Update: Koodo raises prices on its Canada-wide data plans by a few bucks, lowers data allowance


  • I SikhWarrior I

    How is this not price fixing? How else do you describe this “competition”?

    • Kenjuta

      someone should contact the competition bureau and CRTC

    • Super_Deluxe

      Please guys spam @pmharper @compbureau with this bullcrap they call competition. We need to get their attention regarding this illegal activity!

    • Mike

      I never thought I’d see the day when PC Mobile was the best deal in town on a national network. $60 2GB and unlimited calling.

    • RoboBonobo

      That’s just how competition works when there’s only 3 companies capable of providing a service. Matching your competitors offerings isn’t illegal. It’s only illegal if they have an agreement about how they’re all going to set their prices.
      Now I’m not saying that you can’t spam the government’s twitters; I’m just saying you don’t know what you’re talking about and you don’t have a case.

    • Christopher Lairdriver

      Harper is trying to stop this. Remember when Tony Clement tried to stop this garbage last year? Remember when tried to lure the Big American cell company over here? Unions protested and filled the streets. The CRTC is filled with ex Telecom employees.

      The Conservatives have actually been trying to stop this gouging. Even for a government it is not easy. You can read up on what they have been trying to do..

    • RoboBonobo

      If it was price fixing, the prices would be ridiculously higher and they wouldn’t change, at all, ever. Price fixing means they’ve made agreements to keep their services priced at a certain rate.
      There’s nothing illegal about matching your competitor’s prices. It’s only illegal if you make an agreement about it. They don’t need an agreement because it’s just an unspoken understanding that it’s in all of their best interest not to try to give a better deal than what the other guys offer. This is just what competition looks like when you have only 3 companies capable of providing a service.
      If they all tried to have a lower price than their competitors, the bottom of the market would fall out and they’d all be losing money like WIND and Mobilicity.

    • Laer

      What we really need is functional separation. One Network and many providers competing on it. That is the only way you will see lower prices, it just too expensive to recreate the same infrastructure 2, 3 or four times.

    • Delphus

      right, then don’t complain when your calls drop, web page doesn’t load or SMS get delivered 12 hours later…

    • Philosoraptor

      Which hasn’t happened to me much more in various European countries on networks that are constantly called “inferior” to the big ones in Canada. But hey, if you want to pay 3x the price for perceived quality. Better yet, let’s also cancel our universal healthcare, public transit, public libraries, and public education while we’re at it.

    • Anonymous501

      And who’s going to pay for that network. No one’s going to pay billions to build out a network if they only get a fraction of the profits from it.

      If networks were cheap to build. Wind and Mobilicity wouldn’t of struggled as much as they did.

      BTW that is was Telus and Bell did though. They share the same network 🙂

    • Laer

      The network is already built, you just have to apply functional separation. It’s been done a lot in various countries at various times and it works very well.

      One network doesn’t mean one bad network, especially when you pour four times the resources into it.

      I’m sure you have more questions. MS doesn’t like posting links, so try googling “Functional Separation” and all your questions will be quickly answered, rest assured.

    • Delphus

      Right… now look at the gas prices and tell me that is not price fixing… hey 4 different companies on a street corner with the exact same price…

      Get over it, all of you.

      Gas is just one example (and figure out how much it costs you a month vs your cell bill), if you look you’ll find tons of similar pricing in “competing” products…

      Sad reality of our wonderful capitalist system 🙂

    • Anonymous501

      Except the gas station doesn’t make the gas. They buy it from a refinery. From what I understand Gas Stations make very little on the gas which is why most of them started to add convenience stores to them.

      There’s way less refineries than gas stations and refinery is responsible for making their own profit so they sell the gas to the gas stations at the current market price (the same way oil gets sold). Thus you don’t get very much variety in regards to gas prices.

    • RL

      That’s all BS. You see the pie chart showing how the stations only have a small cut of the pie, however it’s different corporations for the other slices that are registered as separate companies but all owned by the same parent group (Exxon in the US, etc.).
      It would be like 2 brothers each owning a company. Brother 1 is a guy who buys stuff wholesale. Brother 2 who also owns a company from a legal perspective, buys stuff from Brother 1 and makes very little margin. Brother 2 is like the gas station, saying “hey I only make a small fraction” since I have to buy from this other dude named Brother 1 (who happens to be sharing profits with me).

