Apple to launch curved iPhones with a 4.7 and 5.5-inch displays, says Bloomberg


  • d a

    I guess the plan is if they get the iphone to look more and more like an android phone, people won’t notice you can’t do half as much. Here’s an idea Apple, how about people give you the $800 or so and you let them do what they want with their phone instead of treating them like children.

    • Jeremy Deats

      Love it or hate it, Apple’s strength is in their closed ecosystem. All that freedom we get with our Android devices comes at the cost of stability and security (I can reference articles from this year if you want). Things in the Android world have gotten better and more customers are picking Android but bug fixes/patching model on Android is horrible compared to what iPhone users get. Do not undervalue that. If you’re the type of customer that just wants a stable device that runs only apps that have gone though a layer quality checking by Apple (and it’s pretty huge catalog of apps) and you don’t mind the tiny screens, inability to side-load etc.. IPhone still has it’s place. Larger devices will lure some back I’m sure. Most anything you could want to do with a SD Card you can achieve though the cloud on an iOS device (Google Drive, etc.. is available for iOS) If you are the type of user still swapping files with SD cards instead of using the cloud catch up with the times.

      I just got an Galaxy S4 about a month ago and the thing is already boot cycling once a day, it’s probably due to some poorly designed app I’ve installed along the way not behaving when running in the background. That doesn’t happen on iOS because their multitasking architecture protects the user experience from it. Who knows when I it will get Android 4.3 much less 4.4… Although these Android updates are available now, they have to go through Samsung and then through my cell phone carrier’s software engineering and QA departments before I’ll see them if I get those updates at all. All iPhones can get updates immediately when Apple makes them available. Bottom line for some a phone should still feel more like an appliance than a PC. I get that.

    • d a

      “Bottom line for some a phone should still feel more like an appliance than a PC. I get that.”
      Well I have to admit, that’s fair, and that’s why my wife chose the Iphone 4s last year.

    • didibus

      Damn, that is an awesome comparison: Appliance versus Computer.

    • BB BB

      my friend just had his 5s replaced because it was randomly rebooting itself at least once a day. So no my friend. Apple iPHONE isn’t perfect. Especially iOS 7. The point though is apple replaced it without any question after testing it with a new one out of the box. Try getting that level of service with a blackberry or android. I for one have been through countless blackberries due to hardware issues and QC issues. Androids have been good to me thus far but if I ever had a problem my carrier of choice will give me the runaround after I spend countless hours of time on the phone or in store troubleshooting before I have to wait a week before receiving a replacement. Even worse use a loaner phone but that’s not a problem with my stockpile of phones.

    • framing god

      It doesn’t matter who you buy a phone from these days. They all use the same component manufacturers. The amount of economies of scale to build anything efficiently means that there is less and less manufacturers in cars and electronics.

    • js2021

      My nexus 4 had a screen fliker sometimes. I called Google once they sent me a new phone.

    • js2021

      No no touch issue, just software related, they didnt issue a update for the fix at the time so i returned. If you do still have warranty contact Google.

    • fbdhdb

      Why are you pretending you know what you’re talking about when its clear you don’t? It sounds like your phone is “boot cycling” because you are one of those people who think they know what they are doing when they don’t.

    • stephane

      Well actually its pretty easy to brick your phone. An example of this is rom manager on the Lg Optimus 2x (the old T-moblie version) installed a temporary version of CWM without telling you so when you went to flash a custom rom guess what your phone is bricked AND you can’t access recovery.

    • marshallpower

      But you don’t need to use your data plan at a ridiculous price just to access your movies or music on SD cards…

    • davedooter


    • Andrew_notPorC

      Yes, people who wave their hands and tell you to use the cloud need to remember that data is often slow, limited and costly.

    • Yoshiko

      This is more of the same BS from Apple iSheep. I got the iPad Air on launch day and iOS7 is unstable as $&@!. Safari force closes constanly and I’ve noticed build quality has gone down. The overall experience feels cheap. Don’t fall for the marketing crap of a “closed system” LOL or “details and perfection”. It’s all talk to get r*****s to buy their stuff. There is nothing perfect about the iPad or iPhone.

