Rayman Fiesta Run debuts on iOS and Android, proves that great platformers exist on mobile

I can’t quantify the number of hours spent playing Rayman Jungle Run over the past year, but suffice it to say the number is high.

Now, Ubisoft is releasing a follow-up to the level-based running platformer, which combines the best of endless running games like Temple Run with the rewarding skill-based gameplay of a Mario or Sonic. Rayman Fiesta Run takes on a more lively Latin theme than its predecessor without changing the gameplay too much. Users will tap on the screen to rise and fall, jumping and flying using Rayman’s helicopter hair. The game is broken into stages, with each one ending in a huge boss battle that caps off what we found to be a very challenging experience.

Though the game doesn’t allow nearly as much control over your character as a typical platformer, it adapts quite well to the touch-only experience of a smartphone. At around $3, it’s also much cheaper than the average PS Vita game, and is well worth the upfront investment, especially since Ubisoft does not bother with in-app purchases or alternative forms of currency for powerups.

The game is available for Android and iOS, and should come to Windows Phone in the future.

[via]The Verge[/via]