8 for it’s sweet forward-facing speakers as an upgrade to my One S, and the matte white wrap on the back with matte black on the front.

  • framewerk

    The Matte Black M8 is one sexy mother $%#%@! I’d like to win!!

  • Mike Hess

    I’d love to try something other than my iPhone. An HTC One with a matte black skin sounds like a perfect device.

  • TiMXL73

    My S2X is really showing its age at this point and would love the HTC Once M8 in a Metal Black Titanium skin as a replacement!

  • Kevin Power

    Would love to try an Android phone since I’ve never used one. I’d like the Orange skin for it.

  • Ray Dube

    Still looking for that perfect gift for my soon to be 16 year old. 🙂

  • Ethan Pollock

    I would love one in matte black. The M8 is a beautiful phone.

  • Mitchell Curtis

    I’d enjoy a new phone like this.

  • JD

    Carbon fiber finish please!!!!!!!!!!I love this phone but I can’t afford it stuck on a M7! Please pick meeeeeeee

  • Ernie

    Carbon Fiber for mine if I win. Be a nice upgrade from my HTC One V

  • David Morrison

    The carbon fiber would be awesome!

  • drawingimpaired

    dbrand’s Black carbon skin for sure! Makes the already amazing HTC M8 phone look like it’s bullet proof!

  • Ombra

    Carbon Fiber would be awesome and the m8 would be a nice replacement for my gnexus!

  • simo_8

    I would love this phone because I am using an old beat up Blackberry Bold and all my friends laugh at me when I pull it out to send a text. This phone is amazing!

  • Serge Cote

    Carbon Fiber Skin is definitely the skin I want on that amazing machine the HTC M8. Thanks to dbrand and Mobile Syrup for that contest.

  • Mo Dabbas

    I would go with matte black. It’ll make the one more grippy

  • Chris Mitchell

    I’d either go with the matter black or leather. Sharp looking fone.

  • gezaim

    I’d love to score one because I like to have the latest and greatest. This phone definitely fits the bill. I would cover it in dbrand’s black titanium skin.

  • Nguyễn Mạnh Quốc Anh

    I would love to have carbon fiber on the M8, which is so luxury 🙂

  • Pran

    My last phone got stolen, so i’m in desperate need of a new phone and I hear this one is just amazing.
    I’d definitely go for the titanium finish. Looks awesome!

  • Ly_D

    need a upgrade, carbon fiber please!

  • Mathias

    Id like the M8 to replace my Iphone! Id also cover it in red carbon fibre. I had the dbrand skin on my old nexus and it rocked.

  • Revinjan Francisco

    Currently like the matte black in the back and gold metal in front. it really looks amazing and nice glossy look to it. I would like to win the m8 since I have never owned a brand new phone. I wouldnt lose anything so yeah

  • downhilldude

    Mahogany. I’d sell this, and use some of the money to buy some of these cases for my S5.

  • Warren

    Great specs, great look. All black, all the way.

  • jppetines

    i really want to score this phone because 1) my iphone 4 is dying on me, 2) apple products are boring and darn expensive, and 3) samsung is unreliable. a carbon fibre skin would look really awesome on this phone.

  • nmr123321

    I could use an upgrade, love my nexus 4 but M8 is awesome on all fronts especialy its design, i would love black titanium

  • Abu Nomani

    It’s time for an upgrade with HTC One M8 and a gunmetal skin! Appreciate the opportunity 🙂

  • Peter

    I would choose the matte black. It looks fantastic!

  • ShawnMerrikin

    I would give this to my wife to get her off her iPhone. Most likely she would pick the white leather skin.

  • Mouad

    The Matte Black skin looks simple, modern and classy. Nothing can top that in my opinion.

  • Morris

    I would love to get the best android phone on the market in matte black Please.

  • j villa

    Time to replace my gs3 with a matte black skinned m8

  • Handheld Addict

    The One M8 looks like an awesome phone. I love the speakers and double tap to wake functionality, and hopefully power saving mode. If I could, I’d choose a leather skin.

  • Randy Jauernig

    Man, I REALLY wish I had an HTC One M8… If only there was a way to maybe win it? I don’t know.. Oh the things I would do to a sexy carbon fiber M8… ” kiss you all over” :*

  • theKneeArrowTaker

    The duo camera of m8 is interesting and that matte black skin is sick!

  • Thorsten Garbe

    I need a new phone because I broke my last cellphone, and think I deserve a break, tuff times!!
    And now I’m paying 60$ a month for nothing,
    I pick the red carbon, looks amazing
    My first HTC was the first HTC ever, the HTC wallaby aka O2 xda back in Europe

  • Tim Gee

    I’ve always loved HTC’s designs and a carbon fiber skin on this phone would look amazing!

  • Jaime

    Carbon fiber! My S3 is acting up and I would like to try out HTC never owned one before

  • R.C.

    I am in the market for a new phone and this one would be perfect – in carbon fiber please.

  • The Haligonian

    Call me patriotic, but I like the White Carbon Fibre on the back and Red carbon fibre on the front for a truly Canadian looking phone. Would love to score this phone and rock it like the Canadian flag. Cheers and good luck to everyone who enters.

  • Ben Wagler

    I have an aging galaxy nexus and look forward to upgrading to awesome new hardware that is personalized with an awesome vinyl skin. I’d go for metal!

  • bobygk

    My 4 year old phone is in need of replacement. Getting an M8 would be great! I think the combo – black matte on front and black leather on back – is the best. That also would be my choice.

  • birdman_36

    Matte black front, black carbon back, gold trim.

    I’d want one because it’s the best for sound and to promote Mobile Syrup! Lol

  • neville

    Always wanted an HTC ONE and the M8 is the coolest one. I Have al arge music collections and looking for something with great sound to play all my over 60gb of music on instead of ipod classic. WOOD is my choice, or leather

  • Scott

    This phone looks gorgeous and I’d love to get out of this Samsung loop that I find myself in right now. I keep hearing how HTC makes really solid devices but I’ve never had the opportunity to own one yet.

  • Ryan Pannu

    The reason i would like to win this beautiful phone is because today is my brothers birthday and his iphone 4s broke and i would choose the matte black skin

  • Guest

    Mahogany wood on an all metal phone seems to wrong it must be right.

  • mostlygeek

    I love android! Especially if it was on the M8 clad in the orange skin!

  • scarecrowsyn

    I would love to win this because my screen shattered and I’m using an old phone just to get by. I would put the wood skin on this because, while I find the M8 beautiful, that wood look just speaks to me. 🙂

  • leak73

    Oh, that black looks sexy, but wood for sure! Oh, but the black leather looks awesome too! So many choices! But I’m sticking with Mahogany.

  • jordan___d

    I’d love an htc one m8 in black leather:)

  • Jamie Joss

    I currently have a Nexus S for a device, it would be nice to have a phone from this current decade! I like the black titanium, very sleek.

  • Dora

    I’m behind in tech. Currently sporting an HTC Amaze with extremely poor battery life. I would put the Mahogany Wood skin on it!

  • Elvin Punsalan

    I would want this because, honestly, I just want the newest and best right now, and this phone is definitely it.

    As for which skin, I would put the metal Black Titanium on the gold HTC One M8.

  • Joe Arslanian

    Carbon fiber. Cause its time too change my s4.

  • William Z. 

    I will have a sliver HTC M8 with red~~

  • Kerwin Poon

    Would really like to try a metal body Android Phone!

    Matte Black front and Black Titanium back looks really good!

  • Steve Porter

    Carbon Fiber for mine! 🙂

  • Alain Lafond

    As I bought the white carbon for my Nexus 4… For sure I would go with the same color. It’s now my wife’s phone ans it still resist after more that a year…

  • Mahesh Kumar

    HTC One M8 is the best looking phone till now, amazing camera, boom sound speakers.It would be amazing to win a flagship phone with dbrand skin on it.
    Front – Matte Black
    Back – Black Titanium

    • Mahesh Kumar

      Hope to win it with dbrand skin on it.

  • Chris Johnston

    Love the Matte Black – HTC fanboy since the early days and it is time to upgrade to a new one!

  • Darrell Andrews

    love the M8

  • Darin Wong

    carbon fiber for the HTC One M8 as it would be a great replacement for my old Galaxy SIII!

  • Vivek Soundar Rajan

    Qualcomm Snapdragon is a beast, that is why I love this phone. And I will put metal skin on it.

  • Cornel Bouros

    Metal case I think that will enhance the feeling and grip in the owner’s hand. Leather is too precious and plastics too cheap. In the other hand, having theese features HTC One M8 has still no rival on smartphones market for long time now.

  • AdamC284

    I would love the new HTC M8 to upgrade from my S3, with the carbon fibre please!

  • Lev

    I love the M8!!! I wish that I could have it, but I’m a student so I don’t have money… Definitely the carbon!

  • Markootch

    I need to get my hands on an M8! My nexus just isn’t cutting the mustard so I will make my new M8 mustard yellow to show my commitment

  • Neal

    Why do I want the M8? Best smartphone out there not just the best Android. I’d take the matte white just to be sure i’d never lose it.

  • Chris Wong

    Build quality is great, love the aluminum body! The matte black wrap would look sexy on it

  • chris hong

    I’d love to get an M8 to upgrade my old device from the iphone 4. I have used my friend’s M7 and found it very comfortable to use. I especially love the sound quality and i think it would nicely complement my dr dre studio headphones. Also i found the 3d effect on photos very intriguing when i held it at a demonstration booth. I’m sure i’d get this device regardless i win this or not sometime in the summer. I would also get the carbon fiber skin on mine. looks amazing!

  • szinck

    I’d choose the carbon fiber skin for sure – I’d like to try this phone because it looks great and the specs are sweet!

  • richard park

    Black is nice.

  • Jordan Brown

    Yes please!! Lol

  • tiriou

    With SD card memory usage gutted on android, the storage on my S4 is constantly running out of room due to the sheer volume of apps I use so the 32gb on the M8 would be a godsend. Love the design and a Gunmetal True Color Red (front and back) skin by dbrand would just be icing on the cake. So much want.

  • Leshawn Lindo

    Not yelling, just catching eyes. I DROPPED MY LG G2 FOR THE LAST TIME AND HAVE TO REVERT BACK TO MY OLD S3. I’ve never tried an HTC before and the sleek style combined with beats audio, as well as a Matte black casing would make this a breathe of fresh air!!

  • Anirudh Muralidhar

    I would like a HTC One M8 as it is the best android phone in the market with a carbon fiber skin.

  • jamesavramenko

    I’m a huge HTC fan and am dying to get my hands on the new guy. I’d throw that matte black on and call it mine.

  • Zehlek

    I love HTC and I love Sense, I really would love the HTC One M8 and I would use Matte Black skin

  • RichHomieGuan

    among all android manufacturers, HTC seems to be getting it done even though it doesn’t get the recognition as much as its competitors… it baffles me that no smartphone maker gets the point of making FORWARD-FACING speakers with the sound coming directly towards the user’s face, the camera is sensational (no pun intended) with finally on screen buttons and of course the all metal body that has us spoiled and even under-appreciated at times… currently a nexus user but with this new one, I really don’t even see the point of putting on GEL because sense has really came a long way… good luck to those entered and if you win, well, you won’t be disappointed!

  • sean

    As hardcore HTC Desire user, I’d love to try new HTC one(m8).
    With m8, carbon fiber skin would look very stylish.