    • Jeremy Deats

      You toss out a lot of generalizations with no specific examples. The reality is when you have a hardware vendor who owns the software and maintains a handful of configurations that vendor is going to be able to provide quality assurance levels exponentially higher than competitors who are dealing with a multi-vendor system (e.g. Google creator, Samsung hardware vendor, Verizon carrier). No one is claiming the iPads or iPhones are perfect, but the vendors ability to maintain that quality is there where on Android it isn’t because the distribution channel isn’t there. To their credit, Apple put a lot of work into understanding how this would impact customers and eliminated it, where as with Android you must buy off contract and from Google direct to get close… You toss out the term “iSheep” like a child in a school yard but you seem to lack understanding of the complex pipeline all Android devices go through and this impact to the consumer in terms of quality… It’s the same case, those yelling iSheep are the ones who are haters. They refuse to see the merits of the other side. They will recommend you to root your phone and install some custom room (eliminating all the software engineering efforts of Samsung, LG, etc..) to solve these problems. They assume anyone who is praising Apple hates Android. The world is grey not black and white. That last sentence pretty much sums it up, but you won’t change. They never do. That’s why I won’t reply to anything else you have to say because I don’t have enough respect to muster it.

    • d a

      What you need to acknowledge is the biggest haters are the Apple fanboys. I’m personally a tech fanboy. I’ve owned an Iphone and simply couldn’t stand how suffocated I felt using it. On the other hand as I mentioned, it’s the “appliance” that works for my wife so if it works for you, fine. What I “hate” isn’t so much the tech behind Iphones but rather the controlling attitude of the company. Including the ITunes bull.
      As I mentioned in another post below though, I’m not liking what I’ve been seeing from Android (and Samsung) lately either with respect to controlling and I’m keeping a close eye on them.

    • lyriz

      Google Nexus is 400 dollars worth of beauty.

    • Justinn Parkinson

      I agree for the most part, I get asked all the time at work… ‘whats better iPhone or android?’ To be honest I find out what they will be using it for and if it works for them. I love my android because of the customization I can do, and personally would never choose an iPhone at this point because of the lack of customization. iPhone is great for some people… like my mom for example she can get all her apps and not worry about changing so many things that she’s lost in her phone. Some people say it’s confusing but it’s like learning anything new it takes time, like switching from my Blackberry a few years ago to android not having a physical keyboard was so weird to me. Ultimately it’s what is best going to fit the user or put their ego at rest because all the cool kids have that phone etc…

    • Jeremy Deats

      I hear you Justinn, I develop apps and have studied the architecture of both iOS and Android. It always comes down to the OS itself and (more importantly for most) the apps available that run on that OS. It’s not as simple as just looking at specs and price. It’s about the software and there are plenty of apps that run on iOS that have no good counterparts on Android when you get into the content creation realm. I run Android on my phone because the features and flexibility makes since to me for that purpose. For tablet use I still choose iOS because the content creation apps I use just aren’t available on Android (most are Apple branded and there are no good Android counterparts). There’s a very technical reason for this rooted in limitations of Apps that run on Android (they really don’t use all that hardware power because they are running on the Dalvik VM vs being truly native like iOS pas are). But as usual with tech you have divisions and war paint and ignorant people yelling “iSheep” who refuse to look at the merits of the other side. Different generation, different fight… Still not worth the time to try and argue with them.

      I use my phone for mostly content consumption so Android is the obvious choice. For content creation, iOS still shines and until we see more apps build with NDK (technical term for native apps) that will not change. Most people crying “iSheep” are those who do not use a tablet or phone for content creation, they read e-books, watch videos and play angry birds while in the restroom. Yeah, for that iOS isn’t going to be your choice OS on tablet or phone.

    • d a

      Get specific, what app exactly is so important that ios has that you can’t get on android? Other than perhaps 1 or 2 specific to your unique situation, I think you’d be hard pressed to find more than 1or2. On the other hand, I “know” there’s several things I can do on my Android that Iphone users at work can not. Iphone users can’t find anything they can do that I can’t. At least nobody I’ve spoken to.

