Mobilicity’s bidding deadline for auction pushed back to December 16th

Mobilicity is in the middle of selling off their assets to the highest bidder. Interested parties who are looking to acquire their spectrum and subscriber base had until December 2nd to show their intent, then submit final bids for a December 9th auction. According to the latest court document, the struggling carrier has extended the bid deadline until December 16th at 12:00 noon (EST).

There’s no specific reason to why, the doc says it was a from “requests for an extension from Qualified Bidders,” which indicates more than one company meets the qualified bidder status. We previously reported that a ‘qualified bidder’ is:

– (i) has a bona fide interest in an acquisition of the Assets;
– (ii) has delivered all of the Participation Materials prior to the Participation Deadline; and
– (iii) has the financial capability

Only one carrier, WIND Mobile, has outwardly announced that they’re reviewing the Mobilicity bidding opportunity. In an email to us last week WIND noted that “Like any other organization, WIND is always considering options and evaluating any opportunities available to us. In regards to the Mobilicity auction, we are currently reviewing the assets on offer at this time and investigating what will be most beneficial to us long-term.”

Mobilicity is rumoured to be seeking $350 million for its wireless spectrum and 189,000 wireless subscribers.

Source: EY (Mobilicity PDF)
(Thanks Carl, Mark)