  • William Norseworthy

    Red carbon fiber. Would love to win this phone to replace my old Droid. Thanks for the chance.

  • FabT

    I’d love to win the M8 and give it to my mom who’s had the same flip phone for 8 years. It would be a great birthday gift. Matte White skin.

  • Jorge Moniz

    The sweetest looking phone on the market that can only look better with a gun metal skin

  • Chris

    I want an M8 because my current Android is 2+ years old and kinda on it’s last leg 😛

    That matte black is amazing!

  • xrevolution

    I’d like an M8 to try out Sense 6.0, and I would love to have matte black on it

  • Edmond Lee

    I would love to win this phone to replace my cracked phone. Would love to get the carbon fiber vinyl with the M8

  • John W

    Love to win this phone with white carbon fiber and show those OnePlus One owners that HTC one M8 is the best phone. (flagship protected 🙂 )

  • Bob Wang

    Carbon fiber would look amazing! HTC makes great phones and their software is amazing.

  • Guest

    The M8 is one of the best smartphones on the market. I’ve had HTC phones for a while now and I’d like to continue that trend with a carbon fiber case 😉

  • Vixa

    I want it to test durability on him with hammer :))) just kidding i want it to sleep with him <3

  • Danny H

    The M8 is one of the best smartphones on the market. I’ve had HTC devices for years now and I’d like to continue that trend with a matte black skin please 😉

  • Ricardo Martos

    I love HTC and for me the Matte Black would be great

  • Mathew Smith

    I’d love to nab an HTC One M8 because it’s actually the phone I’ve been
    hoping HTC would release since the first One (M7) was announced. It’s
    got what I liked about the M7, and what I really had hoped the M7 would
    have had. I’d absolutely put the wood skin on it, looks stellar.

  • Sahitya Gupta

    Firstly, I think it’s a great phone, I will go with the Black Titanium skins (for when I win this contest).

  • Aaron

    The M8 is a great phone, although I’m still partial to my N4. If I win it’d go to my bro, and I think he’d love the black carbon fiber skin! He’s currently rocking a galaxy ace and could really use an upgrade!

  • Kanarico

    I’ve been eying the M8 for awhile now. I would love to have an HTC phone. I would want the matte black.

  • Tanner Williams

    Because I’m do for an upgrade from my 3GS! Love the m8 wrapped in carbon fibre

  • Juliusrock

    I’d love to score an M8 to show off just how premium an Android phone can be. Oh, and I’d put on the wood skin.

  • Kathryn Walker

    I desperately want the M8, I have the LG G2 at the moment, and it just doesn’t not compare to the M8. 100% I would do the Wood skin, I’ve seen it in person, and it looks amazing!

  • Shane Keulen

    matte black please

  • Stan Chmelyk

    I have a Galaxy Ace 2 and I like it a lot, but then I bought my wife a new Nexus 5 and realized how far technology had progressed. I am now wishing I had a new phone, and I can’t think of one much better than this monster. The constant struggle between want and need! Probably would go with the carbon fibre skin.

  • Guest

    would love to move to Android. So sick of Apple, they have blocked Facetime from working on my iPhone 5 running iOS 6, basically forcing me to update and lose my Jailbreak. Want to move to a more open ecosystem, and not have to deal with a company that won’t let users tinker or fiddle with their device.

  • J_ Mac

    I’d love to palm the The htcONE M8 with a carbon fiber skin. The mix of premium build quality wrapped in a hi-tech skin would be a joy to drop on any table anywhere!

  • canadian_neil

    would love to move to Android and put the Carbon Fiber Skin on it.

    So sick of Apple, they have blocked
    Facetime from working on my iPhone 5 running iOS 6, basically forcing me
    to update and lose my Jailbreak. Want to move to a more open ecosystem,
    and not have to deal with a company that won’t let users tinker or
    fiddle with their device.

  • StMarek

    Need a new phone since my Desire HD is not efficient enough anymore. I would also like to stick with HTC and great quality of their top phones. Matte White looks great.

  • Tareq G.

    I’m ready for an upgrade to an M8. Front: Red Carbon Fiber / Back: Black Carbon Fiber. 🙂

  • enrai05

    I’d like to win the Gunmetal HTC One M8 with Titanium cover in front and back to replace my wife’s failing Galaxy Nexus phone.

  • Guest

    I would love to win an M8, I love HTC’s One line and I need an upgrade. The M8 is such a sexy phone and with the amount of music I listen to, Beats audio would be just amazing in my Monster Inspirations and with my car’s Infinity sound system.. Speed, looks and sound quality all in one.. I would definitely get the Carbon Fiber. Pick meeeee 🙂

  • jacob

    I’ve fell in love with this Matte Black finish, I would take it for sure ! Please, pick me !

  • Roymathieu

    For me, HTC make the best phones on the market at the moment. THe M8 would be a real treat…perfect phone to promote Android’s power! I would put the black matte cover…looks killer with it!

  • loginatnine

    I’d use the M8 to replace my plasticky S4, it would be a great visual update for sure!

    As for the skin, I’ve looked through them and the matte black looks really good!

  • Dave Cooke

    I would go with the wood back for sure. Need to upgrade from my Nexus 4, battery barely lasts me 4 hours.

  • Josh Cadotte

    I have the HTC One M7 and I love it. The M8 seems like a great step up though, faster and I want to check out the dual camera. Definitely in black carbon fiber

  • loginatnine

    I’d use the M8 to replace my aging plasticky S4! I’ve looked through your skins and the matte black looks really good, I’d put that!

  • Allen Zsen

    I want to win

  • phuzzykiller

    Well, aside desperately needing to replace my Samsung S3 (cracked screen and all), the fact that the M8 is put together with outstanding material and has impeccable design is enough to make scoring this beauty a definite plus. As to the skin, throwing the black titanium skin on the front and back would make it look gorgeous.

  • Kevin Hua

    I’d like a HTC m8 with carbon fiber please 🙂

  • Kristen

    I would love to win an M8, I love HTC’s One line and I need an upgrade. The M8 is such a sexy phone and with the amount of music I listen to, Beats audio would be just amazing in my Monster Inspirations and with my car’s Infinity sound system.. Speed, looks and sound quality all in one.. I would definitely get the Carbon Fiber. Pick meeeee 🙂

  • Pierre-Philippe Labelle

    Titanium on the M8 would look so sweet !!

  • Usaamah

    mwahahaha. Simple put, need a new phone. 😛
    Skin would probably be the white carbon one. dbrand looks like they have awesome products! And a TO company to boot! Nice.

  • ledan

    Best of best in black

  • Tony Sereggela

    love me a HTC

  • g. leong

    upgrade from my non smart phone ..matte black

  • Tomi Les

    Never owned an HTC and would love to try the new features, and it would look great in Red Carbon Fiber

  • Jordan Farrell

    Matte black. I miss my old htc m7. I need to get back in the fold. New m8 please, can’t handle this iPhone 5c anymore.

  • out2late

    My M7 is going in for service and is out of warranty so it would be perfect to start using an M8… dressed in carbon fiber of course

  • Adam B

    Hi! I’m still using my almost 18 month old Nexus 4 and am dying to upgrade to the new M8. My best friend has it and I love its build quality and the dual front facing speakers are unmatchable!

  • Albert

    Matte black for sure! Wish more phone were matte.

  • 3031918

    Want one to give to my mom for her cake day. Dig it in the wood finish.

  • Morgan Lui

    HTC BoomSound just dominates all the rest, carbon fiber would be amazing!

  • Mathew McPath

    I’m a big htc fan but it’s not in my budget to get the m8. Would love to win one with the DBRAND skin!

  • Colin Young

    I would love to get my hands on an M8, and that black carbon fiber case looks amazing.

  • demonio604

    I would love to get my paws on this sexy beast simply because AWESOME! A carbon fiber skin would make it that much sexier.

  • David L

    Shabalam doobilly!

  • Maz

    I am still living with a galaxy S4 cracked screen. It would be so cool if I can replace it with the HTC One m8

  • David El-Wyze

    Nice! Cool that they’re a Toronto company.

  • Braden

    I would love to have a htc one m8 because my phone is getting old and it is a htc too. Staying loyal to htc, the design of it is a gorgeous and its made out of aluminium which makes it very durable. I also like music and my old phone always have trouble playing the sound even at max unless I turn it around so the boomsound speakers can help with that. The skin I would put on the phone is metal black since htc hasn’t made the colour black on this phone yet.

  • umnikke8

    Freebies are always good, I think I’d go with the black leather skin on the back, probably keep the front clean.

  • ChairmanMah

    Phone looks very cool…want to try it out and interested to see the white carbon fiber in person.

  • Zachary Lerner-Muloin

    I would love to score the HTC One M8 with the Matte skin because my house burned down and my sister needs a new phone

  • Agnes Yu

    I think this phone has a really nice design and I would put a matte white skin on it.

  • Ian

    Full Blue

  • James LaRoach III

    I would love to retire my GS3 and have a nice HTC M8 with matte black skin

  • Mit Mehta

    carbon fiber for my htc. yeh. great combination

  • Nathan Burke

    Im all about the wood baby, would love to try an HTC, maybe a change from Samsung.

  • Andy M

    I have an aging iPhone 4 that seems to be lagging behind and I’d love to try out android. Always support the T-Dot, read the blog everyday. I would like the htc one m8 in matte skin please 🙂

  • SandyT

    I want that awesome camera and a carbon fiber skin! Great contest!

  • Kenny Rooney

    Matte black to match my car this phone so sexy

  • Garrett Cooper

    I’d love a black titanium, would be a great replacement for my N5 so I could give it to my dad.

  • Philip

    i would love to win this phone because i am using a samsung ace 2 x 🙁 and the carbon fiber skin is nice

  • Silverknight

    I’d like an HTC M8 to replace my aging HTC Wildfire S!! Love my HTC phone from back then and I still love HTC phones now! I’d love a carbon fibre or a metal skin on the back of a new HTC.

  • Alec Scicchitano

    Hello! I would love to win this phone because I have long gazed at the amazing designs of HTC phones and would love to finally own one, yet they are too expensive for me to ever afford. I love designing things, from my school newspaper, where I am also technology writer, to the websites I program. I would also love the dbrand vinyl skin because I think it makes the phone look even more dazzling than it already does. I especially like the dbrand in matte white, as it looks amazing with the polished phone.

  • Tarrance

    The design on this phone is amazing, I would want carbon fiber on mine

  • GolfGtiFan

    I need a new phone. Red carbon fiber for me

  • Jay

    I had the HTC One X back in the day. Would love the chance to go back and revisit HTC! The fit and finish on this phone is just so sexy! I’d be wrapping this in Leather on the back with mahogany on the front for a nice accent. Currently using a black carbon skin on my Moto X from DBrand. Gotta say, they’ve been an amazing company to deal with!

  • debbie p

    Carbon fiber skin

  • Craig B

    It’d be a nice upgrade from the S4 and I’ll take Carbon Fiber please!

  • Romel

    Plain and simple I’m tired of Samsung and their dated designs and the HTC One looks so good in comparison. Also, Sense looks so much more refined than TouchWiz!

  • j4m3z

    I like a powerful smartphone for work and social usage. I choose the carbon fibre skin.

  • rtjmay

    Stereo speakers would be far superior to my Moto G. Would look great in Mahogany.

