Galaxy S4 KitKat upgrade now available to download


  • Tiguak

    On vacation in Florida, sipping a coffee by the pool while updating my GS4 to 4.4, life is good!

  • Sarah Craig

    I am downloading it now on my Rogers GS4

    • Nitin Gaba

      All other carriers are now rolling out according to SamMobile.

  • bogusB

    is this BB11?

    • JaySea

      Drug is so bad!

  • bob C

    Downloading on Telus baby

  • Ken Godfrey

    Downloading on Wind GS4

    • Omis

      It’s downloading slowly for me. Going to take almost 2 hours.

    • Jake Langkowski

      Which variant is that? M919 or i337(M)?

    • Odie

      it’s the M919V

  • d094

    i lost a few apps, had to redownload from the playstore but the data in the apps was still there after i reinstalled.

  • Iz3man

    Any word on the note 3 update?

    • jjjjj

      rogers said late march for note 3

    • Super_Deluxe

      I’m on the same boat as well with my LG G2 waiting for sweet sweet kitkat to drop

  • imjohnh

    My wife and I both have S4s; I rooted and flashed CyanogenMod the day I got it, she still has a stock ROM.

    It’s shocking how ugly that TouchWiz framework is after this many iterations, not to mention how it still manages to make blazingly fast device lag like a mofo.

  • Leo

    What about the fido users are they still get an update?

    • Star

      Updating now I’m with fido

  • sicsicpuppy

    no Koodo

  • sicsicpuppy

    No Koodo love .Always thought they ran a Telus firmware

  • LeTricolore

    No update for me yet (Rogers phone, using it on Fido). I imagine I’ll get it later today.

    • trickster_qc

      I’m on Fido too and nothing yet. I’ll restart my phone and see if it helps.

    • LeTricolore

      I’ll be trying every half hour or so. Nada.

    • trickster_qc

      same here. i asked the question on the fido facebook page. we’ll see

    • trickster_qc

      got the download around 9pm tonight!

  • E. Wiggins

    On Telus, currently downloading

  • AndrewSeepa

    Grr…. What about the Note 3 ?!??

    nm… i saw the replies below…

    • Dimitri

      Late March

  • bob C

    Wow my s4 is stupid fast now love kitkat update thank you samsung

  • crocop24

    Does this speed up the phone at all? in terms of laggyness?

  • RioMtl

    I wonder if there will be problems with this phone once people update…KitKat on my nexus devices have caused a plethora of glitches. My problem with my N4 is ever since kitkat, I’m unable to establish connection to PC for file transfer. For those thinking of upgrading to KitKat, be cautious….Although maybe with overlay from Samsung problems won’t show not sure.

    • sicsicpuppy

      Don’t forget , it’s TouchWiz 4.4.2 , not vanilla android .

  • crocop24

    So I have a few friends who updated….lots of issues already. poor battery life and GPS connection errors.

    I think I will wait a few weeks before i install this. It will surely not be more stable than jellybean.

    • d094

      I updated with AT&T a few weeks ago and the poor battery was only on the first cycle for me (and I thought the same thing, it was like 1/2 of my previous battery life), after an additional reboot and a full charge, battery life is back to the same for me. Can’t speak of GPS issues as i haven’t experiences any.

  • Maz

    downloading on Telus

  • Jr

    Is it available on virgin mobile yet?

    • Philippe Dupuis

      Not for me

    • mtl_bcer

      Just got it!

  • MXM4K

    Looking forward to seeing if they do indeed update the GS3 to KitKat. And even if they do, I’m curious if we’ll get it in Canada, and I’m even more curious if the update will be any good.

    • LeTricolore

      It should be coming to the S3 in the summer, I believe

  • Sam

    they should have released kitkat for note 3 at same time! The wait continues…..

  • Serge Cote

    Is it available on Videotron too ????

  • Stephen B Morris

    Thanks for the heads up. Will inform my brother immediately.

  • Amused_Droid

    So refreshing to see people helping eachother on here instead of just complaining. Thank you for that link!

  • Sean Kim

    Rooted device can’t update. I am doing factory reset to update..

    • Raj Singh

      a factory reset breaks a root?

    • Super_Deluxe

      yup but its easy to root again

  • brad f

    telus user here got all 3 of my S4 updates

    • Super_Deluxe

      why do you have 3 S4s? just curious 😛

  • AK

    Still no update available for virgin, fido or koodo.

  • FlamesFan89

    Currently downloading on Bell.

  • David Riedl

    Currently downloading on Videotron!

  • Adam Sutherland

    getting my download on telus, replaced touch wiz with the nexus 5 launcher a while ago.

    • crocop24

      How does one go about doing that? It still runs over touchwiz right?

    • Adam Sutherland

      you can download the launcher from the web, in 4.3 you also had to update google play services but once you download the file just run it and it will ask what launcher you want to use,.still touchwiz notification and settings but homescreen and app screen is google.

