Good Deal: Kindle Fire HD on sale for $129 from Amazon Canada


  • Guest

    does amazon canada have movie rentals like Prime? Otherwise, this is just a tablet, right?

  • rgl168

    Kobo Arc 7 is currently on sale at Walmart for $99. Given that the Kobo has full access to Google Play, I’ll say this is a better buy than the Kindle.

    • Tom

      every original kindle Fire owner I know (those who bought the 2011 model) slapped CyanogenMod on it asap, effectively turning their kindles into Nexus 7s.

  • Tom

    “Of course, Canadian Kindle devices don’t have the advantages afforded to their American counterparts”

    Until you figure out how to make Amazon think you’re American.

    Either way, I’d rather unlock the kindle’s full potential with a custom ROM!