    • Jeremy Deats

      Hi D a. I’ll answer your question in context of tablet software, because I view tablet and phone as devices with very different use cases even if they are running the same OS. For me they are different use cases so I can only answer from that perspective. When it comes to content creation there are too many to count. Look specifically at video editing and multi-channel audio editing to start. What you can do on even a second generation iPad a few years old is amazing and unapproachable on even current gen Android tablets. You’ll find iPads in use by pro photographers, musicians and artist in the field or on stage, that’s really not happening much with Android…. A big part of the problem is the inherent limitations of Android’s architecture. I’m not saying content creation apps don’t exist. I’m not saying you don’t have musicians, photographers, etc using Android, it’s just a much smaller percentage because the apps simply aren’t there on Android.

      The cost of having an OS that’s so flexible to different hardware configurations is that you have Apps that run on a VM (Dalvik) pretty much every app you find in the Google Play store is built for Dalvik which limits it’s ability to really tap into the hardware of your phone or tablet (games are an exception because of the way OpenGL circumvents this limitation and talks with the hardware elf whatever the app is running on, again technical talk). iOS apps are always native and run much closer to the metal. Always.

      One interesting test I did a few months ago involved benchmarking the browsers. When the new 2013 Nexus 7 tablet was released I compared Google’s Chrome on Nexus 7 to Safari on the iPad 2 (iOS 6 at the time vs Android 4.2’s). The HTML 5 canvas benchmarks for Nexus 7 compared to the much weaker spec iPad 2 were mind boggling. It varied a bit but the Nexus 7 device was performing about 1/4 of the performance. This was not just numbers on a chart either. You could see the weak performance in the on the screen 2d and 3d renderings. I did them side by side, it comes down to performance difference of true native vs apps that always run on a VM. Some specific apps you can not get on Android (and no good Android counterpart exist yet: Garage Band, iMovie, Photoshop are all apps I use). There are also a drum machine simulator, I have a Nexus 7 tablet and have looked for a good counterpart it doesn’t exist (yet). Photoshop on Android is the express version. On iOS you have express and a much more robust version.

      There are other benefits too that are going to be subjective and outside content creation. I’m a big fan of the iPad Mini’s screen size. It’s not a 16:9 screen it’s 4:3 aspect which IMO works much better for reading. I recently went on a trip and wanted to rent a movie, download the rental and watch it on device in the car with no data connection. iTunes is the only service that currently allows that. I am an Amazon prime customer and like to stream video from Amazon on my tablet, the only Android tablets that allows that are the Kindle Fire models. Amazon locks down this feature to their Android implementation for competitive reasons and I don’t have to deal with all that on iOS because it’s not in direct competition as a Nexus 7 or Galaxy tab is.

      Apple’s strict rules on app developers I also see as a benefit. I’ve found fewer apps on iOS that are low quality (there are many in the Google Play store as there is no quality check by Google to place an app in their store). Again either these things will matter to you or they will not, but to say they should matter to no one is pretty narrow minded.

      If you want to see professional use of iPad do a Youtube search for the Life on iPad video. Yes, it’s an Apple video but most of what you see in that video is not happening today on Android.

      Again, I am a happy Android user for phone and iOS user for tablet. I should point out I’m also a Mac OS user so in using iOS for tablet I’m taking advantage of Apple’s ecosystem. If you’re a PC or Linux user and iOS device probably makes little or no sense.

    • Al Chui

      Boy what a long winded response full of BS. Just a few of highlights.

      ” iOS apps are always native and run much closer to the metal. Always.”
      – You claim to be a developer so you should know that there is no way on earth that your apps can get any closer than passing calls to Apple’s APIs. If you tried, you’d instantly get rejected. This is nowhere near being close to the metal as you put it.

      “Apple’s strict rules on app developers I also see as a benefit. I’ve found fewer apps on iOS that are low quality”
      – Funny, since as a developer you’d know that Apple’s terms & conditions to getting published on the App Store boil down to: Your app doing exactly what’s documented, no more, no less. Not installing any runtime libraries. Only accessing Apple approved APIs, in other words not attempting to use features or functions (such as the fingerprint reader on the 5s) that Apple has not authorized the use of. Meet those criteria and it’s pretty much a slam dunk unless it is a “questionable” app. Quality of app is not a requirement. if it was there wouldn’t be 1000’s of lighter & flashlight apps.