  • Ryan Humphrey

    With the HTC One M8, I would use it to take full control over my every day tasks. I wouldn’t hesitate to access its full potential. It has an amazing ability to do so many things at once, which is perfect for my hectic life as a nursing student. I would want people to take notice so I would definitely rock the true red look. It matches my personality and is the brand name color to one of my favorite charities, the (RED) campaign. I would be killing two birds with one stone, flashing off the new m8, and opening up dialogue about what the color red represents to me!

  • Dane Di Piazza

    I’d like to upgrade from my Nexus 4. Mahogany please!

  • LiLAzNNewB

    I’d love to use the M8 as my first Android phone :). White carbon fiber please!

  • Carlos Esper

    carbon fiber skin! i have the m7 its time for an upgrade! love htc phone! adn this phone with the specs it has i will be loving it 🙂

  • Fay. H.

    I’ve been using the same LG phone for 3 years. A free upgrade would be super sweeet! I’ll choose Titanium

  • Kenny Ng

    definitely carbon fiber, and the M8 is truly the best designed smartphone yet.

  • Ned K.

    I’d love to score this M8 (in Matte Black or Black Leather) to help me test my app on Android in style.

  • Vladimir Ivanov

    Carbon fibre, def.

  • cellophane

    Matte white cause it looks clean and sleek, and because my current Samsung has a cracked screen

  • David Marshall

    Wood front & back for me, I’d love the phone to replace my S3 which has a poor camera and locks up and hasn’t been the phone I was advertised it to be. My original S was a much more stable device and it looks like HTC has figured it out with this new device.

  • Yu Zhu

    why, because i have a nokia 3301

  • Soheil Fatehi

    Black titanium for me. I love the the HTC design language and the speedy processor+the lasting battery life. My current phone wouldnt last half the day.

  • William Moore

    Love their skins and would be neat to have an HTC again

  • Matt

    Carbon Fiber for my new M8. I would love to replace my M7 with a purple camera hue that the carrier won’t replace. 🙁

  • Jason McLeod

    Like the look of titanium black.

  • lyleelei

    I’ve been reading every review on this phone and I’m in love with it! I would put the white matte on it.

  • Sam Monty

    M8 is the metallic marvel from HTC. Its sleek & beautiful. Thats why I need it. Add that to “Carbon Fiber” skin I want & we have a winner. Atleast to me.

  • Daxton Day

    The original Galaxy S i9000 just isn’t cutting it anymore! An upgrade to an M8 with a carbon fibre skin would be sweet!

  • Taka_San

    Definitely would love the stereo speakers on the HTC M8, carbon fibre black looks awesome

  • TS89

    was a HTC fan then tried the S3 and now wasting to go back to HTC after my son got the original HTC one, I would go with the metal case

  • Eddie C

    I would like a Matte White finish. HTC stepped up their game with the M8 and this beats my current phone any day!

  • {JPM}

    You have to go with Matte Black front and Mahogany for the back. That look will bring sexy back

  • Tania N

    I would love to have an HTC M8 because it’s a beautiful looking phone. I meant to upgrade to HTC One last year but didn’t get a chance to. Now that M8’s here I have the opportunity to upgrade! Also in terms of skins…gunmetal without a doubt!!

  • Kaldrak

    I never had an HTC phone before. This one is sure to be a good first experience. In mahogany please 😀

  • kingsclear

    My Galaxy Nexus is really due for replacement. I have always had high-end phones and this HTC One (M8) is a surefire winner. I would do mine in the bright red carbon fiber (or fibre in Canada). AWESOME!

  • Nichole Sylka Lorkowski

    I need a new phone so badly so this would be perfect and I love the silver or blue skin

  • Jonathan3440

    I would probably go with the matte black it’s looking pretty sleek and I haven’t had an HTC for awhile and the M8 is looking like a beast and looking at in the store the other day it was pretty impressive and felt great.

  • Debbie

    Like the looks of these phone and the blue too please pick me iphone 4 sound going

  • D. Leduc

    This could be a nice upgrade from my GS2!.. In matte black

  • Johnson

    The M8 sounds like a great phone, I’d like one so that I can replace the kind-of-broken-thing that I have now and play with the refocus feature. As for the skin, it’d have to be black on the back and nothing on the front.

  • Kevin Leung

    It would be nice to get one with the black titanium skin so I could bask in the glory of the 1080P screen with Netflix.

  • Francois Pigeon

    i love htc phones, that’s why. I’ll pick carbon fiber skin.

  • Dragon N

    Cause its a crazy phone with awesome specs & the carbon fiber skin is sick

  • vicw

    I would like to win the m8 because it would be a nice upgrade from my One S! Also, that matte black looks really cool!

  • Josh

    Currently using an iPhone 5 and need a change. I think HTC will deliver that change quite nicely. Gotta go with the Red skin too.

  • Tom

    My phone just about had it, this would awesome to win. I’d use the matte black.

  • Dave

    m8 is seriously one great phone, even better if it had carbon fiber

  • Luckshay

    Carbon Fiber Please. This would make a great upgrade from my very old Android

  • D4Ge

    Need to replace my dying phone with a carbon fiber version.

  • Jeff Bastien

    I’d use those BoomSound speakers to play All Access music all day long. I’d put the wood DBrand on there for maximum awesomeness.

  • Maricruz Esquivel

    I would love this phone since I still have a dinosaur phone, matte white please!

  • Vladimir BigVlad

    Carbon fiber for sure !!!! Send me this M8 please !!!!

  • Anne Hogan

    I am intrigued by the HTC One (M8) 2600 mAh battery which promises longer “life” and I would choose the Mahogany skin for the dbrand option. Nice organic mix!

  • Roger

    looks sweet. I would like carbon fibre as well.

  • Matt Figueiredo

    Gotta go black or red carbon on that beautiful phone. My HTC One X is on its last leg… You’re my only hope, mobilesyrup!

  • RG

    The large internal storage and front facing cam would be my reasons to like it. Carbon Fiber probably the best looking.

  • Tornado15550

    I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S2, and to be quite honest, I’m disappointed with it. The battery life is awful, where the phone shuts off in almost 3-4 hours with a data connection established, and the phone is showing its age as many of the latest and greatest mobile games such as Asphalt 8 and San Andreas are beginning to lag.
    I have never used an HTC device before, but I’d love to have the new HTC One M8 as my new phone! Having an insanely fast processor like the Snapdragon 801, 2 gigs of ram, and a really awesome battery along with software features such as Extreme Power Saving mode would be simply amazing to experience and use everyday. HTC has shown that they are committed to their users by releasing updates in a timely fashion (such as the Sense 6 update for the HTC M7). They have also shown that they are listening to their customers, by adding an SD Card slot. I can simply insert an SD card and further expand my storage.
    I would like my phone to look amazing, a dbrand skin allows me to do just that. With a wide selection of skins and themes available, it was quite a challenge to pick a skin, but I decided to go with the black carbon fiber on a Gunmetal M8. It just looks absolutely stunning. I’d like to thank dbrand for this wonderful opportunity to allow folks such as myself to enter to win an absolutely amazing device and customize it to our liking with their skins!

  • rstyle

    Definitely Matte White to keep the HTC family growing!

  • Mrg Ng

    love one: a one M8 matte black “bat” phone

  • TChang

    I love the way this phone looks and I’ve been in need of an upgrade for a while.I love the matte black on the front and matte white or black on the back. Looks so slick.

  • Bartman

    Need to upgrade my S3 … would love an M8 in Gold Metal

  • Amber Pippus

    I’d love to win because I haven’t had a mobile phone since the late 90s… and the matte black skin looks great.

  • Megan Nicole

    I still use the very first version of the S2 and need a new phone badly. Titanium case looks good.

  • Yansong Li

    Would love to try out the camera

  • Stephen Lew

    I’ve always loved HTC. I’d use the metal skin.

  • Kaveel Singh

    The HTC One (M8) has such great specs but what I love the most about it is how sexy of a phone it is! Definitely love a Gunmetal Grey HTC One with dbrand white matte skin!
    Thanks dbrand and mobilesyrup!

  • Dell Um

    i want to try andriod and HTC is the good place to look for , i will love to have a carbon fiber on it to make it amazing

  • Tony Smerychynski

    Orange front, blue back. Sexy colours enabled by a sexy dbrand skin. Best phone on the planet at the moment, who’s life wouldn’t it make better!

  • Clement L

    I’d love to be the 1st (and possibly only) person in this part of the world, sporting an M8 in Black Titanium! 🙂

  • Chinese_N

    Wood because it gives it a unique look that not many will have

  • Lloyd Parsons

    Cause its one awesome phone and you are one awesome site..and wood

  • Sean F

    HTC is making a comeback, I gotta have a One M8. Matte white please! 🙂

  • Diego

    A blue carbon fiber… it could look so good. I would love an HTC one, it looks so slick, and cool enough to make me do the switch to Android, that and the fact that I found my iPhone in the dryer after a full cycle of washing and I need something new 🙁

  • Victor Monroy

    I cracked the screen of my Nexus 4 so I need a new cool looking phone! I’d pick a black leather skin.

  • yeungD

    sign me up! HTC makes the highest quality phones! carbon fiber white looks pretty slick.

  • Zomby2D

    Mahogany for me

  • Charles Tawa

    Time to upgrade to a smartphone … the HTC one M8 is a great phone.
    A bold yellow

  • Nahid Sarangi

    The picture of the M8 in matte black as displayed in the article is pretty slick, so I would definitely go with that.

  • Sam NaChampassak

    Black carbon fiber, would like to try something other than Samsung

  • Wolfgang Young

    Since I started high school there years ago, I have had the same piece of crap galaxy dart. And lately it has been failing me more then ever.
    since it is my birthday this month, and my final year of highschool, I have been looking at getting a new phone.. And well.. The HTC one m8 is just my dream phone. Not only does it have amazing specs, it is an amazing looking phone!
    I honestly would love having one with that cool mahogany skin :3

  • Logan O’Brien

    I would love to win this phone because my fiance’s phone is on its last legs. If I won the M8 I would give her my M7 and we could both have kickass phones. I’d want the Mahogany skin.

  • Lloyd Quansah

    My bb 9900 died may 6 and i have been living without a phone for awhile. i am a full time student with a part time job and paying for school myself so havin this phone will help me out tremendously! i would choose matte black


    Black Titanium look cool

  • ChrisP

    I would love the HTC M8 in order to upgrade from my galaxy nexus. Black matte looks good!

  • Ilan Butbul

    cuz i am an android fan !
    Matte Black for sure.

  • Mazher Ul Haq

    I would love to have this phone in my pocket because who wouldn’t want the best rated phone on the market, leather front and back looks amazingly awesome!!!

  • Olivier Héroux

    I would love to win this phone because its the nicest dising on the market and i like it clasic like the leather one.

  • Marc Fournier

    I’d love to have this phone for work and would choose carbon fibre for the case

  • Timothy Daniel

    Would love one in matte black….

  • abualjooj

    Need an upgrade and hey, this is the perfect phone at the moment. I’ll go with the matt black case please …

  • Toronto Clarks

    I really need to get my wife off her old iPhone. I think the Mahogany wood skin would be cool… I’d tell people it floats 🙂

  • Theo Pundit

    I would like the M8 because, although S4 that I own has fast processors, I appreciate powerful processing speed in a smartphone. The subtle design improvement from the former HTC One also looks incredible. I’m looking forward to trying out different features of the duo camera with various apps deloveped specifically for this API. Lastly, the gunmetal skin looks amazing as a protector.

  • Elyse Barré

    Forgot to mention the skin last time. Black carbon fiber!

