Lumia Black update for the TELUS Nokia Lumia 625 and Rogers Lumia 920 now available (Update)

TELUS has just released the Lumia Black update, also known as GDR3, for the Nokia Lumia 625 smartphone.

The update brings the same features to the Lumia 625 as it did to the 1020 last month: greatly improved camera performance, lots of performance tweaks, and support for new apps like App Folder, Refocus and the new unified Nokia Camera.

Canadians running the Rogers Lumia 920 or the Lumia 620, sold by many carriers, must still wait for their respective Lumia Black updates. Lumia 625 owners can head to Settings/Phone Update and let us know how it goes.

Update: According to a company rep, both the Rogers and Fido Lumia 625’s were launched with Lumia Black pre-installed. The Lumia 920 GDR3 update is being rolled out today, as well.

[source]Nokia[/source](Thanks Jeff!)