Apple discounts some of the App Store’s best games just in time for the weekend

If you’re a smartphone or tablet gamer, you’ll know that the App Store is usually where many of the best titles are released, either exclusively on iOS, or months before their Android counterparts.

This week, Apple has rounded up some of the best “hardcore” titles on the platform, discounting them just in time for the weekend. Some of these are well-known classics, like Infinity Blade III and Badland, while others are smaller, under-the-radar titles like The Room Two, Duet, and Limbo.

The entire list is below:

Some of these games, like Badland, Horn, FF IV and The Room Two are available on Android, but the majority are iOS exclusives. My recommendations are Badland, Limbo, Duet and XCOM, all of which provide hours of absolutely flawless mobile gaming.

No word on when the discounts end, so get downloading!