Todoist 2.1 for Android adds Google Now, DashClock support, comes ready for KitKat

There is no shortage of excellent task managers for Android; from old standards like Remember The Milk to new entrants Wunderlist, Todoist and Any.do, it’s easy to fit hierarchies and reminders into your workflow, as long as you have the motivation to do so.

Doist, the company behind Todoist for Android, is in a constant state of addition. They support iOS, Android, OS X, Windows and every major browser, and are constantly catering to each one’s specific use cases. Todoist 2.0 for Android brought a brand new interface with a clean design and a left-side navigation bar, and today’s adds to that with official KitKat support and better integration with existing platform features.


Specifically, Todoist has been integrated with Google Now, allowing users to “Note” something and have it automatically save as a task for later. For example, saying, “Note to pick up dry cleaning on the way home,” will add “Pick up dry cleaning on the way home” to your app. This can be done with voice or text, which is handy.

The second major feature in Todoist 2.1 is DashClock integration, which works with the third-party lockscreen widget by Roman Nurik. This lets you see outstanding tasks on your lockscreen, if that’s your thing, nagging you to get them completed.

The service is free, but a $29/year subscription adds search, file uploads, push notifications and more. A pretty reasonable amount to stay productive, right?

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