Update: Winner announced in our Two Tickets to Dx3 Contest


  • Guest

    Sign me up!

  • hamza

    Never been to a mobile phone conference or show. Would be on insane experience if I got to go!

  • Shawn Harvey

    Anything that is related to the field of mobile and media landscape is an interesting thing for me 🙂

  • Matthew Muysson

    I am planning on going into the field of mobile technology engineering, and I feel that anything I can experience/learn would be amazingly beneficial to my future in this field, as well as a great experience overall! 🙂

  • Hein

    can it hot?

  • Kevin Mendoza

    I have an interest in better understanding the mobile and landscape, particularly focusing on the marketing side of the industry.

  • Solar Storm

    I have failed at just about every marketing scheme I have ever tried. I might learn something if I got to go. Do we just email you? or tweet all over the place.

  • Ash

    I am an analyst, and a dedicated follower to IT industry. This opportunity will certainly go a long way, as it would be my first experience of such event.

  • Ricky Wu

    I’d love to experience a conference but a mobile conference would be amazing !

  • mdram

    Don’t get to attend to many tech conferences. Would love to go.

  • Robert Dupuis

    I work in cellular sales and try to always keep up to date with emerging technologies and the way they affect the development of the mobile scene. An opportunity to go to a conference and personally see the way our mobile surrounded society affects media today and in the future would be amazing. Being able to first hand see all the presentations I would normally just read about would be a inspiring experience.

  • ChrisMcL

    The list of speakers is incredibly impressive. I’m always looking at ways of better understanding the impact of technology, especially mobile on marketing and communications.

  • Anna Fok

    Studying finance, and would like to see how these tech companies will be improving in terms of innovation and appeal to investors in the future! Plus, going to a conference would be fun and a great learning experience 😀

  • Hot Toronto Deals

    Looking at the DX3 Agenda, I like the fact that the majority of the sessions deal with real-world problems that span both large enterprise needs, and those of smaller businesses. Seeing how such a wide spectrum of enterprises tackle real business issues, using technology to drive success into both the offline and online world is the key benefit of DX3.

  • six4seven

    I want to go! thank you thank you thank you!

  • Michelle

    as a marketing student graduating in April this would be the most amazing thing to end off my year!

  • Eric Tackaberry

    Haven’t been to anything like this since AndroidTO 2012, hook me up!

  • Gabriel

    I believe that curiosity matters – it’s what keeps us motivated and wanting to learn, explore, and grow. DX3 gives people a practical, simple, and experiential opportunity to learn about the digital world. As young guy starting his career in digital media, it would be a great opportunity to feed my curiosity and benefit from the teachings of great professionals in the field.

  • Yetman Studio

    This would be a great opportunity to attend a local event that demonstrates the strength of the mobile media market place in Canada.

  • joseph turco

    I am very interested in the mobile market as well as the IT field. I’m studying for my system administrator couse, so things like this would be a great advantage. I also love reading tech news so seeing all these things for myself would be amazing. Good luck to all!

  • thedesmodes

    I would want to win this because I have never been to any conferences involving marketing and mobile things and I would love to learn as much as possible about le mobile market.

  • ArberBeq

    I would like to win this as I believe the knowledge we will gain from this will help our startup Opinionoto succeed.

  • Bradley Marlborough

    Never been to a conference like this, I work in the mobile market (mainly in sales as low level peon). Would love to see more of the behind the scenes and upper level.

  • suj

    Why wouldn’t I? It sounds like fun for someone who’ll be entering the tech industry in a few years.

  • Kyouya

    I would actually love to attend the workshop and learn something from it. In fact, I wouldn’t even mind writing a piece if I find something worth writing.

  • abualjooj

    I recently took over a mobile project and working hard to catch up with the industry….have a long way ahead of me and attending the event will have a huge impact on my career.

  • マイケル, ロサレス (Michael Rosales)

    Never been to an event like this. But I love learning more about the wireless industry, after all that is why I follow mobilesyrup everyday

  • Alex RG

    I’ve always been interested in what’s happening in the mobile world and seeing as I’m done business school soon, it would be a great opportunity! Maybe network, get some good ideas. And I’ve never been to Toronto, that could be fun!

  • Matthew Biswas

    The DX3 agenda looks great. I know if I win I will come away with new ideas, insights and I’m sure I’ll be able to put what I learned into action right away. My fingers are crossed.

