Here’s the WOW! Mobile Boutique logo

WOW! Mobile Boutique is a “new wireless retail experience” that will imminently be opening its doors. This will show up in various malls around Canada and sell devices and plans under Rogers, TELUS, Fido, Koodo and Chatr brands.

Match Transact, the company who’ll be bringing this to life, stated in a press release that they “will offer Canadians a unique shopping experience at WOW! mobile boutique kiosks not available with other mall-based wireless retailers.” No direct indication of how this will happen, but note that they’ll provide “unbiased advice and assistance.”

WOW! will bring yet another place for Canadians to purchase a mobile device, but while we patiently wait for them to launch a hint of how the company will brand themselves recently arrived online. Above is apparently the WOW! logo — it’s pink and bubbly — and will appear on all the kiosks.

Based on this image, if this is their go-to-market branding, would you be buy?