Bite-sized news app Circa comes to Android, hits version 2.0 on iOS

One of Apple’s best remaining exclusives is no more, as the bite-sized news app Circa hits Android.

Developed as a way to consumer big news stories quickly, with the editorial team adding to the story through short updates at the top of the page, Circa has made a name for itself as one of the best ways to quickly ascertain what’s going on around the world.

The company recently hired former head of social media at Reuters, Anthony De Rosa, as Circa’s editor-in-chief, to ensure high quality reporting. The Android app adheres pretty closely to other news apps launched recently — Zite comes to mind — but it also looks remarkably clean, inheriting the best aspects of its smaller-screen iPhone app.

Thankfully, Circa has launched the 2.0 version of its iOS today as well, bringing breaking news alerts along with a more personalized experience that adapts to the types of articles you read the most. The Android version also comes with a pretty nice scrolling widget that alternates through top news stories.

Circa’s iOS 7 app is a big visual improvement, allowing for quick navigation using the platform-wide back swipe gesture. Like Android, the iOS 7 version can load content in the background, eliminating the waiting period when the app initially loads.

The app has become my go-to news app on iOS, and I’m thrilled that it’s come to Android with all features intact, and a nice design that doesn’t just copy the Apple formula.

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