  • Bonny Mahesha Williams

    Let me in please…

  • Vitus Wight

    I currently work in the mobile repair industry, id like to think I’m a pretty competent hardware tech guy and I really enjoy looking to the future of tech. “I told you so’s” aside I am pretty capable of making predictions for the tech market, being able to check out what’s happening in the market would only advance knowledge for work.

  • Bman

    Me as well as my girlfriend work for cell carriers and this exactly what both our careers entail. Were both aspiring for different positions within the mobile market and this trip would be amazing both professionally and personally. Thank you

  • JC

    Never been, want to check it out.

  • Kevin

    Never been and would love to check it out.

  • Moongazing

    I would love to attend to hear the amazing presenters who are scheduled to speak at DX3!

  • no_one11

    Sounds awesome!

  • Dawn Kim

    I’m a student in the Creative Advertising field, with the addition that I’m a huge mobile enthusiast with a passion to learn! It would be an amazing experience to attend and get to know the digital industry and learn the possible directions that we as an industry are heading towards!
    DX3 would be a great opportunity to expose and gain experience!

  • Alfred Chan

    This conference will be perfect for me as I’m transitioning into a User Experience Lead role at a new organization. With the increase in responsibility, I will be able to execute on many of the insights and knowledge I’ll gain from the sessions on a daily basis.

    As well, the format of the sessions, focusing on 5 things each, is also a very fascinating and intriguing way to approach these speaker sessions compared to other conferences I’ve attended. The combination of the tactical format and my eagerness to execute will enable me to maximize the educational benefits in contributing back to the Canadian digital retail landscape in the upcoming year, and perhaps to even speak about such experience at next year’s DX3.

  • Russ Fisenko

    I would love to win in

  • Adil Butt


    I’m currently studying Marketing Management (Professional Sales) at British Columbia Institute of Technology to work in the Telecommunications industry after I graduate! So if I could have an opportunity to go to Dx3 to further my knowledge I feel like it could really help me in the future!

    I love technology and have worked for Bell, Virgin Mobile and Rogers over the past 4 years, 2 of which I was a Store Manager at Bell!

    Please consider me as I feel like I would really benefit from this and put good use to your tickets!

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

    Adil Butt

  • Yvonne Herring-Levins

    This last year has been one for the books. We have seen phones rise to the occasion and we have seen some fail so hard it has been comical! To me keeping up to date on all current technology is not just part of my job it is a passion of mine! I love anything and everything that has to do with technology, but more specifically the Mobile industry! From cell phones to apps, to wearable devices and tablets anything that can be used with a cell phone, on a data network, or even WiFi is something I am passionate to learn about! Going to a conference like this would be huge not just for my sales but for my own personal knowledge!

  • Gajan L

    Never been to a digital media conference in Toronto. Look forward to see what people from other countries have to offer to the international market.

  • smoraes

    sounds like an interesting conference that would be unique to attend

  • Jen W

    Having worked in the telecommunications industry for the past 6 years I have been able to see the market change drastically and being able to attend Dx3 would give me the opportunity to see how the digital world is going to shape our industry for not only personal curiosity but for future customers.

  • Ahsan Rai

    Would be great to experience something new 😀

  • Rich Maddox

    I’d love to attend and see how the “BIG BOYS” are doing things!

  • Sam SH

    Last year, I had the opportunity to see some of the workshops. Since I was a volunteer, I was not able to participate in all the workshops. As a student who wants to pursue my career toward digital marketing/ advertisement, it would be a great opportunity to participate the conference as an attendee. I am excited to see how they bring even more impressive workshops than last year’s workshops!

  • chandan

    would like to listen the experiences and diigital trends by the great people …i want to win 😀

  • Wesley

    i want to go there to make my own tech company and introduce my best work that is no work 🙂

  • Ted Shin

    Been a huge fan of digital platform. I love learning future technologies and looking forward to see how this will change our daily lives. Even though I am not in tech industry, I would like to attend the conference in Toronto and gain the most benefit out of it.

  • Bill Colbary

    i’m fascinated with location aware advertising, and would love to inquire about it with some experts

  • Gabriel

    Hi, thanks so much! Sorry I just saw this, I hope it’s not too late. I sent you my email through the contact form. Thanks again!!