Apple reportedly testing several charging options for the rumoured iWatch

iWatch Concept

Apple has been rumoured to jump into the smartwatch market for a couple of years now. Other manufacturers have already released smartwatches, like Samsung with its Galaxy Gear and Sony with its SmartWatch. Many analysts believe this category of device will only take off when Apple releases the “iWatch.”

A new report in the New York Times lists a few potential technologies that Apple is reportedly considering to include into the rumoured watch. “People close to the efforts” said that Apple is testing induction charging, similar to what Nokia, Palm and Google have added into a few of their devices. The idea is that the iWatch will be placed on wireless charging plate to automatically charge so the user won’t have to continually plug it in.

Other possibilities that Apple’s looking at for charging is the ability to improve the battery life by movement (already done in watches today) and to possibly add a “solar-charging layer to that screen, which would give power to the device in daylight.” In addition, the iWatch one day could have a curved display, but NYT sources this is years away from being mass produced.

The latest launch date — which is still a massive rumour — for the iWatch is pegged at a Summer release.

Source: New York Times
Via: Image, Engadget