      This one has to be the funniest though: “I recently went on a trip and wanted to rent a movie, download the rental and watch it on device in the car with no data connection. iTunes is the only service that currently allows that.”
      – I’m guessing you either haven’t been on Google Play in at least the last couple of years, or you’re just pulling claims out of your rear end to make yourself sound like a dunce. I download movies & TV shows from Google Play for every business trip I take, and that is at least 8 – 12 trips a year.

      If you really like a product or company, do them a favour and don’t post BS statements in support of it. For the record, I currently have an iPad, Nexus 4, Windows 8 tablet, Nokia 925, BB Z10. Pretty sure if I look hard enough I might find were I left my old BB Torch (BB7).

    • Yoshiko

      In the case of tablets there are several very high quality note taking and mindmapping apps that Android just cannot compete with. Same with pdf viewing and manipulation apps. They are amazing and that’s why I have an iPad.

    • Stalemate

      Note taking: Evernote, FreeNote, Microsoft OneNote…

      Mindmapping: MindBoard, Mindomo, SimpleMind…

      Most of these have a free version as well, on top of being extremely popular.

    • Justinn Parkinson

      iOS is probably going to be my choice for my business in the new year just to keep things simplified and a “cleaner” look I guess you could call it; as for personal phone I’m sticking with my Nexus 5. Thanks for the insight/ opinion Jeremy

    • Evan Nakagawa

      I agree. I got the 4S almost 2 years ago and still use it as my current phone. iOS 7 may not be perfect, but it does what I need it to do throughout my day. I also have a Nexus 7 (2013) which is also great, but it bootloops far too often. It’s fine for a tablet I use occasionally, but there’s no way I’d chance it on a phone I use 24/7.

  • Mayoo

    Apple will probably sue Samsung and LG shortly after they launch their curved iPhones.

    • greyleopard

      They can’t, LG and Samsung have patented it as well

  • soulglo

    But but but Jobs said 3.5″ is perfect!!?? Lol I cannot wait for the same isheep who scoff at the size of my note 3 go running and line up for the bigger iPhone.

    • Sam Wiggans

      Honestly, I think it would grow their market share a bit. I haven’t been a huge fan of Apple lately (I’ve been using Android for 2 years now), but one major thing that holds me back from getting an iPhone is the small screen.

    • Tip O’niel

      Me too. I want to go back to iPhone to disassociate myself from some of these rabid, Android Tea Party’ers too – never understood how you can get so bent out of shape about a phone.

    • hyperhyper

      I’m just going to point out that for every rabid Android Tea Party’er, there is an arrogant and technologically illiterate iPhone zealot.

      I find it interesting you would choose a phone based on the perceived image of the user. Shouldn’t one choose a phone based on functionality?

    • WalkinOnBottles

      Ding ding ding. People are so caught up in Apple V. Android V. Windows instead of choosing what actually works best for their lives. Quite revolting actually.

    • cartfan88

      That’s why Tip is on the waiting list for the gold iphone 5s. Then he/she can go back to the comfort of having someone else (Apple) do “all the figurin’ and thinking” for them.

    • cartfan88

      So why would an elitist like yourself slum it with us rabid Android Tea Party’ers? And yes we don’t like big government or big apple trying to control our every move while taxing us to death. Nothing wrong with that.

    • hyperhyper

      It won’t matter.. These zealots are the same as the Ford Nation people (probably the same people). Their heads are so far up their own *sses that they will never see that what they said completely contradicts what they are saying now. Jobs was wrong on more than a few things but just be careful about pointing that out – the mindless Apple technophobes don’t like their messiah’s numerous mistakes being exposed.

    • WalkinOnBottles

      I get what you mean, but Jobs is dead, so his ideals don’t exactly apply here. Sure Apple may be completely different if he were still alive, but he isn’t and the company is adapting to the current smartphone market.