    • Anonymous501

      Because it’s an oligopoly. You don’t need price fixing in an oligopoly, it happens naturally.

      There’s little incentive to decrease prices because your competitors will match and everyone ends up making less. If one of the players increases price, generally the rest will follow. If they don’t they would gain a temporary edge and the firm that increased would come back down. If they all go up they all make more money. They let someone make the move first (or be bold and do it themselves) and the rest will follow.

      It’s the problem with a complete lack of competition. We really only have Rogers, Telus, and Bell (and their subbrands). That doesn’t create a lot of competition.

      Oligopolies don’t foster competition and they don’t really need to price fix either. Lack of competitive pricing happens naturally when there are only 2 or 3 competitors.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Why don’t they (ROBELUS) just close all subsidiaries and rename them accordingly. In the end that are only 3 carriers (+ de new entrants) BELL TELUS and ROGERS. Fido, Koodo and Rogers are the same thing and same network.

    • Jonsey

      They’re not going to close them because they’re doing what the big companies want. They’re providing the illusion of choice to the general masses who can’t be bothered to actually figure out that Fido is Rogers, Koodo is Telus and Virgin is Bell, and making the big three more money.

    • Chris

      Koodo is Telus. Virgin is Bell, and Fido is Rogers.

    • mamemame187

      omg finally someone else who knows this. everyone seems to think koodo is owned by rogers >.>

  • fruvous

    Who said there was no collusion in the mobile phone industry?

  • K Diddle

    Who on earth buys a Nexus 5 via a carrier?? If you can’t pony up the extra $150-200, maybe you shouldn’t own a smartphone with a $50-90 monthly fee in a contract.

    Beyond that… Surprise surprise… *insert oligopoly comment here*

    • ToniCipriani

      I have a friend who’s a teacher, always come back to me with stories about how kids at school wearing Canada Goose jackets and rocking iPhones. And they’re like 8 year olds.

      Go figure.

    • crocop24

      Maybe their parents have money?

  • Ravishing Rick Rude

    Bunch of malarkey is what this is.

  • hotcar96

    wow so much saving, so cheap, so much swag, wow so much data, wow must switch now. (Doge meme)

  • Binku

    What’s next? Phone plans become more expensive than owning a vehicle?

    • ToniCipriani

      Numerically no, but the process already has. You choose between cash purchase, financing (2-year contract) or leasing (the Rogers Next and Telus T-UP).

      But one thing never changed: The Big 3 are crooks just like car dealerships.

  • grantdude

    Is it just me, or did I read an exact same article earlier about Fido?

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      YUp, they are both own by Rogers.

    • K Diddle

      Koodo is Telus owned.

    • mamemame187


      It’s owned by telus..

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Damn the day Verizon decided not to come here

    • Delphus

      Yeah, blame Mr. Harper for that one…

      No sane company will come in when a Gov’t changes the rules as it sees fit, reversing their own previous rules…

  • vn33

    Didn’t I read this exact news earlier ???
    Oh wait … that was FIDO

    Yoohoo, where are you Virgin Mobile ?

    • Ghaint Jatt

      I assure you, it’s coming. I work there and they sent out a little preview of their new plans. Pretty much identical to these and starting on March 18.

  • DonB

    *sniff, sniff*

    Smells like collusion.

  • MeNotYou

    I don’t see how this isn’t collusion. Everytime one changes, they all follow suit. You’d think theyre run by the stock market.

  • mhee

    coincidence? I don’t think so.

  • duwenbasden

    So … Virgin in 3… 2…

  • Super_Deluxe

    Lmao these carriers are a joke. Playing Monkey-See-Monkey-Do regardless of whether the “new” plans are good or bad. We need help Harper! We’re getting robbed here!!

  • RG

    And government goes after things like roaming and shorter contracts. Roaming is still an add-on and as if a ripoff at 2 years (compared to 3) is so much to celebrate.

  • Damon Rose

    Glad I picked up the $60 plan with 2GB a couple months ago. This is just bad

  • Jesse

    Why don’t the Big 3 just merge into one company? Collusion if I’ve ever seen it… What a joke

  • Rich

    Paying for their auction expenditures.
    Obviously they could just use their cash pile to cover that, but then the shareholders wouldn’t be too happy.