  • Peter Grzybowski

    Carbon fiber hands down *crosses fingers*

  • J_techie!

    Oh man. I’d have so much fun playing with the bokeh camera effects. And, in black metal, it would also look slick!

  • myuran sivagnanam

    I would like the matte black. I want to get this phone so I can give it to my brother. He is in need of a new phone. He still has an iPhone 3gs.

  • Tom Blinky

    Love me a good HTC phone, miss Google Now (the one thing my Q5 doesn’t do that I really wish it did), and absolutely loved the red DBrand skin on my Z10. They drew me a Batman on the envelope, too. How many companies would do that?

    If I won this, of course I’d want it with a red skin. Red on black, super slick.

  • BriniaSona

    M8 in metal please. That’d be a slick one for as a father’s day gift. Or to replace one of my family’s older old phones.

  • Sumth

    I could sorely use an upgrade from the S2 to the One M8 and I’d definitely get the matte black.

  • Arthur Douglas Richardson

    Gold Metal Skin on mine, I want this as it is by far the best looking phone ever made. Period.

  • John Savvas

    I would love a new M8 cause i am still running with my galaxy s captivate 🙁 it has cat chew marks, overheats horribly, battery barely lasts a day…etc, the list goes on. The M8 looks so pretty, specs are amazing and I am intrigued with the front facing speakers; i would also love to see how sense 6 works, as i am tired of samsung and desperately in need of an upgrade. Also the premium look of this phone is…breathtaking & would look absolutely gorgeous with the carbon fibr skin that would compliment the fit/finish of an absolutely stuuning product from htc. Thanks!

  • Bruce Wong

    id love that matte black for sure

  • rorrissey

    I want to score one so I can listen to Spotify in the shower without wrapping my phone up in a shower cap to keep it dry – oh the joys of water resistance!
    Would probably pick the wood skin, I have never seen anything like it before!

  • Krakov

    I want it and I want in ORANGE!! 😀

  • Alex Styles

    I would love to have a carbon fibre skin on an HTC One!
    I’d really like to replace my Moto G and go back to a flagship phone, after having to give up my beautiful Note 3.

  • Chris Hanula

    definitely would keep a metal skin on mine

  • wongkm81

    Always loved the One’s build (the 801 doesn’t hurt either) and I’d put it in orange because I’m always loosing my phone and orange will make it easier to find!

  • Dylan King

    I have an M7 and would love an upgrade to the shiny new M8. I’d put the red skin on the front and back.

  • dilawer

    To make my HTC One M8 more impressive I prefer black leather skin by dbrand inc

  • jhk

    I would love to win the M8 and use it for myself, and hand down my M7 to my gf who is an iPhone user!!!
    And I would love to skin it with Matte Red.

  • Sepideh Prs

    best look handsome guy futuristic I love to have one!

  • Joshua

    This would be a great gift for my pregnant wife, who accidentally (and irreversibly) water-damaged her Lumia 1020! I’d wrap it in the wood skin.

  • disqus_BIq5G12Kuz

    carbon fiber because that means performance.

  • Sessions99

    Matte black is def the way to go! This would make an amazing replacement to my GNex

  • J H

    I like to win a M8 because of its beautiful metal construction, and dual lenses. This will be my first HTC hand held device. I would like to put on white carbon fibre skin. Thanks.

  • Rob McPherson

    Nice choices

  • RyGuy

    I want to get out of my iPhone and switch into Android! I’d pick the red carbon fibre skin, looks sharp and different

  • Adrian Murillo

    I currently have the iPhone 4 but would love to win the HTC M8 in carbon fiber black on the back and carbon fiber red on the front. I have been wanting an HTC phone for a while and can’t stand Apple anymore.

  • Gian Carlo Tan

    I would love to score the new HTC One M8 for its impeccable specs and great user experience. Great phone, superb ecosystem and has that premium feel.

  • ef4ervescent

    true colour orange front and back for me

  • Jack_de_Bean

    Carbon fibre for sure!

  • Hannah Matthews

    I would love this phone because I have been living with hand me down phones all my life, I’ve never been able to afford a swanky phone so I’ve always had blokias or old school samsungs, right now I’m rocking a Nokia c3-00 thats tearing at the seems. I would give anything to have a phone that has a camera thats more than 2.0 mega pixels let alone a smartphone! to have apps and internet on the go would be a dream! I would also get it in gold that way it will always remind me that a phone really is a luxury. 😛

  • qwerty

    HTC one M8 with carbon fiber!!!!!!!!

  • Lee

    I love android and developed on the platform for several years under the tag LeeDrOiD.. I moved to Iphone last year an I’m not a happy bunny, not due to upgrade for another 9 months and the iphone is on it’s last legs.. Baby due in 7 weeks and we are getting married in 3 weeks.. I would LOVE THIS Device & a slick skin.. Please be kind lol

  • ihaveabeard

    Huge fan of the subtle matte job, regardless of color. Struggling to do anything on my Galaxy S (!); so the m8 would be a huge upgrade.

  • МΛЯдʞ

    I deserve it!

  • DoYouSmellBurntToast

    I have been looking at the HTC line for a while now and would love to try the M8 with the matte case. I would even be willing to write a review and video the result.

  • Wingwing

    i would love to replace my galaxy ace ll x and stop the htc one m8 dreams i’ve been having lately XD White matte skin would be awesome 😀

  • hamza

    This would become my daily use phone since my galaxy s vibrant is at the end of it’s lifecycle. Would get the titanium skin to make it stand out like no other M8. Thanks MS!

  • Hail Eff

    I’d love to score an HTC One M8 because I’m in dire need of an upgrde from my beat up Samsung Galaxy SIII. I’d go with carbon fiber.

  • Rebecca

    I like the wood case

  • Syanth Param

    So my GSII got stolen. Would love to have this + wood skin 😀 Wood + Phone = awesome. Also HTC is kewl.

  • Theo Pundit

    I would like the M8 for its processing power. I have the S4 but one can never get enough when it comes to the speed of a processor. I would also like to try the duo lens and all the apps with the according API developed for it. The gunmetal looks amazing.

  • Lora Kim

    Dear MobileSyrup,
    I would really really really like to have the opportunity to win this phone, And I am soooo very Desperate for it. I have used my current phone for about more then 4 years, and it wasn’t even bought new. I would really really really like to get the chance of getting a new phone, and if it is the HTC One M8, it would be great! You can’t imagine how great it would be for me. Please pick me for this great opportunity.
    Thank You!!!
    (Would love a Carbon Fiber or Matte in white if possible)

  • Byron Sieben

    To obtain this phone / with a mahog’ny skin / Would make my life great!
    I’d love to have my hands on this phone (see the haiku above!) This is a great piece of technology from HTC, one of my favorite manufacturers. I really think that blinkfeed would help me with my daily dose of mobilesyrup and tech news. The camera features are outstanding. And let’s face it, I want to be the envy of others with a phone that is a conversation piece. Pick me, pick me, pick me!! Pretty pleeeeease!

  • Anupam Nath

    It would be a great birthday present to win the M8 with the carbon fiber skin

  • Morgan Donaldson

    HTC is my favourite OEM! And the boomsound is a deal maker, this phone would be a perfect match for me! I definitely want the red carbon fiber!

  • monkeytacos

    Red Carbon Fiber! Cause my phone is struggling to install apps… (~300 MB internal storage!) and just slooooooowww

  • ChelleFish

    To give to my boyfriend, whose phone is too slow. 🙂

  • Ajanu

    Matte Black with no camera cutouts would be an awesome sleeper phone!

  • Pierre roy

    Would love to surprise my amazing father with this new phone for his birthday. I have a feeling he would go for the green of wood skins. He has the samsung galaxy s2x now and he really needs a new phone.

  • Ken Munro

    I would love to have the Htc One M8 to help make my transition from iOS to android smooth and convincing!! If i were to deck it out in a dbrand skin it would definitely be the wood skin front and back. Makes a smooth unique looking device! Thanks

  • JenniferH

    I have an older model HTC One, and it’s a great phone. Would love to upgrade!

  • jmk1ng

    Who could resist the urge to wrap their M8 in rich mahogany?

  • MrDPrize

    I’ve been looking for an Android phone in order to run AirSync and the M8 is one of the better ones out there. I’ld drape it in matte white

  • Mary M

    Hands down best phone out there so I would like to own one with a black matte skin

  • Debbie

    yes please love to win this phone and blue case thanks would be great birthday gift for me pick me please

  • Lali

    Leather for the grip. Don’t like cases even though they reduce the damage from falls.

  • Greg Merritt

    I’m getting bored of my iPhone and looking for a change of scenery. I’d pair it with the red carbon fibre case 🙂 Good luck to all !

  • jeremy kinch

    HTC seems to make a pretty solid phone, wouldnt mind owning one. I’d take the black titanium, looks pretty sharp!

  • Raj

    Metal! Up The Irons!

  • michalr

    For my lovely wife… Carbon red please!

  • Asif

    This phone would be nice switch for me from BlackBerry. I would choose Red carbon fiber one.

  • Joe Scott

    Who wouldn’t want want the hottest phone on the horizon? Make mine mahogany.

  • Kegan Belina

    I’d love the M8 to replace my old phone. I’d use a black dbrand skin for sure!

  • Azreik

    A guy at work has one and it felt great in the hand and the screen was one of the best iv seen. The skin would be a red skin of some sort. Red looks great on phones.

  • Yi Di Yang

    i want the m8 cause i have a banged up m7. i really need an upgrade from HTC’s best phones. I’d put on a carbon fiber skin from DBRAND!

  • Mike Lemmy Monner

    Dropped my S3 in the toilet so I need a new phone!

  • Arnel Estacion

    I’ve ever only owned Samsung phones. This would be a great time to try my first HTC with the wood skin from DBrand

  • Edsel Abat

    Time to upgrade my Galaxy and the M8 would be a great replacement. And I’d put the carbon fiber skin on.

  • Sofiane Benzaza

    leather skin on the HTC one m8 please. I want to make the jump into the Android world and this phone just looks great for that.

  • Uchuu

    I’d like an HTC One M8 because my Samsung Ace is nearing the end of it’s lifespan, doesn’t have enough memory, and is slow. The skin I’d get for the One M8 would be the Black Titanium.

  • Michael H

    one-touch refocus? yes, please!
    -mahogany skin

  • JeSuisNigel

    Carbon Fiber for me. It’d look nice in my hands!

  • Jeeverz

    The carbon fibre would be extra awesome

  • Matthew H

    M8 in matte black. Luxury

  • Matt Shorter

    I would love to own the closest Android phone to that made by the fruit company. I’d go red on red.

  • David Huynh

    It would be a very good replacement for my HTC Amaze and the Mahogany or Red skin looks pretty fab on that M8!

  • Jamie Olmsted

    I would use the M8 to replace my poor shattered Nexus 4. I love the dbrand black titanium skin!

  • Mark

    The matte black looks so professional and elegant! What I would do to hold that beaut in my hands! I’m in love. Ahah

  • no

    Wood skin! I’m in need of a new phone – my Nexus 4 is all cracked up. :

  • Chris Yung

    Hmm, I think I will choose the gun metal. I have a budget phone and I want an upgrade.

  • Matthew Ostime

    I loved my One S but would love something newer. Black titanium skin

  • Brandon Vasquez

    I’d love the One M8 to replace my old water damaged phone. I think i would choose black carbon fiber.