      Let’s stop focusing on what isheep/fandroids/whatever the heck crazed fanboys are doing (let’s start ignoring them actually..), and just focus on the actual article. In this case what people think about a larger sized iphone. Personally, I welcome it.

      Jeez. People are just annoying when it comes to smartphones these days. Fanboys arguing, and then people arguing about fanboys themselves.

  • Dennis Chan

    Apple is a bunch of copycats. Samsung was first out with curved display and now Apple is gonna do the exact same thing. Where is the innovation? Steve Jobs must be rolling over in his grave.

  • Shaggyskunk

    Apple has no shame – Taking a “Curve” from Android – lol
    “Smoothed Icons” vs. Curved phone – Lawyers Rejoice! 😀

  • Curtis K Louis

    Sure!! 4.7 and 5.5″ OK. but curved? Lol no way from apple.well not yet. They’ll only adopt curve display just like Bigger screens..2-3yrs

  • Plazmic Flame

    Great larger screens, finally…. and I bet $100 it will still have crap battery life because Apple wants to make it thin as paper.

    • YoureRetarded


    • YoureRetarded

  • Joey Kelly

    Apple took LG’s speaker/microphone grill design! (Nexus 5) LG could sue, but no. LG isn’t sue-happy like Apple. 🙂

    • Joey Kelly

      Yes, I do 🙂

    • YoureRetarded

      And you

  • Guest

    I love to see the Apple bashers on an iPhone blog. What does that say about them. Hmmm I wonder. Be on your way ANDROID lovers.

    • d a

      LOL, Yes, shaking in their boots I’m sure. What they hate is fascist cult organizations that want to dictate everything one can do with his purchased property and imply you’re a criminal if you try to deviate from their internal cult laws.
      To be completely fair though, Android lately has been getting more and more controlling to the point of it being noticed by experts, I for one will be loud about Android changing into a controlling company if they don’t watch their step.

    • realitycheck

      exactly look at google vs microsoft in that youtube ordeal

    • hyperhyper

      for the best laughs, head over to appleinsider dot com – some of the biggest Apple zealots can be found there (admins included) – it’s hilarious to see the stuff they write (and believe).

  • framing god

    Where is the fingerprint sensor? That curved edge on the phone is retarded.

  • Croc Ography

    Who needs a marketing budget when every last ‘media’ organization publishes every single rumour?


    This doesn’t change my view of Apple. I like that they’re making changes and are slowly becoming more diverse and flexible (no pun intended). However, even though the hardware is improving nicely their software is very restricting, plain, (and even though with the new iOS 7 look) it feels very outdated. Until they change their software I can’t buy their hardware.

  • arrowdrewls

    I would be really surprised if spoke does release a phone with curved glass toward the edges. It would serve absolutely no purpose. There would be no justifiable benefit.

    • Sweet

      This rumour surfaced many months ago. Back then it was stated what the sides of the screens were rumoured to be used for. But I don’t remember what that rumour was.

    • Justinn Parkinson

      It’s “new: that’s almost justification for most people, but I’m sure there are actually used if it ever does come into development.

    • jamaal rashid

      Being a closed or open ecosystem has its own pros and con’s . the real reason they may be taking the rout of the larger screens is to better compete in the market. I not an apple user I’m a nexus fan. But that doesn’t stop me from saying that apple has been innovating since 2000. They really did change the way we interact with devices. That’s not to say it wasn’t gonna happen anyways lol. But for a company to innovate soo much they need to also look at other companies in order to remain relevant. They are loosing word market share, but that may be because the market got larger. So in conclusion apple should build a larger phone with a curved screen. And they should make their os7 look more like wp7. They need to keep with new emerging fads. BTW anyone that has apple stocks should maybe sell a few. No way that company will remain at the top for too much longer. Lool what happen to Microsoft .. Also my prediction is blackberry will go android and when they r worth around 1:50 $ a share u should buy lots. Microsoft shares used to be where apple is now but went down to 230 or so. Go make some money !!!!

  • Lirodon

    iPhone 180.


    lol ok….

