Potential HTC One successor spotted in leaked photos

The potential successor to the HTC One, codenamed M8, has been spotted on Chinese forum, VR-Zone, and it looks to be an evolutionary change from this year’s flagship.

Last week, evleaks claimed that the HTC One follow-up has been going by the codename M8 within the company’s walls; early leaks of the HTC One identified it as the M7. It will also reportedly be the first device with Sense 6.0.

Though the images show an aluminum frame, slightly curved in at the edges, that looks remarkably similar to the One, there are some differences: a small hole above the camera lens should house a fingerprint sensor. The chassis is also a single piece of aluminum this time, harkening back to the days of the Sensation; the HTC One, by contrast, was built by sandwiching two slabs of aluminum together between the internal components. Despite the general hardiness of the handset, the manufacturing process lead to some unfortunate situations where areas, such as the top headpiece, were not properly aligned.

Other than the blurry, low-quality photos, we can see that, at least in these early prototype frames, there is no Beats Audio logo. In September, HTC sold back its remaining 25% stake in the company for $265 million to ease the strain of low sales and shrinking margins.

While HTC has been struggling of late, competing with manufacturers like Samsung, LG and Sony with bigger advertising budgets and more room for error, they are still making some great devices. We look forward to seeing what they come up with in 2014.