Eastlink price drops all devices to $0 on their ‘easyTab plus’

Eastlink has come out with a promo that sees all their devices drop to the ripe price of $0 on their new “easyTab plus.” This is good for those wanting to defer payments over a couple years and most devices have also seen a slight drop in its retail price, too. Some notable handsets are in their lineup: Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, BlackBerry Q10 and Z10, plus the Sony Xperia T.

The “easyTab plus” is Eastlink’s new Tab system that was launched a couple weeks ago. Eastlink charges you a base price, plus certain dollar amount per month for 24 consecutive months until the phone is fully paid off.

When we announced the new easyTab plus system we posted an example of the Note 3 being available for $299, then an additional $19 for 24 straight months. With this promo the Note 3 falls to $0, but customers will have to fork out $30/month for 24 months – overall a savings of $35. Less cash upfront, but more on a monthly basis.

According to Eastlink’s site, this promo is on until December 19th.

Source: Eastlink
(Thanks Todd!)