Apple launches iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button Replacement Program, says it impacts ‘a small percentage’ of owners

Apple has initiated a new replacement program for iPhone 5 owners who are having issues with their sleep/wake/power button. Apple noted on their support forum that they have determined that “a small percentage” of iPhone 5 models manufactured after March 2013 “may stop working or work intermittently.”

There is no word on how many Apple deems a small percentage, but those in the U.S. and Canada who have experienced this issue can enter their iPhone’s serial number and if it matches up Apple will replace the button button for free. The replacement process apparently takes between 4-6 days to complete and Apple will give you a 16GB iPhone 5 loaner for the inconvenience.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 6.28.39 PM

Source: Apple Support
Via: TechCrunch