Badland comes to Android as one of free-to-play’s biggest successes

Badland is a great game. It’s was a great game when it debuted at $3.99 on iOS, and it’s a great freemium title on Android.

The simple play dynamics belie a complex, grotesque and enchanting title where being killed is almost as fun as avoiding the myriad slice-and-dice obstacles in your way. You play as a malleable alien demon thing, a physical anomaly that can rise and fall, shrink and grow, depending on the environment. To do so, you merely hold your finger to rise, or release to fall.

Throughout its brief life on iOS, developer Frogmind has consistently delivered compelling new content, including multiplayer support and dozens of new levels, in a bid to keep it in the front of players’ minds — and game folders.

The Android version is a little different. Recognizing that they would probably be prone to epic levels of piracy, and a reluctance on the part of the Android community to spend money upfront, the game offers 40 levels for free, with various ways to add content or eliminate ads, depending on price. To unlock the last 40 levels (there are 80 in total, with more to come), the cost is $1.99. To gain access to all the multiplayer support, it’s $1.99, too. To eliminate just the ads, it’s $0.99. And to get everything, all at once, the cost is $2.99, which is still less than the iOS version.

Let me beseech to you download this game — it’s available for BlackBerry 10, too, believe it or not — and enjoy it. Unlike another recent blockbuster title to come to Android, Ridiculous Fishing, Badland not only looks great but performs beautifully on most modern hardware.

There is one nit I have to pick, though: the game pauses if you tap the screen too many times. It even mocks you by discouraging you from doing so. But, since the game involves some pretty precise physics that involve you having to tap on the screen a multitude of times, I don’t understand why this is the case. Call me crazy, but don’t punish me for wanting to be precise.

Other than that, Badland is pretty great.

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