  • lengend

    missing that home button with a finger print scanner for the NSA

    • realitycheck

      the entire screen is a fp scanner

  • nick

    I must admit that the screen size is very difficult to adapt to. But now it would be impossible for me to go back to a 4 inch phone.

  • Lea Faubert

    Personally, as my cell is my only phone and I use it as such, a screen size between the current 5 and HTC One would be perfect for me.

  • Ryster1

    OMG curved phones are not only ugly but what use do they have?

  • Sweet

    Last week I read an article that said a “source close to Apple” claimed that Apple is going to have more than one iPhone release per year. I’m guessing that means they’re going to do like BB and release their most expensive phones first, and then a few months later release their cheaper phones. That would make sense if they’re going to four new phones per year.

  • Exikle

    Apple is probably gonna keep the same naming style but it’ll be something like Iphone6c and the c will stand for curve

  • wes

    The question I have is: What are they going to price it at? If the 4″ is at 720$, what’s the 4.7″ going to sell at? 800-900$? How about the 5.5″? 1000$ 1100$?

    I guess only time will tell.

    As of this moment, I’m considering the Nokia 1320 if it’s going to be sold at 340$. I think 300$-400$ is the sweet spot in my mind for a smartphone.

    Just a side note: got myself a 1st generation Surface Pro 128gig brand new with student pricing on Microsoft’s website (675$+tax) for less than an iPhone 5s (720$+tax)… Now talk about a messed up evaluation of value… corei5 vs cellphone processor…. Yes they are different products, but you can’t make a strong case for a 19$ arm processor vs a 200$ processor. 128 ssd drive vs 16 gig NAND flash… I don’t understand it one bit. Please, someone explain it to me!! 😀

    • Andrew_notPorC

      It’s not clear to me that the bigger phone has to be much more expensive. Having multiple sizes is about appealing to a wider range of consumers.

    • wes

      Apple will capitalize on anything to make a buck.

  • James


  • AReid

    Thumbs up for options.

  • tagrus

    this should officially kill off blackberry. rip rim

  • WatDah

    Reading comments are awesome. You can really see how childish a person is. How hateful they can be towards a matter of personal preference. How ignorant they become reacting to rumors generated from nowhere. The future looks very bright for us all.

    • Martin Chan

      It’s so true. It’s funny because people are so against platforms it’s ridiculous. 😀
      I mean most of the comments arn’t even about the actual topic anymore.

    • WatDah

      Funny isn’t it? You’d think the internet brings people together, but in reality its full of hatred, jealousy, and hypocrisy.

  • Martin Chan

    To the illustration: Hee hee, looks like a battery wrapped in a iPhone paper.

    And it’s really hard to argue or support Apple here, this site seems to be mostly fandroids. But I can say that curved displays arn’t an “Android” thing, more of a Samsung and LG thing, if you can make a curved display it’ll work for anything from mobile to computers.

    I will say the option of a bigger screen is nice.

    • WatDah

      This site IS mostly fandroids. Just look at the number of up votes whenever a Apple hating comment is made.

  • wildspin

    Am I the only person who actually wishes my phone remains FLAT?

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Samsung already had a working model of this as seen ealier on their conference this year. So they are probably ahead on the race for a “edged to edge” screen and then around the sides too.

  • Silence_Alarm

    So what’s the advantage of a curved screen, other than it almost looks cool?

  • Gabriel Mak

    I would consider getting it at that size, if it was closer to the n5 price…..

  • Stalemate

    Be right back – copyrighting the name “Apple Peel”.

  • tabby

    Android fanboys are like rabid dogs here. Every time there is an Apple related post they go and attack not only Apple as well as their users, often without merits.

    Not sure if those posts are serious or some of you are just simply here to troll to get Apple users worked up. Either way, grow up and get out more.

    Oh, and before labelling me an iSheep, I am currently using a Note 3 and my computers all running Windows. Unlike some of the Android fanboys here I don’t feel the need nor the desire to put people just because they use something different….

  • Andrew_notPorC

    Yes. Apple is pretty conservative when it comes to formats and size. I doubt they would make a phone over 5 inches, either.