Samsung has sold 200 Million Galaxy S devices, shows evolution in fancy infographic

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was officially unveiled yesterday. This is the latest addition to the Galaxy S family of devices and every year the technology is improved, as are the specs and overall design and specs. The complete lineup — Galaxy S, Galaxy SII, Galaxy SIII and Galaxy S4 and their respected mini variations — have sold over 200 million units since launching in 2010, which continues to make them the top selling Android vendor.

To celebrate this milestone, Samsung created an infographic that showcases the evolution of the Galaxy S series from both a spec and design perspective. The Galaxy S5 is the largest with a 5.1-inch display and also has the most power with a 2.5 GHz quad-core processor, has an improved 16MP camera, largest 2800 mAh battery and is also the heaviest out of the flagships at 145 grams. “The Next Big Thing” takes the attitude of “bigger is better.”

Source: Samsung Tomorrow