  • Ron

    I could use a replacement for my N4.. in carbon black please.

  • Dobrin Gueorguiev

    Awesome phone – I’d love to skin it with the Titanium skin. Looks really sexy 😀
    Will be used predominantly to squash smurfs 😛

  • Iman Roy

    Because I would love to gift it to my mom for a missed mother’s day present. And leather skin!

  • mrideas

    Carbon fibre for sure looks wicked. I’d be willing to try my first android phone. My buddy has one and raves about it all the time.

  • Justin B

    Titanium (black) looks sick, really compliments the phone which is super powerful with that Snapdragon 801 in there.

  • Colin Simmons

    I’ve been an Apple fan, but HTC makes beautiful devices! I’d love to try one out, especially with an awesome skin from dbrand; the matte black would be awesome.

  • Pravdeep Sekhon

    Titanium front with a matte black back is an awesome combination! As for why I would want to score the htc one m8…… it’s the best phone available right now, ’nuff said

  • Matt B

    I’d like this because it seems like a huge improvement on certain competition, with the metal body and awesome speakers. I’d use the matte black skin, I just like it!

  • Matthew Phan

    I like the 5MP front camera and I’d put the red carbon fiber skin on it

  • Martin Lam

    I need an upgrade badly from my galaxy nexus. Matte Black looks awesome

  • Danny Ouellet

    Id take the Carbon fiber one and i’d want an htc one since i’m used to samsung and i wouldnt mind switching for fun 🙂

  • Almighty Gamez

    The music quality on my Nexus sucks, and since htc has built on beats audio it would sound amazing. A matte black skin will be the cherry on top!

  • Steve S.

    I would love to win this phone. I have previously owned the HTC Dream, HTC Desire (the first edition), the HTC Windows phone, and the HTC One X+. I have since moved to the Samsung Galaxy S3, but wanting to go back to HTC. I like their innovations a little better than Samsung. The case I would put on mine would definitely be the black leather. I love the leather look and that would be my choice.

  • dave

    matte white or black carbon fiber

  • ale2999

    I was impress with the original one. I feel like the m8 is the sexiest phone around. I’d want the Red Carbon fiver skin

  • Bawa

    I’d love the M8, my phone is starting to have issues. I’d put Matte Black!

  • James

    Matte black, as pictured, please and thank you!

  • Bojamijams

    Would love the carbon fiber on the M8. Want to experience Sense and Zoe

  • Ndzbggrhndz32

    White leather on the front and wood on the back for a classy look 😉

  • Sayashi

    Carbon fibre on my m8
    Need new phone. Been using g2x for far too long already 🙁

  • blargolapse

    I’m still using an iPhone 4 so my reason is self-explanatory, but one of these with the titanium black skin would be cool.

  • DeeZ

    This phone is solid. I’d love to get it. I would keep the matte black skin on it too – nice and sleek

  • John Mead

    I like the matt black, would love to be able to give my wife a new phone.

  • krislyn roth

    It would be nice to try android instead of apple. and I like the leather.

  • itsthemaiaa

    Heard great things about this phone, tried playing around with the demo phone and loved it!!! I would make it matte white if I win 🙂 PICK MEEEEEEE

  • Simon Bonami

    I would love that phone and you know why? I’d stick a purple or pink skin on it and give it to my amazing girlfriend!

    • Simon Bonami

      Great birthday gift for her!

  • Boris Tang

    Absolutely would love to get my hands on the One M8 after reading your review. It would look awesome with the carbon fiber skin on it.

  • jaymoes

    carbon fibre looks awesome

  • Nick Gallant

    This would be a great and timely upgrade for me. I’d go wood! Pick me… Pick me!

  • Mike Smith

    I wood (get it) love the One M8 with the wood case. I have a great plan with 6 gigs of data but have an original Google Nexus phone. The only way to get a new phone is to buy one outright.

  • Vicky B.

    Great specs, great industrial design, definitely android flagship of 2014. The M8 on a dbrand mahogany skin (and dbrand has nailed the wooden texture!) will create a beautiful contrast between the cool metal and the warm earthy look of wood. 🙂

  • Bakedbread

    Matte black because my nexus 5 needs replacing 🙂

  • euichii

    I would love to have the one m8 as my first Android phone so I can try Android and sense plus the black carbon fiber skin from Dbrand this will be pure awesome

  • Lydia LM

    Samsungs are too common these days. Would love to get a HTC M8 with Metal Skin on it! It’ll look very sweet!

  • Lucas Burnes

    i would for sure get the mahogany skin. wood phones are the future!!!

  • Gary Jim

    why? because i have an m7, and im itching to try the m8 given its outrageous reviews everywhere (including linustechtips). I would love to try one in matte black!

  • Mahad Jama

    I would love to get this M8 to become more tech savvy! I would also love this matte black as above, it feels like something Batman would have in his pocket lol!

  • Clive Guest

    I currently have a mini phone and I would like The One M8 because I know size is important 🙂 I would choose the classy wood skin.

  • Tara00

    Love the mahogany look. Or even a mahogany front with the red carbon fiber on the back. I’ve never had an HTC but have always wanted to try one out.

  • Basem Chafik

    This is the ONE for me. Please with a leather skin

  • Benjamin Walantyn

    this would be a great grab, id love to have one, ive never owned an HTC phone i wanna know what sense is like. Id put probably the wood skin on it, the wood looks awesome!

  • Justin

    I would pick White Carbon on Front, and White Matte on Back. Just Because I like Pure, Simple and yet Sophisticated mobile. 😀

  • Murari Paudel

    Red carbon fibre for me please

  • Timothy Lock

    Carbon fiber for me! Maybe I can finally upgrade my Nexus 4

  • Ryan Brown

    I’m looking to get into YouTube reviewing and having the M8 would be a perfect flagship to give my first full, real review! I would also like the black carbon fiber skin. You guys are awesome up there in Canada!

  • terriyaki

    I’d love to score an M8 because in my opinion it seems like it’s the best non google play edition/nexus android phone available to date.

    And if I had of skin it I’d go with a matte black skin. Keep it simple and classy.

  • Tony Lu

    I prefer white leather

  • kld2009

    My Palm Pre is oooold. I need the M8. 🙂 And wood is good. 🙂

  • Michael Cheung

    Love the design, finish, boom sound. Isn’t much not to love.

  • Mike Neri

    Matte black please!

  • PL Martin

    Id like to try the camera and compare over my GS4. Black metal skin 4 me!

  • captainkirk

    I passed on the M7 last year so I would love the new One M8 and since I like to keep it simple, the Matte Black would be my choice.

  • Hall

    The black matte looks nice! And how can one say ‘no’ to the nice looking htc phone 😉

  • Jason

    Looks like a great phone, probably my top pick out of all the new ones. I’d go for a carbon fiber skin or a matte black.

  • talex05

    I want one because I am a huge HTC One fan the color I would put on would be the Matte black it looks really nice in the picture above

  • Michael Vise

    I work in an office full of women who think they know all about what goes into a great phone. They giggle at the cute little things on their phones that are quite useless in everyday life. If I had one of these with a Mahogany skin, they could see the value of function AND form working together. This is a phone that seems truly like more than just the sum of it’s parts! I would really love to have one to fawn over.

  • Matthew van Amstel

    I would like this phone with the Orange cover as a tribute to my father who was from Nederland. Hup Holland Hup!

  • Darren Yung

    I’d stick whatever skin you have on it!

  • Tyler McIntyre

    I’m just bored with my old phone, please help relieve my boredom. I’ll go with the wood skin.

  • jim schaefer

    Carbon fibre would look awesome, match my bicycle. As for phone aluminum body awesome build quality, kit Kat, I want it.

  • NYCdroids

    If I’m going android then I would go with this phone and to make it look best, I’d use the leather skin.

  • tongjia19

    Great specs with stealthy looking black leather skin, ooh.. 🙂

  • Nathan Sherriff

    Love to upgrade my phone to the M8 with a carbon fibre skin.

  • Ian Gylan

    I love the M8’s metal design and I’ll put the leather skin on it.

  • Glenn Nugent

    Carbon fiber skin is what I would choose.

  • danny wood

    This looks amazing, I’d be happy to own it! Even more happy to win it 🙂

  • David Hollister

    Would love to upgrade to an M8 with black leather skin. Currently using a galaxy s2x that doesn’t cut it anymore

  • ali

    Metal is my favourite. …and I know I have a bad luck.

  • Johnson Chiw

    Love M8 because the design look very classy and it’s flagship model of HTC. Best if the back come with carbon fibre back =)

  • Dan Randall

    would love the m8 because my evo 4g lte is getting very long in the tooth…wood please

  • mbnik

    Black leather for sure

  • JJohn

    I’ve heard great things about the HTC One (build quality,speakers) and would really like to give the brand a try, would love to try it with the matte black back.

  • David Foggia

    Honestly that matte black looks sexy as hell. I’d put that on it.

  • antonio

    Because I cannot afford an M8 and I would love that Mahogany wood skin in a device I can finally call my own.

  • Ateeq Hafiz

    I found this phone is now on the top list on many site because of its features & its specifications. So i gave it 5 star & would like to have carbon fiber on this amazing phone.

  • Mike Landry

    I’d love to get one of these in a blue case. The M8 would be the ideal upgrade from my Galaxy S2x, and would look sweet in one of these skins.

  • Frederic St-Pierre

    Don’t remember if I posted yet but… I, am dbrand’s biggest fan. I deserve this because I love robots. ERMAGHERD!!

    Oh and true orange.

  • Mohsen

    Because it’s a great phone, with a lovely camera! and it looks just wonderful!
    Mate black definitely!

  • Jason

    Love HTC. And matte black

  • Sid Scotchman

    I think the carbon fibre one would be awesome. I have a note 2, but my daughter dropped it, so now it has a big crack across screen and the cheap plastic has a chip missing. Would be a great update to the note 2 if I got the M8..

  • Xavier Solar

    I am just in need of a new phone. I’ve had HTC phones in the past, but this is a total new thing. When it comes to the skins, I would have to put matte white for the front, and mahogany for the back. 🙂

  • Jason MM

    Matte black for me please. I’m a huge fan of HTC hardware and sense… This phone is top notch and I could do with a new flag ship phone. My HTC one x has done its time so gotta upgrade… #SENSE43VA

  • Aftab Husain

    I’d love to win the HTC M8 as its the best built android device ever!
    I’ll slap on some mahogany goodness on it!

  • Amr A. Farag

    I’m in desperate need of a new device,so ti would be great to score it.
    Black carbon fiber.

  • bunyan69

    Matte black. I want this phone so that I can finally own a flagship phone

  • Heisengberg

    I would love to score this phone with the black leather skin because it’s the best phone in the market with he sexiest skin.

  • Aiman Rizwan

    I would love to win the One M8 as its the best looking phone i have ever seen in my entire life, the black titanium skin is what i’d love on it!

  • Nathan Adshead

    Would love to get my fiance a new phone as she is still using my old HTC Desire (not the HD). With a Carbon Fiber finish.

  • Hoegy

    I would 100% go with the matte black,it’s stylish but simple at the same time. I’d love this phone because I’d like a change. My iphone is good but some features of the M8 i must have. The powerful speakers would help out a lot when with friends showing them new music I’ve made, you wouldn’t need a small portable speaker for a good audio experience. The camera beats the iphone and it’s had lots of internal memory which would help greatly. The matte black finish would just be the icing on the cake!!

