HTC One (M7) slated to receive Sense 6.0 upgrade ‘by end of May’


  • Michael O’Keefe

    “and also promised both devices will be upgraded to the latest version of Android for at least another year.”

    That’s the most important part to me. Knowing that I’ll be getting updates all through my 2 year contract definitely makes HTC look like an easy choice to stay with when the time to upgrade rolls around next year. I remember my previous phone, the Motorola Atrix, got it’s update to 2.3 a few months after release, and was never updated again despite promises of 4.0, and it being a flagship phone. Glad to see HTC isn’t the same way Motorola was.

    • deltatux

      The Motorola during the days of Atrix is completely different than what Motorola is today. After Google bought them out, Motorola went from crap to great overnight. However, now that Lenovo bought them, who knows if they’re going to continue to support their devices like its time under the Google’s wings.

  • Richard Xing

    The sad thing is that older Samsung devices don’t get the newest version of Touchwiz.

    • Joseph

      If they did maybe touchwiz wouldn’t crash as often on my note 3

  • Thomas Gregan

    Already have it thanks to xda 🙂