    Big 3 – great companies for dividend payouts and growth, but atrocious for the consumer.

  • Ken K.

    You call this coincidence; We call it collusion.

  • John_JJP

    For both Fido and Koodo to have these announcements at almost the exact same time shows it’s almost guaranteed the companies must know what each other are doing .. and I don’t know the exact laws, but it sounds pretty much like ‘price fixing’ .. It would be one thing if one company lowered and a week or so later (time to plan/approve/print literature, etc) the other company lowered to keep in competition.. But both raising their rates.. and at the same time lowering data/etc.. I’d be shocked if they hadn’t planned it together.

    • RoboBonobo

      I think you’re really underestimating how easy it is to change their pricing. We’re talking about going into a computer system and replacing a number with another. It’s not brain surgery. I wouldn’t be surprised if they could do the whole process in under 5 minutes.

  • Jeffry

    How could CRTC says in the advertisement that they bring more option with greater service when all the provider raise their price? false hope by government…

    they really need to let Verizon come to Canada…

  • Taylor Robinson

    No slander meant. Was making a point. And the 20$ I found out from asking the other companies how much to cancel. And it might not be all companies.

    • jay

      I am pretty sure that is slander as well as against company policy to post on a public forum like this. Or did you get permission to speak on your companys behalf?

  • selonmoi

    So, that spectrum auction worked out quite nicely, didn’t it?

    Step 1. Keep the competitors out.
    Step 2. Raise prices.

    And now Canada is left with no one to root for but Pierre Karl Peladeau?!

    • J-Ro

      No one stopped competition from buying. They didn’t want in.

  • J-Ro

    I think they have to price match since their new partnership venture with WOW!. If Koodo did not meet the same price as Fido, it would be bad for that venture.

    Not a good reason for prices hikes but it makes sense to me.

  • beyond

    wow what a surprise

  • p_lindsay

    Honestly, how is this not criminal?

  • power_pizza

    What a load of BS. They’re not even trying to hide it because they know they can get away with it.

  • МΛЯдʞ

    reverse competition it is!

  • revolt


  • canuck07

    Coincidence is like taking a dump in the telecom sector. It happens every day.

  • Ed Elliott

    theres a couple things wrong with this article.. first off i noticed koodo updated their prices yesterday not today. second of all the 62 buck plan had 2.5 gigs of data, and i actually have proof of that as i scooped the plan up while it was available. c’mon mobilesyrup, youre better then this

  • SpikedLemon

    Wind ftw.

  • bogusB

    this is nonsense. boycott koodoo

  • Jonavin

    They need to raise prices to remain competitive… Because that’s how a competitive marketplace works right? Right? Hello?

    • ToniCipriani

      A select few from around here will come and explain how keeping a high ARPU is necessary for competition.

      a.k.a. I have them in my pension plans.

  • Davan Mills

    Please Videotron, please become the fourth national carrier.

  • Aiden

    I’m never leaving wind. Because of this and because I’m happy with wind.

  • Austin

    fck up koodo mother’s a*s

  • sickens

    2 years ago the $74 plan was $56 and had better data overage rates… How on earth is Industry Canada getting away with touting ‘Lower Prices’ as part of their Canadian Wireless Policy when the exact opposite is happening? What a sham.

    • Brian

      two months ago ,they had a $75 4GB plan

  • sicsicpuppy

    Quebec still has the $45 unlimited talk text /1GB data plan

  • ToniCipriani

    In other news… Virgin will be expiring their limited time offers as well and match the other two.

  • john guy

    they are wrong in this post about the old plans they were $62 plan had unlimited calling/text and 2.5GB data. and the $72 had unlimited calling/text and 3.5GB of data. before the change. i have the $62 plan and i get 2.5GB but not that it matter’s now anyway. so much for lower prices and better service in Canada

  • Chris

    Why wouldn’t they? One thing we all know is that Robellus is built and held up on greed and infrastructure. Simply voicing our opinions won’t change anything. You think with enough people saying it’s too expensive they’ll actually listen and give us what we want?

    The only thing that will change their greedy ways is to stop feeding them. Switch to Wind or another fair company. I have Wind and they’re actually pretty damn good these days. Data is sometimes not the greatest, but it’s still decent and seems to be getting much better.