  • Ryan Smith

    Leather with my name stenciled in please.

  • Chris Payne

    Definitely carbon fibre 😉

  • Andrew

    Mahogany because after having my baby, I want something that doesn’t look like a toy.

  • Matt Rozema

    Black on front. Orange on back. I’d love to win this for the sweet ultra pixel camera and boom sound! Love the boom sound!

  • Dicky Hung

    I’d love to score cause who doesn’t love to score!! Matte Black

  • Timothy Dornan

    Black carbon has a nice texture, I like HTCs build quality and would give their product a run against my iPhone 5.

  • Chris Phan

    The wood skin looks super classy! I like the speakers on the M8, and the wood skin makes it look like an old TV set!

  • Hugo Nguyen

    Count me in !!!

  • Tenchi Loh

    I hope this will bring me back to HTC android’s experience since my 1st android phone is HTC Hero back in 2-3 years ago…I would like it with spiderman skin theme…

  • Muhammad Asif

    its a Android Iphone in a way 😛

    and a Wood Skin would be lovely 😛

  • josh

    I smashed my screen. shattered. useless now. new phone please?

  • Rodenti

    It’s the best phone right now, and with the wood grain skin imagine the looks I would get carrying a wooden phone around!

  • gelo77

    Great fit and finish. Boom sound. Digging the understated matte black.

  • Brian Lofgren

    Would be nice to get a new device and sport the carbon fiber case to show off at work just before the department purchases new devices for employees!

  • Dan King

    I’d love to score an M8 for my m8, he’s been living with an iPhone 5 for a while, and he hates it. He can’t wait to upgrade and get a new Android phone, but he does’t have the funds right now 🙁 I’d love to make his day with a new phone, and how he skins it willbe all on him.

  • Car Allen

    I need a new phone badly as the current one keeps freezing up and needs to be replaced. I’ve been looking at the HTC and it has pretty good reviews. And, of course, because I love to be stylish, I would give it a red leather skin.

  • glenn cumberbatch

    Red carbon fibre over here for moi please, my lg just won’t cut it anymore.

  • Scott Williams

    Carbon fiber because it looks badass on such a beautiful phone :).. Thanks for the opportunity

  • Sohil Naik

    I’d love to win this and give it to my brother…hes’ been stuck on contract forever with beat up 9780! A nice graduation present!

  • Andrew P.

    I’ve heard lots of great stuff about the M8, so I’d like to see what all the hype is about. Plus it would be a great companion to my S4. Heck maybe I’d give my S4 away if I like it enough!

    I think I’d take either the matte black or Titanium

  • sharmstro

    This is my dream phone! I would love to see it wrapped in black carbon fiber for the double win!

  • tiburonsvr

    Carbon fiber on it is amazing!
    Would love to replace my aging Samsung S3…
    Please MS!

  • Osobig

    black titanium looks pretty awesome, plus the m8 would be my mate 😉

  • disqus_9MdRUuEBRV

    10 out of ten and the carbon fibre skin pls

  • David Park

    Carbon fiber for me please, I defs need an upgrade from my iphone 4, lol

  • philip

    would love the carbon fiber!

  • LukeZA

    I’ve always wanted one, but could never get one due to availability where I live. Its pretty tough to find HTC around here, Samsung pretty much dominates. I really want a phone that actually feels elite when I hold it, and with these skins, looks elite too.
    I especially like the wooden skin.

  • Dennis Ly

    Carbon Fiber because it is sleek and hides scratches

  • Anirudh Venugopal

    White leather on the back and matte white on the front. Amazing.

  • Denis Njoroge

    Matte black looks amazing, I really need this phone coz it would be the perfect upgrade from the outdated phone am currently using

  • Shushant Verma

    It’s pretty simple. HTC one m8 is the best phone out there in the market and dbrand is the only brand which can provide a high quality skin. I currently use carbon fiber skin from dbrand though its not available in my country 😛

  • Justin

    This is one kick-a** sounding device. What better way for me then to throw on a metal skin from dbrand. Giving it a metallic skin look cuz it’s a slick, cool looking phone! That’s what I’d choose. Never used an Android device, and what better way than via this contest!

  • JA

    I’m still using the HTC Amaze 4g…. would love to win the newest htc flagship!! love to win the Matte Black skin!! please pick me! i’m dying for an upgrade!

  • Calvin

    Matte black would be super sleek, giving it a nice touch. The aluminum would still make it cold when I pick it up. My SO has the M7 and I really enjoy using it. Having a better phone such as the M8 would give me a nice experience to the ever evolving android community.


    I’d be the coolest cat on the block. And I’d be even cooler in Black Leather!

  • Sibin Maynalovski

    Carbon fiber skin looks amazing… and I just LOVE HTC – my first smartphone was HD2… epic, legendary device! Hope you pick me so I continue to use HTC brand…

  • Jagadeesh Rayala

    Would love to have this as I am using an entry level smartphone. Black beauty skin for me anyday

  • Luna Moon

    I would love the chance to win one of the best Mobile phone out there, the HTC M8! My parents don’t have a cell phone in this day and age… I’d like to give my current cell to them to use in any case of urgency and I’ll take the M8 for me 🙂 I love the Gun Metal Matte Skin, Stylish and non slip surface looks and feels great! Thanks! :)))

  • Syazwan Aminuddin

    never use htc before and using their highest spec phone for a start is good for me. I will pick carbon fibre skin for this

  • Impartial_Observer

    M8 is a seriously good looking phone, but getting the yellow covers would make it stand out even more

  • Tanson

    I’d love to hold that beautiful hardware briefly, then cover it up with a black leather skin.

  • Rchap

    Would love this dressed up in a titanium skin. HTC has been making amazing phones and would love to upgrade to this beauty!

  • huukeonfonix

    Matte black all the way…. This little guy would be a perfect replacement for my aging iPhone !!

  • Brian

    That matte black is pretty sexy, but I’d go with carbon fiber.

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    HTC one M8 is currently the best phone & i want it so that i can replace my old Nokia2700classic with that.Hope i get selected for this best phone from best tech site@mobilesyrup.com. Matte black is sexy

  • Fahkoff

    I wanna win cuz my galaxy s4 sucks. Matte black for sure.

  • Dennis

    My Nexus 4 could is due for an upgrade soon and this HTC phone would make for a nice one. Mahogany skin on mine please.

  • Tom

    I’ve heard so much positive about the HTC One M8. I’d love to experience it first hand! I’d go with the Matte White front and Mahogany back skin.

  • guysmiles

    If I scored the HTC One M8, I could much more easily do all my university scheduling and work, and that much more easily play. And the black titanium skin would be my choice.

  • Marcello Pulitano

    It looks slik!

  • blekdar

    I would love to score an htc m8 as it looks to be the best android phone on the market! As for skins? A nice matte white to complement a gorgeous phone.

  • d0d0n

    I’d like to score this new phone for my wife, who would probably like it in black leather.

  • Ifamor

    Hello! I would be very pleased to know that I won a kind of this marvelous android phone. Please help me to give life to my dream. I would like it in Matte Black. it looks perfect!

  • Amila Kapukotuwa

    love to score the M8, with carbon fiber skin on it 🙂

  • Aferdita Xhuraj

    let me chase my dream to have a phone like this. My family would never buy me an expensive one. Matte white would be great.

  • Mimoza Xhuraj

    Give me the opportunity to have a phone like that in my hands. Matte black plzz

  • Patrick Beliveau

    Id like to try HTC… have tried Moto, Samsung, LG… and id probably throw the carbon fiber skin on it if I could only pick 1.

  • Taurin

    Why: I don’t have a cell phone, let alone a SmartPhone, and I`d like to get out from under Bell`s tyranny.
    Skin: Wood, please.

  • Monsieur Real

    Like to use the wood skin and i never owned HTC android phones, had HTC windows phone and it rocked back in the days, so i’ve high hopes to try it out

  • Karl

    M8 in Matte please!

  • Colton Blumhagen

    I want the M8 because it is a great built phone! I would put the black titanium skin on it from Dbrand.

  • Tom

    i’d love me some titanium on the M8

  • Orlando Chang

    tried so many times…here I go again..phone is pretty slick and neat. great phone with amazing speakers.

  • Irwin McNeely

    Matte Black for me and why wouldn’t I want the best phone out there right now? Good luck all!

  • Jeremy Herring

    me me me!

  • YourPalRob

    I’ve only ever owned a BlackBerry smartphone. Would live to try something else. The black looks great.

  • Catrine Bujold

    I love the sound quality on the M8 and i’m a huge Android fan. Matte White is my choice 🙂

  • Guest

    I love the sound quality on the M8 and i’m a huge Android fan. My choice is Matte White 🙂

  • spooti

    time to upgrade , carbon fiber skin looks good!

  • Monique Hammond

    I’m using a dinosaur of a cell phone (Samsung Infuse) so I could really use the M8 with a wood skin.

  • Oem Dave

    I would love an M8 because it is a beast and would be amazing to have with me in university. I would want a gun metal edge with black titanium on the front and back

  • jo ruer

    M8 is one of the best phone of the present time.Who wouldn’t want to mess around with a tech like this 😀 Black rocks…

  • kevin

    I need one cause im still rocking a galaxy nexus and need a upgrade. I would want it in Wood

  • J.M.P.

    Matte black looks good. Could really use something to replace my aging Evo 3D.

  • Daniel

    I would love to win this phone because my M7 broke when my receptionist accidentally dropped it on the stone tile floor at the office. =(

  • swingdancingtrader

    I would love to get my hands on the M8 because I would like to try out a different android interface other than the Samsung’s TouchWiz to see which one suits me better. I would also like to try out a metal cased device instead of a plastic material casing. I definitely want to try out the new duo camera system as well.

    As for the skin, I like the look of the black titanium.


  • Darrell Friesen

    the m8’s boomsound and camera have my interest..black carbon fiber please.

  • DF

    My Samsung Galaxy S3 has done its time, so it’s time to move on! It would be nice to have the M8 with black leather…

  • Paul d’Ottawa

    Please, please me!

  • Manraj Walia

    I`d love to score the one m8 bcuz its a game changer- it does not copy other products…. and 90% alluminium is awesum.. i wud like to put the matt black skin over it

  • Michael Farrell

    Definitely the carbon fibre!

  • johnny

    I’d love to win an HTC , feel like I’ve been on Samsung for too long. HTC with matte black would be awesome

  • Ira

    Would love to score this phone for its speakers, and would use with a matte skin.

  • Enrico

    would love to have a One M8 with that Full hd screen…
    i’d pick the matte black skin like the above any day!!!

  • Guest

    I want one!

  • Mathieu V

    Basically, I’d love to get one to get my in-laws out of flipphone country (donating mine) and using the m8

    carbon fiber!

  • arun raghav

    1st of all im grt fan of HTC…i have used so many HTC phones…not other phones can compare with HTC..little high for pocket but worth for price…HTC M8 is most waited phone for me..i used htc one x+…i saw HTC M7..i m too much in love of built quality & M8 is god..specs are better than ever..2013 successor HTC will rule 2014 also..im dying to have M8 in my hands…and ofcourse without “dbrand” black matte skin M8 is incomplete..gunmetal M8 + dbrand black matte = <3

  • PascalP

    I would love to have it cause it simply the best phone on the market! I’ll take the metal skin…

  • Usman

    I would love it in a black carbon fiber look

  • Šimon Slávik

    I would like to score One M8 because would like to have true smartphone and new HTCs flagship and with Titanium skin 😉

  • Logan Deane

    Looking to replace my Samsung Galaxy Ace, have been looking at getting another low end phone, but winning a shiny new high end phone would be really nice!

