We’re better than this


  • Tornado15550

    Glad to see the site back online and operational!

  • Abdul Q.

    Missed you guys

  • sicsicpuppy


    • supergrover

      Yup. First rule of technology is that technology will break. No reasonable person will give you guys crap.

  • Jor Jero

    Welcome back to the internets MS, I felt like a crack addict going through withdrawal this morning.

  • Blaktron

    I love this site, and I have LOTS of experience running highly available infrastructure. If you want some free consulting on avoiding this situation (or business continuity plans that can be enacted quickly) shoot me a private message.

  • Sam McCullough

    Don’t sweat it guys. We know you’re working hard to bring us the latest news. It sounds like there wasn’t much you could do, but wait for your host provider to remedy the issue.

  • Eric Parisien

    I love honesty in a website, you took the punch face first, i respect that and will keep coming here for my tech news. Keep it up (no pun intended)

  • Hilman in Edmonton

    Glad you guys are back, MS being down forced me to actually get some work done lol.

  • Steve Wight

    Hey man it happens to everyone now and again. Glad to see you back! Best source for all Canadian mobile news!

  • Jason Macdonald

    Hey why not have a great give away contest to make it up to us ! All will be forgiven 😉

    • Daniel Bader

      Wait a couple of days 🙂

    • Xadroy

      I hope you are kidding i really dislike people like this… technical problems can happen and is out of their control… why not ask for their provider and get a “refund for the time you couldnt get on the website” from them now that you are at it

    • JTon

      Jason was clearly joking around. Don’t get your panties in a bunch brother

  • J. W.

    I thought the IT department at my office blocked mobilesyrup

    • djino

      Same here. Until I RDP to my home PC and noticed it wasn’t accessible there neither.

  • Richard Morrison

    Says a lot about you that you felt it necessary to apologize — (which you didn’t need to). It IS Monday after all.

  • Bren St Luke

    Glad you’re back up! Need my daily syrup fix!

  • Joe Frey

    And don’t you let it happen again!

  • Cristhian Mejia

    Stuff happens we should be applauding for Mobilesyrup bringing us great Android news to us Canadians.

  • Mike_from_Saskatoon

    Ech…. I’ve had days like that. Good to see you up and running again.

  • Mo Dabbas

    I mean a free high end Smartphone for all mobilesyrup readers would do for us to forget about it 😛
    Just joking. I didn’t even notice it. Just got back from work.

  • HistoryMaker

    “Canadian mobile news site goes down for a few hours, immediately apologizes afterwards”.

    Heh, typical.

  • Shaggyskunk

    Stuff happens – BUT – Mobilesyrup’s post – Shows; Ownership, Integrity and Class!
    Mobilesyrup’s post, is also a Lesson to other organisations – In how to respond to your, followers and consumers, when things don’t go according to plan… Props!

  • scarecrowsyn

    All is forgiven. 🙂 Welcome back.

  • hyperhyper

    Thanks for the heads up. No worries about the downtime, it happens from time to time and it would take a LOT more than that to get me to go elsewhere for my Canadian wireless news!

  • Merags

    I wasn’t upset, things happen. Just made my commute to work/lunch break more boring than usual. 😛

  • NotARogersEmployee

    And here I thought we were just having a slow news day, lol. As a reader, I appreciate the transparency, glad to see you’re back up and running.

  • Kathleen Patterson

    It happens, glad your back 🙂

  • deltatux

    Why was Droid used in this article? Seems a bit biased by suggesting this was an Android issue. These things do occur but I think it might be time to go with a new provider. Maybe you guys should repatriate the website back on Canadian soil seeing how the content on this website is meant for Canadians? According to the IP records, MobileSyrup is being hosted out of Orlando, FL…

    • RON

      exactly my thoughts. why was used droid there?

  • Mohamed Abdourahman

    its cool. Better today than during the HTC event.

  • southerndinner

    Thanks for not being BGR

  • jetbeck

    Way to play into the whole stereotype that Canadians always gotta say sorry 😉 lol.

    But much appreciated that you took the time to let us know even if it really wasn’t needed.

  • Stuntman06

    Things do break down from time to time and outages can affect any service. I do appreciate that you let us know some information about the cause of the outage today.

  • RG

    When should I expect my refund check? 😉

  • Justin

    Happy to see it’s back!!!

  • Conception

    No problem, but thanks for sucking up!

  • pdayco

    UNACCEPTABLE! Just kidding guys. Keep up the good work.

  • BetelgeuseOrion

    well, i have yet to see a service reach 99.999% up time (5 nine reliability), im just glad you gave a detailed explanation so we aren’t just wondering why.

    to be honest i didnt even notice, i was overly busy at work today.

  • Aman Bassi

    ive never seen you guys go down before, so once in the last i dont know how many years. dont apologize haha it happens

  • FK

    Why the Android? What has a broken Android got to do with the site being down?

  • Ozmodiar Flanker

    i’m sure they used the android pic since it was the only one they found that looked the part of what happened – i don’t think a rotten apple with worms would have cut it haha

  • Anaron

    This is the first time I’ve read about MobileSyrup going down. I’m glad the site is up and running. I appreciate the update on what happened. Servers go down all the time. Anyone that expects sites to be up 24/7 for the entire year is unrealistic.

  • Ray Dube

    Love your site, sorry you crashed, but we’ll keep coming back!

  • Mike

    Typical Canadian… apologizing when you dont need to

  • vn33

    Don’t know how much I miss you guys until you’re no longer there !!!
    Kept trying to access the site numerous time during the day 🙂

  • Avgvstvs

    Who is your hosting provider?

  • Plazmic Flame

    The fact that you guys apologized shows how Canadian you really are, lol. Bravo.

  • SV650

    Noticed the disappearance yesterday. Seemed like forever, but found a hint on your FaceBook page (incomplete article) as to what was amiss. You might consider promoting your other outlets for the future so all can continue to get their news fix.