Shazam for Android adds Explore tab to complement top songs chart

Shazam for Android has a new feature that moves the service further into song discovery, not merely song identification.

Today’s update offers an Explore tab, which hooks into the Google Maps API (for users running Android 4.0 and above) to showcase the most popular songs from across the world. The data is obviously in-house — those who have tried to identify music with the app — but it affords users a broader look at what’s popular in real-time.

The Explore tab complements another new feature, Charts, which was introduced in the previous version. Both tenets have been available on iOS for some time, but Android users were recently treated to an app redesign which included tablet support. With this latest update, it appears the two platforms are on par for features.

The new version also adds the ability to purchase songs from directly within the app, but neither service, Google Play or Amazon, sell to Canadians. Maybe one day…

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