  • David

    I forgot my Note II in a cab and the taxi company is pretending they didn’t find anything in the vehicle… So I’m phoneless right now -_- White carbon fiber please 😀

  • Angela Jeske

    HTC makes some of the best phones, and the speaker quality is fantastic. I’d love to upgrade! Wood skin with the gold phone would be super sharp.

  • Michael Wang

    matte black please!

  • imaged

    Amazing design, would look great with white.

  • Vladimir Samsonik

    I would love the Wood skin on the HTC One M8 which i would take on a trip from Ireland to Russia and put its amazing camera to the test. Had the M7 and got amazing results next step is this beast.

  • Greg Neal

    I’d love an M8 – it’s the only phone with a 5MP front camera for selfies!

    Also I’d put the carbon fiber skin on it. Light and looks good.

  • Joey Naft


  • Daniel Munteanu

    I like Red carbon skin.
    I don’t have money to buy this great smartphone.

  • mike s

    would love an HTC want to switch to Android and would prefer Gunmetal

  • ELIO B

    Carbon Fiber on this AWESOME Phone !

  • Daniel Pasut

    I currently have the M7, absolutely brilliant phone. I would love an upgrade. and that Matte Black case looks slick!

  • bluerage

    Need a new phone and m8 wrapped in matte black would rock

  • Wei

    Lost my M7 in NY. Wouldn’t mind getting an M8 with red carbon fibre.

  • Jose Garza

    Would love to try out the boomsound speakers. Carbon fiber skin for me.

  • Daniel

    HTC One M8 with white carbon please! 😀

  • Adam Zav

    Gunmetal with red carbon fiber skin FTW!!! My S4 is great and all…battery life is lacking again though…only a few months in. Also the sound quality is absolutely BRUTAL. I had the opportunity to try out the M8 first-hand because of where I work and it’s just incredible. Superior sound coming from those stereo speakers as well as 32GB of internal storage will easily let me save all the music I can imagine. I just REALLY…REALLY…need one.

  • м ч × Φ м α † ● s €

    Is this contest only for Canada or is it international?.. I can’t see contest basis or terms and conditions anywhere, but just in case it is international: I’d love to score it because in my petty country it surely won’t be sold and there are severe currency exchange controls, so I cannot even buy it from abroad (only travelling but I won’t be able to go on a trip for quite some time) even though I’ve got the money –and I’d put the black titanium skin on it.. thanx for the giveaway, and good luck to everyone!

  • Jordan

    Carbon Fiber is badass

  • daniel arow

    I’d love to get the m8 because i love htc and realy want to get the phone also i’d use the carbon fiber.

  • Ken Xia

    Sometimes you have to try something new, to find the true one! Hence I wish to score the One M8. I guess I would choose the leather skin for the M8

  • kyle brodie

    Would love to win this because my wife just lost her Nexus 4 and this would be an awesome replacement. Matte Black would be awesome

  • Chris Beauclair

    I would love this phone, if only to save it from that vinyl. Who would want to cover up that lovely aluminium?

  • Lora Kim

    Dear MobileSyrup,
    I couldn’t help myself but comment again, because I would really really really like to have the opportunity to win this phone, And very very very Desperate for it. Please Please Please Please pick me for this great opportunity.
    Thank You!!!
    (Would love a Carbon Fiber or Matte in white if possible.)

  • MoMi R

    To enter this contest all you have to do is let us know why you’d love
    to score the One M8 and which skin you’d put on it (the M8 above is in
    Matte Black). Pretty simple!

    Because my phone is 4 years old (Samsung Vibrant). :/
    White Matte!! 😀

  • N D Tran

    I would love the Titanium (metal) on M8 –> it is looking good without losing the design cue of the M8

  • hele3120

    I’d love to score the One M8 because good phones deserve good skins. A gunmetal finish with a black carbon front or a black titanium back.

  • Nicolas Bedard-Maltais

    Looks like a fantastic phone. I would go for the wood finish!

  • Felix

    Have always loved htc and want to continue the loyalty! Also, some neon green please.

  • Nelly Chadwick

    I would LOVE to have the One M8 because of the good camera, large screen size, and Android platform. My current phone is a tiny slider phone (no internet connectivity, no front-facing camera, no app store, no anything!). so getting this phone would be a HUGE (& much needed) upgrade! As for the d-brand skin – The beautiful mahogany wood for the front, and the sleek black titanium for the back. Mix-&-Match!

  • SK Tan

    I’d love to win the M8 because it is a good phone. A matte white would be nice.

  • Paul Lefebvre

    Getting tired of TouchWiz. Would love to replace my GS3 with an M8. I’d use a black case for the phone.

  • Chris Larochelle

    Super tough and super light.. Fantastic product!

  • Eric

    i’d love to score a HTC One M8 because then I can say won something… something waaay better than my samsung s2 skyrocket. …..and then i’d slap on dbrand’s titanium skin on front and black leather on the back.

  • Jean-Philippe Baril

    My 4 years old phone sucks. And I would like a white carbon fiber skin, just like me bicycle 🙂 .

  • Mr_B

    I’d love to score the HTC One M8 because I just learned that the screen/motion gestures aren’t available on my HTC One M7 with Sense 6. . . I was really looking forward to double-tap to wake. The wood skin would be neat.

  • Bhatanaka

    Red Carbon front and back for Team Canada – Gold on the edges because that’s the colour of our medals. I’d call my friends in Boston on my power house Team Canada M8 and ask them how they felt about the most recent G7.

  • Cquen Houston-mcmillan

    I would use the m8 just for the unreal sense 6.0,user interface and the mahogany wood skin would give it class

  • ed

    Matt black looks great, already have HTC one would love upgrade

  • Jason Jacoby

    I thank you guys for putting on this contest. I dropped my HTC One X yesterday and cracked the screen. That’s all right–I know much worse things happen to people every day. However, this contest comes just as I break my screen, and this is my dream phone–especially with a black carbon fiber skin from dbrand. Thanks again to both parties for putting on this contest! 🙂

  • FRiaz

    Need it so i can finally replace my old and barely working Nexus s. Plus it looks amazing. Would love to get the carbon fiber black skin.

  • codrea o vasile Asdzxc

    Yes, like m power from BMW ,M8 FROM HTC RULES

  • iamloco724

    I would like this phone because I can’t afford a new phone at the moment and could really use one to increase productivity and would help me out greatly, I would use the matte black because of the simple but stylish look

  • DevynLee McDowall

    Matte Black, won’t have to deal with pesky finger prints all the time!!!

  • LP

    I’ve always used an Android phone and this is the best there is.

    Gunmetal accent with Carbon fibre red.

    Thank you.

  • Damir

    I think it’s best phone in the world and would love to have it with the red carbon fiber.

  • Karan

    I would love to upgrade to the HTC one m8 from my samsung galaxy mini. I love every single aspect of it especially the boomsound speakers and the duo camera with depth sensor. I badly need a new phone but can’t afford one at the moment.
    I would love to have that matte black skin 🙂 Thanks for the contest!

  • Night_Rayn

    I love this phone I want to be the envy of all my friends… and rub their faces in it 😉

  • Liu Yong

    I want to try HTC that I never had.Black skin ,please if you can.

  • Rareş Ghiţă

    I chose Matte Black 😀 Hope I`ll win one!

  • Matt Yu

    M8 is awesome and with wood skin M8 is awesomer!

  • Matt Yu

    M8 is awesome and with wood skin M8 is awesomer!

  • MattManDo

    Miss my HTC (Sensation destruction) and the M8 in White Carbon Fiber is slick!

  • bill

    this phone would be so great to score…my current phone is ancient and M8 with a black skin would look great!

  • Ranger X

    Could use a new phone and the red carbon fiber looks cool.

  • Ivan P

    The best phone on the market right now is this phone, the M8. so the best person(jk :D) deserves the best phone, plus I love me some CARBON FIBER :).

  • td

    My wife needs a new phone. So, I’ll give her my M7, and I’ll take the M8 with the Black Titanium skin 🙂

  • Joshua Maret

    Woodgrain on my M8, because a gentleman must always stay classy.

  • Benedict Fok

    The phone looks amazing, and I’ve seen plenty of positive reviews. I would get the titanium skin, because it reminds me of my old Sony Ericsson K700i. One of the best and most innovative phones I’ve ever had!

  • Stephen

    Black leather.

  • Eric

    I’d love to score the M8 because my carrier is making me buy a new phone I can’t afford right now.

    And it’d be wood. Front and back!

  • Jesse

    OH the wood is clearly best. I’ll take it 😛

  • Mktcrasher

    Gave my original HTC one to fiance as her iphone was crapping out. So I need a new phone and love the One brand. Would love it in the black carbon fiber skin. Although the wood is very intriguing.

  • Raphael Valinhas

    Approximately 6 months ago, my father and I were robbed at gun point at a local Toronto Public park for our belongings. They had taken our money, wallets and phones. Since then, I have been painfully using a iPhone 3G as a replacement, since I was in college and I could not afford a new phone. I’ve been planning to purchase a used HTC One M7 since I’ve heard good reviews and personal experiences but a HTC One M8 would be pretty damn cool.

    And if I had to choose a skin, I would go with the true-textured black leather, makes the phone look sleek and classy, but not to flashy so I don’t get robbed!

  • Romel

    The M8 is IMHO the best looking phone out there right now. Also, I prefer Sense over vanilla Android, love the Duo camera and Zoe! I would love this in matte black!

  • Awanendra Sharma

    As I am a satisfied user of HTC and presently own HTC One X
    & whats best to have HTC One M8 as its eplacement
    die hard fan of HTC as they are step ahead in innovation
    Would liketo have Black Titanium as skin color

  • furetmalicieux

    I would love the black matte DBrand Htc One M8 because I feel like that phone could make me switch to android for good!

  • Jenni Barreca

    Hi!! I really need a new phone, and this HTC one M8 could be perfect for me! And orange skin is so glamour! I want it, pleaseeeeee 🙁 help me to change my old Galaxy Next 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • disqus_s5N6BcyzDD

    Would love to win one!

  • Marielou Henry

    I’d absolutely like to win that phone, dbrand offer a lot of variety of skin cover for HTC m8 so i’d like to see how long it lasts on the phone, id like to take picture and try htc devise as well too

  • Adrian Gomez

    My nexus 5 broke. I heard great things about this phone. I’d love to win it. The black skin is the best!

  • Doitsir

    I would love the red carbon fiber. Winning the One M8 would be a wonderful replacement for my
    basic current phone.

  • crimsonablue

    Matte black looks amazing

  • SpecialK

    I see many people using the HTC Desire, HTC one and other HTC devices and I like their interface. I would like to give it a try. I would love the black carbon fiber case on it. Thank you

  • Kevin

    Would love a carbon fiber 801 to replace my aging blackberry 9780

  • Thorsten Garbe

    1400+ comments, lol, looks like they should giveaway two HTC one m8!
    Still hoping I’m getting something, reminder carbon red looks crazy

  • Lora Kim

    Dear MobileSyrup,
    Please Please Please pick me for this great opportunity.
    Because I am very very very Desperate for it.
    Thank You!!!
    (Would love a Carbon Fiber or Matte in white if possible.)

