Another round of Nexus 5 images leak online

The rumours are certainly pointing towards Google announcing the Nexus 5 on October 15th and to add to excitement another round of pictures have surfaced online.

This time, straight out of Italy from Android-focussed site TuttoAndroid, shows the Nexus 5 along with what could be a new NFC-based payment system called “Tap and Pay.” There’s no word is an extension of Google Wallet and directly connected to your Google account, or if it’ll be available outside of the United States. Will be interesting to see this feature unfold. The build is KRS92B and Kernel 3.4.0, but the report indicates that this may not be the final release.

In addition, many of the previous leaks about the UI changes have been true, plus that the Nexus 5 is apparently “very light, which is usually something “bigger” also weighs more, but this Nexus not, and is slightly higher than the Nexus 4. The design is identical to the leak and specifications are confirmed. The rear part is rubber type.”



Source: TuttoAndroid
Vai: PhoneArena