  • iPwn8599

    screw that… I went to CM11

  • Jason Griffin

    Nothing for fido yet

  • Cristhian Mejia

    For Fido users change your preconfig to RWC by using *#272*IMEI# phone will boot up and after the initial set up the update will appear. Update is 414Mb. Download let the phone do it’s thing. Boot phone again and use the same code to access preconfig menu and restore to FMC. Congrats you know have 4.4.2 .

    • LeTricolore

      Be warned this will perform a system restore on your phone.

    • Cristhian Mejia

      That’s right back up important stuff.

  • Z A

    I couldn’t do the OTA because of root, but was able to do it through Kies, it did not complain. Of course, I had to reroot.

    • Guest

      Correction, my re-root did not take. It seems there is no working root on S4 KitKat stock yet 🙁

    • James Robinson

      CF Auto-root works fine…

  • Kienerman

    those of you just updated to KitKat can you tell me if you have any issues with your micro sd? I have s4 with 32gb micro sd but I’m hesitant to do so since i’ve heard that you can only dump pictures, music and movies you no longer can move app files after you install the app. Let me know and share your info thanks.

    • John

      I upgraded and have no issues. I did move all my apps from SD to device storage just in case. Other than that, the phone is blazing fast now.

    • Kienerman

      thanks i just upgraded mine and tested that was one of my key concerns.

  • BadBikerBob

    Downloading on Virgin now.

    • Jr

      i didn’t get any update on virgin mobile….

    • Philippe Dupuis

      me either

  • Cristhian Mejia

    No Emoji key on keyboard. Shi**y…

    • EveryonesOpinion

      Ummm if you’re using the Google keyboard, hold the backspace key and a happy face will appear #EmojiKey

    • Cristhian Mejia

      True, but prior to this official 4.4.2 for the I337M I was using NB8 4.4.2 release for the I9505. It had a smiley face on the left of space with colour emojis that send like MMS. But the camera icon was missing from the lock screen on that firmware. So you win some you lose some.

  • EveryonesOpinion

    Isn’t it weird that Rogers, TELUS, Videotron, WIND and Bell released this update on the same day? Only Rogers was saying that it was “coming soon”. Something smells fishy …

  • Arash

    I updated with Rogers. Ever since, my phone keep rebooting! I do not know why????

    • Cristhian Mejia

      Pull your battery out and restart the phone and go into recovery mode (vol + & home button) and wipe data and cache.

  • crocop24

    Anyone have issues??????????

    heard a lot of complaints already? should I wait it out a bit?

    • Arash

      do not do that

    • Cristhian Mejia

      I have a persistent issue. I thought that 4.4.2 would have cleared this. My phone fails to initiate data after being on wifi. I’ll be at school in wifi all day and when I leave wifi zone then I won’t have data. I can re-enable data on the phone I have to reboot the phone. This only happens with I337M stock roms; 4.3, and now 4.4.2. I don’t have this issue with the I9505 4.4.2.

    • James Robinson

      If you’re rooted remove KNOX… it thinks your school wifi is your “enterprise” (employer)

    • Cristhian Mejia

      I don’t understand. I don’t have the Knox application running. There’s only a link to download it. I reverted back to I9505 firmware and have had no issues. I’m using Adam Kernel 2.1.

    • James Robinson

      Pretty sure there are parts of KNOX that run as services not applications on the stock ROM… You have to force close them then disable or freeze them all.

    • Cristhian Mejia

      I will flash the phone again with the official firmware and I’ll disable Knox with root and see if that works. Because right now I am using I9505XXUFNB8 and everything seems to be working just fine. Good switching between WiFi and data. This issue though isn’t just with my school’s WiFi but also home connection.

  • Neenus Gabriel

    Does anyone know if I can use odin to flash Rogers stock rom in a Fido GS4?

    • Cristhian Mejia

      Yep it will work.

    • Neenus Gabriel

      Thanks… I actually ended up using the code to switch the Preconfig to Rogers and updated tottally works but very disappointed in Samsung because after the long wait to get kitkat turned out to be almost identical to jelly bean but so far no issues like I’m reading here the phone is running smoothly no problems what so ever

  • Kienerman

    anybody notice anything significant difference after the upgrade? I notices that the battery indicator is white, memory release is much better, haven’t tested the battery yet but any other actually application difference?

    • Pavel

      Not much diffrent. When you listen to music and lock your phone later unlocking it you see a new screen for the music. Still disappointed that the mobile data icon is not their for bell users. Maybe other users have it?

  • Cristhian Mejia

    We get Swype again.

  • Lirodon

    G2 shouldn’t be far behind, right?

  • 204Guy

    When is the note 3 for Telus getting this?

  • _ThaNerd_

    Nothing on slow moving Fido…

  • Waleed Shaikh

    Did anyone get it for virgin mobile

    • Philippe Dupuis


    • Waleed Shaikh

      just got it right. now.

  • Richard Xing


    • ihaydentaylor

      ON KOODO!!!