  • Uneeb Memon

    Stuck with an HTC explorer that’s pretty much unsuable (I’ve been using a pre-smartphone-era phone for the past week) at this point, and not
    really being able to buy myself a decent or high end phone it’d be
    awesome to get the M8 in Black Carbon Fiber or True Colour Green on both sides

  • Nate Shaw

    carbon fiber on mine

  • Dereck Gutierrez

    I have the first HTC One (the M7) & this sequel looks so incredible! I’d love to own it. 😀 & while the other skins look great, I can’t get over how sleek that matte black skin looks!

  • Mišel Čupković

    Because it’s a beauty… in carbon fiber please 😉

  • Ed Burtin

    I would love to win this One M8 because of it’s beautiful build quality and the amazing specs. Hands down the best android phone out there right now. DBrand is amazing! I would love to try the white for the front and mahogany skin for the back 🙂

  • cobakk1812

    Need a new handset . .Would love the HTC One M8 with matte black skin. Need to dump this old iphone!

  • Max

    the boomsound speakers look like a must have, plus the m8 looks boss. carbon fiber skin would be cool

  • Abdul Mujeeb

    I would like to have an M8 because epic BoomSound speakers! Also, carbon fibre for teh win!!

  • Vamsi Krishna

    Who woundnt love to WIN a Greatest Phone in the market ..it has an Snapdragon 801 Soc thats just awesum :D.. and i would Love a Black CARBON FIBER Skin…bcz I love Black.. Hope i win this ..

  • Patrice Berube

    My own taste….currently the best looking phone out there with a good quality feel in your hand. An I like an underdog company. Black carbon for me please.

  • Rajan Dubb

    Really nice body and features


  • Jordan Pau

    Black Titanium Metal looks ridiculous! I’d love the one M8, still stuck on an iPhone 3GS but am definitely looking to switch to Android!

  • Doug Allan

    Matte black front and back on an m8 would be a step up from this Evo 3d 😀

  • Ben Teetzel

    I want the M8 to get those awesome front facing speakers! A white carbon fiber skin would be awesome too!

  • Archie Bernardo

    Id sure love an HTC one m8 especially with the matte black casing. Want because i want to upgrade my aging galaxy nexus

  • Bianca Rogoveanu

    I would pick to “wood” skin, i find it so styleish ! I need a new phone so…fingers crossed and thank you for the chance !

  • Evelyn Hudson

    I would love to win this phone because it is-Simply put-The best phone on the entore planet. I eould love or it to be carbon fober too, Hope i win because, I still own an old iPhone and have wanted this phone (HTC) since it come out bit now that there is an even better version and newwer i want this one. Hope that my readon is enough, thank you.

  • Kin

    A bloody red tone would be awesome!, but i love that Metal Leather too! I really want go get an android phone to experience how Amdroid is, and the HTC M8 is the perfect phone to start.

  • arun raghav

    Im die hard fan of HTC..i have been using HTC from HTC p1900..HTC one M8 is like my dream to have in my hand…2014 have blessed with beauty of metal body & 6th sense technology…and of-course “dbrand matt black skin” will make HTC one M8 as beast with beauty..

    • arun raghav

      Correction ..Im using HTC from HTC P3400..plz dont mind..lolz…thnks #HTC for making my money worth ..#dbrand thanks a lot for making sexy skins & ofcourse for contest…best of luck to all #gadget lovers

  • Aditya Surana

    I’d love to win this giveaway contest! I absolutely love this new flagship from HTC, also the vinyl skin on the phone from dbrand looks superb! If i were to choose a skin, I’d undoubtedly go with black carbon fibre!

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    thanks again for such an amazing giveaway DBrand & MobileSyrup
    hope to get selected this time for sexy matt black skin HTC One M8

  • helen

    I would love to win a HTC ONE M8 because it has a great build quality and it has a miscroSD card. As well as this, what I look for in a phone is good sound and camera quality, as I do not have an iPod or a camera. This phone is my dream phone: it has BoomSound(!) and a brilliant rear and front camera – and this phone embraces the ‘selfie’ with its 5mp camera!
    As for the skin, I would love the mahogany one, as it is unique and strikes my attention.
    Thank you very much for this opportunity,

  • Rokas Kurtinaitis

    I would love to win this awesome phone because I still use iphone 2g it’s outdated and super slow and HTC M8 is rad it is fast, loud like hell (boomsound) and this phone just doesn’t go for the megapixels count camera like other competitors it goes with ultrapixel so yeah who wouldn’t want this phone. So if I’m lucky and win I would love it with stylish black carbon skin

  • Peter Kabage

    I’d like to score the HTC one M8 because it spontaneously is the best phone in the world now beating every last smartphone alive and has the fastest processor so with this phone my work goes with ease, and for the first time a micro SD slot in HTC. It also has the best camera with its 5 ultrapixels and worth the entertainment with its boomsound brillliance.Finally, I would put black carbon fibre as my skin on the HTC one M8 to expose it’s powerfulness.

  • Jason Potvin

    I’d love to get the HTC One m8, one of the premier phones recently released on the market, especially since my SGS3 is starting to show it’s age. Of the m8’s skins, wood is what I prefer ; the mahogany color gives it a lot of character.

  • Dude

    I have the original HTC One, great phone, but I take lots of photos and spend a lot of time adding depth to each photo. With the new HTC M8, its dual sensor would help me take better photos. Wrapped in the White Leather!

  • umhhmm

    i really could use a new cell phone being that i am still using a flip that i bought 5 years ago and as far as the cover i think that i would go with a different colour daily 🙂 hope i win .

  • AllanVS

    Would love to gift my S4 to my old man, and get him started on Android and owning a cell phone …
    The M8 would be my phone and I would probably choose a matte finish as I would otterbox the phone.

  • Daniel Vilar Tavares

    the htc one is amazing and with the wood skin it would be even better

  • Lei Han

    HTC one is the best Android phone in the market in my opinion. I want to give it a try to switch to Android world from iOS. I like black carbon fiber skin if I can win this phone.

  • Andy Crooks

    Time to get a grown-up phone. I’d love to win this.

    Would have to go with matte black front and back.

  • Bustarargs

    Would love to try the newest Android flagship phone! Never tried HTC before. Matte Black on the front and Mahogany wood on the back!

  • Jan Eckert

    I want to root it, because this mobile has a very large rom support. And the titanium skin for me.

  • Rudolf Cagalawan

    Would want to get this one in wood. Natural is the way to go.

  • Matthew Hill

    I would love that M8 in that matte black skin!

  • Cole545

    If I won this I could finally be the phone DJ guy at parties I always wanted to be. How else are girls going to sing “Starships” if they can’t hear the words to the song?

    (Black Titanium)

  • Jo-Anne Pfoh

    thanks for the chance

  • Achintya Desai

    I am an HTC fan from the days when HTC brought there ‘windows with touch’ phones,but it’s display got broken.Since that I wasn’t able to use HTC phones as they were out of my budget. HTC one M8 have awsome features and perfect design,and THE best android phone in market.Carbon Fiber would increase it’s Beauty!!!

  • Elizburu Johannes Bacus

    need to have a new phone to stay in touch with school gold with a white carbon fibre finish pls

  • Jas Kamoh

    Used iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S. Time for a change, would make it matte black.

  • Gaetan Poulin

    Because it looks like an awesome phone and my S2 is on it’s last legs, my choice would be matte black

  • Mel Seguin

    A white carbon fiber skin on the HTC One M8 would be awesome! 🙂

  • Lora Kim

    Dear MobileSyrup,
    Please Please Please pick me for this great opportunity!!!
    Thank You!!!
    And, Please Again!
    (Would love a Carbon Fiber or Matte in white if possible.)

  • the Double B

    Black Titanium for me, hit me up with it!

  • Nat Belanger

    HELP plz! I gave up my phone last year to pay for school but, I am now realizing the sacrifice is too much but, dont have the kind of money as a student to get a decent phone…I’m loosing connection with friends, family and work. Winning would be a big opportunity for me and the bonus would be that this is an incredible phone, great on the inside and out! Also, I would choose matte white to keep it classic and clean.

  • Shane

    I would have metal titanium skin and i would love to win it as my current S3 is playing up and glitching!

  • D_Halbs

    I would love to score One of these because I love the innovation and quality HTC has put into it; from build to UI it work the best for me 🙂 and I would wrap it in a Mahogany back skin with gold on the front.

  • Guest

    A 5-inch display screen, 1080×1920 HD resolution, 2.5GHz Quadcore processor with Qualcomm Snapdragon, Boom Speakers, Dual Camera, 4 Ultrapixel rear camera, an expandable storage up to 128GB, gorgeous solid aluminum unibody case, runs the latest version of android with it’s trademark Sense 6! What can I ask for? Absolutely It is, and will ever be, the ONE for me, my soulM8.

    (Black leather skin,front)

  • aliasger mhowwala

    I am a student and require a nice android phone,
    i would like it with carbon fiber black skin.


    HTC has been good to me over the years. The specs on the M8 looks incredible. I mean not many phone can be used as a satellite right? (I know, it was the; modified HTC One, but still). Smart phones have become such an integral part of my life that the subtle differences in the processing power, the camera features, and the UI make a difference. I would love to try what the M8 has to offer.


      And I’d go with the matte black skin. Thanks.

  • Trek S

    Would love to have this device. Would be good to listen to some music on the speaker phone while working.

  • Animesh Singh

    I would like it as it is made by htc , it is truly elegant and a remarkable phone.

  • Lin C.

    Carbon fiber and 2.26Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor sound like the perfect combo.

  • Lin C.

    Carbon fiber and 2.26Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor sound like the perfect combo.

  • Arnold .

    A M8 Gunmetal – Black matte, will be a nice gift for my up coming birthday on May 31.

  • MW

    I would love to have the M8 cuz it ‘s a well made phone and I would choose the carbon fiber case.

  • Jordan Clements

    I’d match the black body with a white carbon fiber. I’ve never complained when offered an oreo cookie.

  • Aaron Arguelles

    I want to win an HTC One M8 because I’ve never had an expensive smartphone ever. My current old phone is now dying. I want to experience Android. I would love the black titanium skin on my HTC One M8 if I ever I win.

  • tickman

    this world be a great replacement for my wife’s broken Nexus 4. the Black leather Skin would look nice on it.

  • Chase Gordon

    Matte black all the way. I’m just looking into a new phone and the m8 feels awesome.

  • ARCE

    Mom needs a new phone! Let’s get her one with a woodgrain skin to match the interior of her 2012 Toyota Venza!

  • Newfdogg

    Matte Black – Need a New Phone O:)

  • Christina Michalski

    I would love to win the M8 because I played with one at the AT&T store and the UI was super fast. I also loved the way it felt in my hand. Very substantial feeling phone. I just loved it.

    I would choose the matte white skin. It looks so pretty!

  • Joyce

    Matte would be nicer looking. This phone as amazing specs. I need a new phone!

  • Beau Barrett

    Htc one m8 total slick well built device, just holding it lets you feel the kind of quality they went for. Original htc m7 was 1 of my favorite phones, would love to get the new one with a sick carbon fibre skin

  • Lin

    Leather sounds luxurious.

  • Lisa

    I would love to win because I need a new phone and I would love to try out an HTC phone for the first time! I would love to have win in matte white!

  • Afiq

    The M8 is really a handsome device and even though the camera is less than perfect, everything else about it just oozes class. A gold version with a mahogany wood skin would definitely be classy as Julius Pringles ;D

  • Geoff