Google launches Chromecast Photowall for iOS and Android


  • thedesmodes

    Just got my chromecast today so thought I would try it out, but everytime it asks to login it opens chrome for a second then closes and I can add nor can I edit photos, doesn’t matter wouldn’t have used it.

  • Haitao Li

    Chromecast device itself doesn’t require any password and allow anybody in the LAN to cast. So it feels a bit odd when I was asked to login to Google just to show my own photos on the phone. And I got “500 Internal Server Error” after authorization step. 🙁 Pixocast does a better job casting both photos and videos.

    • Jim Thibault

      Am I missing something, I see no Android support so I care less. The Photowall app is experimental i am sure it will get better but Pixocast is useless without supporting Android.