    The only problem with this is that people won’t do it (cancel their service). So, if you’re feeding Robellus, realize the only way for change is for you (us) to change. And we need to do this on a massive scale for any effect.

    Their costs for running these services are cheaper than ever and they’re charging us more than ever.

    • iPwn8599

      I’m actually going to leave Bell ASAP – the problem with severing contacts is the price you pay to cancel it, on top of whatever you need to pay Wind to get started (new phone etc) it ends up being a $500 + investment to move.

      But once my 3 year i up in ’15 I’m outtie…

    • blackirises

      Wind has tabs, its not that big of an investment.

    • iPwn8599

      no i know, but cancelling a Bell contact is what… $20-50.00/month of whats left of your contract?

    • Philosoraptor

      Chances are that it’s no more than $20/month for the remainder of the contract and that there is a maximum. Better to call in and ask what your cancellation fee would be exactly. Do the math of what benefits you in the long run. And keep in mind that is most people wait until their contract is up a year or so from now, Wind may be dead by then.

  • realitycheck

    we get 200 minutes by sacrificing 250mb data and $2….

    big3 is taking away data aggressively as they know that in the future they will be nothing but a dumb pipe…..

  • Jimmy Jazz

    If they keep up with this Wind might just have a resurgence.

  • Swordfish

    What a joke, give me a ton of phone minutes but take away my data. This is the exact opposite of what people want. Talk about not listening to your customers!

  • blackirises

    Wow.. just when I was thinking of switching to Koodo because they were offering the best deal. Screw them and screw all of the big 3 and their “lower end” counter parts. I’m sticking with Wind.

    • blackirises

      If only the general public would wake up and realize.

    • Lexcyn

      I would switch to Wind in a heartbeat however they are not available in my area and probably will never be. 🙁

    • F Young

      Koodo just reverted back to its previous plans until Monday. Prices will increase and data will decrease on Monday, presumably.

  • God

    Virgin is going to be changing their plans as well, on the 18th. A few more days.

  • AM Radio

    Canada-Wide Super 6GB
    250mins CW calling 5pm eves
    ul incoming
    ul int’l sms/mms
    6GB data
    yada yada

    = $60 + few cents, taxes included, no contract.

    holding on to this for dear life.

  • F Young


    Most of Koodo’s monthly plans just went down by $2, and data packs got increased, but it looks like it’s only until Monday.

    That is, the prices and data reverted to where they were until the plans were changed yesterday, Thursday March 13.

    This applies to Ontario and New Brunswick, for example. Quebec and some other provinces have better deals.

  • Jerry Falkiner

    How does it make any sense at all to anyone to give consumers more of what they don’t want? I have the famed 6 gig, 250 mins plan and barely use 150 mins. So why is the same price plan now unlimited talk and 1 gig?
    No surprise at all that going to 2 year plans screwed Koodo subscribers. The bar for pricing is now so low Koodo barely needs to try to beat the big 3.

  • Nachotech

    The promo plans are still available until Monday – 52 bucks a month for unlimited calling and 1GB a month, 62 bucks a month gets you 2.5GB. This is Ontario pricing, not sure if it applies anywhere else.

  • Walls

    Hope CRTC is taking note of this deplorable PRICE FIXING. How long is this going to go on for? ROBELLUS and their subsidiaries are at it again. Someone call 911 or no, yes call CRTC

  • Yeria

    This is why Koodo, Virgin, Fido and Chatr must go. Without these companies serving as illusory cheaper alternatives to Rogers, Bell and Telus, consumers will be more inclined to complain about the situation and create some tension among the industry.

    $65 for 1GB of data? This is how Rogers can maintain $80 for 500MB of data. Meanwhile, my Nexus 5 tells me I’ve used 11.89GB of data this month so far and I still have 6 days left until my billing cycle resets. Thanks Wind, and your $40 a month plan.

  • MJones

    Get back to gas prices. If you drive to Georgina Township, Pickering, Sutton, gas is 10 to 12 cents cheaper than Toronto. Why? Because the government knows it is what the market will bare. They do not care if families have any hardship over filling up their gas tanks. Since the Liberals brought in the 8% HST, our gas prices have been through the roof. I guess this will continue to pay off their current spending scandal and the scandals yet to come. Hold onto your hats because all hell will descend with a majority Liberal government. SPEND, SPEND, SPEND, TAX, TAX, TAX AND MORE TAXES