  • Sleepy

    How do you use the camera from the lock screen? Drag it?
    I got it to work, but there was a long lag time.

  • Martin Shaff

    Updating my S4 now… 414.46 MB on MTS in Manitoba

  • Nitin Gaba

    SamMobile has confirmed that it is rolling out for SaskTel now.

  • samy

    I don’t c that much different between 4.3 and 4.4

    • Cristhian Mejia

      That’s because there really isn’t other than some small changes. Plus Samsung has removed things like ART.

    • Neenus Gabriel

      They are almost identical with slight changes that a lot of people won’t even notice

  • Rianna Mitra

    I updated yesterday via rogers and now my email using the stock app wont stay deleted. I now have about 10 versions of the exact same email in my deleted folder and one more in my inbox

    So far thats the only issue ive had

    • tvc15

      Just tuck all the apps you want hidden away in a folder…… What I’m more worried about is still being able to use my SD card to store app data. Have you noticed any changes there? Still have my auto update turned off until I’m sure it won’t negatively mess up my SD storage capacity.

    • Cory Ducey

      The change is that the app will create a folder for that app. Easier management when deleting the app itself. Only applies to external storage as far as I know…

  • David

    No update on my s4 on 02 network 🙁

    • Cristhian Mejia

      02 would use I9505 firmware so either NB8 or NB9 not NC

  • Cristhian Mejia

    My radio isn’t initializing after going off WiFi. Going to reflash I9505 firmware. This wasn’t a problem with that firmware.

  • Cody Garrison

    S4 mini?

  • Christian

    I haven’t noticed difference yet on the Samsung s4 I have a new tablet Samsung with kitkat and I find it better why aren’t they the same

  • Christian

    How do I get the camera short cut on lock screen

  • Arash

    Have any of you experience keep restarting? I had to send my phone to samsung to repair.

  • bdd8

    Was expecting more. Maybe a new look. New useful features. No such luck. But i installed it today anyway.

    • Cristhian Mejia

      Can’t expect an overhaul on 414Mb update. Samsung won’t change much it doesn’t need to. This is why after the Nexus 4-5 series of phones, manufactures like Samsung and HTC if they don’t get their sh** together will be obscure again. It will be Apple and Google now.

  • Marc Laporte

    I installed kitkat from telus on my S4. Having serious battery issues. My S4 would charge in 1hr and would last till 11 pm with 30 percent left. Now with kitkat it lasted half of the day and has been on charger for 3hrs with only 56 percent charge. I would not update to kitkat.. I am not sure if I maybe got a bad install.I cheched to make sure nothing is running and have the save mode on.

    • Cristhian Mejia

      Wipe your data and cache and re-set up again. I haven’t had battery issues with my phone, but a persistent issue still remains. When in WiFi and moving to non-WiFi the phone doesn’t initiate data. So all I have is a phone without LTE or 3G or anything. I have to reboot the phone as toggling it on/off from the menus does nothing. This was an issue with 4.3 as well at the Samsung store they said to just leave it to Auto Network Switch. In Kit Kat it doesn’t do much. I think it has something to do with the Mobile Data on/off switch missing from the notification menu. I flashed I9505 NB8 Firmware yesterday and I have had no issues. I don’t care for Knox 0x1, it only mattered when Samsung made good software. This issue also doesn’t happen when I use the Google Play Edition 4.4.2 firmware.

    • Cristhian Mejia

      This wasn’t an issue on 4.2.2, only started happening after 4.3.

  • akaDilbert

    I don’t know about anyone else but Bell has screwed up my phone. Downloaded 4.4.2 and now my phone keeps dropping off the Bell network. Have to restart it about every hour or two.

    • Cristhian Mejia

      Use Kies to do a restore of your phone.

  • bdd8

    I wonder when/if there’s going to be a major upgrade…maybe a 1-1.5GB size file…so that we see some obvious changes. There was so much noise about KK.

    • Cristhian Mejia

      No update is 414Mb and no you won’t be getting the new UI that Samsung has been flouting with the newer S5. It will be an S5 only feature until someone dumps the phone and posts a ROM.

  • casey101

    Until you realize that your battery is dying much faster then it used to lol

  • blzd

    Can you use scrolling background images now like with the N5?

  • Andrei

    Where can I forward my complaints? I updated my S4 last night and I already want to downgrade. The reason I upgraded was because of major battery issues and now im dealing with the same thing all over again. Also the system is slower because of the “pretty” effects they’ve added. So unhappy

  • Pierre Kitts

    upgraded yesterday, Fido network. No issues yet.

  • Kate Barker

    Not thrilled… phone is very glitchy when swiping the home screen now. Freezes all the time and the home screen clock doesn’t update. Otherwise what changed?

  • Jon

    I have lower battery life, GPS problems and random freezing since the upgrade. Wish I had stayed with JB.


    AM from mauritius, i can’t update my mob to kitkat, it’s say PHONE HAS BEEN MODIFIED… UPDATES UNAVAILABLE