Cal for Android debuts on Google Play to bring beauty to scheduling

Any.DO’s popular Cal app, released earlier this year on iOS, has arrived on Android after an extensive beta test.

The animation-happy calendar app offers semantic input (“Lunch with John at Moxie’s, 2PM January 4th”) and extensive social integration, Cal provides one of the best time- and appointment-tracking experiences on Android.

Cal even syncs with Any.do, the sister task management app, so to-do lists show prominently in the timeline. Each day debuts a new background image, based on one of nine themes that “add harmony to working life and personal time,” according to the press release, but in truth distract from the content in front. Still, Cal is very well designed, and performs wonderfully on even aging Android hardware.

The Android version contains a few advantages over its iOS counterpart, too. Specifically, there’s a nice scrolling widget for those who don’t want to enter the app; calendars sync in real-time as long as they’re from Exchange or Google; and it’s easy to integrate with Google Maps for quick location turnarounds.

Google Play may not offer the breadth of calendar offerings as its App Store counterpart — there’s no Tempo, Sunrise or Fantastical — but developers like Appgenix Software, behind the popular Business Calendar app, keep things competitive. Cal has a more approachable consumer-friendly look and feel to it, though, and should resonate with the average Android user dissatisfied with Google’s or their OEM’s attempt at a calendar app.

Cal is free, and supports Android 4.0 and higher.

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