Bell and RBC strike deal to launch a mobile payment service, will be available “by the end of the year”


  • selonmoi

    Fragmentation! This is ridiculous. Am I supposed to change banks depending on who my carrier is, or vice versa?

    Screw this. I’m not going anywhere near any system unless it’s totally carrier-independent and works on any RFID-enabled phone.

    • Mikie

      Stick with a credit union 🙂 no fees! (or less fees depending where you live) But I totally agree.. i’d never switch banks just because my carrier is with them.. that’s a joke

    • Scott Teibert

      You’re right, this fragmentation is getting obscene. Why can’t Google Wallet just come to Canada for goodness’ sake!

  • vn33

    CIBC + Rogers = Red
    RBC + Bell = Blue/Royal

    Next up, it’s TDCT with Telus ! They share the same corporate colour … green !

    I think I’ll stick to plastic !!

    • Mojo

      Awesome! It is all setup by the logos. Marketing was working extra hard on that.

    • Ajanu

      I just left Telus for Wind, guess I will have to get an ING chequing account to go with my savings account!

  • Mayoo

    Two words : Google Wallet.

    This is bullsh**, technology can do so much more but providers are holding everything back. Stop reinventing the wheel and just use what is already available and working damn good.

    • Ajanu

      I still don’t understand what is keeping google out of Canada. Is it the banks won’t let them access canadian credit cards? Shouldn’t Visa/MC be able to let google in?

    • Mayoo

      I am beginning to think it’s Google’s fault. Why? Wallet, Talk and Voice are examples that could say I am thinking wrong. But here is my point : why Music? Because of rights? Don’t make me laugh. Even if it’s true, why would it stop Google? Isn’t there anyone at Google’s management that said “Apple has ITunes in Canada, why can’t we have Music in Canada?”. For that reason alone, I think more and more that it’s Google who hate us.

      OR : Google has a terrible marketing team that doesn’t understand that little money is better than no money. <– Actually true

      But back to the Wallet problem. Specifically for this problem, it's either Visa/MC that doesn't see interest in the technology or banks that doesn't want to. Because banks control everything is this goddamn retarded world ;-). Could also so be carriers … for whatever reason I don't understand. Why would they care? It's between my cell phone, the NFC chip and the paypass thing that this transfers. Plus, it would generate additional 3G/HSPA+/LTE trafic for them, for each transaction.

      Anyways, let's try to not worry about it and live a happy life.

  • Friartuk

    Another reason to move from Bell when my contract is done, given the recent foreign worker issues at RBC I won’t be banking with them any time in the forseeable future.

  • JK Monroe

    This is a big problem when you come out with multiple payment standards.
    In my mind there is only one: Google Wallet.

    The banks all want the whole piece of the pie in profits and are willing to come out with their own “payment system”. Not only do you confuse the consumers but you fragment the market with unnecessary glut of payment options.

    You as consumers can make your voice heard and demand from your local bank that they support Google Wallet and nothing else.

  • anjew

    too bad RBC sucks a fat one…. bad ethics, and straight up crap service.